Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reason!! Passion and some conversations!! And a note of Sorry!!

It was a long time since I wrote something; I am indeed missing writing a lot!!
Darn it I didn’t even read a book from February.. But then I love my work ; I took up more works myself and I am pretty much indulged in it so nothing much I can do; may be once the project is done I might run off to Rishikesh ; and sit near ganges and write some beautiful lines and come back with a fresh story!! A perfect way to replenish myself huh !! ..

1) I got some doubts.. I am searching for some reasons!!
a)Why do I write?? May be I just love to write!!
b) Why do I blog?? Writing a story or screenplay is a refined, slow process; but blogging is something like; drop in your views ; no need to edit kind of stuff.
And I write what I feel is correct ;down the line after many years I might love what I wrote or I might not love it; but I should know what I thought!! So I write.
c)why do I share the link? Well that needed some thought… when I watch a good film I feel happy and I thank the guys involve the project involved in it; similarly there might be people who might love my works; I can as well write the stuff and shoot the stuff and keep it to myself ; it doesn’t matter; but I think I can share the work.. if some one likes it well and good; this can be more interactive!! What ever I am crazy enough to shoot a film and keep it to myself if I have bucks!! Crazy indeed!

2) Speaking of writing! Lemme me jump to Passion!! I was having a chat with my director and he told me about a person who waited for 9 months to shoot a song!!
I say that’s passion.. You don’t start something just to finish it off; you work on something because you love it and you wanna do it. When it will finish and whether others like it or not is not the issue.. the point is did you give your best or did you love it.. Let some things remain unfinished.. that doesn’t matter .. you did what you can do.. !

Now the movie I was speaking about is a telugu film ‘Little soldiers’ .. God knows why it was a flop but its one of the sweetest films ever made in Telugu; I love everything in the film!! And there is one small girl’s song which I can listen everyday!! 3 cheers to the film maker gunnam ganga raju!!

Another such film was Pather Panchali by Satyajit ray.. He started to make a film in 1950 and shot it in weekends while working on a job and finished in 1955 overcoming all the obstacles and he did create history with the film.. Can some one believe the fact that he waited for a complete year just to shoot some scenes in a particular scenes for some grass to grow in a area!!

That’s what love is all about.. Gimme a story that deserves a life time work!! I can dedicate my full time to it!!

3)I don’t know why but I get know about people easily.. I may be I love to know about people too.. I learn a lot from what they talk ( I am obviously not speaking about character development or money related tasks).

I met a writer yesterday; we both had to wait at a place and so we went for a walk to kill time.. here comes his story!!

Loved movies when he was a kid!! So read rigourously all telugu book to write songs in telugu. He said sometimes he feels the only reason he lives is to write lyrics even his family is next to it.. working hard for a break in the industry.

Couldn’t directly jump into the industry because because he had a family .. married early. Still took the brave step to Hyderabad and started working as a telugu teacher in a private school and started searching for an opportunity.

I know that the pay is very less for a language teacher in a private school.. I asked him how did he survive??

Yes indeed it was struggle for 4 -5 years!! I even sold an episode serial dialogues for 500 bucks which were supposed to cost 5K!! and its like every month end it was a struggle!! When summer comes .. It was a torture for me.. when kids are on holidays It was a real struggle for me.Used to take 3-4 tuitions.

I wonder how lucky I am !! Indeed !! The struggle of an artist is awesome and pure!!

I am in a flow.. Lemme write ine more incident!!

I once went to Higginbothams in chennai on a Sunday at night ( yup some one told me it will be open on Sundays and closed on Tuesdays.. and I believed it.. the fool I am).. well I reached the place by 5.30 and it was closed and I waited for half hour but my bus never turned up.

So finally I decided to take an auto.. And believe to take an auto in Chennai isn’t a joke; if he things if you don’t know the route he might as well charge you 100 bucks for 3 kms.. ( No offence to Chennai city I love it ) so finally I did act as If I know the route and we decided on some 60 bucks and we started.

We started chit chatting!! I don’t know tamil and he doesn’t know telugu.. so we were using some bits of himdi.. whatever we understood each other!

Autowallah: what do you do brother?

Me: I work in a call centre ( If I say I work as a software engineer ; I am sure he will ask for more money at the end )

Autowallah: Oh brother ; what is your salary

Me: ( I wondered what to say) Its 10 k rupees. ( is he talking too much!)

Autowallah : 10k as a starter; but friend don’t mary early.. earn some more money only then you get married!!

Me: ( I got interested) Oh why??

Autowallah : Look at me ; loved a girl and ran off with her at a early age; didn’t study well; Now I am working on a Sunday night to support my family!!

Me: aah.. how come you speak good hindi!!

Autowallah: I went to Mumbai to try my luck.. it was bitter failure brother; only rich people can survive there.. we the poor will be fucked!!

Me: yeah yeah.. indeed brother..

( then he told me about his kids and how much he loved them and all..) and finally we reached my place. I thanked him for the conversation and left!!

Some experiences are weird.. if you have any such things you can definitely tell me … I am all ears..

PS:-) I heard a complaint recently that I acted very tough with my team song of life!! I am really sorry for that .. believeme guys.. you people rocked and I loved working with you; But.. If I had slacked believe me.. the project wouldn’t have been completed .. Catch me anytime when free now.. You will know how much fun I can be..

Keep rockin
3 cheers


Pokirivamc said...

avnu anna.. :) nu cheppindi correct ne... Naakuu bhale ishtam little soldiers film :) :) Songs in dat film r awesome... "I am a very gud gal" "adagaalanundi oka doubt" love these songs :D

Inspired Souls said...

ha ha.. yeah!!