Sunday, December 25, 2011


Guys writing something with great energy!! be prepared to keep on reading .. till you can regard and rest.. lol

Sometimes you really feel lucky!! you just feel glad.. that you are here, you really lived and enjoyed some things!! pure art .. nothing else!! thats what beauty is all about!!

I had the pleasure of Chaganti sir's 'Gajendra moksha'.. Story is pretty simple .. An elephant enters a pond and is attacked by a crocodile.. elephant prays for Narayana .. he comes and kills the crocodile!!

but read in between the lines!! Elephant is our life and the crocodile is the time..!! and then follows the sequence of narayana rushing to help the elephant.. the way 'Pothana' translated 'Vyaasa's' Bhagavatham in telugu is just amazing .. my mind went blank. Narayana in a rush to save the elephant.. holds his wife saree.. and she has to run after him.. and the way she explains ' Meenakshi'.. ( lady with the eyes of a fish ) is just amazing!! not an ordinary man can explain such beauty with great reverence!! A must Read.. Legend Rama himself wrote those poems when Pothana was farming!! god bless!!

anyways the year is going to end; and technically nothing happened as most of the projects didnt end up the way I expected,but in a way.. this year taught me what not to do.. hope this experience in the near by future and hoping the very best In the new year!!

And the best part is the way I ended the year in a high note!! Visied ISM after 2 years for a bachelor party!! and it seems none of us ( good old idiots ) changed. We kept discussing about Capitalism and communism.. existence of god!! in the same way .. in between crude jokes!! what more can a man ask for.

Met a professor , who emotionally told us, he was really glad that we camre and asked him , how he was doing!! there is a tone of sadness in him!! Of all the things he was a great inspiration for us.. he used to cycle in the campus.. though he owns a posh car!! we just loved it for him.. and it was indeed a pity, he hurt his leg and couldnt cycle anymore!! pray for him guys!!

and this followed by a night out in the freaky cold night alone in ISM.. this is the time I really cherished!!

I repeat; not all things of value come a price!!

3 cheers to life

keep rockin

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time table and some meanderings!!

I used to write timetables when I was a kid and continued till +2.. funny though I write easy

things first and then feel happy I completed it on that day.. and ignore that from the next


After that when I was in college.. I do kept some time tables.. but when every one are thinking

about GPA's.. my marks were the number films I can watch and the number of books I can read in a


I am always a restless kid competing with myself..

this turned out to be my present time table.. whether I will really follow this!!

morning 8.00 to evening 12.00 (8 hours sleep!!) 16 hours-- 4 hours --books ( other than films) ; 4 hours writinthe stuff on the present project; 2 hours -- V( my future script ) ; 2 hours-- reading on films!!

A friend was chatting with me recently and asked me was I upto now a days.. I told him I am listening Bhagavatham.. and the stories are incredible.

He told me I am not asking that.. what are you live.. I do some part times.. But I think this is the time I need read more; acquire knowledge and grow my strengths in film making!!

I m more than happy with this.

Speaking of being happy.. I feel happy when ever I think of Rahul dravid.. and every shot he plays and every word he speaks is something I always cherish!! just read a beautiful article .. he told some beautiful words " ‎"Not everything of value comes at a price.".. Rahul Dravid"..

Life is beautiful .. huh

keep rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jokes and serious jokes!!

I dont know why; weird things happen around me; I am pron to it I think.. anyways..

1) I entered this almost empty bus.. and sat leisurely in a seat and kept my back in my next seat..!!A guy entered the bus and came to my place; lifted my bag and sat next to me!!.. I was so scared .. Is this fellow a gay?? when all the seats are empty why the hell he should sit next to me?? I told him , Sir .. can you sit in the front seat!! .. he looked at me seriously and told me.. thats a Ladies seat!!.. WTF!! I wanted to shout .. I dont mean the seat alone there are many seats available!!.. but with due respect I requested him to guy me space and went back and sat at the last seat.. praying no one would disturb me!!!!

But then as they say ..Fate can hurt you in many ways; being an AC bus; RTC arranged a TV in it.. to make things worse they are advertising about RTC in it.. I saw the worst ad of my life.. but heights of torture reached .. when the ad got stuck.. and few dialogues started to repeat!!

Guy: What if there is no internet at home to book that ticket?
GIrl: you can book in the nearby internet center!!

repeat 1;

repeat 2; lauughing..

repeat 3; wtf

repeat 4 ; frustration

repeat 5 ; i gave up!!

god bless!!

2) I met 2 friends. one of them told this joke ( about the other guy ). Before marriage this fellow took a room near his office , I asked him, why are you wasting money.. instead of spending 15 k.. you can take a room at some place.. you can save money!!.. he told me, for a 8k room add the fuel cost, it would be same..

after marriage; she changed his room to a distant place; I asked him; if you save rent, petrol cost will add up.. he told me .. 15K is too much.. ha ha

A perfect vice versa.. ha ha ha

3) just saw a testimonial I got in Orkut few years back.. loved those words.." Yuhin Challa chal rahi....Yuhin Challa chal rahi...... Okay this is abt Challa.. explaining him who is always very fast to speak i dont know his problem is , so only few of his words i can able to understand. He is always ready to copy my practical notebook, dont want to miss any time. At last, he is very talented person for videography & wanna become a Director. Okay! My best wishes with u.

4) A friend told me a story today; its about a guy who aspires to become a guitarist; his father is against it; and his mother likes his son a lot but couldnt convince his father.. and finally a girl who supports him; but her father is planning her to marry her to a rich.. Now will our hero follows his passion and will he win his love!! this is the conflict..

My ass.. how many times will you write the same crap again n again n again.. believe me.. I believe in this.. if parents dont support its not your problem.. anything that obstructs isnt love .. its an obstacle!! I would also say; parents shouldnt anything from their kids either.. they are supposed to what they wanna do.. they have things to worry about.. you dont become one more cause for their worries.

No offence though to parents and kids..!!

keep rockin
3 cheers

Friday, November 25, 2011

Life n Love!!

Lets start with a beautiful quote I read recently ""Before enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water, after enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water.".. hilarious yet a ruthless truth..!!

1) Its a beautiful day; I saw song of life today.. after a long time; believe me there are thousands of mistakes in it.. all the same I fell in love with it.. it was the same feeling when I got when I watched films in college aimlessly.. or read books savouring them..and that was the feeling that really drove me here.. Life is beautiful ..huh..

Speaking of love, I love the rains, dew, lazy winters , jokes and I do believe in helping people.. may be love is something that really makes us feel our existence!! I always knew, I cant stay forever in my college;as a fact I hated my college initially, but when ever I think of it.. I feel happy.. I think of that guy who aimlessly roamed around seeking and learning about films!! few people thought I am crazy!! .lol.. A thing that stays with you for ever and ever!!

I laugh around a lot when I am free; many people ask "you do you always laugh!!?" the answer is simple.. because I have nothing more to do!! But there are times I really try to think and understand.. to write or to work.. i might look serious at that times.. but these are the times I really really enjoy!! struggle makes you hard and fit!! I just love it!!

I had the pleasure of having an excellent chap yesterday.. he spoke some great words.. as usual he is one the guys bitten by movies!! he says .. " few people like Omprakash, sanjay leela bhansali.. they just love films.. and they just live for it!!"

he told me about few independent short films that went to Oscars .. and few festivals..

meeting new people and knowing new things!! thats what this is all about..

keep rockin
3 cheers

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stories!!.. Movies...!!

The winter is back!! Lazy bones ache to move, but I drag myself to the lappy to write something..

may be the best thing I would love to do now. All the same lets continue!!

I love stories.. they fascinated me.. I remember my aunt who used to tell me stories at dinner

time.. I dont remember the story.. but I remember that i wouldnt eat unless someone told me that

story again and again and again!!

I love harry potter and lotr.. just read them at a stretch.. but of all these things.. I really

really love.. stories of mahabharata and ramayana.. they absolutely fascinate me.. my father being

a literature lover .. told me some very good stories.. especially Krishna's character fascinates

me!! forget he is god.. his insights are something everyone should really think off!!

So coming to the point; A team is planning to work on a short film on Tilak and i went to a meet to

discuss on the project. And I know most of them and I learnt a lot from them and suddenly we were

discussing on mahabharata!! we saw that Abhimanyu entering the Padmavyuha in peter brooks

mahabharata.. and we started discussing on it.

Mohan said " Instead of seeing mahabharata as an epic, I see at a happening; a fight between

brothers who were fierce warriors.. try to imagine how many young men died at that time!! it was

a great economic loss to the nation!!"

Speaking of mahabharata .. we discussed some good stories..

1) Arjuna once questioned Krishna.. why everyone praises Karna so much as a great donor.. even I

can donate and give alms as much as him. Krishna said.. " okay show me " Arjuna gathered to big

piles of gold and is donating hand full to everyone ; and gave it to many people and told krishna..

see how nmuch i donated!! krishna looked at the pile of gold left.. and then asked Karna to give

the money to people.. karna called 2 guys and just told them.. you take this pile and you take that


beautiful story; arjuna was always counting how much he needs to give to someone; but in the case

of karna he just gives .. he never counts!!

2) The mahabharata war was over.. finally pandavas and krishna went to bhishma and informed him

that it was over. Bhishma praised krishna that it was all done by him and the victory belongs to

him..and this really hurt Arjuna.. he wondered.. " I did all the work" and how come everyone are

praising krishna!! ,.. finally krishna got into the chariot and took arjuna home; arjuna requested

krishna to get down!! krishna said .. no no.. you get down first.. and so arjuna got down; hanuman

on the flag also got down and finally krishna got down!! and then the chariot broke down to

pieces!! Arjuna didnt understand what happened and asked krishna what happened!! Krishna told him "

This chariot didnt break down because I was sitting on it.. else it would smashed long back becuse

of the Karna's arrows!!.. Another beauty!!

and we discussed many more stories and I started to listen bhagavadgeetha now.. seriously amazing

stories.. and it follows a definite logic.. lets take ramanaya.. story follows logic... sita is

from bihar and rama is from UP.. they travel through Madhya pradesh and settles in south.. and it

perfectly match to the geography!! great people lived here.. and it was a pleasure for all of us!!
Gimme a hapy days work, good conversations , music and a good book to read!! I wouldnt complain!!

