Friday, November 14, 2008

Weird Things…

This is the time for more laughs.
One particular weekend all my engineering mates arranged for a get together. So we reached Kakinada as planned. Then we went on an excellent drive to Yanam, thanks to Rahulji for his bike. Paddy fields and coconut trees were all along the way and ofcourse not to forget you can see streams and canals cross all the way (u will feel the presence of Godavari I promise). I still remember the moon light’s beautiful reflection on the river and the temple lights glowing in the near by island. Well if I start writing about the journey I will lose string; so not to meander much. All I want to say is that we had some very good time on the banks of Godavari. It was late by the time we reached back to the room. We need to pack off the following day.

Then I got this call at six in the morning. It was a bit weird and awful; I don’t expect a call from anyone on a Sunday at 6am.

Me: Hello

Anil: Maama ; its me Anil ( this guy was with us till yesterday ; he should to attend a function at home in his village nearby; so he left early)

Me: Anil; Why you didn’t wake me up when u you are leaving?

Anil: That’s okay ; I didn’t want to disturb your sleep; But come to station now. I need some change.

Me: Find some ATM nearby man.

Anil; That’s not about hundred’s I want some change;

Me: What? (May be I am still sleepy I thought)

Anil: I want 2 rupees change; Ticket is 15 rupees and I am having 13 only; remaining all hundreds and none has any change here.

(Damn my luck)

Me: Okay; I am coming there; I am starting

Anil: we have 40 more mins; take your time!!

Me: okay.

I noticed that my cell was not charged; so I woke my friend and told him the situation. I asked him for his cell.
He woke up; and gave me his cell )

So I reached Station with some change (again on Rahulji’s bike); and my luck!! The cell I bought dint have network in Kakinada!! But luckily I found Anil before the station.

And I found Anil in his worst of his moods. ”The Clerk out there is an Ass maama; he is having change but he didn’t give me” Anil continued “ and he started questioning ; why don’t you guys get change when you start from home; when Railways is doing so much for you!! If some one asks me for any change today I am going to hit them. That’s it!” he stopped.

Thanks to Indian Railways!!

2) Working in IBM for more than year is awesome; Learnt a lot professionally.. haha!!
I am done with a project (actually sacked ; ofcourse they used the term ‘cost cutting’)
And I am into a new project now!!

I used to have a project manger (He is in US) a 50 % Project manager ( he takes care of project details in India) and a people’s manager ( he guides me for my career) and a location manager ( In charge for the location ) and a team lead….

Looking at this u may wonder I am forced to work a lot!! Don’t even think of it...

My project manager is the coolest stuff ever seen; we used to have some weekly meetings; all I need to do is say a ‘Hi Babu’ and relax till the end and say a ‘ Bye Babu’ at the end. One fine I attended from my room; I said a ‘Hi’ I slept ; and roomies were wondering what’s happening on my cell phone; when I am sleeping.

50% PM is a tough stuff; I always maintained the distance; one unlucky day ; he caught me online as I didn’t send any report for many days.

Me : Okay Raj; I will send the report when I am back; I am on leave this Friday and Monday.

( he Immediately called me)

Raj: You didn’t ask me for the leave.

Me: I took the permission of project manager and my team lead.

Raj: but I told you guys not take any leave!!

( come on man ; that’s why I didn’t ask you)

Me: Sorry Raj; this was a sudden plan; My uncle came from US suddenly and he is arranging this party. I must attend.

Raj: You are telling me ; your uncle came suddenly!!

Me: yes raj.

Raj: So what about project.

( I couldn’t control myself)

Me: There is no work for me as of now Raj.
( there is a long silence ; I was shouting ‘ hello’ hello ‘ repeatedly)

Me: Hello Raj

Raj: Yes Srikanth; I don’t know what to say!!

Me: Shall I go then!!

Raj: okay

My team lead heard my conversation and called aside;

Team Lead: If you don’t have any work; just don’t say it like that; Just say “ I DON’T HAVE ANY EMERGENCY DESPATCH”

My first corporate lesson guys.

My location Manager is a lady; though we are in good terms; I pretty well know she is irked that I watch movies in Office , though she never told me this directly she kept asking me whether I have any work at all; till the end. And finally on the day I am being released she came to me and said: “ Srikanth; you should work hard”

I cant resist playing with her; I too looked at her seriously;

Me: Ma’am; I always work hard!!
( then came the real one)
Lady: Atleast stop watching movies in Office.
( I couldn’t hide my laugh; but I managed saying; ‘ I will try Ma’am’.

And my peoples manager is the best stuff all; he thinks I can do something technically; and even suggested me to write a paper on my work;
That the height of comedy; But he always bought his Car to take us to play ground to play Cricket!! So I forgive him for everything.

3) My First Bike Accident:-
I am a pretty careful driver basically; so didn’t have any accident till now;
But the wonderful event did take place recently.

Sitting at home isn’t my (and my father’s) style of spending a holiday; So we decided to go to ‘Bhairava kona’ a place some 140 KM from our home.

Started nicely; and reached there; but Swimming there and the beautiful temple of lord shiva carved from a hill took me to a high.

So I was not the same when returning; and I entered “sine wave curve“ roads ; After two ups and downs; I was climbing at my full speed and only when reached the top I understood that the road isn’t straight and it is turning towards right!!

But the feeling you know!! I know I am going to fall down!!
I am shouting ‘Dad’ ‘Dad’
Even my father understood the situation;
He was saying ‘Okay; Go on’
And finally we fell.. Really lucky fellows we are; escaped with some minor injuries.!!

And lessons were learnt.

4) I saved the best for the end!!
I watch very few movies; and I didn’t watch any Telugu movie for a long; for I prefer to stay silent than to irk my brain;
Here I go to get my passport photo; they took my photograph and asked me to wait for 15 mins; I could have gone for a walk ; but there is some problem with business people; if ur not there they will abandon the work; and they will start only when ur back; As this is very urgent I decided to stay. And only amusement there was the TV. And almost everyone was watching this movie.

As I don’t know Tamil; I cant give its name and true dialogues; I am giving u what exactly happened!!
Scene 1:
Our hero came drunk to a meeting (7/g fame) and starts disturbing the meeting
Heroine ( negative role; tamanna) was anchoring; So our tamanna invites him for a speech ; ( Clever tactic!!) this guy ( I saw his leg was hurt ( bandage n stuff)) starts speaking some rubbish on the stage. When some asks him to address the crowd he happily narrates his local address in Chennai. So finally he was thrown out of stage. Tamanna rejoices. But then I saw none other than Ileana very much worried about him ( second heroine who obviously loves him a lot)

Scene 2:

Our hero playing billiards with friends; and Ileana enters; I pretty well know we are going some big class;
And really she did speak a lot (what I understood is; Ileana recognized that our hero lost concentration; and is acting like a freak; and he needs to concentrate to reach his goals)
And our Hero bluntly rejects this;
So Ileana challenged to take drop a red ball in the hole; then she will accept that he didn’t loose his concentration;
This ass instead drops the white ball in hole ( striker ).
Ileana triumphantly looks at him;
I had enough by that time; I wanted to escape
Me: My photos sir;
Owner: 5 mins sir ( he is agitated that I disturbed him from a serious movie; and I looked around and everyone are looking at the screen involved!!)

Any idiot would have accepted that he lost his concentration by this time; but out hero still fights against; Damn him.

Tell you what; she took him to balloon shooting this guys!! And our hero misses three times. Then Ileana walks to him seriously; takes the gun and shoots the balloon. Full marks for her. Followed by a big class ( this is what we call concentration n all) and finally a close shot of hero n Ileana (Ileana encouraging hero and hero concentrating at the balloon) and finally this happened!! Hero shot the balloon and Ileana gets a teddy from the owner.

I had enough; but when saw around; I saw young girls n boys loving it; come on guys; I can understand why we need GF/BF; but this is too much;

Me: sir; my photos??

Owner: wait sir;

And then I recognized our hero is basically a kick boxing champion ; and a training song started with our hero; our hero getting hurt while training; and Ileana helping him;
Finally he did win the competition; though there was some foul play;

I Got my photos; But my brain is damaged!!

Kudos to the story writer!!