Thursday, January 13, 2011

Women in Movies!! (particularly Indian women)

Man I don’t know why; Whatever I am writing now a days is very serious .. lol
Once again I took a serious topic.. lets see how it turns out
If someone asks me whats the first woman character you remember in any of the movies you saw!!
It must be and it will be Maggie fitzgerald in million dollar baby!! The shear energy of the character fascinated me!! No doubt the effort the leading role kept on it was awesome!!
She asks a coach to train her; he rejects her flat!!
Maggie: if you train me right i'm gonna be a champ, i've seen you looking at me.

Coach: Yeah out of pity.

Maggie: Dont' you say that,
dont you say that if it aint true.

I want a trainer, i dont want charity,
and i dont want favors,

If your not interested than
I got more celebrating to do.
Such confidence and self assurance!! Kudos to east wood!!
( Most of the examples I used here are from regional films; I hope others can get along with the examples)
Basically I am not a feminist for sure; But i do believe in equality !! and of all the things in professionalism !!;
Consider most of the foreign movies ; they place a character absolutely necessary and they treat every relation with care; relation between a father or son; teacher and a student ; even in those action;sex drugs and babes movies!! They do treat the characters perfectly; Basic instinct is absolutely professional; yup he wanted a sexy thriller and yes he made it!! They want to show something and they pretty well show it!! There ends the issue.
But in India they treat women characters as a commodity and as a selling stock;they use the word ‘ so and so added Glamour to the movie!!’ god knows why they keep inserting female roles in a movie; one; two .. and even three in some movies .. and guess what not even a single character is neccesary out there!! Flesh business is very good; I appreciate it very well; make porn and release in DVD’s ; this is atleast honest!! These heroines keep giving interviews that exposing is a part of their job which they have do.. lol.. and the best joke is if a heroine is playing the role of a prostitute.. she is a great actress.. ha ha ha.
My roomie and myself were two peculiar kids in college!! We just loved movies and we used to discuss characters all night and we were like minded!! We watched very few but our logics very well matched; even now I discuss stories occasionally with him.
I remember this; A gang of 20 people were watching a movie named ‘ Arya’ in a room!! And guess what every one where enjoying the movie; I mean there were these three dumb( read dumbest) characters I have ever seen!! The main character knows everything about love and runs after a girl who is already in love with a villain; this villain never knew why he loved the girl and the best is the girl character . she literally doesn’t know anything.. keeps nodding for everything!!
There were some awesome dialogues from Hero like “ let the three of us sit at a place and start loving “ !! Man how can any person with a sane mind write that crap .. and guess what thats a block buster!!
My roomie and I laughed all night reminding ourselves every crap dialogue in the movie;
I thought atleast girls will avoid the movie; but a girl pinged me and next day ; and started telling how much she connected herself to the girl character!! It seems she felt that she found her true love.. indeed .. indeed.. very true.. god bless her!!
And there was this movie ‘Murari’ !! People keep saying that director portrays heroines in a very very beautiful (Read traditional and yet sexy) and that sonali bender was very beautiful in the movie
As usual my roomie and me watched the movie.. She is really beautiful thats for sure!! But why the hell they added that character in that socio fantasy.. that was our very question? Most of the first this hero keeps teasing the girl and in the second part she understands how smart the hero is and falls in love; and the total track isn’t necessary in the movie; given a scissor I would have cut the total reels shot with that girl and you will see no difference!! Its as if director telling us; here you are!! I offer you a dumb beautiful girl!! Enjoy..
And Man; these guys add up these women characters !! the hero keeps hitting villains and the girl will be next to him and admiring !! and if the director is more romantic; he carries the girl in his lefthand and keeps hitting the villains and occasionally keeps kissing the girl; for energy I think..
Even when I work on a story; people ask me what is there in this for girls!! Are they sepearte creatures or something for whom we need to dedicate sometime?? If a character is good a boy or a girl will enjoy it thats it!!
Here I am tortured for three more hours by another dumb movie ; the hero(police officer) loves a girl and he is officially requested to love another girl ( because her father is a don and police need to catch him!!) and hero struggles loving 2 girls!!
Its high time ; we treat women as women !! they do think ; they do work hard; they are competing like hell with boys!! Ofcourse I see girls who are equally frustrated as boys and drinking in bars!!
What ever it is; good or bad; be reasoble when you deal with a character!! Especially when you deal with a woman add some grace to the character; this is our culture!!
Hope I see some excellent movies with strong characters. And indeed a team i know is planning to work on an character like that; I am all excited to become a part in it..
Hope that rocks!!
And guys next time I am going to write something very comical!! I hear too many complaints now a days thats that my jokes are very bad!! ( My roomie long back told advised me “Challa; never try to make a comedy movie ; because you laugh too much for silly jokes and you will be the only guy in the theatre who will laugh.. and this suggestion is being repeated many a times now a daysby may people; Some people are even scared I think.. ha ha)
I will come back hard on my critics ; await my next post for my answer.. lol .. lol
Keep rockin
3 cheers


narendra said...

