Wednesday, January 11, 2012


lets start with a quote "
Through out the centuries, there were men who took first steps down the new roads armed with nothing but their own vision-- ayn rand "

People are basically funny, and thats the reason why I always keep laughing!!

We are so scared and yet we love each other so much... My Mom called me and told me that she watched my movie today.. she watched it somedays back but couldnt complete .. its definitely not her genre yet she watched it completely, obviously I asked , how was it? and she told me its 'ok'.. but we should have shot better!! I said " Dont worry I will make it better next time!!".. and she said an 'Ok'.. with reluctance..

Its a beauty you know; both my parents doesnt want me to enter this field; they are scared I might not go anywhere and yet they wish me success..they want me to leave everything and take up a job .. as i dont do that.. they wish me success!! Love of parents!! nothing more to say!!

Well.. well lemme narrate another story!!

I along with some friends had the pleasure of visiting our college recently ; we visited the Samosa and chai shop where we used to sit for hours.. funny thing he still remembered most of the guys ( I was not a frequent guy , he didnt remember me though). he served us chai and samosa and offered some sweets.. we rejected sweets first.. but looking at his enthusiasm.. we couldnt say 'no' so ate everything. One of the guy offered a 500 note and he propmptly reected it. I goddamn couldnt believe that a chaiwala didnt accept a 500 rupee note and he said he served us tea as a token of friendship he served us tea.

and lets get serious!!

I seek.. I seek!! the truth.. of life!! End of the day.. nothing matters.. your parents..your Gf's may be your spouse and your kids.. none of them matter .. its always about you and yourself.. not in terms of materials but in terms of experiences.. if its tough, you fight and work hard, if its easy enjoy like hell.. but what you remember are tough times and the lessons you learnt!! Thats what I am seeking now; trying to minimize my expenses and spending less time in earning and trying to spend most of my time reading and learning!! May be, I just love to read..dont tell you you bought an Ipad, tell me you listened to music all day!! dont talk about things.. tell me your experiences!! WTH ..what I am talking!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers