Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wandering Soul!!

Guys I need small help; if u have any concepts for advertisements on any product just mail it to me; I will keep it in my script (Your name in credits promised)
This blog is nothing but the documentation of my recent thoughts and works !!

Friends; One thought has nothing to do with another as these are all wandering thoughts...
1) If you really don’t wanna make an ass of yourself in a train; I suggest to you again n again please don’t read Wodehouse while travelling; especially if its of Psmith or Jeeves. Damn it; the guy makes u laugh so loud. I was travelling home ; and placed myself happily in a side upper and started reading the book; I must have been laughing a lot; when I lifted my head; I saw all the guys sitting were looking at me n laughing!! This might have been happening from sometime and I didn’t notice it. I too started laughing with them and they started laughing more.

I got fine with it soon!! Enough of this making myself a laughing stalk; so I covered myself completely with a blanket and tried to sleep!! But the problem is if u try to suppress it makes you to laugh more; I was laughing in the blanket itself; and everyone were laughing all the more!! Too bad!! I have a weak point that I can never control my laugh!!

One more important thing; I must do something right now such that I look like a director!! May be I must wear that cow boy hat or do something similar to that. I was waiting for the guy who is giving music for movie before Spencers!! And this guy came up and said “ ohh!! Ur the guy who is making the movie; great yaar; I couldn’t believe it was you”!! I still can’t understand what exactly he expected from me or from any one. Anyways next time u see me; and u think I am acting weird!! U definitely will know the reason!!

2) Guys I need to confess something here. I am leaking some of my weak points here , while writing I have some phobia called ‘name phobia’. Its easy for me to write a story; but finding a proper name to each character is very tough for me. So when I am trying to write the script for anecdote ( i.e struggling to find a name for the main character) sitting in my room; rahulji entered; that fixed the issue; my main characters name is rahul. And regarding the heroines name; I just asked rahulji “ tell me a girl’s name which you like a lot”. He said “ I don’t know why ! but I like the name priya a lot”.That settled the issue; so when ever I take up my pen main role’s name is Rahul and girls name is Priya. So I state the fact clearly I have nothing to do with the name priya and that is the idea of rahulji alone. Even for song of life also I chose Priya as the main name; but Prashantji our DEAN bhai in anecdote; said he is literally bored of that name
And changed the name to Shreya. So my point is the Character priya has nothing to do with challa!! Ha ha
3) I am sitting pretty now; 40% of my shoot is done; and songs are already composed so I hope I can complete the shoot by march as planned!! I got a break as my actors are seriously preparing for exams!! And this is a welcome break; I can look back what I shot till now and also plan something better for the future shots!! Let’s hope all ends well that starts well.

I had a chat with sahil some days ago. “Sir; when do you think you will be millionaire? He asked me”. I Said “being a millionaire is not the thing I want; even if I earn lots of bucks; I am going to spend it in social service or open a free library for all.”; I was saying to another friend of mine “ there were only two options for me either I enter business or in movie making; the artist in me
won!! And I chose to make movies”. I personally thank each and everyone who are supporting me in making this ‘Song of Life’. You know many friends advised not to take risk!! I like the fact they are thinking about me!!
But there are people who really supported and said “ you can do it” and they believed in me so much; they are investing in me!!

Especially I am totally moved by the belief Prema kept one me; she never saw my works but still she believes in me. I pray to god that I would make it big and good and make sure every one will feel glad that they believed in me.

4) I couldn’t get tickets on the day I planned to go home; and it is by sheer luck I saw the century of Rahul Dravid; for almost 2 years he struggled for and now he is back!!( And the next day I cancelled my tickets to watch his total innings and the guy got out without adding a single run; thats another issue) I don’t know how many such beautiful innings I am going see from him!! But ask me the guys who really inspired me with his sheer work and concentration; I would say its Rahul Sharad Dravid. He loves to stay in ground and loves to bat as much time as possible; man such a dedicated person and at the end he can say Cricket is just a part of life!!He is an artist in his own way!!

Speaking of artists; Lord Krishna is one of the best artist one can ever find in history books.( I am definitely not going talk something about religion). But from the stories I heard; they say he played his flute so beautifully; that even cattle stopped grazing and peacocks and swans surrounded him to listen his songs; and I read some beautiful poems in child hood; about how they used to play while grazing those cattle in Vrindavam!! I wish I can hear that music and play with him!! I recently visited ISKCON (tirupati and banglore) it was the paintings on the top wall of the inner temple that will your breath away. So beautiful its work of grace you will really love it; give it a try when free. I sat there for an hour looking at the art work. Of course Krishna n radha rani; itself is a great treat to watch; one of the biggest romances ever written.

5) It’s happily raining here!! Ask me the best of all seasons; I will pick rainy season; especially the transition period between winter and rains; it will be slowly drizzling; and you can smell the earth; and can feel some chill!! I think this year I am lucky to be at places where ever rains are there. August n September is the rainy season in dhanbad and now I am back to home it’s raining here!!

3 cheers

Friday, November 13, 2009

Himalayas!!.. and a short story!!

This Blog my friends is something very close to my heart. I thought of writing this long back; but the funny thing about writing something is; you cant write whenever you like; and it should just happen by itself and we need to wait for it!! I dont say its the same for everyone; atleast its the way I write.

Most of my stories start with my father’s story; he is a man who left his job in SHAR and took a job in Railways so that he can travel places!! I think I too got this love for travelling from him. When
ever he used to go to a new place I used to run along with him (thanks to indian railways for the free pass) and there were days I to used cry when my father didnt take to some place ha ha.. When I got placed in campus my father came to congratulate me and we just visited Nepal on a weekend!! You can understand how freakish we are to travel.
This started when I completed my Btech( actually my professors threw out of college giving me pass marks so that they wont have to bear me for one more year) and I am free for 2 months before I join IBM. And my father came up with this ingenious Idea of visiting Himalayas. There was only one problem with that idea ; I heard only old people visited those places not youngsters; and some people started laughing at me when I told them about the visit to Himalayas.
One and the same we decided to go!! Route is Andhra ; Orissa ; Mp and then delhi finally haridwar via roorkee. Its a 2 day train journey!! And you will start enjoying the journey right from the time u enter Mp; they place is full of forests and occasionally u can see small villages along the way!! If you stand at the door of the coach ; u can feel the cool breeze from the trees in the forests and then train passes through some caves and you will be left in total darkness for sometime!! Life time experience guys and the most relaxed journey you can ever have. Then comes Jhansi; agra; delhi.
By the time you reach haridwar u spent 2 days in train with no bath and ur obviously tired!! Right away you can go and take a bath in the cool water of ganga. You will be almost back to life and the ganga harthi ( thousands of devotees will be there for that event) rocks. And then next day morning take a bus to Himalayas and the place u wanna go there. I visited Char dams ( Gangothri; yamunothri; kedranath and badrinath) it was almost four visits and each visit gave a new experience!! But when I travelled for the first time I am almost certain that I am going to die in a bus accident; paths are so narrow and you can see from bus the tires almost at the edge of the road and next to you there is a big valley one wrong step u are gone!! But believe me guys that’s worth it. Ofcourse because of my frequent visits I almost got used to it now.
In my first Visit I visited Kedarnath and you need to trek for 14kms in between forests and a river follows you all the way and nothing beats the sound of water from a river ( very soothing sound) and it Ice rain started when we were standing before the temple; we had a stick in our hands and standing on a single foot we cleared space for another foot and then did the same again!! Some how survived it; but by the time the rain stopped all the mountains surrounding us were covered with ice; its like ice toppings on a green blanket of mountains.
Second visit is to Gangothri; and from gangothri to gaumukh you need to trek for 21 Kms. This was the best trek I ever had; you can see some deers on the way and some creatures almost like antilopes!! And the forest is real dense and the flowers on the mountains really refreshes ofcourse ganga will be following you all the way. Nothing to eat on the way till you travel 14 kms apart from the food you carry. And finally observing the glacier where gaumukh starts is a life time experience!!
On my third visit we went to Yamunothri; it’s a 7 km trek became pretty easy for us; but we reached a particular place ; its almost like a valley surrounded by mountains very very closely; and suddenly some 50 parrots flew from a tree and started flying in the sky in circles; I still how beautiful it was… my father was saying we should have shot this scene!! But then some things happem so fast u just need to keep them in you and there is no other way to store them!!
And then we will get back to Rishikesh; and a perfect end for this ten day journey will be the ganga harthi in rishikesh. In haridwar harthi has so many people that u feel it a bit congested; but in rishikesh its totally different; you can sit relax and allow the chant to sink into you; they prey to a big statue of shiva who himself is in a meditating position. So beautifully young kids chant “ Hare rama Hare Krishna” it takes you to another world!! And you will be in perfect peace. And this ends the awesome journey!!
And everytime I go there ; I say to myself some day I am going to stay in Rishikesh for two months attend ganga harthi daily!!
Regarding the story I was mentioning!! I visited uttarkhand again ; the plan is to visit valley of flowers!!
We reached Haridwar finally and we are eager to take a bath in ganga!! And tell you what when I went there is no river out there . I see most of you wont believe these words and think of me when I really saw that !! what would be my reaction?.Unbelievable!! It seems they are cleaning the river itself and they diverted the river ( some big government proect). I was a bit dejected not to have a bath in ganga. Okay move on atleast we will visit valley of flowers; and we went to govind ghat and trekked 16 kms to reach valley of flowers and the worst thing is there isn’t a single blossomed flower out there!! We went in the wrong season!! This is too much; its like “ He went He saw He lost” no we wont make this happen;
What ever it is we must do something before we go!! If not total trip is lost!! we came back 3 kms and trekked up 6 kms again in different route and visited Hemkund ( frozen lake ) and gurudwara. And we almost reached the top of the snow capped mountains. We told ourselves what ever it is we won… and came back!! ( funnily they are going to close that gurudwara from the next day; till winter ends!!) at last fate does show us some mercy
3 cheers