3) lets speak of movies!! I saw bull shit film recently called 7th sense.. what exactly happened was; the director came to know that a south indian taught chinese people martial arts.. so now he wanted to tell that india s great and tamilians are great and we forget our culture.. all is well..

but the point is does the director believe in this shit at all?? why do you want to show foreign cultured songs and fuckin say india is great.. come on guys.. we speak english in international cconference.. you just cant write a bull shit scene and say lets speak tamil in conferences!! and believe me .. no scholar looks down at another scholar just because the works are not in english.. after all we contributed a lot in maths and science to this world.. and everyone respects us.

keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am in a great mood today.. so its simple.. you guys are very dead..

I really wanna make a fresh start from today.. I keep my knowledge, out of my experience (not failures and successes) and wanna move ahead!!

the concept of failure and successes is a weird concept.. My grand father started a class some day back.. " I know a fellow who worked as a class IV employee and after I retired I canced to meet him yesterday!! we kept talking and he told me that his son is in London." I know where it is leading to.. so I told him " why dont you come to the point!.. he kept telling me " that It was 2 years I started the project .. and I dont see anything concrete from you.. why dont you shift to your old job?"..

I replied " who told you that I will do something in 2 years.. I never did"

and people measure things in terms of time.. if we dont get certain success in stipulated time.. we get scared we loose hopes!! Such a pity!!

Suppose you wrote a novel for an year and then It went bad, or you couldnt fix it right.. you have to drop it.. and the other guy wrote a novel and became a great success.. apart from money and name factor.. both had the same journey.. along with their characters.. I say both won!! Its the experience it matters.. many guys lived in this world.. many popular guys; many unknowns.. end of the day.. you call it a good life.. if you loved it.... and you know if you have the courage to drop something and move on than to worry about the past.. you rock!!

I will always love a guy who constantly learnt and improved.. and people who understood what life is all about!! I strongly believe its within us.. not with someone else!!

lets finish of with a weird joke!!

My Mom and her sister to meet a fortune teller.. they asked about my future it seems.. and he told about me.. " he will do good , and you wont find trouble in arranging his marriage.. but he is not a good boy.. He will do many things before marriage"..

God knows what he meant but My Mom's sis came to me and told me.. "Srikanth.. I thought you are good boy.. but I dont know you are like this.."

She really believed all his words.. I mean she took a fortune teller's words for grant!!

PS:-) I am a very bad boy.. beware of me

keep rockin

3 cheers


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Inspired souls!! People who loved and really lived in this world, people who learnt all the way through out their lives, questioning the stuff... !! I wish I could meet more guys like this!!

Time doesnt matter; all the same there were some time lines set; and on this oct 31st start second .. I would have spent 27 years on this earth!! I would say 27 beautiful years.. I am not saying easy.. I am just saying beautiful.

I questioned myself what was I upto all these years... the answer was " I did nothing".. i feel proud of nothing nor I am worried about anything. all I am planning to is to keep with me whatever I learnt and to start afresh.

The best thing in these would be the time I travelled !! so it aint about anything material.. So its just about the love for nature and the lessons I learnt along. I remember the perfect blue sky after the rain once I was driving in an evening after rain!!

I dont remember much till my tenth standard.. I happily accept that I was an asshole.. but started to have some fun after that... went along to college.. may be the very turning point of life.. 2 years of IBM.. and one year of song of life.. and one more year, tried different things but got out nothing.. and yeah.. thats 27..

easy days were always easy.. laugh around, tell jokes.. i did have some fun; but i didnt love them much, tough days were damn frustrating but looking back they made me tough and taught me more.

But the best moments were my travelling days,the time I spent I worked on my stories thinking of characters, and ofcourse the directing the stories!!

Wish I could get more moments like this!!

This year ofcourse had been the worst, last october 30th I screened Song of life in Prasad's.. and then the year just flew away ,some awful things happened.. and looking back it was a complete black out.. i worked on a project and dropped out in between for various reasons, spent all my earning color and then the fellow ran of with my money, girl factor.. enough of crap that I seriously wanna leave behind me.. must say the toughest so far.. all the same it taught me great lessons.. or shall I say I learnt what not to do!!

I repeat , funny though, life sometimes teaches in the toughest away!!

Thanks to one and all whom I met !!

keep rockin
3 cheers

Monday, October 3, 2011

Three sad stories!!

I am back!! So expect one very long blog, nothing else!!

First things first; I hate sad stories; yup I loved schindler's list.. but I try to stay from them

as much as possible.

All the same ; if you have a story with you; you have to tell it .. so lets start !!

But I had to warn this isnt for people who believe in right or wrong!! its for people who believe in Life

1) I studied in my village till 5th standard; there is this girl who is a muslim; we used to be in same section and same tuition and we know each other well; so even after that when ever we meet each other in my village we say a 'Hi'. My father and her father were also classmates!!

Some months back some one told me; she eloped with a hindu.. against the wishes of the family!! its fine with me till this point. Now the real trouble started, It seems the guy was a real ass hole and I also heard that she did her Msc maths and is teaching in a college to run the family and this fellow is sitting idle. I felt bad.

and yesterday my father came to me and asked me " do you know that girl , she is the daughter of the librarian ".. I told "yes dad I know her!!"

"you know about her marriage?"

"yes dad"

" well it seems your batch mates arranged a get together recently and this girl went to the party.. this fellow didnt like it seems.. and he beat her like hell.. and she is the mother of a 3 month old baby!! her mother tried to stop him; it seems he bet her too and finally he bet his father in law too. I just saw him ( her father in law).. there are bruises all over his place!!

For once I felt like breaking his legs.. I just wish she will kick him on his balls and throw him out and start a new life!! darn it , a psychopath behaviour!!

2) This story is a about a friend of mine Kalyan; we worked with the same director some 6 months; and the best part is we are absolutely different in our views!! If I say A he would say its B. But funnily we travelled so much together we became best friends and ofcourse views continue to be different. We have something in common too, non smoking and drinking, willing to travel and being ready to work anytime. May be that set the friendship!! after sometimes its like we were brothers!!!

one thing about him is he is a playboy!! he managed ten blind kids when rehearsing in an apartment and it seems he started a romance with MBBS student in the nearby place!! so he keeps telling what he did with all girls.. one fine day I told him tell me all about your girlfriends, .. he asked me

"which one?".. I said "lets start with the first"

he started " Well its a telephone love story; she used to study in vijayawada in a hostel .. and she is a christian, somehow I got her number and I used to call from hyderabad.. soon we were talking for hours, its not just her.. her friends used to talk me too for hours they used to call me brother.. it was like we cant live without each other .. atleast for me.

Once on christmas eve I went to her home town and I called her , she said she was in the church.. so I waited near the church!! they started moving out and I saw this girl.. believe me she was beautiful like hell.. i didnt even see her .. but I know it was her.. funny after she crossed me.. she called me.. arent you standing there at the pole!! she too didnt see me but she expected that It was me!! I was so happy that day".

Believe me if I saw this in a theatre I would have laughed like hell and would have said that its the worst meladrama.. ever made. But he is right before me and he really did it.. and my heart went for him.

I asked " what happened to her".. he continued " this continued for many months and we were even talking sex on phone!! and suddenly she stopped calling ; and changed her sim!!

So i had no idea for some days what happened to her!! and then I got the number of her friend.. I called her.. she broke down and told me that the girl got married!!"

Believe me.. they was so much of pain in his voice!!

" and now I dont believe in girls.. I play with everyone when possible"..

funny that his voice was so strained.. I could see his pain struggling to get over his first love.. he is bluffing to himself.. deep inside he is a kid trying to forget his first love!! god bless..

this story is absolute crap.. yet it touched me.. something wrong with my basics!!

3) A friend of mine told me this story.. let me introduce him; he left for films
after intermediate and ran after producers for an year !! then he understood the situation and came back and joined engineering . All the same he continued writing for serials in chennai bunking his classes in sullurpet. Then he joined in a mainframe course in hyderabad and simultaneously started searching for film oppurtunities.and finally found a job in IBM .. and is still aspiring to make
good films!! no doubt we glew together!!

anyways we were chitchatting and finally started talking on production managers ( they control the dates of artists and budget). But in the industry are they are known as people who eat away money showing false accounts.

he started his story " When I used to write dialogues for serials ; I used to stay in chennai.. and at that time you know parents send us only two thousand rupees.. and I always wanted more money; My salary was five thousand for each month. I was waiting for 2 months salary. then this production manager came to me and told me "Sasi, I needed to pay some money so I paid your 10 thousand to someone , so you wont get 2 months salary!!".. " I got so pissed that I wanted to shout "Fuck you". all the people exploit these starters like hell. He used to come to sets and demanded cigerrettes from us. We cant fight with him.. because he may speak bad about us to the producer.. and we cant complain everything to the director.. so we used to keep silent."

"After joining IBM I went again to meet him in the studio.. some one told me he escaped with a lot of money. Then I found a kid waiting outside waiting for him. I asked him why is he waiting for the prod manager. He told me that the manger had promised a role and took thirty thousand rupees from him!! do you understand the importance of thirty thousand.. he can survive for thirty months adjusting with meagre things!! and he might have as well run off from home with that thirty
thousand.. so he cant even go back!!"

"When I moved to banglore; the manager called me up once; dont know how he got it and told me " Sasi I am busy in a shooting now.. can you recharge my cell.. for 555 .. when I come to banglore I will give you some two thousand"

this is man is absolute crap!!

Guys I have one more love story.. one damned lengthy one that will be equal in length to everything I wrote here.. I will blog it for sure next time!!

till then
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Friday, September 30, 2011

With Love... to my dearest friend!!

Let me start with my favourite quote from dead poets " whatever this world says.. believe me.. Ideas and words can change this world!!".. beautiful words indeed!!

I try to remember my childhood days when I was a kid!! I remember the walk from my house to school.. all the way I occasionally cry that I dont wanna go to school!!;

I remember the cricket ground where we used to play cricket all the time!! I remember my old house.. made of red tiles.. not the concrete new one!! I remember the

goose berries we collected we collected from the tree in our back yard.. and incidentally sucking honey out of the wild flowers that used to grow behing our house (

my mom taught me that!!).. ha ha ha..

I remember this particular incident particularly ; it rained well.. Me and my sister were walking back from tuition to home.. the kid i was.. the water was came till my knees.. and then this man appeared with some weird raincoats for both of us; weird plastic coats with pink roses printed on it.. with an umbrella in his hand(I was scared that dogs might when i go wearing that.. ) Speaking of the man who came with those coats.. he was always there for me!!

He came to me whenever its possible with eatable packets and chicken when I was in hostel.. he came to visit even when i was in college in north.. he turned up when I was screening my first film!! the man who pushed me along with him to himalayas.. and i fell in love with them.. may be the best moments I ever had were my adventure days..of all the things the human values I learnt from you..were something no one can ever teach me!! this bond is something I cherish.

My friend ; guide ; my hero.. and my father.. you are simply the best!!

Ofcourse we had our differences!! he is typical in education and forced me to study a lot!! I am a rebel.. I believe in an education that comes out of free thinking..

Just some days ago he was telling me ; I should have pushed you to US.. I told him.. I would have been just one more kid..who sends greeting cards to his parents than to be with them!!.. we argued.. all the same.. we forgot it after some time!!

On the retirement day.. I wish a beautiful after life.. may be some social service and may be in exploring new places!! I wish you good luck!!

I must say my core adventure spirit came from you!! thanks a lot for everything father.. You are one the guys I would call a

I understand what it is to work for 30- 40 years in a place.. that almost becomes your place.. I understand what it is to miss it.. all the same.. time comes we need to leave something.. we just leave..

I am glad I was there when people were praising about your sincerity!! ( A railway employee that too a ticket collector who doesnt take a bribe is no joke!!); of your knowledge ( reading books is the legacy I took ).. of all the things the spirit of adeventure.. even his friends were speaking of his love to travel.. gangothri; yamunothri; kedarnath; badrinath.. amarnath!! rajasthan.. awaiting for manas sarovar!!.. good luck with everything!!

I wish I could become a good chap like you!!

keep rockin
3 cheers

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chit chat , Passion n Love!!

I am in a very very good mood; thanks to the rains in Mumbai.. they are making my days!! I just love the sound of rain and the smell of earth when it rains!! Few things are just Immortal.. and thanks to the swimming pool near by..I am having fun 24/7 and ofcourse I am working on a story!!

Lets discuss some jokes!! something very funny happened right now!! the maid pressed the button in the bathroom and locked it from outside!! and we started using one rupee coins and scissors to open the door; finally Rana sir came up with the ingenious idea of open the glass bars from backside.. and jumped in to the bathroom!! well I kept laughing all the time!! lol..

Speaking of him; I was blown away to come to know the fact that he still kept the cap I forgot in his room in my 3rd year engineering!! it was a weird feeling!! to see something like that.. i think I need to learn something about being organized from him!!.

And the best joke is .. I happened to read some words of director in a forum!! he said " I dont believe in experimental cinema.. I just make commercial films!! for many families while making and after release depend on it".. believe it or not.. this the darkest joke I ever read.. Is he fuckin kiddin; if he is thinking of all these families; why the hell should he make film at all!! he should have become another budhdha and should have started social service!! Anyways you tend become a film maker i f you just love films or you just love the glamour around it!! if you just love the glamour.. you would write a typical story.. with revenge and love and stud the story with star cast!! actually you pretty well know you are not making a film; but you are looking for attention.. but what you say is " i remember the families who depend on this.." my ass families.. you are going take a crore as your remuneration.. dont forget that!!

coming to the topic!! passion and love!!

A junior told me somedays back " Sir; passion to achieve something is great; but being being too involved isnt good; because ultimately its you family (say father and mother as of now ) and ( may be wife and kids later ) .. that worries about you if something happens to you!!

Great words indeed!! absolutely true!! I had the pleasure of being in a very good argument today..

Talking of passion; is there really anything called passion; goal or achievement in Life.. nothing; the truth is you gotta live and you gotta die .. all you do in between is to have some fun and may be learn something and to move on.. if you ask me why the heck I need to learn..all I need is fun!! I say you you rock!!

So I have nothing to prove either.. its a game with its own rules.. so I have no passion.. on the contrary its just my love for and movies!!

Speaking of love!! I wonder; The greatest that can ever happen to me is to find a chick whom I can live with happily all my life!! but honestly thats not possible; they exist in fairy tales..but the beauty of life it offers much better than that; the beauty of diversity; to enjoy the differences in people!! I wish I could enjoy it to the maximum!!

keep Rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life is beautiful!!

Life with all its ups and downs is a sheer beauty!! sometimes you wake up early morning.. and you feel its a bliss!! and an occasional rain!! late night work!! spirit of adventure of all the things meeting new people and discussing new things!! What more can I ask for..!!

Anyways lets start with tough things first.. As i always said; I am an ass. I was thinking yesterday; how the hell a very calculated fellow like me can fell in love with a girl whom I never saw.. and ran after her blindly for 2 years ( ofcourse some factors like talking daily and good rapport added it).. but then what is love.. why would anyone love people of opposite sex at all!! these are the questions I am left with, after the end of 2!! Well I dont have answers for these questions as of now.. I dont think anyone could convince me unless I find it myself.. God I love her even now.. weird.. yet true!!

As of now.. I decided not to spend more than 2 months on each girl.. if nothing happens.. I better move If some one is angry at me.. please forgive

Let me jump to a conversation.. three of us were sitting out at a place chit chatting.. And one of the guy started targetting me that he didnt like my works a lot.. I kept laughing. the third guy asked me "how come you keep laughing.. when he is critisizing your works?".. the answer was simple... I dont work to satisfy you.. I work to satisfy myself.. I obviously try to improve myself constantly.. and I will definitely take good feed back!! That doesnt mean.. So I have nothing to get irked when some one tries to pull some loop holes!! anyways I saw few people praising the samethings which some despise...

the third guy looked at me and added some beautiful words "Challa; none can hurt you".. they are deep but I really understood his point.

The greatest thing I leanrt is to think for myself.. If you fail.. its nothing its a process of learning.. if you win.. again its nothing.. you just got it right this time!! there are many things left out to explore.. and the pleasure to seek and pursue new things thats the thing that drives me forward!! nothing else.

Getting back to the topic!! I have the pleasure of working few blind kids in recent times.. I am working as an asst director in a film which portrays real blind kids.

I personally tell them dialogues.. and prepare them for shoot to be started soon!! The beauty of it was; I initially used to pity them.. but slowly I started to admire their energies.. Imagine once !! you cant see anything before you.. you need to travel on a road; you need to catch a bus.. and these kids really do it with no help.. There is this small girl who prefers to sit alone when free and she sings beautiful good old romantics.. and there is this fellow who will keep on moving here and there.. and one guy should after him to make sure that he sits at the right place!! It was fun.. they even started imitating me and the director after some days.. we found one hell of a mimic.. lol!! they were almost in tears to leave us.. god you play great.

Here I am fully stirred to write new things.. Woke up early morning; and we left to a eye research centre to discuss with a doctor for research on our film!! and it was a patient game of getting the points we require from them. And we got so many good points that we began to wonder.. This isnt an easy task as we thought .. we need keep more efforts!!
and finally they blind folded us and taught us the basics of how to find directions without seeing and how to use the cane!!

Man.. As I is Beautiful..

PS:-) These are my thoughts when I sat for three hours in bus .. which got stuck in traffic.. Thanks to telangana movement

keep rockin..
3 cheers

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good times!! and an Observation!!

1) Lets start with some chit chat; A friend me called recently and when me when I will reach

my room, I need to talk to you. Luckily I was in the room and told him to come over..

He rushed to the room and very happily informed me that he found a producer for his short

film; he also told me that if he can impress him with his work; he might produce a film as

he added " I wanted to share it with someone; so I ran here; I think this is the turning

point of my life!!"
Indeed I was very happy; to impress a guy and make him to invest on your film isnt easy!!

pray for him guys!!

2) I was damn frustrated somed days ago when my friend called me for this marriage!! I

worried why cant these people marry after 4-5 years when I would be fairly free; to take 2

days time out now is very tough.. I had to start at early morning; reach the place at night

and need to travel further in another vehicla and attend the marriage and had to get back

in another vehicle early morning after spending 2-3 years. It sounded hopeless!

But the 2 day break turned out to be an awesome experience.. I almost completed a book

before I reached Vizag.. I never knew I was missing reading this much.. It was an

inexplicable feeling.. may be its like telling.. darling! I didnt know that I missed you so

much!! and then a good old college mate came there and we had a very nice dinner and finally

went to marriage. I even enjoyed the time I spent in the marriage; the energies and drums

did the magic!! and a bike ride early morning to the station was the best of all!!
may be its all about attitude!! May be we can enjoy anything if we are in the right mood!!

3)I remember my first trek; Obviously it was with my father! we went to hour mother's

sister's house near bellampally!! and we thought of going for a walk and we reached the foot

of the mountain and then we thought till we get bored; and climbing half the mountain I

asked my father " What if some snake turns up?".. my father told me .. well even some wild

animals might turn up; as we climbed half; we can test the other half as well; pretty simple

logic; so we did reach the Top!! and from then onwards it became my hobby!! Life is


4) When I was returning; two middle aged women got into the train; ( they are sisters) and

they are just trying to show off that their kids can read better than the other one's kids!!

they are asking the kids to read the words written in english to prove that they can read

better!! when you reach 35!! you should develop minimum brains.. comparing 2 kids is

absolutely logicless; as a fact you are killing and manipulating their spirits!! and one guy

was behaving very bad with his own sister; he ate almost everything in the biscuit packet

and gave the left over stuff to her!!

God bless the kids!! Never and ever compare and force them

keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reason!! Passion and some conversations!! And a note of Sorry!!

It was a long time since I wrote something; I am indeed missing writing a lot!!
Darn it I didn’t even read a book from February.. But then I love my work ; I took up more works myself and I am pretty much indulged in it so nothing much I can do; may be once the project is done I might run off to Rishikesh ; and sit near ganges and write some beautiful lines and come back with a fresh story!! A perfect way to replenish myself huh !! ..

1) I got some doubts.. I am searching for some reasons!!
a)Why do I write?? May be I just love to write!!
b) Why do I blog?? Writing a story or screenplay is a refined, slow process; but blogging is something like; drop in your views ; no need to edit kind of stuff.
And I write what I feel is correct ;down the line after many years I might love what I wrote or I might not love it; but I should know what I thought!! So I write.
c)why do I share the link? Well that needed some thought… when I watch a good film I feel happy and I thank the guys involve the project involved in it; similarly there might be people who might love my works; I can as well write the stuff and shoot the stuff and keep it to myself ; it doesn’t matter; but I think I can share the work.. if some one likes it well and good; this can be more interactive!! What ever I am crazy enough to shoot a film and keep it to myself if I have bucks!! Crazy indeed!

2) Speaking of writing! Lemme me jump to Passion!! I was having a chat with my director and he told me about a person who waited for 9 months to shoot a song!!
I say that’s passion.. You don’t start something just to finish it off; you work on something because you love it and you wanna do it. When it will finish and whether others like it or not is not the issue.. the point is did you give your best or did you love it.. Let some things remain unfinished.. that doesn’t matter .. you did what you can do.. !

Now the movie I was speaking about is a telugu film ‘Little soldiers’ .. God knows why it was a flop but its one of the sweetest films ever made in Telugu; I love everything in the film!! And there is one small girl’s song which I can listen everyday!! 3 cheers to the film maker gunnam ganga raju!!

Another such film was Pather Panchali by Satyajit ray.. He started to make a film in 1950 and shot it in weekends while working on a job and finished in 1955 overcoming all the obstacles and he did create history with the film.. Can some one believe the fact that he waited for a complete year just to shoot some scenes in a particular scenes for some grass to grow in a area!!

That’s what love is all about.. Gimme a story that deserves a life time work!! I can dedicate my full time to it!!

3)I don’t know why but I get know about people easily.. I may be I love to know about people too.. I learn a lot from what they talk ( I am obviously not speaking about character development or money related tasks).

I met a writer yesterday; we both had to wait at a place and so we went for a walk to kill time.. here comes his story!!

Loved movies when he was a kid!! So read rigourously all telugu book to write songs in telugu. He said sometimes he feels the only reason he lives is to write lyrics even his family is next to it.. working hard for a break in the industry.

Couldn’t directly jump into the industry because because he had a family .. married early. Still took the brave step to Hyderabad and started working as a telugu teacher in a private school and started searching for an opportunity.

I know that the pay is very less for a language teacher in a private school.. I asked him how did he survive??

Yes indeed it was struggle for 4 -5 years!! I even sold an episode serial dialogues for 500 bucks which were supposed to cost 5K!! and its like every month end it was a struggle!! When summer comes .. It was a torture for me.. when kids are on holidays It was a real struggle for me.Used to take 3-4 tuitions.

I wonder how lucky I am !! Indeed !! The struggle of an artist is awesome and pure!!

I am in a flow.. Lemme write ine more incident!!

I once went to Higginbothams in chennai on a Sunday at night ( yup some one told me it will be open on Sundays and closed on Tuesdays.. and I believed it.. the fool I am).. well I reached the place by 5.30 and it was closed and I waited for half hour but my bus never turned up.

So finally I decided to take an auto.. And believe to take an auto in Chennai isn’t a joke; if he things if you don’t know the route he might as well charge you 100 bucks for 3 kms.. ( No offence to Chennai city I love it ) so finally I did act as If I know the route and we decided on some 60 bucks and we started.

We started chit chatting!! I don’t know tamil and he doesn’t know telugu.. so we were using some bits of himdi.. whatever we understood each other!

Autowallah: what do you do brother?

Me: I work in a call centre ( If I say I work as a software engineer ; I am sure he will ask for more money at the end )

Autowallah: Oh brother ; what is your salary

Me: ( I wondered what to say) Its 10 k rupees. ( is he talking too much!)

Autowallah : 10k as a starter; but friend don’t mary early.. earn some more money only then you get married!!

Me: ( I got interested) Oh why??

Autowallah : Look at me ; loved a girl and ran off with her at a early age; didn’t study well; Now I am working on a Sunday night to support my family!!

Me: aah.. how come you speak good hindi!!

Autowallah: I went to Mumbai to try my luck.. it was bitter failure brother; only rich people can survive there.. we the poor will be fucked!!

Me: yeah yeah.. indeed brother..

( then he told me about his kids and how much he loved them and all..) and finally we reached my place. I thanked him for the conversation and left!!

Some experiences are weird.. if you have any such things you can definitely tell me … I am all ears..

PS:-) I heard a complaint recently that I acted very tough with my team song of life!! I am really sorry for that .. believeme guys.. you people rocked and I loved working with you; But.. If I had slacked believe me.. the project wouldn’t have been completed .. Catch me anytime when free now.. You will know how much fun I can be..

Keep rockin
3 cheers

Friday, June 10, 2011

pretty serious fight!!

Guys n gals: i am just playing a game!!

ABC: hello

how are you?

me: rockin AB

whatz up?

ABC: actually i pinged u to have a talk abt ur notes..

i didnt expect this from u actually..

me: oh god

ABC: and I didnt want to comment what i felt publicly also

me: sister

you angry

ABC: did u know that most of u guys wants a girl with less height than them

and they dont want anyone more educated also

and even if we earn more it goes to u only..

not to our parents..

me: well AB.. u should have commented this there itself

ABC: and ya the dominating thing.. well, u are purchased by paying a dowry and so we should dominate u..

me: lol

AB; I think u didnt the sattire out there

thats what I meant

i really want women to fight for their rights

u didnt get the sattire

ABC: but whatever u have written there wasnt looking like that

me: well

for me its absolutely looking like that

lets say

how many of are ready to fight

ABC: atleast not for my firends..

me: and get a

good guy

ABC: most of them read ur post today and was like who is this guy..

me: not my prob


if some one is really angry

let her say to herself

that she would fight

and prove me wrong

ABC: see, thats not the point..

me: i would be glas


well indeed

my point to irk people

is that

ABC: if at all u want to convey this, then that didnt happen there

me: i want them to fight

ABC: u have just mocked the situatuon..

me: absolutely

i mocked

ABC: and made it fusnny

me: i wanted u guys to prove I am wrong

its really funny

ABC: we are gals

and not guys

and ya, how many of our parents are going to wait till that guy comes in..

me: i mean u gals

ABC: tell me that..

me: well i clearly wrte that

u wanna change something

u gotta fight

remember that

thts my very point

did u miss it

there r no short cuts

ABC: well that was like a foot note..

me: i say its my main point

ABC: nothing more..

well thats ur say..

and u didnt make a point out of it..

me: as a fact i consider it as my best sattire

ABC: it was not conveyed well

me: Just dont go blaming men.. now.. now... why should we fight against dowry?? If government offers reservation we exploit it; same is the case here!!

dont u think this is a sattire on boys

what ever AB.. if i gals fight for respect

ABC: as i said, it is not conveyed the way u thought it would

me: well u know

u need a seperate humour

to understand m


ABC: its not me srikanth

me: its not my problem to explain everyone

ABC: well then..


me: i wrote it for my friends aint it

but one think

people who said I am nuts

tell them to prove i am wrong

i would be glad

u know

and my point is well established

they did discuss on the issue

aint they

if i write a lecture

believe me none read


ABC: thats not funny

maybe i dont get ur jokes..

sorry for stopping by..

and wasting ur time

me: sister

ABC: bye

me: come on

ABC: have a nice sleep

me: are you angry at me or something

come on

u pretty well know me..

ABC: maybe i was wrong..

me: no no

challa is sincere

i am absolutely agaiinst dowry

u see.. ur very in reading; it s zest on life

and didnt i get the people's notice

ABC: but on a negative side

i am pretty sure u didnt get into good books..

me: books

well i love them

well the point was to rise a topic

discussion is welcome

I was expecting some one to question me

i would have answered

cool AB; the point is if i say directly

people say he is an idealist

but i need some on who can fight

thats the only way u change the stuff

i was called names many a times; i wouldnt care; i know me

ABC: hmmm

me: unless u gals fight for yourselves we cant

ABC: but I still dont accept anything written on the post

it bugs me..

me: yup

prove me wrong

i would be glad

but believe me

ABC: i would..

me: most of the girls compromise

ABC: not bcoz of ur post..

me: thats the problem

start a fight

ABC: thats bcoz of situation..

me: well AB

people who fight odds are winners

if u have everything on your side

u need not fight

ABC: others tend to marry at a very older age

or remain single

me: yup

let a generation stay single

but u set something great

u fought for ur rights

thats awesome


it never changes

ABC: its good to say.

we are not talking abt a single person

me: thats my very point

u dont accept what i right

ABC: we are talkjing a entire generation

so, talking is good

me: but ur telling me what i wrote

ABC: u count how many of ur friends dnt get dowry

me: thats the point

fight them

ask them why the we should give dowry

ABC: i am asking to count

me: If you are so particular about not giving dowry!! why dont you fight against it; make a decision that you wouldnt marry anyone till you find someone or stay alone!! you fight with your family and society.. I saw many people who gave long lectures and finally gave dowry and happily got married!! ...So if you cant fight.. then happily marry someone and serve him good and make him happy!!

read this carefully

unless u fight u get nothing

ABC: no one would have read that

me: pity

ABC: i am pretty sure

me: its their problem

ABC: and it is not going to help until u guys also think abt it..

its with ur writing also

me: definitely AB

ABC: u sould give a thought as well

me: ofcourse

i thought of it and wrote it

thats why i wrote it

but what you are telling me

is u fight for us

why would anyone do that

ABC: never

why should u

me: ofcourse u count me in

ABC: its everyone's fight

me: yeah;

see; would britishers fight for india's freedom

no way

ABC: what i am trying to say is, u have not made urself clear in the most

me: what i am saying is; i wrote like that because

i want u to question the topic

ABC: this comparision is not at all making sense

and how many did?

me: i think most of the people thought on this

ur friends

pinged u on that

aint it

ABC: all were married

and so?

me: well let them not loose their fire

let them fight for the next generation

they can guide their sisters

ABC: ha...

me: daughters and sons

the point is

change has to be bought with sacrifices

ABC: Challa, u r not getting the point..

thats all..

me: iamm absolutely getting ur point

ABC: whatever u wanted to convey was not conveyed..

me: ur correct

if i say directly

no od damn one would read

god damn guy would read

its one more


now; read it peacefully and understand the sattire

i am saying this to you because

i know ur a leader

else i would have said

yes i am an ass

i dont care

Sent at 11:47 PM on Friday

me: discuss on this and fight back;; i would be glad

the defense

ABC: its not funny thou..

me: come on its funny

ABC: nope..

me: its a sattire

ABC: anyways good night

me: no no

i want to make this as a note

fine with you?

ABC: just dont mention my name

me: now

u dont wanna be the fighter

such a pity

Sent at 11:50 PM on Friday

ABC: let it be

its my own wish..

me: pretty interesting conversation.. lets see what happens after this!! cheers

Sent at 11:52 PM on Friday

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Women!! Domination and Dowry!!

First things first!! I am not a feminist ; I am an equalist!! If someone is very very sensitive I request them not to read this!!

Well I had the chance to view some women's point of views on marriage. Funnily almost all the people complained about and funnily on the same issues!!( they are all well read!!)

1) If I marry someone he would dominate me!
2) Why would a boy ask for a dowry aren't we equals??

I wonder do they really think on the complaints before complaining.

I mean you need a guy who is well read than you , who is earning more than you and who is taller than you!! what the heck!! if he is better than you in every sense ofcourse he will dominate you ..why would he take you in for free.. aint it?? ( If you say "I am beaituful".. just run away !!)

If you are so particular about not giving dowry!! why dont you fight against it; make a decision that you wouldnt marry anyone till you find someone or stay alone!! you fight with your family and society.. I saw many people who gave long lectures and finally gave dowry and happily got married!! ...So if you cant fight.. then happily marry someone and serve him good and make him happy!!

Just dont go blaming men.. now.. now... why should we fight against dowry?? If government offers reservation we exploit it; same is the case here!!

ha ha ha.. ROFL

PS:-) Any chick with 2 crores property.. Man I am desperate to make my second feature.. ha ha ha


Monday, May 9, 2011


This is the funniest word I ever heard in my life!!

last october i was screening my film in banglore and requested everyone to spread the word!!
One of my friend wrote the below word

" here is the guy; who has a dream like everyone of us. but he had the courage to leave his well pad job and follow his heart. Many of us dream of making a film but he made it!! please come to the screening on sunday... (blah blah....)"

Believe me ; thats bullshit; Honestly speaking I loved my job; I was very happy with the easy money I get at the end of every month and I just used to sit there used gtalk , orkut and had fun with everyone. I evev found a chick.. but had to leave everything.. thats another issue.

next part of the line says " he has a dream to make a film ". My dream is not about finishing of a film; my dream is to pursue my love; sometimes I might just write a story; sometimes I might make a film and sometimes I might just explore the lands hearing some local folk and make some beautiful albums. My dream is art and folk.. I just wanna explore them .. to seek is my purpose ..nothing else.

So when a person says I wanna work with a particular star and make a high budget movie; or when someone says I need to start an international businees; or get a job in US. I smile. For I have no ambitions; I am an ass lol.. and I know it.

i just took a week off and came to hometown; spent some good time with my brothers n sisters; and It was awesome!! may be life isnt about successes; failures n achievements.. its about moments.. moments of love and joy.

I look back; there were many people in my life; i loved; hated; enjoyed ; ridiculed;lusted; felt jealous; was over active; sometimes dumb; and sometimes perfect...
I wish i could leave all these and just live every moment... cheers

PS:- Dont think; I will stop harassing the people who work in my project!! I will be after you 24/7 .. till work is

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stories -2!!

Woke up very early; everyone is asleep around me ; happily started writing this blog; mood is pretty poetic!!
I think I need not tell you.. that this is going to be one damn lengthy will keep on writing this like a book; read till you can read!! Cheers
Lets start with a small dialogue of Mr. Samwise!!
Sam: Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo? It'll be spring soon. And the orchards will be in blossom. And the birds will be nesting in the hazel thicket. And they'll be sowing the summer barley in the lower fields... and eating the first of the strawberries with cream. Do you remember the taste of strawberries?
There are many many things happening around me ; I just wish I have enough time to write down everything!!
Lets start with a joke; My tenth class crush got married when I was in Inter; and my inter girl got married in my Btech!! And my btech crush got married when I started song of life; and I think my latest babe would marry soon too.. the point is; if any girl is worried about not getting married; you can mail me your photo and if at all I like it; you will definitely get married soon!!.. ( a very very bad joke
So to compensate this I will tell one more joke!! And friend and me were sitting together and we were watching “ Good will hunting” and as I was getting excited every moment this guy is getting restless. He got so frustrated and asked me “ god damn you ; do you really understand anything in it or you just pretend to understand this stuff; why don’t you watch Indian films like us!!” . This anger was in him for a long time I think and it finally came out …lol!! Joke ends here. Anyways I have absolutely have no issues with Indian films; as long as they are good I can happily watch them and may be I might even feel proud. And Its not that I watch other films for show off. I can tell you hundreds of bullshit Hollywood films!! Its just my love for films; you show me Italian ; french; Korean or even Taiwanese and Romanian also with proper subtitles I can watch them!! I repeat anything for movies.. I just love them.
And even my film reviews were mixed; some said it aint a film at all and some said they liked it very much; as I said I know people who just loved ‘ into the wild’ and some who just couldn’t watch it for more than 10 minutes. People are different in their back grounds and their tastes are different!! I absolutely agree with everyone’s reviews; for they watch films for their purpose. My target is to make my own kind of audience and to move on. One of my friend said “ it’s a heart touching innocent and refreshing film”.. I just loved those words.. I will keep making my kind of films what ever!!
1) I just started making a gang of small kids to play cricket in evenings nearby office; and indeed we are making a Lagaan team!! 3 cheers.. and by the way these guys ask for Ice everyday in our office . our director happily obliges them.. I do remember when I was a kid there was no fridge in our house and I used to cycle to my uncle’s house to get some ice to mix in ‘Rasna’… lol
Speaking of kids I visited a book release recently; and they intellects wee discussing about the importance of reading books; some good points were 1) reading books improve your analytical power; and decision making skills and will improve the communication skills!!

I don’t know all that; but instead playing all those computer games and watching TV; I prefer to take a book and would love to read it peacefully. There is great pleasure in it.
And when these hot discussions were going on Kids left the place and were busy playing in the grass nearby!! Kids rock..

2) Music!! Its divine; it makes you rock; cry; laugh and especially it makes you feel the beauty of life. One of the best arts I must say. I am absolutely fine with all kinds of music but my heart lies in Indian classic and folk!! I feel at peace. Personally I feel if western is about materialism and sex and ours is about spirituality and romance ( now please don’t argue about this; If you feel it isn’t so; I have no issues. But I just love folk!! It gives me the perfect resonance; they can be so unpredictable and so innocent; some of the songs were about the baby Krishna and his adventures; how they used to take there sheep for grazing and what sheep were games they used to play in afternoon and how they used to take they food in the forests in a group their fights !! oh my god ; its shear beauty… they are so innocent and the songs were never written down and they just spread as the groups sing these songs again n again… I just wish I could travel all these rural places and spend time with the folk singers and make some excellent personal collection of beautiful songs for myself.. I just love the idea!!

I had the pleasure of attending a carnatic concert recently; that was supposed to be a youth festival and funnily I only 20% were youth there; everyone were above 50 an we are so damn busy and we will fight to attend a Bryan Adams concert spending 10k for each ticket and we have no time to attend easterns even when they are near by and easily accessible. Pity.
But the concert was so beautiful; The lady had great patience and she almost sang for three hours; I started slowly and they reaches peaks;; she will sing continuously sing for 15 mins takes us to a high pitch and the violinist takes it from there to another level. Its as if they were in another world they are competing and their smiles and faces show that they are in love with their work. What more can I ask or.. It went beautifully!!

3) Let me try some tragic story .. well I met a school friend of mine some days ago; and we were discussing about friends and suddenly I remembered raj and I asked him “ how is raj?”.. “ why, does he owe you some money?” replied my friend. “ No dude ; was a good friend of mine; by the way why did you ask that?”. “ oh; he is searching for a job for four years and he couldn’t make it; so I thought he might asked your help”!!!
I was amazed to hear this. I just thought of those school days; I would say he isn’t the cleverest but he was good and I know people who were less intelligent than him who made it big; I never thought he would become like this.