Superb...Thing that'll surprise Uuu was that,I liked "Aarya",but haven't linked with personal life.It's just an another movie for me.I also did like Ur point and enjoyed all thru the blog,that Uuu may find completely odd.But Uuu've to spare me,coz Uuu can't do much about it. :):) Hahhah.

I'm sure that Uuu knew wat to laugh for.But thing is that people have grown more,so big that they aren't able to find the thing to just laugh for a while.It's pity.So,leave Ur friend's comment in recycle bin. :):)

Cheers.All the best

Inspired Souls said...

Cheers man!!
I hope we will be the same fellows who can laugh at everything that happens in life!!
U are one the guys whom I can count..
we will rock


When you said you were hoping to see some excellent movies with strong women characters from a Telugu cinema, I think you are demanding way too much.
There were days, good old days,when director was the captain and there were only actors and no heroes(just actors).Those were the days we had a Sasirekha(Maya Bazar),Sairandhri(Narthanashala). Savithri and S.V.Ranga Rao-- DELIGHT kada sir.
I even remember a movie in which Anjali Devi's name appears ahead of N.T.Rama Rao in the opening titles.
But with all the "hero-worship" we have now,strong women characters are something, we just cannot expect.

It takes new-wave(not sure if that is the word)Directors like you and the other team you were talking about in the previous post to see that we can at least hope for a change.

P.S.: Did the female characters of "Song of Life" have any of the characters you were talking about? Can't remember any.May be it wasn't necessary for your script.
But i am pretty sure you people make something big out of that munemma script.

All the Best.

Inspired Souls said...

pretty interesting comment dude!! it was really good; Song of life is a story which deals with four years of engineering life of a boy!! to tell the truth there are not many girl characters in the story I thought of; But you must accept that; i didnt willfully and unnecesarily tried to drag a girl either!! I just made what I wrote in the script.. thats it!!
But Munemma is a female oriented story!! and I am all excited to see how the director is going to deal with it ( I asked him to take me in as an asst..).. lets see

By the way; you wrote some excellent characters.. we can add savithri character in Misamma too!!


Inspired Souls said...

@ celebraing life.. whats your name buddy!! i am just curious to know!!


Savithri in missamma....Hmmm.. Good.Well,How can we leave away Mrs.Bhanumathi Ramakrishna? Nagamma,Malleshwari..So natural,So beautiful,just her screen presence brought grace to the entire film.If you can remember CHAKRAPANI, the way she dominates A.N.R on the screen is a delight to watch.Also the romantic B.Saroja Devi,Jagadekaveeruni katha lo "O cheli Oho sakhi" lo Indra kumari ante ilane undali annattu untundi.
I think the evolution of N.T.R,A.N.R,Krishna as super-stars and portrayal of Chiranjeevi and Co. as the action heroes was the first severe wallop to all women characterizations on Telugu screen.
If you observe,when these people were in the early stages of their career,women had all the characteristics you were expecting to see.Once the era of directors like K.V.reddy,Kamalakara Kameashwara rao,B.S.Reddy,A.Lakshmi Vara prasad was gone and the heroes became seniors to Directors, we had only Vanisri,Sridevi, Jayasudha and Jayaprada some where in between what we have and what you wanted. Once Chiru and Co. rose GONE.

Inspired Souls said...

good one bro.. cheers!! u again mentioned some awesome characters!!

Sadhogopal Ram said...

Lovely post, Challa. Real awesome post. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Inspired Souls said...

@ sadho.. cheers bro.. enjoy!!

Sreedhar said...

After watching Million Dollar Baby i thought for a moment why the hell our so called directors didnt remake(call it COPY) the movie as such in to Bollywood or any other "WOOD". Then it struck to me they dont have such a wonderful actress(who can ACT) in our industry. All here we got are a bunch of directors who can make a heroine to strip-off her clothes for a skin show and heroines are no less when it comes to skin shows... they literally "compete" in skin shows... better they put some minimal efforts in their real profession, Acting, which they miss.

Inspired Souls said...

indeed we need guts to make a million dollar baby!!.. ha ha