Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dreams , Work and Love!!

This blog is a pure experiment!! May be I just wrote this here to read it again after some years and to understand my thoughts at this time!! Comments are absolutely welcome.
I am in absolute peace!! Almost an year’s work is behind me; and to think that its ready and I was there almost in every part of its making; its such a beautiful feeling!! Yes I need to work on promotion and all for some more months; i am working on it. But once done —all I dream of is a big break!! I want to stop everything (writing;thinking ,dreaming or any other thing .. i just wanna travel and feel the beauty of nature for some days and listen some good music.. before I start with a new project!!
I love them. As a Kid He-man fascinated me; I dreamt doing all those adventures myself; when i grew up a bit i dreamt of scoring 1800 runs in a one day match; i used to take a small bat swing it everytime imagining hitting a six for every ball. After that i really started observing my surroundings and my love changed .It was movies and books..I literally live in my stories almost dreaming of them always!!
I was talking to a friend of mine; an aspiring film maker like me who completed his shooting part of a movie. He said “Isnt this frustrating; the gaps in between; we need for long gaps either waiting for money or proper dates to start our post production? Its tyring me!!?”
I clearly understood his point; I myself suffered and still am suffering from the same troubles!! I need to wait for some days just for the post production house to gimme a date to work; low budget means less importance ; that too we work from evening 6 to afternoon six!! Similar probs with capital too. Worst thing is you cant even plan a trip in between ; because you have to be ready when you get a call to start your work!! So only thing you can do is to keep on waiting; with your cell phone next to you dreaming expecting a call everyday till you start off. Working on promotion especially is a waiting job; you need to wait till someone will come up with a contact and wait till he responds to you once you contact him!! But then this is what life is all about; learning to get the best of everything and getting prepared for everything!! Thats where the fun lies ; finding solutions to everything; may be to work on new stories in the free time or learn some technical stuff or just to have some fun. Looking back the best moments weren’t the times i spent carelessly but the times i really thought for myself and came up with something!! I loved the moments when spent in the nearby houses to make a documentary for Kartavya and the times I spent on writing the scripts of Anecdote and Song of life. Of course shooting times are the best; because you see the result out there of what you planned till now!!
All I wanna do now is to sell ‘song of life’ to a reasonable price and to start up again as an asst to some director; so many things to learn!!; what particular lenses must be used for a particular shot ( not to mention that you need have the dimensions of the set in your mind!!) and what colour lighting to use to get the best emotion and whether to use a close –up or semi close –up in the particular shot; Oh my god; I feel like a kid entering high school, so much to learn. It almost takes me three more years to learn the basics of this work and the ability to remember the total story in mind sequentially .
If you can keep this much of effort you cant compromise your story; and with your narration ; it had to be what you really wanna show there not what others tell you to do!! And you expect a team equally dedicated. I just hope I will do it like this..with an excellent team!!
Getting to the other topic; its one of the topics I never wrote about; even now I prefer not to write anything on ‘Love’ because thats one of the complicated things I have ever seen; but I was very much inspired to write something on love after reading ‘one hundred years of solitude’. Anyways I would have written something on it someday; let that be today itself.
If some calls me asks me for my welfare and my projects ; that’s acceptable love; I will be very happy for that .may be thats love.. i could accept. If someone calls me and says “ your friends are earning like hell; and you are doing nothing except roaming” i can understand he is thinking about me for my welfare; but that’s unacceptable.
passion . Most of the things associated with passion doesn’t have a logic.
Let me start with a story I read; Guy studying MBBS fell in love with a girl; she too loved him; everything happy; girls parents came to know about this ; so thought of marrying her to some other fellow; the pair try to elope; the girls parents caught her and married to another fellow; finally she wrote a letter to the guy “ I cant fight any more; but I loved you a lot; promise me one thing !! you would never forget your goal; you study well and become a doctor!!”. He did become a doctor and he wrote the story dedicating his degree for her.
When I read the story; I thought its absolutely hilarious. Because I cant imagine a guy who study for his girl friend ; thats just not my kind of story.
But then there is something about passion in this story; they liked each other a lot . and this happens very occasionally. As i said it never follows a logic.
We can dig deep into this; but i take it as a starter; and continue it some other time!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, August 8, 2010


A junior sent me this poem!! superb one ....

A mother's dream
As I slept one night I saw this dream
Which further increased my vexation

I dreamt I was going somewhere on the way
Dark it was and impossible to find the way

Trembling all over with fear I was
Difficult to take even a step with fear was

With some courage as I forward moved
I saw some boys as lined in nice array

Dressed in emerald-like raiment they were
Carrying lighted lamps in their hands they were

They were going quietly behind each other
No one knew where they were to go

Involved in this thought was I
When in this troupe my son saw I

He was walking at the back, and was not walking fast
The lamp he had in his hand was not lighted

Recognizing him I said "O My dear!
Where have you come leaving me there?

Restless due to separation I am
Weeping every day for ever I am

You did not care even a little for me
What loyalty you showed, you left me"!

As the child saw the distress in me
He replied thus, turning around to me

"The separation from me makes you cry
Not least little good does this to me"

He remained quiet for a while after talking
Showing me the lamp then he started talking

"Do you understand what happened to this?
Your tears have extinguished this"!