Me: By any chance did he continue to run after that girl he tried in school
( well actually he was a good friend of mine; I used to help him in his studies and he used to buy me lots of junk stuff.. and like every good friend. I pretty well know that he is after a girl for a long time and funnily she tied him Rakhi but still he ran after blindly. And like every other Good friend (sarcasm) I told him to prepare for exams well and not to run after that girl.
I didn’t meet him after that till now as we stay in a different place.
Friend: Yes ; ho continued to run after that babe in inter and then again in B.Tech; I told him many a times; don’t do it; even her home is next to you; there will be lots of troubles. But he still continued it. Finally in Btech the girls parents came to know about this and there was a big fight and this fellow started to drink a lot from that time; he used to say : “my life is over”

Honestly I thought these sort things happen only in movies; but indeed his life was over; his btech was over and he just passed in every exam with a very low percentage!! And he couldn’t get a job till now!!Indeed a sad story!!

4) Life my friends is beautiful; new challenges and wesome work .. what more can I sk for!!
We recently travelled from Hyd to vizag in search of locations and artists; and indeed that was an awesome adventure; drive through twin godavari districts was awesome. We indeed breakfasted once on the bank of river Godavari once; that’s just amazing;
The room we stayed was a 9th floor penthouse with a beach view!! It was like we can sleep once we place ; better stay awake every moment we stay here and watch the beauty of the sea!! Indeed I remembered by beach view apartment stay in chennai. Thanks to Rahulji for his scooty drives ( we call it bull

But the best experience was when a blind taught me the basics of Braille script; learning from was great; he was so excited in teaching me!! And I was amazed to know that they write from left to read and then reverse the paper and read right to left.. I couldn’t comprehend it; I tried to google it to find the answer… An hour went in vain but still know answer; but suddenly my colleague solved it; When we punch holes in Braille paper; and read it in the same order; it will be tough to sense the holes; But once we turn the paper upside down we can easily feel the bumps caused because of the holes punched!!

Indeed it’s a genius answer !!

Keep rockin
3 cheers

Monday, April 25, 2011

stories!!-- part 1—

I felt immense pleasure when I was writing this ( I wrote these words after completing the blog).. and Like it or not; I consider this as one of my best!!

One of the few things I really love are stories; fairy tales; fiction; what ever; i Just love to listen them ; I still remember the stories my mom's sister told me when I was a kid; she indeed has great talent in story telling; even now when when ever I go to my hometown I just keep listening to whatever she tells me!!
and maybe storytelling is my first love.

When I first saw the film sankarabaranam; I just couldnt sit in that place once the movie is done!! It was indeed like flying in the air; same was the case with motorcycle diaries or into the wild!! At the same time I loved reading Harry potter and lord of the rings.

I visited my hometown recently; I just sat with with my grand mother and we started discussing about her childhood.It turned out to be a 2 hour story telling; I felt so happy after listening to everything; I absolutely loved. I wonder if there is any better than a good story. It is sweeter than a sweet and beaitiful than a flower.. of all the things its immortal and will continue to live !!

Me: I see you reading a lot?? Did you study at school or you learnt at home?

grand ma: I studied in school till 8th standard. I read more than many of the boys in those days!! actually I thought of becoming a teacher ; but my mom didnt agree to it!! else I would become a teahcer.

me: wow.. till 8th; pretty good stuff; and where did you study?

granny: Is in the same railway school you studied!! we used to go to school early morning and it will be over by afternoon.. I will to play in the garden of my school teacher. They are white people and they dont have kids. they used to pamper me.

me: wow!! white people!!

granny: ofocurse ; thats before independence.

( wow; I have an educated granny who studied in a school before independence!!)

Me: what more??

granny: my father worked in railways!! he is the head clerk at that time; he can assign jobs to people; so gave railway jobs to most of our relatives; just took them without questions; and so most of our family still continue to work for railways!! it became hereditary..

( I just kept listening ; and continued to talk!!)

so all of us used to have railway passes!! 40 - 50 people used to join and plan pilgrimages; we used to carry a stove; rice bags; dal and everything; trains used to stop for a long time to fill coal; we used to cook on the station; and eat; e even used to carry laddus; and other eatables too!!

me: Oh god; you guys had so much of fun!! tell me more

(even she was very happy to talk to me; Most of us dont have the time to talk to them; and at the same time I talked many old people who talk shit; they keep bragging their son's 5 numbered salary and the ranks of his grand

granny: we visited kasi; ahmedabad; delhi at that time; and in south we visited every place; rameswaram; kanya kumari...

once we are going to Kasi; we missed a lady at a platform; her husband thought she is with us; and he kept smoking his cigar in his berth..

( ha ha ha.. man I simply loved this.. ha ha ha)

after 2 hours we understood that she isnt with us; some of us got down in the next station;
went back; she was sitting there and crying.. and they joined us in Kasi..

me: this superb.. so what about movies??

Granny: we had to go next village when were kids; we used to go in bullock carts to watch the films!! we used to stay at nights there sometimes; and watch the movie next day morning;

by the time I got married they built a theatre in out village; your grand pa used to go job early morning; so my work is to cook food early morning and pack him food. I am free till evening; I have many friend here; and we used to watch films again and again.

Your grand father used to be very angry on me; because I am going to movies every day!!

(lol.. lol.. its a pure beauty)

My mom pampered me a lot.. and I didnt change for a long time!! its a pretty old time; then I slowly got busy with kids

(she had seven children and my Mom is the second one)

I felt one thing after hearing this; I just wanted to unlearn myself; may be learning and unlearning is the only way to live!!

I look back; there are some wonder people I met and I saw some wonderful stories.

some good ; some bad!! may be thats life;; I just wanna blog everything one by one!! when I get free;

When I was a kid I was an ass!! May be surroundings made me one; I calculated my marks; I ran after teachers for marks; I mugged day and night!!
But I do remember the days I played cricket and hit the ball into neighbour’s house. Most of them used to shout at us; and we sometimes had to sneak into their house to get the ball.
I wanna make peace with them.. I forgive them all.. lol

I studied my 6th and 7th in navodaya; krishnapuram Nellore. That’s a government residential school ; which conducts exams after fifth; I wrote for fun and made it; first time I had stay out of my home; it was very tough for some days. But finally did it.

I remember a friend of mine; ( I forgot his name) a very poor kid; he used to wear the school uniform all day and if he isn’t wearing shoes he used to walk bare foot!! ( uniforms and shoes are supplied by school). Some how worked hard to make it in the exams; used to struggle a lot with English; we used to have parents meet every month; My parents used to come every month; but I never saw his parents; the ass I am I never helped him at that time; never shared any eatables or gave some helping hand!! Pity; yup I do accept helping everyone is not possible; but helping when you can is good; it helps you too. I just wish he is somewhere happy and better now!!

The explorer in me broke loose after my schooling; As Mr.meeks said.. I decided I would try everything once ( except sex)

I remember my first serious conversation was with a Hostel warden; I used to play around instead of studying much there;
He called me up and told me;
“ Do you know why I am fucking up here instead doing a easy job; because I didn’t take my life seriously; I didn’t read well and I didn’t give a damn to anything; I kept boozing and by the time I wanted to settle I had nothing ; I had to take up some job so I became a warden here; I am studying now to clear my Bed and to become a teacher.
I am telling this to you because; I really like you! I am not telling you to study every hour; but do keep in your mind that you must study well!!”

Seriously guys that was my first serious conversation with outsiders I ever remembered. Though I say study to earn is all crap; I really that chat with him. It will stay with me.

Its night 2.00 am ; I better sleep now; Will work on part 2 sometime later.

Ps: One last story; I was talking with a girl recently and she was telling me all kinds of complaints; all boys get drunk and misbehave with girls; I had nothing to comment on that; as we were talking she told me that one of her favorite movies is ‘khushi’.. Funnily the movie has a long drunk sequence in which hero drinks some local liquor and speaks some horrible dialogues and this babe also likes a song in which the hero dances on the road chasing a girl wearing a mini and her boobs oozing out.

I just couldn’t comprehend one thing!! Do people fantasize bullshit and expect perfection in real life?? I just hope it works other way round. You better fantasize perfection and accept flaws in real life.

And by the way as long as women watch those women characters people will keep on showing dumb characters. After all if you can’t respect yourselves; we can’t respect you.

Saying all this I have nothing against women; I know many guys who flirt with babes and expects good wives!!

So nothing personal here!!

Keep rocking
3 cheers

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beauty and contentment!!

