Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something fresh!!

I don’t know what I am writing here; I am writing it with a feverish energy!!..lol
I recently met a director; to assist him.
The first question he asked me is!!
What do you think is your best asset?
My answer was ; Hard work!! Thats definitely my first asset and then its honesty. I made three short films and a full feature till now; But none till now complained me that I wrote something unrealistic. I also stick to reality. Yup I used words like ‘Fuck’ in between coolly but then; thats what most of the people use. There isn’t a single dialogue in the movie ; which you can pin point and say; this isn’t realistic.and I try to discuss everything as openly as possible and I can make a joke out of everything...lol
I know my weakness and I understand my mistakes. I try to improve them constantly. I try to question everything I do and try to improve on it. And there are mistakes I did repeatedly but then I really loved doing them..lol
Saying all this; I question myself; what am I doing? What am i trying to achieve. The fact is; its nothing. Whatever I do I know its not going to exist after some years. Everything fades so am I. I just concentrate on doing what ever I like and just pass my time. I plan very well; but I make sure that it wouldn’t take most of my time! For I love to explore the beauty of this world as I see it.
Yup may be the only thing I really love to do is to explore things and try new paths!! Success or failure is another; its for people who measure. It isn’t my method. And one of my greatest pleasure is to travel . These are the absolute moments I really really loved . Everything comes after that.I have this freaky ideas to travel extensively ; constantly taking breaks in some exotic places ; and study books there and learn some new things from people and to move on to another place and carry on with another work!!
I wanna discover new ways to lead life; Find ways to earn money; along the way I travel; and to be self dependent!! May be the journey is to discover the ultimate truth. You call it god; or use another word you like. It wouldn’t matter. I wanna study arts on my way; dance ; music ; crafts ; whatever !! Ultimately the inner goal is satisfy myself and to continue to learn. To forget everything and to really learn to live the very moment I live...!!
My life is not about limiting myself but it is about expanding myself. To love things as they are without questioning them but to make the best out of it.
Not to feel a lower emotion but to live in an eternal joy
Oh god!! What the hell did I write!! The best part is I didn’t think much when I wrote this ..lol
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cracks, Conversations , complaints and caste!

I was working 24/7 on a new project and couldn’t write anything new for some days by myself!! I sorely missed it. Its kind of an addiction ..lol.. So here I am writing everything stored for the past ten days!! I sincerely suggest you.. don’t read this blog..lol
Lets start with a beautiful poem by Whitman.
O ME! O life!... of the questions of these recurring;
Of the endless trains of the faithless—of cities fill’d with the foolish;
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light—of the objects mean—of the struggle ever renew’d;
Of the poor results of all—of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me; 5
Of the empty and useless years of the rest—with the rest me intertwined;
The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?


That you are here—that life exists, and identity;
That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.

Lets start with A) cracks!
1) Ram gopal varma is a genius!! No doubts about that! This fellow dared to use a new style camera (Steady Cam) in his very first film and gave such a new shots; that he almost changed the face of the industry with ‘Shiva’.
But what he did after that is the worst thing!! H copied God father again and again and again; and made some horrible horror movies! And I wonder he made some worse movies anyone would ever make. I am not speaking about honest experiments! I am speaking about the way he exploited the market with his name and with his cheap publicity tactics!
Such a pity; it hurts to a see a genius hurting the industry!!

2) Personally I have no problems with drunkards; smokers; people who use obscenities or with any other issue. I used to drink tea when I had exams next day. I feel the same for drunkards; so I am no one to judge you.. But please don’t tell me that i am not enjoying my life unless I drink.. I have to say.. ‘go to hell’.. lol.. and I personally think that I am improving like hell and enjoying my life at my best I don’t need these suggestions.

B) Conversations :
I heard some excellent stories and views ; As i said before I am no one to judge whether these things are right or wrong or obscene. I put it as I heard them. You choose.
1)I was sitting with a co-director in my new project ( both of us became very good friends in a very short time) and I asked him; what he thinks about Directing a film! And he gave me a a very beautiful reply. A director is someone who cant afford to be ignorant. He has to read and learn every minute. He continued “ I went to see some sculptures in a village in Banglore! The artist who did the work is a genius. There are all kinds of varieties there; music; dance ; war; temples and everything. But what stuck me is! If you want to learn music; you will just learn music; if you want to learn dance you will just learn dance; But this sculpture cant just learn sculpture and say I am done; He has to study every other art along with it Only then he can give the correct pose of a dancer and even the correct event occurred in a war. He cant afford to be Ignorant! Same is the case with the director. He has to know everything; and he shouldn’t miss anything else he is out of the league!!”
Indeed awesome words from him!! I loved to hear those words.

As today is Valentines day obviously topic changed to Girls; he kept telling me his love stories. Friend: I had many love stories ; there is this girl who liked me a lot and I liked her a lot too; but we understood that It aint going to happen; so she married someone; and she has a kid now; but she calls me for every valentines day; and talks to me! She would never say that she loves me; but still calls me on that day.. hmmm..

Me: So whatz the plan now ?

Friend: Nothing as of now; Now I quit my job and joined a sa codirector; and girl is to to marry me. My parents found a girl; and she is indeed very beautiful And i fell in love with her. But outright refused me. She called me after some days; and told me; Take up any job even a low salary is fine with me; i liked you a lot; but leave the films and I will marry you. I told her; thats not possible. But she asked me some very good questions; There 2500 asst directors in industry; everyone wants to make a movie; but how many can really make it? So please leave it. And we used to laugh when a senior joined as an asst director. How can I tell them that mu hubby is an asst director?.
I tried to argue with her that if one movie is a hit; we can live all our lives happily. But she wouldn’t listen”

Lol... these girls are very intelligent.. god save asst directors!!..ha ha ha.

All the same ; most of the things we talk are about technical aspects of movies; and he was in the industry for 4 years and he keeps telling the stuff to me!!

I am absolutely loving it!!

C) Complaints:
I had this chance to visit a blind school recently; I met a fellow there and we kept talking on everything; as usual we started with movies; and life; and we kept discussing about many things. And then he started telling us the troubles of people . I mean the troubles they face in real life. He kept saying “ Either parents doesn’t care for us and they over care for us. They should treat us like everyone; and should give freedom for us. And parents; society ; government !! everything is acting wrong!!”.. these were his exact words; and I couldn’t stop back my smile. These trouble are so similar to every teenage fellow! I heard similar from hundreds of people and that includes myself. I complained to myself many times ..lol.. may be it might be a bit tough for him but still solution is within; its no use complaining on parents; society and government; for they definitely wont change.. lol

But he sang 2 beautiful folk songs for us before we left and even offered us that we can use it in our movies for free.. ha ha. Music has no barriers! It makes it easy to make friends. Indeed we became friends from that instant.

D) Caste: This is one the worst thing thats happening in India.I really hate it.I hate even when my mom talks on it. We southies used to be very close when we are in college. It isn’t that we didn’t fight! We had our differences; but when we were deal with others; we were always united! But what I hear now is; people and forming gangs according to castes! Thats a damn disgrace! Such a pity!
I heard of stories of student gangs in Vijayawada. I heard that even parking slots are divided according to caste!! Lol. I wonder what kind of people they are. Who teach them this crap. I expect young people to work hard or to enjoy their lives not to do these kind of things. This is the worst way to live.
Its one side of the coin; the other side is the reservation problem from the so called lower castes! These guys have a car and they study at the best colleges and they use reservations to take up a job!! No one wants to earn it ; everyone wants it easily. Isn’t it the same reason; people are fighting for Telangana! They use the word; better employment opportunities ! and do ‘relay hunger strikes’!!
The worst thing who run after these reservations is; they get the gains; and they forget to help their own people; believe me; I personally saw it! Such a pity. It isn’t reaching the people who really need the help! They are still suffering more even though the reservation percentages are increasing! Lol.

I read an interview of n Australian athlete who won a gold in Olympics!! She said “ I dedicate this medal; to my tribe and I will spent all of it for their betterment!

And here we are making a hell of an issues an caste!! Disgrace; I hope we make it a point to change it!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers