Monday, January 31, 2011

God,Meditations... and Life!!

(Disclaimer: I wrote this with my minimal knowledge; and I just wrote what ever I felt; don’t question me but do add your points and comments!!)
I am totally energised; So took up something challenging!!
Am I an atheist?? nope .. I believe in god; I am a hindu and I love jesus too!!
Did I see God or feel God?? No!!(May be!!)
Then Why do I believe in God? Very tough question indeed!! Is it because most of the people around me believe in him?? Or he represents all the good in us according to people?? Whatever it is; I prefer to see good things; Being good in the name of God is absolutely fine with me!!
You might as well say I am an opportunist; But I do believe in God for I love to be good; even may be secure!! But then I tried to question everything too; tried to read Gita and bible and tried to learn from other preachers.
Anyways everything comes to a halt when someone questions how the life started!! Science or Theosophy.. nothing explained it; Science says Big bang!! But where did Big bang come from!!
If you say nothing matters; Its just that we really lived or not !! thats the only thing that matters!! Thats absolutely fine with me!! Atheists rock ; I am absolutely fine with them.
Even Vivekananda; the greatest Disciple of Kali says; the ultimate purpose of an atheist or a religious person is same; and when followed perfectly; they will reach their ultimate goal!!(Which is same for both) May be religion shows us an easy way to reach the goal!!
Vivekananda says; This creation is like a Sine wave.. it starts ; it ends and then it starts again!! But then why should it happen!! Ofcourse some tried to explain me that God is ‘Dynamic’ energy!! Very good concept indeed !! They say God is dynamic energy; we can imagine the ‘IT’ ( God energy) as a burning fire!! And the edges which are sparks when they meet with material.. life starts.. the sparks are nothing but the souls.. and so our life begins!! And the purpose of this creation is to get those souls back to this God. And when this spark touches the material; it forgets its true nature and it needs to rediscover itself.
As the God energy is dynamic ; It changes shape and at one point reaches its previous state and then changes its shape again!!
But none explained why this energy is Dynamic..and why when soul touches material; it forgets its true nature? may be atleast I didn’t understand that!!
One more question; Most of the guys ask is ; If the soul is indestructible how can our population grow!! But according to theosophists; everything has a soul; and this is amoeba and man both can have souls; only thing is; the material changes from to a human body or a pig or dog.. but soul remains the same!! And they say soul is thousandth fraction of an electron. So the point is; If you see more beings in this universe.. it just implies more sparks came out of this God energy!!
And ultimately this souls work is to learn this and be ready to meet the higher soul!! And they say when it understands the purpose it will automatically reach the higher soul!!
This is the scientific version of god and creation.!!
Personally; I think following arts perfectly can make us reach god faster.
Lets see how are they useful to us. But before this we must remember again that our ultimate goal is to get back to the main source!! Religion helps us in this!! the enlightened ones;( Budhdha ; Christ ( I am not saying about their bodies; I am speaking about their souls)) showed us the way to reach god. Love others; be good ; dont steal all these fundaas are to understand the vey nature of ourselves and there by to reach god!!)
Meditations came at this point; If you let your brain run in every direction ; it becomes so messy that it cant understand what it indeed is . The perfect example we can look through still water but not turbulent water. Meditate is another word to think or to comtemplate!! And Meditation means to concentrate on our breathing!! And history speaks of people who after learning to concentrate on breath where able to spend years without eating !! and some people who went into Samadhi!! They you control your breathe u can control yourself.
And now; when I said these words ; they are people who laughed at me; and acted before me for 2 minutes as if they are controlling the breathe and asked for the immediate results!! Its upto you; if you don’t believe ; thats not my problem; as a fact i don’t know it myself, so no issues.
But personally It helped me a lot; and When ever I get time I prefer meditate.
But there are some real advantages in meditations; You will find yourself thinking better and really the attitude to learn improves ; ofcourse you need to think on positive things when you meditate.
They say meditation just multiplies the efficiency of your thoughts; if you sow a positive thought ; it will grow 100 times; if you sow a negative one; it too grows hundred times!! So you need to concentrate on positive aspects; and being a religious person helps in this case!! For Love ; Compassion and to follow good and truth are the very essence of every religion!!
Let me write the prayer of St francis!!
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Awesome words aint it!! To think on these words for a lot of time definitely makes you a better person.
If you think all I wrote till now is crap.. Be my guest.. no issues
Done with God and meditations..
Lets start about life;
I am just going to paste some of the comments I received for the statement
“ Can we measure life?”
Ajay Kumar Musham - Yes.. in terms of feelings :)

sanjeev Arya - yes.. of course!!! Its amount of time for which we held up either with sad or happiness, or the time associated with good/bad people/events... but most of the times its a relative only.. wt u ll say dude??
sreedhar naidu - yes,with the number of moments u lived it the way u wanted to and it has nothing to do with time, success and failure i feel.
Ajay Kumar Musham - If we can't measure Life, we cannot remember it.
Narendra: yes sir; in tems of time; 1year; 5 years; hundred years..
Venkataramana Muppirala : in terms of the number of occasions you regret.
The less the number, The better your life.
What say sir?
My Favourite replies:

Mahesh Kumar Kathi : Life is measured by moments of love

Nitesh Singh :
Most of us do actually and hence we can, but I don't think we should. When we measure we judge. And we do it by analyzing the promises we have met or not which were made once to same-selves. we measure it by counting successes and failures.... Life is not about accomplishing something or anything. It's about moving forward in a rational way or In a way you think is rational. Life is about accepting things as events not again as success or failure. Life is not to measure. It's to watch and to feel even when you are idle.
We can as well be critical, but that's a different thing. That's positive somehow.

Thats it for now!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Friday, January 21, 2011

Art and some chit-chat!!

Well guys; this is going to be one long big boring blog; you guys are In this particular one I am happily going to meander from one topic to another.. god bless.. But I think I love every word I write here.
I would like to start with my favourite topic ‘life’ ; I hear people telling me; childhood days were our golden days!! I wonder !! Is it really true?? I mean I don’t remember most of the things I did ; But mom tells me that I was one hell of a sulky kid; It seems I used to eat half of a Banana and used to cry for a new one!! Except these silly anecdotes I don’t remember much; Even I cant remember much of my school days; I visited my school recently; I remember playing under those old big trees ( Games are great apart from that nothing is left there; I rememeber mugging things and listening lessons from the so called ‘realists’. But only when I started to think for myself I really started to live!! I asked a friend of mine “ Dude; do you repent the days you acted like a sheep?”.. I still remember his words; he looked at me seriously and told me “ According to me they never exist; I started living after those days”. I was so happy to hear that answer!! Kudos buddy.. thats the best I ever heard.
Absolutely true; The day I started thinking; I started to understand what I love and I just went after it; Thanks to ISM it gave me all the time to explore; There were days I kept reading like a mad fellow forgetting everything; and kept watching movies; or kept travelling and constantly learning. You the best days I ever enjoyed were the days I worked hard; easy days are easy days they just come and go. I remember the days I spent alone at nights office; working on my script; I loved to walk around the big office office buildings alone; and thinking on the story. Some one at ‘Convo’ asked ; you should time .Actually job days were very easy days; Bucks used to be in bank on time sharp; can buy books when ever and what ever I want; i just loved those days; I even wrote a big farewell letter when leaving to all the
The point is ; Life technically should get better as you grow up; tough times are always there; but as our understanding grows we will have more fun; thats the way it happens. When I sit alone or when I walk alone I get better thoughts than they were before. And we meet more people with very new ideas; which is a real pleasure. I was there when people spoke of designing flying cars; starting their own websites; their own business;or wanted to do some selfless service , people who wanted to become travel journalists; people who wanted to learn guitar ( mine was . I always gathered Ideas; I talk with everyone just to take their ideas. And I had the pleasure to hear some excellent ones that will stay with me for a life time. Even I have this idea; to travel for 2 years and settle in a remote place ; and then make a movie for 2 years and then go back to hibernation in unknown lands. Damn I am a dreamer and I love every moment of it.
Okay; I think I didn’t enter into the topic till now; Its ‘ART’. Anything thats a pleasure is art. Maths, science; movies; music; books yeah even coding is an art ( though I copy pasted most of the time!!). A friend next to me says ‘Girls’ are art; for girls sake I will add boys too. We are all art .... excellent. I remember the days ; when me and rana sirused to sit and discuss art for hours. Even now I make it a point to discuss with everyone who ask me for Ideas not because I like them but I believe someday they would add something beautiful to art!! Selfish..huh.

I saw some beautiful places while travelling; Uttarkhand and kerala were the best!! I love those long walks in mountains; everything so green !! If I close my eyes I can imagine those beauties.. worth every moment of it. I saw some awesome dances and I heard some awesome songs and read some very very good books. I Immersed myself in Hogwarts; middle earth and the best is Mr Wodehouse’s England!! Thanks again to ISM It gave some good exposure . And I saw some excellent paintings too!! Watching ravi varma’s paintings for the first time was indeed awesome; so perfect and clear and depicted the emotion perfectly. ‘Jatayuvadha’, Dhamayanthi’s message through swan; absolute beauties!! I think I stood there watching those 5 -6 paintings for 2-3 hours. It was so gripping I spent an year working on the story of a painter!! Indeed Ravi varma is a genius!!
But my favourite art medium is ‘movies’. Just loved it from the very beginning. But Funnily I watch very few movies when compared to others. I know people who watch movies like freaks and every word they talk would be related to Rana sir asked me once “ why do you watch very few movies challa?”.. I told him that watching too many movies might kill originality. I am not saying none should watch movies; its just my style. I love and respect every aspect of it and its a pleasure to be a part of it.Used to sit and talk with people for hours on story lines and direction!!
And one of the best movies I have ever seen is ‘Pather panchali’. Its a Bengali movie is 1950’s. I saw
it in 2k6 i.e after 50 years and I felt it was mind blowing. If a peron made such an unique movie in 1950’s Its a disgrace for all of us that we aren’t even making movies which has atleast a part of its worth!! Here we are copying everything from west !!Such a pity. One more blow was for our Music (eastern music). India is the land of arts for sure; but its such a pity we are running after western stuff and imitating them happily. Funnily we laugh at our own music ;Our classical music is almost dead; god save it. Yes i can listen rock; but the beauty of emotions and purity is in our music!! Do they have the lovely keerthanas of devotion!! We have some beautiful songs for every emotion. I wonder can anyone create a beautiful song like ‘Raghu vamsa sudha’. I was talking with a junior of mine this morning regarding this song; she said she started learning Veena just to play this song some day!! Indeed a lifetime achievement. she was so worried that we are doing remixes for beautiful classical songs.
Just a synopsis of the chat
Swathi: I hate this guy rajesh vaidhya; every song has a feeling the composer meant to arise ; remixing with some absurd track and singing those lyrics is a torture!! These guys cant even understand the lyrics they sing. this destroys that feeling. it is not a question of which instruments we use , but the feeling it brings out. We should feel that devotion and the willingness to submit ourselves to the superior!! music is not about an acoustic experience, it is about an emotional experience .our instruments have evolved to support that.. why guitar in west, and why veena in east ? the instruments are evolved to support expression of the right emotions of music in the right way!! actually, if u see.. a veena can sound like a guitar by just changing the place where vibrations are picked up and magnified they are all the same!! i feel very bad!!it is such a heritage that this country has... pity people say india is not a great place and mimick the west. the problem with everything that is purely indian is that it requires an intellectual mind to think, go to the next level, and appreciate and the second thing is, its relevance is strong only if it is in a network of other things.. when one thing in the network perishes, everything is senseless. unfortunately, this delicate thing has been tamperd a little, so now, finding relevance is a challenge!!
(Great words and well put; indeed I got this idea to write this blog after reading this;)
( for those who can read telugu; some words as it is.. have fun!!
evaraina bantu reethi koluvu remix chesi chasthara?? bantu rethi koluvu, eyavayya rama ante ‘give me the place of your servant lord rama’ meaning ardham cheskuni chavachu kada.’ ding chak’ antaru madyaloaa . Asalu devotion, willing ness to submiss to a superior avi anipinchali. tyagaraju entha devotion to rasina song adi aa emotion ki justice cheyali adi padina prati varu.!! edo trend western music ani, anni kalipi panikirani vintha padartham chestharu. asalu vinandi sir aa pata bantu reeti koluvu )
Indeed art is all about originality; The thought of tampering kills the very spirit of the Art!! I just hope we preserve the very essence of our arts and spread it...
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspiration and some new jokes !!

Okay here I am enjoying a three day break ( read ‘A forced break’) So thought of finishing the promised blog and complete reading the book ‘love in the time of cholera’.
I started writing this blog on a very auspicious day; lohri and bhogi (both has bon fire) which signifies cleansing oneself and to start afresh!! Well may be I too need to look back; understand everything happened till now; count pros n cons and start some new works... I started to repeat certain mistakes twice..especially when dealing with people!! Need to avoid it.
1) A friend sent a request to participate in a blogger competition!! I am supposed to write something inspirational to win the competition it seems!
I mean , can someone sit and tell himself ‘okay buddy you are going to inspire the world ; so lets write something like that!!’.. lol.. I write for the pure esthetic love of writing; there were days when I just write whatever I get in my mind; not even the full stuff and I patiently wait for the remaining idea to flash and finish of the stuff!! And of all the things I write as an observer; so to target my mind to write something fixed is almost imposible!!
Then once again comes the burning topic ‘ Inspiration’ . One of my junior wrote the following words once!! ‘There is so much of Life in Life’.. amazing words write.. and one girl wrote some beautiful words in a review.. ‘I loved him and I hated him when I read his book’.. man such beautiful words.. aren’t they enough to inspire you to write and to get along; Do we need anything more than life and the situations everyday to inspire; Words; books; Movies; music ; poetry and even roasted almond ice cream is inspiring( Lets add coffee for a junior of mine) .. I am in absolute love with this beautiful world. Must say I literally love everything.
I met a friend of mine some days back; we studies together when in Ratnam in long term!! He used to say that he would start a company by himself and I used to say that I would be a film maker. Funnily when we met after 7 years; there he was ; he started a company ‘FWD architects’ and me afil maker. I was so glad to meet him!! We kept talking for 4 hours and the conversation was very interesting. The best one was; ( his own words) ‘ There is a lot of difference between practicals and theory; I went to the site for the first time; Mastri is manually mixing cement and sand; I went to him and told him that these should be measured and mixed in proper quantities!! He looked at me as if I was a kid; he said things cant be done like that; we mix then first; we hold the mortar in hands and we feel the composition and make the changes!! Else it takes years mixing the stuff”... lol excellent one!! .he also added” now i am good ; I am understanding practical parts well and I am able to manage people myself.And I just watch movies many times just to get the architecture they use!”.. awesome words; well said buddy!!
Yup there will be some tough testing times ; Here I am almost broke; stuck up at the very last work and lost money to an ass and going through torture for 50 days to complete the work soon and I already spent almost 2 years on this project !! but I keep telling myself ; bad times do come; and still keeping my best efforts and waiting for lady luck to help me!! After all facing these harsh things at the early part of career makes you ready to face tougher situations. Someone sent me this message message yesterday “ Hard work; adventure and Love form the very core of a Man’s Life’; well said buddy you can count me in!! And definitely people who enjoy this enjoy everything in their lives!!
Oh my god; I don’t know about you; But I feel motivated enough to fill pages like this lol...
2) There was this fellow rakesh ( his father n my father are friends.) who speaks very very little. If you speak thousand words he might as well reply with a nod or something like a wave!! And his father Venkateswarlu is a perfect opposite; he can talk non stop on anything; I am one those poor fellows who faced the wrath; for he 2 hours class after I quit my job darn it ( that too on a railway station!! When i am 25!!).. its more than my Dad’d and Mom’s class.. Anyways This man used to a call a colleague as chimpangee in home!!
One fine the day same colleague came to his house; and rakesh opened the door!! I never why he said so; the guy never talks much literally shouted “ father; that man Chimponzee came”.. lol
I laughed the hell out of me when I was a kid; even now; we occasionally mention this home and laugh..!! lol.
3) One fine day; I was sitting in the last bench in Honorable Sarkar’s MOS class (HOD MEMME) and reading my novel seriously. I didn’t know that the guy next to me took panga (read ‘a fight’) with this professor!! .. I was so seriously involved in the story I as usual and forgot the surrounding; suddenly the next guy poked !! ( not the guy who fought with professor). Before I got into this world the damge is done; Professor asked this rebel fellow a question ( as it is customary for every professor to target rebel kids) and he didn’t answer!! And he is shouting next one; next one!! I stood up an as I didn’t know the question; there is no way I answer; I had to say “ I don’t know the answer”.
“Get out both of you!!” sarkar roared. Its easy for him; but its tough for an engineering student to loose attendance after sitting for half an hour in class. Anyways we left.
My friends came and informed that; the question he asked , was to show the normal direction for the black board!! life is funny!!
And the best was; I was sitting in KD’s class day creaming as usual ; and he questioned us ; ‘Anyone here who doesn’t have first class GPA?’. As i was the only guy; I stood up. I think he thought of motivating me.. so
Ha said “ You must work hard to make it 7 srikanth; you must get first class’.
And all the fellows started laughing; damn it; I mean I should laugh first; who the hell are these suckers; to laugh at me before I laugh.
Anyways he understood the situation and resumed his class!!
But my bond KD was unforgettable!! He took atleast 6-7 Viva voce but I never answered once in any of them ; and there were times he shouted “Bhag saale bhag” out of frustration but even then took me in for my final year project and blessed me with a ‘B’. And helped me in getting a degree!! Thank u sirji thank u!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Women in Movies!! (particularly Indian women)

Man I don’t know why; Whatever I am writing now a days is very serious .. lol
Once again I took a serious topic.. lets see how it turns out
If someone asks me whats the first woman character you remember in any of the movies you saw!!
It must be and it will be Maggie fitzgerald in million dollar baby!! The shear energy of the character fascinated me!! No doubt the effort the leading role kept on it was awesome!!
She asks a coach to train her; he rejects her flat!!
Maggie: if you train me right i'm gonna be a champ, i've seen you looking at me.

Coach: Yeah out of pity.

Maggie: Dont' you say that,
dont you say that if it aint true.

I want a trainer, i dont want charity,
and i dont want favors,

If your not interested than
I got more celebrating to do.
Such confidence and self assurance!! Kudos to east wood!!
( Most of the examples I used here are from regional films; I hope others can get along with the examples)
Basically I am not a feminist for sure; But i do believe in equality !! and of all the things in professionalism !!;
Consider most of the foreign movies ; they place a character absolutely necessary and they treat every relation with care; relation between a father or son; teacher and a student ; even in those action;sex drugs and babes movies!! They do treat the characters perfectly; Basic instinct is absolutely professional; yup he wanted a sexy thriller and yes he made it!! They want to show something and they pretty well show it!! There ends the issue.
But in India they treat women characters as a commodity and as a selling stock;they use the word ‘ so and so added Glamour to the movie!!’ god knows why they keep inserting female roles in a movie; one; two .. and even three in some movies .. and guess what not even a single character is neccesary out there!! Flesh business is very good; I appreciate it very well; make porn and release in DVD’s ; this is atleast honest!! These heroines keep giving interviews that exposing is a part of their job which they have do.. lol.. and the best joke is if a heroine is playing the role of a prostitute.. she is a great actress.. ha ha ha.
My roomie and myself were two peculiar kids in college!! We just loved movies and we used to discuss characters all night and we were like minded!! We watched very few but our logics very well matched; even now I discuss stories occasionally with him.
I remember this; A gang of 20 people were watching a movie named ‘ Arya’ in a room!! And guess what every one where enjoying the movie; I mean there were these three dumb( read dumbest) characters I have ever seen!! The main character knows everything about love and runs after a girl who is already in love with a villain; this villain never knew why he loved the girl and the best is the girl character . she literally doesn’t know anything.. keeps nodding for everything!!
There were some awesome dialogues from Hero like “ let the three of us sit at a place and start loving “ !! Man how can any person with a sane mind write that crap .. and guess what thats a block buster!!
My roomie and I laughed all night reminding ourselves every crap dialogue in the movie;
I thought atleast girls will avoid the movie; but a girl pinged me and next day ; and started telling how much she connected herself to the girl character!! It seems she felt that she found her true love.. indeed .. indeed.. very true.. god bless her!!
And there was this movie ‘Murari’ !! People keep saying that director portrays heroines in a very very beautiful (Read traditional and yet sexy) and that sonali bender was very beautiful in the movie
As usual my roomie and me watched the movie.. She is really beautiful thats for sure!! But why the hell they added that character in that socio fantasy.. that was our very question? Most of the first this hero keeps teasing the girl and in the second part she understands how smart the hero is and falls in love; and the total track isn’t necessary in the movie; given a scissor I would have cut the total reels shot with that girl and you will see no difference!! Its as if director telling us; here you are!! I offer you a dumb beautiful girl!! Enjoy..
And Man; these guys add up these women characters !! the hero keeps hitting villains and the girl will be next to him and admiring !! and if the director is more romantic; he carries the girl in his lefthand and keeps hitting the villains and occasionally keeps kissing the girl; for energy I think..
Even when I work on a story; people ask me what is there in this for girls!! Are they sepearte creatures or something for whom we need to dedicate sometime?? If a character is good a boy or a girl will enjoy it thats it!!
Here I am tortured for three more hours by another dumb movie ; the hero(police officer) loves a girl and he is officially requested to love another girl ( because her father is a don and police need to catch him!!) and hero struggles loving 2 girls!!
Its high time ; we treat women as women !! they do think ; they do work hard; they are competing like hell with boys!! Ofcourse I see girls who are equally frustrated as boys and drinking in bars!!
What ever it is; good or bad; be reasoble when you deal with a character!! Especially when you deal with a woman add some grace to the character; this is our culture!!
Hope I see some excellent movies with strong characters. And indeed a team i know is planning to work on an character like that; I am all excited to become a part in it..
Hope that rocks!!
And guys next time I am going to write something very comical!! I hear too many complaints now a days thats that my jokes are very bad!! ( My roomie long back told advised me “Challa; never try to make a comedy movie ; because you laugh too much for silly jokes and you will be the only guy in the theatre who will laugh.. and this suggestion is being repeated many a times now a daysby may people; Some people are even scared I think.. ha ha)
I will come back hard on my critics ; await my next post for my answer.. lol .. lol
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unconditional Love!!

Warning: This is a very very dark and an A rated blog!! People who prefer not to read such content on Love please avoid it!! And by the way a very very happy new year!!Cheers
Let me start with a favourite quote of mine in Dead Poets society!
“We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”
For the past month; I am absolutely out of creative work!! I think all the work I did was call technicians ;ask for their time to do color correction for ‘Song of life’ and then listen their excuses !! To sit out of work is tough; and then to sit out of work when you are being flooded with new ideas is tougher!! and the toughest is to sit out work and plead others to complete the work!!.. ha ha
Getting back to the topic!!
Recently ; I read some excellent ballads about a legend named Munemma (the saintess) in a friends FB account; very very stirring indeed ; When I came to know that he is planning to make a movie out of it; I was all excited and I pinged him right away asking for a chance to assist him!! You know ,the simple thought of being part of a film filled with good old folks songs seduced me.. the thought of spending nights listening to songs that were long gone is awesome aint it?? I rushed to the nearby store and bought the book!!
The story was amazing ; Back drop is pre independence time; It starts by introducing three characters; A wife, husband and a bull; Husband runs this bullock cart to make a living; They say the bull was born on the same day of their marriage and they consider the bull as a part of the family and the husband treats the bull as his own brother!! One fine day every while this husband and wife are working on a field; this bull gets excited and treats the wife as a cow and places its fore legs on her!! ( plz don’t ask me how!!but the bull is attracted towards her) the husband watches this and gets fired up; and starts beating the bull to death; maybe he loves it too much ; so instead killing it he decides to sell it off in a fair!!
The very next day, he starts his journey to the fair which is some 40kms from his village ; He tells his wife he would be back in three days!!But the bull returns to the house on 4th day without the husband!! And this lady starts an epic journey in search of her lost husband!!
It has everything; A strong woman; mystery; folk ballads... and of all the things its a story of unconditional love!! Its a page turner and has some very good literature.
But I had my doubts regarding the story in some parts;Especially I wanted to know the directors perspective of the movie first!! So I met with the sir (Mahesh); who is working on this project and one more film enthusiast (Venu) was there luckily..
And this blog is a part of our discussions...
Me: It was amazing sir; I am in love with the book; but I have some doubts; As you will be the director; I wanted to ask you some questions to know your perspective!!
Mahesh : yeah tell me
Me: What are the feelings of the lady towards the Bull!! I mean she pretty knows the situation but still she will be nice with the bull.
Mahesh: We don’t know about that; writer wilfully didn’t write anything about it; but what he wrote is true; humans and animals love each other; i am not talking about sex in an usual way here; I am talking about love.
And we need to prove the point of the lady’s love towards her husband too !!
We open with a drama; in which a king kills an innocent man; the wife of that innocent man makes a war to destroy the whole kingdom!!
Now; our fellow n wife will watch this movie; and he questions his wife; are you going to the same if something happens to me?
She replies that she didn’t understand the story!! But when she faces the same situation;she reacts bravely ; and the initiation started here!!
Venu : pretty interesting; i too want read this book write away!! Characters look great.
Me: Thats genious sir; we have everything in this story and the starting absolutely rock ; I would love to work on this; Its going to be a real challenging task; It was my dream to work on folk.
And one more doubt ! why do u think she made that journey? The husband was never that good do her; and we don’t see much love between them?
Mahesh: We will establish that point in the movie; we will keep a love making scene in the night before he leaves to the fare; and he tells her that he loves her more than anything else!!
And then its all about showing that passion of hers!! Its a bold act and people will love it; these things cant be explained ; they should be felt.. I think its futile to search logic for these things!!
This is Unconditional love; They say teenage people should not love; but i never saw any emotion so pure; they wont calculate anything!!Thats a pure emotion.. untouched.Look at the people now; after they grow up they check the bank accounts; backgrounds and kids future before they love!! And they almost believe thats the only way they live.
Venu: Correct sir; When I was in school; I used to love my teacher; she was so fascinating for me; she is out there literally commanding us; guiding us; i don’t know why ; god! I loved her.
Me: ha ha ha; yeah mine is with a girl who used to guide me in project; all the same ; the same fascination.
( And then we kept talking about movies and life for 3 hours; we talked about RDB; Ghost rider; some Bengali movies ; good old telugu movies; the other two guys told me their experiences; and for a fresh guy like me they were fascinating!!)
And Whatever it is; I just feel this would be a great learning experience..
( Ps:- What I wrote here are not my personal views; I wrote the things as it is; I saw different people who are passionate about different things; I know people who drink every day; I know people who love dogs more than people; I know people who spoilt their lives in the name love as kids; and I know some awesome love stories too!; I know people who live for music and nothing else;
All kinds of freaks; and I know people who watch everything in the life as an outsider; I see people who just wish the time would move on; and people who work hard like hell!! all are very good friends to me; and I can never know why they act like that!!..)
This is a strange and funny world huh!!
Good luck everyone!!
Keep Rockin
3 Cheers