Monday, August 24, 2009

With Love…

It has been a long time; since I updated something in this blog and now I am back.
Shall I start saying “there is a pleasure in the pathless woods” or shall I say “to seek to pursue and not to yield” .. Anyways the words are said; and let’s move on!!

I had a junior; very passionate and a very close friend of mine;
He had been working in Hyderabad for some days; and now he left his job and is preparing for Civils as of now.

He made a small business plan; and he went to ICRISAT (translated the telugu words into English)

“Sir i have to tell u an incident that changed my life sir
monna naa bplan ni present cheyyadaniki ICRISAT vellanu ( I took my Bplan to present it in ICRISAT)
challa: oh great
bandla: my plan got selected its under incubation
challa: awesome
bandla: it will take 3 months more to finalize if i become an entrepreneur or not but more interesting thing happened on that day
challa: oh temme
bandla: A middle aged man......shabbily dressed came into the hall of all distinguished people all experts in their own fields.......he just came on to the stage and said......."Ayya...naa deggara oka plan undi .." ( I have a plan)
indulo 3 packets unnai.... (there are three sample packets with me)
okati amalapuram lo soybean plant waste ( one is the waste from Soybean factory in Amalapuram)
danitho company ki chala problem avthundi ( Company is facing problems regarding the waste)
aa waste ni nenu oka feed tho mix chesi animal feed ga tayyaru chesanu..... (I made animal feed out of this waste)
naaku just 50 k kavali pulverizer konadaniki ( I need just 50K to buy the pulverizer)
The waste transformed into a product worth 20 rs ( each packet costs 20 rs only)……I mean literally from crap to a product worth 20 bucks….this is what value addition is from 0 to 20 not from 10 to 15
I felt ... this is what we call a plan?
he didnt have even enough money to come to Hyderabad but only thing he carried with him always was confidence
challa: awesome…..did he get qualified?
bandla: yes...
even if he didnt i was going to fund him for his business
i had to translate everything he said in telugu to it was soo close to me
challa: great man
i understand
bandla: till then i was thinking about stability and all....
challa: what stability?
bandla: that day my perspective changed stability in life.........stability which we think actually exists..........happy and settled life
challa: okay
bandla: happiness only comes form a journey not from a settled life
challa: ha ha …well said buddy……..i am using this chat; in my blog; fine??
bandla: sure sir

Man I loved this story; “to be undaunted what ever the circumstances are!!” this is what life is all about.

Regarding me; I am in love with myself;
Yes I am tensed about the outcome of the movie!! But then there is always the pleasure being here and doing the work I love!!
Auditions at night; designing the equipment for ourselves; and getting ready for the ready!! What more can I ask for.

Well of course the long walks are back!! And it is raining from the day I came here!!

It’s awesome to discuss about movie songs; and the tracks with the band; that too if u listen music at nights!! U will get high!!

And Nishesh ( kind of my teacher and friend and technician for my movie!) is the best singer I have seen. He can sing songs all night;

Humming “Vandemataram …” and suddenly chanding the tune to “Dil se ree….” Or “Dil Giraa “

Masteroo… life is beautiful... But god knows what is going to happen in the future

3 cheers