Thursday, January 21, 2016

A letter from a Non-political guy on a student's suicide!!

Let me assure you I am absolutely non political ..    (Atleast a guy never attached to any political party ).. Why I am writing this letter at all.. because I am watching lots of circus going on media for days.. and someone has to write how irritating it is.. and is forced to take a stand!!
First things first.. I am sorry for a guy Rohith who committed suicide .. May his soul rest in peace.. but then I read so many deaths and I feel sorry for everyone of them..
Now lets consider what happened to rohit, the guy is a dalit and he hates the religious system , well I will agree with that..they are mistreated .. and that is a shame.. He has two options, read well and get out of the country to a place where no one asks his caste ( Though racism cant be escaped ) .. or become a leader and change the system.. but then Do I want a leader like Rohit?.. I have to say 'no'.. because he says he hates saffron.. I want a leader who says keep your religious practice in your home and work with others treating everyone  equally!! A leader should never hate, he should love.
Now Rohit got admitted into a decent college and is getting his stipend.. he has more opportunities than many farmers committing suicides.. why are people worried so much  about his death more than farmers I never understand..  what are they doing about suicides of farmers.. you got used to them..??
For all those who are worried about minorities well I too am worried about minorities and well I am worried about myself too.. Yes Dadri incident is a tragic issue.. I seriously wish people keep their praying to cows in their home and let people eat whatever they like.. as before ( I am a vegetarian and I  have no intentions of telling others what to eat ). Hang all those guys who lynched a guy for eating beef. That is what a government should do.. but what choice I got for a proper government, My opposition government is all about a feudal family.. and the present youth leader scares the hell out of me, and there is AK who calls his prime minister a 'Psychopath' as a leader in nation's capital. So I prefer to go along with the present government.
But is this single lynching incident more important to media than the attacks in west bengal by minorities or pathankot attack?.. Hang them too..why are these intelluectuals not worried about it.. They are taking it for grant and media has no chance to increase TRP's and politicians have no chance to claim minority votes.. and can someone tell me why Rahul gandhi visited hyderabad but not pathankot incident families.
Coming back to rohit.. he arranged a rally against the hanging of yakub menon.. for a simple guy  like me, I am dead scared that indian constitution took this much time to hang Yakub, I am dead scared of the terrorist attacks happening in India.. and there you are , arranging a rally supporting yakub..
So you are arranging a rally for some guy who is  from a minority section . believe me friend if you did the same in a country where this minority section is a majority they would have killed you on the road...
Anyways you chose to enter politics when you are a student who is studying with the stipend paid by the government, I prefer people to concentrate on studies when they are depending on governments pay.. not to arrange rallies on terrorist hangings and arrange beaf festivals. ( there are people saying Yakub is fighting for the freedom of J&K .. you guys are such liberals..  wish you  dear ones were the victims of their attacks .. and you will still say the same??)
Brother you wrote such a beautiful letter , I wonder why you chose politics, didnt you know it is all about power.. you chose controversy, when someone wrote something bad about you forced  for a written apology.. he used his power to get you out of college hostel... it is more of a power game .. than about  being a dalit.
I wish you had a friend who would have stopped you committing suicide and I wish you thought of your mother while committing suicide.. I wish it didnt happen.. but then it happened. you committed suicide because someone threw you out of hostel, you didnt respect your life friend.. such a pity.
Sadly the real dalits are out there and their situation is hopeless as before , Ambedkar would have cried his reservation system is being misused and is not reaching out to the real needy. It should reach out to the families who are stuck in grave yards and cleaning toilets not to rich kids who call themselves Dalits at their convenience.
We need real journalism and intellects who really work not just comment. We need people who really work for the development of the nations resources or atleast people who give their best in the work they do.. And we need more educated people ( 'Visionaries' who are not stuck up with regionalism and caste and religions ) to enter politics ..
I was talking with a guy in HCU yesterday, he said when he entered the college for admission first thing he saw is boards of ABVP, SFI and ASA.. not boards for singing club, debate team , environment protection and all.. yes our future leaders are created there.. but that wont happen by being affiliated to political parties but by developing a strong character as a student. I would prefer colleges untouched by any political parties... if students  are interested they can join as members outside in their free time!!
PS:-) I might be wrong .. but I see much worse happening ..