Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good times!! and an Observation!!

1) Lets start with some chit chat; A friend me called recently and when me when I will reach

my room, I need to talk to you. Luckily I was in the room and told him to come over..

He rushed to the room and very happily informed me that he found a producer for his short

film; he also told me that if he can impress him with his work; he might produce a film as

he added " I wanted to share it with someone; so I ran here; I think this is the turning

point of my life!!"
Indeed I was very happy; to impress a guy and make him to invest on your film isnt easy!!

pray for him guys!!

2) I was damn frustrated somed days ago when my friend called me for this marriage!! I

worried why cant these people marry after 4-5 years when I would be fairly free; to take 2

days time out now is very tough.. I had to start at early morning; reach the place at night

and need to travel further in another vehicla and attend the marriage and had to get back

in another vehicle early morning after spending 2-3 years. It sounded hopeless!

But the 2 day break turned out to be an awesome experience.. I almost completed a book

before I reached Vizag.. I never knew I was missing reading this much.. It was an

inexplicable feeling.. may be its like telling.. darling! I didnt know that I missed you so

much!! and then a good old college mate came there and we had a very nice dinner and finally

went to marriage. I even enjoyed the time I spent in the marriage; the energies and drums

did the magic!! and a bike ride early morning to the station was the best of all!!
may be its all about attitude!! May be we can enjoy anything if we are in the right mood!!

3)I remember my first trek; Obviously it was with my father! we went to hour mother's

sister's house near bellampally!! and we thought of going for a walk and we reached the foot

of the mountain and then we thought till we get bored; and climbing half the mountain I

asked my father " What if some snake turns up?".. my father told me .. well even some wild

animals might turn up; as we climbed half; we can test the other half as well; pretty simple

logic; so we did reach the Top!! and from then onwards it became my hobby!! Life is


4) When I was returning; two middle aged women got into the train; ( they are sisters) and

they are just trying to show off that their kids can read better than the other one's kids!!

they are asking the kids to read the words written in english to prove that they can read

better!! when you reach 35!! you should develop minimum brains.. comparing 2 kids is

absolutely logicless; as a fact you are killing and manipulating their spirits!! and one guy

was behaving very bad with his own sister; he ate almost everything in the biscuit packet

and gave the left over stuff to her!!

God bless the kids!! Never and ever compare and force them

keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reason!! Passion and some conversations!! And a note of Sorry!!

It was a long time since I wrote something; I am indeed missing writing a lot!!
Darn it I didn’t even read a book from February.. But then I love my work ; I took up more works myself and I am pretty much indulged in it so nothing much I can do; may be once the project is done I might run off to Rishikesh ; and sit near ganges and write some beautiful lines and come back with a fresh story!! A perfect way to replenish myself huh !! ..

1) I got some doubts.. I am searching for some reasons!!
a)Why do I write?? May be I just love to write!!
b) Why do I blog?? Writing a story or screenplay is a refined, slow process; but blogging is something like; drop in your views ; no need to edit kind of stuff.
And I write what I feel is correct ;down the line after many years I might love what I wrote or I might not love it; but I should know what I thought!! So I write.
c)why do I share the link? Well that needed some thought… when I watch a good film I feel happy and I thank the guys involve the project involved in it; similarly there might be people who might love my works; I can as well write the stuff and shoot the stuff and keep it to myself ; it doesn’t matter; but I think I can share the work.. if some one likes it well and good; this can be more interactive!! What ever I am crazy enough to shoot a film and keep it to myself if I have bucks!! Crazy indeed!

2) Speaking of writing! Lemme me jump to Passion!! I was having a chat with my director and he told me about a person who waited for 9 months to shoot a song!!
I say that’s passion.. You don’t start something just to finish it off; you work on something because you love it and you wanna do it. When it will finish and whether others like it or not is not the issue.. the point is did you give your best or did you love it.. Let some things remain unfinished.. that doesn’t matter .. you did what you can do.. !

Now the movie I was speaking about is a telugu film ‘Little soldiers’ .. God knows why it was a flop but its one of the sweetest films ever made in Telugu; I love everything in the film!! And there is one small girl’s song which I can listen everyday!! 3 cheers to the film maker gunnam ganga raju!!

Another such film was Pather Panchali by Satyajit ray.. He started to make a film in 1950 and shot it in weekends while working on a job and finished in 1955 overcoming all the obstacles and he did create history with the film.. Can some one believe the fact that he waited for a complete year just to shoot some scenes in a particular scenes for some grass to grow in a area!!

That’s what love is all about.. Gimme a story that deserves a life time work!! I can dedicate my full time to it!!

3)I don’t know why but I get know about people easily.. I may be I love to know about people too.. I learn a lot from what they talk ( I am obviously not speaking about character development or money related tasks).

I met a writer yesterday; we both had to wait at a place and so we went for a walk to kill time.. here comes his story!!

Loved movies when he was a kid!! So read rigourously all telugu book to write songs in telugu. He said sometimes he feels the only reason he lives is to write lyrics even his family is next to it.. working hard for a break in the industry.

Couldn’t directly jump into the industry because because he had a family .. married early. Still took the brave step to Hyderabad and started working as a telugu teacher in a private school and started searching for an opportunity.

I know that the pay is very less for a language teacher in a private school.. I asked him how did he survive??

Yes indeed it was struggle for 4 -5 years!! I even sold an episode serial dialogues for 500 bucks which were supposed to cost 5K!! and its like every month end it was a struggle!! When summer comes .. It was a torture for me.. when kids are on holidays It was a real struggle for me.Used to take 3-4 tuitions.

I wonder how lucky I am !! Indeed !! The struggle of an artist is awesome and pure!!

I am in a flow.. Lemme write ine more incident!!

I once went to Higginbothams in chennai on a Sunday at night ( yup some one told me it will be open on Sundays and closed on Tuesdays.. and I believed it.. the fool I am).. well I reached the place by 5.30 and it was closed and I waited for half hour but my bus never turned up.

So finally I decided to take an auto.. And believe to take an auto in Chennai isn’t a joke; if he things if you don’t know the route he might as well charge you 100 bucks for 3 kms.. ( No offence to Chennai city I love it ) so finally I did act as If I know the route and we decided on some 60 bucks and we started.

We started chit chatting!! I don’t know tamil and he doesn’t know telugu.. so we were using some bits of himdi.. whatever we understood each other!

Autowallah: what do you do brother?

Me: I work in a call centre ( If I say I work as a software engineer ; I am sure he will ask for more money at the end )

Autowallah: Oh brother ; what is your salary

Me: ( I wondered what to say) Its 10 k rupees. ( is he talking too much!)

Autowallah : 10k as a starter; but friend don’t mary early.. earn some more money only then you get married!!

Me: ( I got interested) Oh why??

Autowallah : Look at me ; loved a girl and ran off with her at a early age; didn’t study well; Now I am working on a Sunday night to support my family!!

Me: aah.. how come you speak good hindi!!

Autowallah: I went to Mumbai to try my luck.. it was bitter failure brother; only rich people can survive there.. we the poor will be fucked!!

Me: yeah yeah.. indeed brother..

( then he told me about his kids and how much he loved them and all..) and finally we reached my place. I thanked him for the conversation and left!!

Some experiences are weird.. if you have any such things you can definitely tell me … I am all ears..

PS:-) I heard a complaint recently that I acted very tough with my team song of life!! I am really sorry for that .. believeme guys.. you people rocked and I loved working with you; But.. If I had slacked believe me.. the project wouldn’t have been completed .. Catch me anytime when free now.. You will know how much fun I can be..

Keep rockin
3 cheers

Friday, June 10, 2011

pretty serious fight!!

Guys n gals: i am just playing a game!!

ABC: hello

how are you?

me: rockin AB

whatz up?

ABC: actually i pinged u to have a talk abt ur notes..

i didnt expect this from u actually..

me: oh god

ABC: and I didnt want to comment what i felt publicly also

me: sister

you angry

ABC: did u know that most of u guys wants a girl with less height than them

and they dont want anyone more educated also

and even if we earn more it goes to u only..

not to our parents..

me: well AB.. u should have commented this there itself

ABC: and ya the dominating thing.. well, u are purchased by paying a dowry and so we should dominate u..

me: lol

AB; I think u didnt the sattire out there

thats what I meant

i really want women to fight for their rights

u didnt get the sattire

ABC: but whatever u have written there wasnt looking like that

me: well

for me its absolutely looking like that

lets say

how many of are ready to fight

ABC: atleast not for my firends..

me: and get a

good guy

ABC: most of them read ur post today and was like who is this guy..

me: not my prob


if some one is really angry

let her say to herself

that she would fight

and prove me wrong

ABC: see, thats not the point..

me: i would be glas


well indeed

my point to irk people

is that

ABC: if at all u want to convey this, then that didnt happen there

me: i want them to fight

ABC: u have just mocked the situatuon..

me: absolutely

i mocked

ABC: and made it fusnny

me: i wanted u guys to prove I am wrong

its really funny

ABC: we are gals

and not guys

and ya, how many of our parents are going to wait till that guy comes in..

me: i mean u gals

ABC: tell me that..

me: well i clearly wrte that

u wanna change something

u gotta fight

remember that

thts my very point

did u miss it

there r no short cuts

ABC: well that was like a foot note..

me: i say its my main point

ABC: nothing more..

well thats ur say..

and u didnt make a point out of it..

me: as a fact i consider it as my best sattire

ABC: it was not conveyed well

me: Just dont go blaming men.. now.. now... why should we fight against dowry?? If government offers reservation we exploit it; same is the case here!!

dont u think this is a sattire on boys

what ever AB.. if i gals fight for respect

ABC: as i said, it is not conveyed the way u thought it would

me: well u know

u need a seperate humour

to understand m


ABC: its not me srikanth

me: its not my problem to explain everyone

ABC: well then..


me: i wrote it for my friends aint it

but one think

people who said I am nuts

tell them to prove i am wrong

i would be glad

u know

and my point is well established

they did discuss on the issue

aint they

if i write a lecture

believe me none read


ABC: thats not funny

maybe i dont get ur jokes..

sorry for stopping by..

and wasting ur time

me: sister

ABC: bye

me: come on

ABC: have a nice sleep

me: are you angry at me or something

come on

u pretty well know me..

ABC: maybe i was wrong..

me: no no

challa is sincere

i am absolutely agaiinst dowry

u see.. ur very in reading; it s zest on life

and didnt i get the people's notice

ABC: but on a negative side

i am pretty sure u didnt get into good books..

me: books

well i love them

well the point was to rise a topic

discussion is welcome

I was expecting some one to question me

i would have answered

cool AB; the point is if i say directly

people say he is an idealist

but i need some on who can fight

thats the only way u change the stuff

i was called names many a times; i wouldnt care; i know me

ABC: hmmm

me: unless u gals fight for yourselves we cant

ABC: but I still dont accept anything written on the post

it bugs me..

me: yup

prove me wrong

i would be glad

but believe me

ABC: i would..

me: most of the girls compromise

ABC: not bcoz of ur post..

me: thats the problem

start a fight

ABC: thats bcoz of situation..

me: well AB

people who fight odds are winners

if u have everything on your side

u need not fight

ABC: others tend to marry at a very older age

or remain single

me: yup

let a generation stay single

but u set something great

u fought for ur rights

thats awesome


it never changes

ABC: its good to say.

we are not talking abt a single person

me: thats my very point

u dont accept what i right

ABC: we are talkjing a entire generation

so, talking is good

me: but ur telling me what i wrote

ABC: u count how many of ur friends dnt get dowry

me: thats the point

fight them

ask them why the we should give dowry

ABC: i am asking to count

me: If you are so particular about not giving dowry!! why dont you fight against it; make a decision that you wouldnt marry anyone till you find someone or stay alone!! you fight with your family and society.. I saw many people who gave long lectures and finally gave dowry and happily got married!! ...So if you cant fight.. then happily marry someone and serve him good and make him happy!!

read this carefully

unless u fight u get nothing

ABC: no one would have read that

me: pity

ABC: i am pretty sure

me: its their problem

ABC: and it is not going to help until u guys also think abt it..

its with ur writing also

me: definitely AB

ABC: u sould give a thought as well

me: ofcourse

i thought of it and wrote it

thats why i wrote it

but what you are telling me

is u fight for us

why would anyone do that

ABC: never

why should u

me: ofcourse u count me in

ABC: its everyone's fight

me: yeah;

see; would britishers fight for india's freedom

no way

ABC: what i am trying to say is, u have not made urself clear in the most

me: what i am saying is; i wrote like that because

i want u to question the topic

ABC: this comparision is not at all making sense

and how many did?

me: i think most of the people thought on this

ur friends

pinged u on that

aint it

ABC: all were married

and so?

me: well let them not loose their fire

let them fight for the next generation

they can guide their sisters

ABC: ha...

me: daughters and sons

the point is

change has to be bought with sacrifices

ABC: Challa, u r not getting the point..

thats all..

me: iamm absolutely getting ur point

ABC: whatever u wanted to convey was not conveyed..

me: ur correct

if i say directly

no od damn one would read

god damn guy would read

its one more


now; read it peacefully and understand the sattire

i am saying this to you because

i know ur a leader

else i would have said

yes i am an ass

i dont care

Sent at 11:47 PM on Friday

me: discuss on this and fight back;; i would be glad

the defense

ABC: its not funny thou..

me: come on its funny

ABC: nope..

me: its a sattire

ABC: anyways good night

me: no no

i want to make this as a note

fine with you?

ABC: just dont mention my name

me: now

u dont wanna be the fighter

such a pity

Sent at 11:50 PM on Friday

ABC: let it be

its my own wish..

me: pretty interesting conversation.. lets see what happens after this!! cheers

Sent at 11:52 PM on Friday

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Women!! Domination and Dowry!!

First things first!! I am not a feminist ; I am an equalist!! If someone is very very sensitive I request them not to read this!!

Well I had the chance to view some women's point of views on marriage. Funnily almost all the people complained about and funnily on the same issues!!( they are all well read!!)

1) If I marry someone he would dominate me!
2) Why would a boy ask for a dowry aren't we equals??

I wonder do they really think on the complaints before complaining.

I mean you need a guy who is well read than you , who is earning more than you and who is taller than you!! what the heck!! if he is better than you in every sense ofcourse he will dominate you ..why would he take you in for free.. aint it?? ( If you say "I am beaituful".. just run away !!)

If you are so particular about not giving dowry!! why dont you fight against it; make a decision that you wouldnt marry anyone till you find someone or stay alone!! you fight with your family and society.. I saw many people who gave long lectures and finally gave dowry and happily got married!! ...So if you cant fight.. then happily marry someone and serve him good and make him happy!!

Just dont go blaming men.. now.. now... why should we fight against dowry?? If government offers reservation we exploit it; same is the case here!!

ha ha ha.. ROFL

PS:-) Any chick with 2 crores property.. Man I am desperate to make my second feature.. ha ha ha