Here I am back with another blog. I think four years of my honeymoon with life is over; I see tough times ahead and I just hope that I would come back tougher.. 3 cheers to life.. biggest flirt anyone can ever expect.
Worst things first and good things later!
There is this book I read sometime ago; the name is ‘Fountain head’. There is a particular character named ‘Wynand’; An orphan; who works hard and finally makes it big . The guy loves a girl and he gives her everything; he treats her like a queen. One fine day in bed she asks him a question “ Ain’t I beautiful than the model we have seen yesterday”. He leaves the place immediately and he never enters a relationship again. I loved that one.
I see weird people now; people who have no proper food but people who think of making a movie with crores of budget. Believe me I met a 30 year old fellow who wrote some ten pages of script and he told me he is planning to make a film with a budget of 150 crores. Seriously I pitied him; even day dreams have limits, I felt sick for sometime; this guy is going bullshit for sometime like this and then understands the situation and by that time his prime time is over; may be settles down as a coolie or something for the rest of his life. People are dreaming to spend more money and make big budget films; no one is trying to learn the art and do take a tough path. When we see a Bergman film; we see absolute art nothing else; I saw scene yesterday ; pretty simple; two people ( old lovers) meet and they look into a mirror and they tell the changes that occurred in them. It’s a ten minute scene and it makes you sit up and watch the scene with your wide mouth open; If you have the right stuff; you can make a film anywhere; you need not show Switzerland and unnecessary cheap tricks in your films!! Its pathetic!!
Where does the beauty lie; its every where; the way we wake up; the way we brush; the way we work; the way it rains; pleasant music; good humour.. its in every part of our lives.
Its just a matter of being content with what we have!! I am not saying don’t work and be happy with what you have. I am saying be content with what you have and work hard and enjoy your work; not because you get some material someday; but because you love your work.
Where are the good old grand ma’s and grand pa’s who told stories to their grand children; they are hooked to those TV serials watching melodrama stuff!!
I met an old man some years ago; the first he asked me was what do I do and what is my salary?
And he even went on asking me what is my manager’s salary and when I would reach that position.
To hell with everything; what will he do knowing my salary? On the contrary why cant he tell his childhood experiences and what he used to and what he loved!! That would be a pleasant chat!! Ain’t it.
I visited a remote place during this Ugadi; all family members were at the home; some one painting the old cot; and someone cleaning the old stuff; and girls running around the place; there was so much of energy!! I felt very very happy for them !!
Where are happy people now; no one wants to do farming; everyone wants to become an engineer or a doctor;; they fix up their paths and not to mention that most of the people regret what they do!!
I sound pessimistic ; but I miss the people who really live their life to the core. Everyone speaks of the past as great golden days and the future as a burden. Most of them want the things to be done easily without working hard.
God bless and god save!!
For a change I want to see people who are really alive and happy!!
And now some good points; here I am sitting in Vizag happily at a pent house very next to the beach road; writing this blog at night 1.00 watching the white waves from the sea… cool breeze doing magic.. and I see some ships anchored at some distance and some beautiful neon lights through out the road making it look majestic!!
A very pleasant drive from Hyderabad to vizag; breakfast was a surprise; we just stopped by a river ; washed our hands and ate there under a bridge;
Met a good old friend; and went for a drive in evening again. What more can I ask for!! 3 cheers to life.
PS:- I wanna see a beauty untouched and content!!
Keep rockin

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wanderings; Sense of humour and some conversations!!

After a week I got some free time and here I am happily writing my blog.. so many things are happening around; its kind of adding some pace to my life; absolutely in love with this change...
1)Two and half years ago when I started working on ‘Song of life’ I was day dreaming; I dreamed that I would make a damn professional movie that would hit theatres!! I felt the same even after completing the script. I took a risk; I know I might loose some things but still I moved on. I even fought with my lead to push me out of IBM soon. Looking back I think that is a very good decision. Yup i made mistakes (read blunders too!!). I used a interlace camera to shoot the future instead of progressive one!! ( ofcourse I didn’t know about camera’s much) and I was thinking more on creative side!! And I understood film making isn’t a one man show!! You need a proper dedicated team to make a proper film!! But still I bluntly kept animal force to compensate everything and moved on.
And I am really glad that I did it. Its an awesome learning experience. It made me mentally tough and gave me the required confidence. There were some very frustrating moments I endured and I am almost tempted to drop everything and run away, and pay back my investors working in a company. But then there some awesome moments and scenes which would stay with me for a life time!! I cherish them everyday; I started loving my tough times too; they taught me better things!! Now the only thing thats left is to pay back my investors!! And even if i cant make it now; I will pay back after some movies!!
Giving and honest review if I rate anecdote 2/5 ; I would rate song of life2.5/5. Lots to learn and loads to experiment. But then I would say its better than many melodramas we watch; occasionally you might fall in love with some scenes!! Thats what I would say on my first feature. Worth trying it.
I am all excited to market the movie; Do help me regarding the same and pray for me.. cheers!!
2) Enough of these wanderings!! Lets talk about sense of humour. The funny thing about humour is; we need a person or an object to make fun off.
But a good sense of humour is something that will make the person laugh even if its a crack on him or someone related to him!!
When I came to know that my father is a last bencher who used to read detective novels I laughed like hell.. ofcourse my father laughed with me.. genes brothers genes.. technically my son would never attend a school then.. ha ha..
Speaking of good sense of humour; we cant stop talking about PG Wodehouse!! Magicians of words; you will feel like flying after reading his books. He can take a very very simple plot; make you laugh all day with simple twists and magical words. A rich guy loves a poor girl; he has to ask for his share of money from his father to start a business so that he can marry her. And this father is a lunatic who loves a pig. So our hero tries to hide this pig and plans to show his father that he saved the pig and plans ask for his money!! This is the plot!! And he can write a book on it and he can make you laugh like hell.. that’s sense of humour!!
One more joke sponsored by a friend!!
Martin Luther King: I had a dream.....
Di caprio: Oh Yeah? I had a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream..
ha ha ha.. rofl
Now lets talk about weird humour. I have tons of this stuff hidden in me; I laugh like hell when I watch a horror movie. I just cant control my laugh. And I cant control my laugh when I see too much of melodrama either. As I said you need to be weirdly observant to get these kind of jokes.
Few of my friends went to mahabalipuram and uploaded a pic with a caption “ Oh what a temple” and guess what I couldn’t see the temple in the photo except the top part; these four guys are standing right before the temple covering it up.. ha ha ha..
But then there are people who are weird than me. There is this fellow who called me at night 2 O clock!! I asked him; whatz up!!. He told me “nothing sir; I was missing ; I didn’t talk with you for 2 days”. Believe me he really told me this answer. If it had been a girl thats another issue; even a girl calling like that might suck; but a fellow who stays in the next wing with a 5 min walk calls you at night 2.00 and gives such a reply!! This is too much. Next time buddy If I get a call like that I gotta kill you for sure!! Cheers..
And the most tough thing is this dark sense of humour.. I wish i didn’t have this; but I do have this humour.. such a pity.
When I see a girl who complains that all boys drink and smoke.. I cant control my laugh; after all what this girl will do is to spend hours in a shopping mall;both have no respect for time then why the hell they should complain; boys and girls are made for each other... ha ha...
Good or bad; everything has humour ...ha ha.. cheers to life!!
3) Difficulties!! I had my share of troubles; by god’s grace they weren’t very tough and I happily coped up with them.
Recently I was working with a guy; his father is a drunk; and his mom brought him up; his salary is 5 – 6 k. He was taking some three thousand from the ATM; and it got stuck!! The torture I saw in his face is something I cant express in words. I told him clearly that he wouldn’t loose the money and we can get it back!! But still he got so scared and kept asking me what if he looses the money!! Half his salary would go in drain! I was really touched; I took him next day to the bank and wrote a complaint letter to the bank; there was so much of tension in his voice when he is asking the manager and I know he is almost crying!!
Money is a weird thing; I never checked my balance when I was working ; but once I got out I took a 8k work for part time and I worked 10 continuous days and invested 3k on it. The editor didn’t complete the work on time and the guy who is supposed to pay our money ate it out. It was a horrible feeling; but a great lesson indeed and it taught me to respect money more. ( I am speaking about becoming a miser fellow I am speaking about shrewd business sense)!
I told this incident to a friend of mine he started telling his own story; “my father and mother and my uncles were poor and they studied in social welfare hostels; especially when my parents were in the hostel ; they pour water in rice left over at night and they eat it in the next day morning. I was told that worms used to float on them; they used to remove them and continued to eat!! Here we are happily having our lunch in a good restaurant. They worked hard and made our lives easy!!”.. awesome one; most of us were from lower/ middle class families; and they worked hard for us!!
Oh my god; I am getting senti.. ha ha .. I got more involved when I heard them say those things!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hard times and easy times!!

Here I am back again with another blog. Lets meander before getting into the main topic!!
The beauty of my work is; I get a chance to meet new people ;awesome people and can converse with them on excellent topics. I met people who watch each and every movie released and people who watched 4 movies a day when they were young. They did an excellent research on film making and screen writing. People who can speak about plot points and conflict points for hours and people with new fascinating ideas.Indeed a great learning experience.
I was talking with a friend of mine recently; we met one month back and we became very good friends soon. I don’t why he thought so; I was talking with him about a girl and he suddenly said the the following words “ dude don’t get me wrong but I think you are not practical; you might have face troubles later!”. On the contrary I think i am a very practical fellow; when most my batchmates are boozing and celebrating their jobs in final year ; I was busy working on Anecdote; I remember I missed my farewell that movie editing and I have no regrets.Anyways the word practical is relative.
Lets take a classic example; we were discussing on this somedays ago; Suppose you have a crore with you and you have a story you worked on for 2 years. There are 2 cases. You invest everything and make a movie; you might loose all the money or gain some,or you can dropthe money in bank and forget about the story. As a practical fellow I will keep all the money on the story and will make the movie because for me time is more important than money. I invested an year which I cant get back; and the shear beauty of watching on screen gives me a higher energy to do bigger things even if I loose the money. And If I save the money I will be regretting all my life for the lost time. Same is the case about the girl; If I okay with some one I never knew and then after 20 years I feel I committed the biggest of my life I cant accept that. I am damn practical and I value my time. Thats the
After all these so called practical people are filling the theatres to experience the melodrama missing in their life.. hence the telugu film industry is making proto
Okay lets get back to the topic. And as usual lets start with hard times!!
This is the story of a colleague of mine. This fellow’s father is a drunkard who does nothing. So his mother bought him up. And this fellow at the age of 19 got smitten by movies came to industry and started his trails to make a movie ( I am not going to say; he should help his Mom!! Lets cut down this drama of right and wrong). He confessed to me that he lived just pickles and papads on many days ; he used to drive cab’s at night and give trails in morning in the industry. And then I hear people complaining on life!! God save!! He told me a small concept on poverty and It was so damn original and so similar to ‘fight club’ ( definitely he didn’t see fight club) I was blown away.. hope to see some experiments in the future from this fellow!!
These are the hard times we cant avoid ; by gods grace I didn’t have any such trouble; And i hope I would never struggle like that. Now the other hard times are when people welcome them into their lives. I met a fellow recently who was a colleague of mine in IT field. He used to be very dynamic and a leader; I couldn’t recognize him when saw him now; grew beard and looking at the ceiling like a mad fellow and I heard that he attempted suicide all for a girl...pity we can suggest people but cant change any one unless they themselves wanna change. I just hope he recognizes everything soon and get back to his form!!
Till now I am venting out others troubles; its high time I write my own troubles. I got 4 days leave and I thought of visiting Kerala.. Plan was to visit chambray peak; trek 7 kms up and read for one hour near a heart shaped lake and get back. Tickets got booked easily even on the last minute!! To hometown and then to Chennai and finally Calicut. Then started trouble. Vomitings from the minute I got into Calicut. Proper fellow would have turned back. But I went up in s bus to Meppady and then trekked 2 more kms to trekking office where permission is to be taken to go up. Guess what there was a forest fire and they cancelled the trek. Damn damn.. and so; th never say die attitude forced me to go up; I travelled 20 kms up and trekked 6 more kms to have a lookat a cave ;and the worst thing is thats the worst cave I have seen. If some one suggests you to visit edakkal caves in wayanad; they are your secret enemies planning a revenge on you!! Take care. With all plans tumbled I returned back. and ofcourse they are no reservations available in return journey I had to travel in general for twelve hours and a fellow suffering from Fits sat next to me !! Real hard times huh..
But the best part is even then I never felt that I did a mistake in going alone; my brain was thinking to find a place which can be visited easily even though I am feeling weak!!. I suddenly felt a deep gratitude for my father for I definitely got this spirit from him!!
Well good times now!!
Here I am happily writing my blog in my recently rented pent house room. I am just blown away by the cool air blowing every evening; I am literally living in heaven . Of course Chennai Sea was much better. But to compare is logic less. Perfectly happy with Hyderabad. And especially my boss is a dude!! And I started playing gully cricket before the office !! What more can I ask for.
Life rocks!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something fresh!!

I don’t know what I am writing here; I am writing it with a feverish energy!!
I recently met a director; to assist him.
The first question he asked me is!!
What do you think is your best asset?
My answer was ; Hard work!! Thats definitely my first asset and then its honesty. I made three short films and a full feature till now; But none till now complained me that I wrote something unrealistic. I also stick to reality. Yup I used words like ‘Fuck’ in between coolly but then; thats what most of the people use. There isn’t a single dialogue in the movie ; which you can pin point and say; this isn’t realistic.and I try to discuss everything as openly as possible and I can make a joke out of
I know my weakness and I understand my mistakes. I try to improve them constantly. I try to question everything I do and try to improve on it. And there are mistakes I did repeatedly but then I really loved doing
Saying all this; I question myself; what am I doing? What am i trying to achieve. The fact is; its nothing. Whatever I do I know its not going to exist after some years. Everything fades so am I. I just concentrate on doing what ever I like and just pass my time. I plan very well; but I make sure that it wouldn’t take most of my time! For I love to explore the beauty of this world as I see it.
Yup may be the only thing I really love to do is to explore things and try new paths!! Success or failure is another; its for people who measure. It isn’t my method. And one of my greatest pleasure is to travel . These are the absolute moments I really really loved . Everything comes after that.I have this freaky ideas to travel extensively ; constantly taking breaks in some exotic places ; and study books there and learn some new things from people and to move on to another place and carry on with another work!!
I wanna discover new ways to lead life; Find ways to earn money; along the way I travel; and to be self dependent!! May be the journey is to discover the ultimate truth. You call it god; or use another word you like. It wouldn’t matter. I wanna study arts on my way; dance ; music ; crafts ; whatever !! Ultimately the inner goal is satisfy myself and to continue to learn. To forget everything and to really learn to live the very moment I live...!!
My life is not about limiting myself but it is about expanding myself. To love things as they are without questioning them but to make the best out of it.
Not to feel a lower emotion but to live in an eternal joy
Oh god!! What the hell did I write!! The best part is I didn’t think much when I wrote this
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cracks, Conversations , complaints and caste!

I was working 24/7 on a new project and couldn’t write anything new for some days by myself!! I sorely missed it. Its kind of an addiction So here I am writing everything stored for the past ten days!! I sincerely suggest you.. don’t read this
Lets start with a beautiful poem by Whitman.
O ME! O life!... of the questions of these recurring;
Of the endless trains of the faithless—of cities fill’d with the foolish;
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light—of the objects mean—of the struggle ever renew’d;
Of the poor results of all—of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me; 5
Of the empty and useless years of the rest—with the rest me intertwined;
The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?


That you are here—that life exists, and identity;
That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.

Lets start with A) cracks!
1) Ram gopal varma is a genius!! No doubts about that! This fellow dared to use a new style camera (Steady Cam) in his very first film and gave such a new shots; that he almost changed the face of the industry with ‘Shiva’.
But what he did after that is the worst thing!! H copied God father again and again and again; and made some horrible horror movies! And I wonder he made some worse movies anyone would ever make. I am not speaking about honest experiments! I am speaking about the way he exploited the market with his name and with his cheap publicity tactics!
Such a pity; it hurts to a see a genius hurting the industry!!

2) Personally I have no problems with drunkards; smokers; people who use obscenities or with any other issue. I used to drink tea when I had exams next day. I feel the same for drunkards; so I am no one to judge you.. But please don’t tell me that i am not enjoying my life unless I drink.. I have to say.. ‘go to hell’.. lol.. and I personally think that I am improving like hell and enjoying my life at my best I don’t need these suggestions.

B) Conversations :
I heard some excellent stories and views ; As i said before I am no one to judge whether these things are right or wrong or obscene. I put it as I heard them. You choose.
1)I was sitting with a co-director in my new project ( both of us became very good friends in a very short time) and I asked him; what he thinks about Directing a film! And he gave me a a very beautiful reply. A director is someone who cant afford to be ignorant. He has to read and learn every minute. He continued “ I went to see some sculptures in a village in Banglore! The artist who did the work is a genius. There are all kinds of varieties there; music; dance ; war; temples and everything. But what stuck me is! If you want to learn music; you will just learn music; if you want to learn dance you will just learn dance; But this sculpture cant just learn sculpture and say I am done; He has to study every other art along with it Only then he can give the correct pose of a dancer and even the correct event occurred in a war. He cant afford to be Ignorant! Same is the case with the director. He has to know everything; and he shouldn’t miss anything else he is out of the league!!”
Indeed awesome words from him!! I loved to hear those words.

As today is Valentines day obviously topic changed to Girls; he kept telling me his love stories. Friend: I had many love stories ; there is this girl who liked me a lot and I liked her a lot too; but we understood that It aint going to happen; so she married someone; and she has a kid now; but she calls me for every valentines day; and talks to me! She would never say that she loves me; but still calls me on that day.. hmmm..

Me: So whatz the plan now ?

Friend: Nothing as of now; Now I quit my job and joined a sa codirector; and girl is to to marry me. My parents found a girl; and she is indeed very beautiful And i fell in love with her. But outright refused me. She called me after some days; and told me; Take up any job even a low salary is fine with me; i liked you a lot; but leave the films and I will marry you. I told her; thats not possible. But she asked me some very good questions; There 2500 asst directors in industry; everyone wants to make a movie; but how many can really make it? So please leave it. And we used to laugh when a senior joined as an asst director. How can I tell them that mu hubby is an asst director?.
I tried to argue with her that if one movie is a hit; we can live all our lives happily. But she wouldn’t listen”

Lol... these girls are very intelligent.. god save asst directors!!..ha ha ha.

All the same ; most of the things we talk are about technical aspects of movies; and he was in the industry for 4 years and he keeps telling the stuff to me!!

I am absolutely loving it!!

C) Complaints:
I had this chance to visit a blind school recently; I met a fellow there and we kept talking on everything; as usual we started with movies; and life; and we kept discussing about many things. And then he started telling us the troubles of people . I mean the troubles they face in real life. He kept saying “ Either parents doesn’t care for us and they over care for us. They should treat us like everyone; and should give freedom for us. And parents; society ; government !! everything is acting wrong!!”.. these were his exact words; and I couldn’t stop back my smile. These trouble are so similar to every teenage fellow! I heard similar from hundreds of people and that includes myself. I complained to myself many times may be it might be a bit tough for him but still solution is within; its no use complaining on parents; society and government; for they definitely wont change.. lol

But he sang 2 beautiful folk songs for us before we left and even offered us that we can use it in our movies for free.. ha ha. Music has no barriers! It makes it easy to make friends. Indeed we became friends from that instant.

D) Caste: This is one the worst thing thats happening in India.I really hate it.I hate even when my mom talks on it. We southies used to be very close when we are in college. It isn’t that we didn’t fight! We had our differences; but when we were deal with others; we were always united! But what I hear now is; people and forming gangs according to castes! Thats a damn disgrace! Such a pity!
I heard of stories of student gangs in Vijayawada. I heard that even parking slots are divided according to caste!! Lol. I wonder what kind of people they are. Who teach them this crap. I expect young people to work hard or to enjoy their lives not to do these kind of things. This is the worst way to live.
Its one side of the coin; the other side is the reservation problem from the so called lower castes! These guys have a car and they study at the best colleges and they use reservations to take up a job!! No one wants to earn it ; everyone wants it easily. Isn’t it the same reason; people are fighting for Telangana! They use the word; better employment opportunities ! and do ‘relay hunger strikes’!!
The worst thing who run after these reservations is; they get the gains; and they forget to help their own people; believe me; I personally saw it! Such a pity. It isn’t reaching the people who really need the help! They are still suffering more even though the reservation percentages are increasing! Lol.

I read an interview of n Australian athlete who won a gold in Olympics!! She said “ I dedicate this medal; to my tribe and I will spent all of it for their betterment!

And here we are making a hell of an issues an caste!! Disgrace; I hope we make it a point to change it!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers