Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life is beautiful!!!

I am in the best of my moods.. so another lengthy chit – chat.. God Bless!!
Last year at the same time.. I was actually a bit down!! Things I planned didn’t go well at all.. and everything I tried went wrong!! Here I am back to my basics .. and starting again!!.. Thanks to 2k12.. which was amazing!!  I had the pleasure of travelling  for 2-3 months.. and the spirits high and raring to go!! Three cheers to nature , life and love!! Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, jammu, Haryana, delhi rajasthan and then Uttarkhand again!! It was memorable!! Now the only states left untouched are Gujarat, Orissa, HP, and J&K is very much left untouched !! Need to cover it soon!! With the way its getting Hot.. I better rush to cover the remaining places!!
My first love in life is to listen to stories!! Thanks to my mom and others.. who told me the small stories of Ramayan and mahabharat!!  Especially to my Mom’s sister.. who told me some awesome stories.. I don’t exactly remember the story.. but it’s about a King who went to war.. and won against all odd’s. But I remember the feel of it.. I wouldn’t eat until she started the story!! That was my love for stories!! May slowly I didn’t have the access for stories.. I was busy with my studies.. But then that too helped me.. the physics I read helped me to think in a different way, a scientific approach to life!! Now I am able to enjoy my stories and life better!!
But then I am not that good everytime!! I remembered a small incident recently, there used to be a Kid who had some stammering trouble and I used to make fun of him. A girl came to me and told me why I am acting so rude! I still remember the girl who told me this.. I took the suggestion from her.. and I tried not to be rude from then ( Bless her she had a good heart when she was a kid!!).. funnily she fell in love with a guy from our class and I heard he is literally torturing her!! Life is weird.. If I meet him I am going to kick the hell out of him!! And another very bad thing I did was in my college days, I laughed at a guy who is suffering..( I had my reasons..) all the same the damage is done.. it almost took 3 years.. for us to get back to usual.. I wonder if we still are not at ease!! I wish I wouldn’t have done such silly mistakes.. and  did waste few unnecessary moments on wrong people which was of no use!! I should have concentrated of myself.
But still I tried my best to be good , I had the chance to manipulate people to get my work done, I know I can do it.. But I didn’t do it!! I tried to deal things fair and square giving an option!! ( I know a chap who is going laugh like hell after reading this..) but yeah.. I stick to my principles!! A girl was telling me ..’Srikanth’.. you are one of the decent chaps I ever talked to!! My pleasure!! I try my best to be good!!
Lets speak of beauty!!.. What are the most beautiful things I ever saw!! Actually most of my beautiful anecdotes were when I travelled with my father.. (With Mom.. its always food).. I saw few parrots which suddenly flew around me in a dense forest valley.. I saw few doves flying in the evening suns.. not to mention the few  excellent terrains I explored!! Grassy.. bushy.. rock.. and full desert and watery areas~!!
Apart from that.. Lonely walks.. especially those nostalgic mid night walks in ISM, Cyclying in rainy nights, rain itself is a pleasure, writings of Dickens, Wodehouse, narayanan ( They take you to another world!!) gully cricket, just to travel through forests.. and watch those green trees.. esp in spring time!! You would see some light red leaves which you can never forget!! Waterfalls, rivers.. and the mighty sea itself!!
Writing, reading and of the things watching things around you and noticing the changes around!!
I was sitting at a window in the train and kept thinking of all these beautiful things!!
I just thought Life is beautiful.. if something goes wrong… its just that we deserve something better!!
Keep Rockin
Three Cheers

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Serious Thoughts!!!

Lets get to the point.. Lets talk about death first.. I practiced Meditation in chennai , for 2 years with 2 teachers. They are married and old ,and they have a 32 year old son. Whenever I see them I feel happy. Guys spreading happiness what more can anyone do in life. Indeed true!! spreading the gospel of life !! but unfortunately , Their son died in a recent  road accident recently.. I just cant imagine their loss myself.. So I cant even expect their grief. Many people came and gave their condolences and even in their grief.. they thanked everyone and maintained themselves very well. I heard he took a class of meditation recently. Thats something I learnt from them again, to regroup!! All the same its my first encounter with early death ( with people whom I am related with.. A friend drowned in a lake when I was a kid.. I cried .. but I didnt understand the point at that time!!). Life is very very unexpected and short!!

As I said its scary, but its equally funny(dark)!! Everytime someone speaks of YS Jagan I laugh.. ( I am not political.. I dont want any arguments in this case.. After all all AP politics is funny!!.. TRS, chiranjeevi, chandra babu.. all comedy!!). But I still cant understand.. when people know that sucker ate money like hell.. still they have pity factor on him..what the hell.. He misused money and he deserves to be in jail.. show that pity on a kid living without food.. there is some meaning in it..

Now to the main topic! A friend pinged me and asked me .. Dont you think you are being underpaid for what you read!! Considering your degree. I dont want to hurt anyone, but I believe my degree is nonsense. Yeah I did study hard to enter ISM but the degree I got didnt teach me anything in life!! And I dont want to carry anytags along with me. I want to be remebered as a guy who did his work peacefully, may be works that would really please me. As someone said there is enough work for everyone, and a 10K i more than to live in this world, may be more for me!! No regrets.. all I wanna do is to explore more and try to understand myself better. And this argument also reminds me of a conversation with a guy in mumbai ( A junir of mine ).. " Sir, I know I am good in massage and can make 10K easily.. but I feel I might need more money thats why I stick to my company!".. I really didnt say much I just nodded.. but you actually dont know which is the best unless you try..

PS:-) I am not saying doing a job is tough!! I actually loved it!!

PPS:-) Loved writing this blog

Keep Rockin
3 Cheers

Friday, June 1, 2012

Moments of thought and moments of life!!!

May 2k12 is obviously the best month of my life!! Its kind of a free careless journey through north east , UP , rajasthan and jammu!!My love for road continues!! As I always said.. " I consider myself as a traveller ( more than a film maker), and film making for me is a tool to narrate my stories!! All the same I love film making too.  Two thoughts are pushing me .. dude enough of this, go back and work in any film production and other says travel like this.. lets see what happens. Lets see!!

You see both good and bad when you travel!! ..Okay .. as usual bad things first and good things later.  I just cant stand mediocracy that too unwanted mediocracy!! I was standing in a line before a temple after walking 13 KMs at 'jammu, Vaishno devi'.. near bhairon temple. .. then I suddenly see people trying to enter  the line in between to enter the line!! I just cant understand that.. you take 3,4 days leave, you all the way travel here and then u try to save 5 minutes by pushiing others and thereby spoiling my peace!! worst thing is what would you do after saving the 5 minutes, obviously you are not bill gates or narayan murthy!! at max you talk politics with friends or watch TV why dont you just do that.. instead of visiting temples.. that would save others!! its really weird to get pushed in a line!!

Now now.. to the beauties!! First we went to a trek in Chirapunjee.. A rough trek to a natural bridge formed by the roots of a tree along the water flow. Lovely and awesome. And as usual the best moment was given to me by my father. Saying this you cant inspire me easily, If you come and tell me I bought an Ipod , bought a car or I slept with a girl.. I might end up giving a smile or give you a so what look!! you should gimme something basic.. There was a pool nearby and its very slippery myself and our driver entered into the pool and washed our faces with the cool water and I was turning back to tell my father not to enter in and its slippery, there he was already in the pool, he is trying to slowly bend just to touch the flowing water and he finally did it.. with a gusture .."aah.. i touched it".. This is a life time moment.. he always reminds me life is full of life!!

Followed by a visit to Gangtok. Lingdum Monastery blew me away!! Budhdhists seriously rock.. The silence, the propaganda to spread Love is fascinating and absolutely blissful. their mythology is also similar to ours!!I wish I could learn something out of it!! and ofcourse Tsomgo lake is amazing !! first time I saw a mountain totally covered with snow.. I climbed it up and did some rolling stuff tht was fun!! though its a pity I couldnt see nathula pass as it was closed because of excessive snow!!

Darjeeling.. of course appropriately called as the queen of himlayas!! A drive to a nearby lake was amazing. I thought may be I should come with a cycle someday and should just keep riding here!! the song of geetanjali.. "Aamani.. paadave.." was ringing in my ears                   (  ). followed by a toy train drive through the mountains. its awesome to watch trains passing by the mountains slowly through the fog!! you feel elated!!

Back to delhi.. It was majestic!! the roads say  it all.. I am the CAPITAL!! and my dad left to hometown. From now onwards it was just the road

and me!! Thanks to rahulji for the bike drive from delhi to Agra via vrindavan and mathura!! it was amazing to see 'Srikrishna janmabhoomi"..

and I got a excellent view of tajmahal standing alone next to yamuna.. from agra fort. It was much better than watching the tajmahal close to it!! may be thats the beauty of angles!!

And then rajasthan in the red hot summer.. you might call me an ass.. but as they say.. make hay when the sun shines!! Karauli, jaipur, Udaipur, ajmer , pushkar and the mighty thar in jaisalmer!! Madan mohan ji of karauli, govindji and srinathji are awesome idols made by Vajranath.. great grand son of srikrishna ( doing some research for a film). and ofcourse the only temple of lord brahma at pushkar was fun!! and some memories cant be forgotten, Sunset while rowing in the pichchola lake and watching the glow of city palace followed by a stay in the desert watching the sunset and sunrise through the dunes!! Lifetime experience!! I met a indian guy and a girl from paris travelling together.. awesome couple.. never met anyone so much in love and so adventurous , they were planning to sleep in the dunes itself ( which they gave up atlast!!).. all the same bravo!! Always a pleasure meeting new people and listening to new stories!!  and to all those who called me and jumped on me that I didnt call them when I was rajasthan.. sorry mates.. next time I will!!

Amritsar.. warm people and cool lassi's!! Jallianwala bagh made me emotional !! wanted to shout fuck u Dyer and Dwyer.. the letter stating that Udhm singh tried to erase the heroes of jallianwala bagh was repulsive!! Barbaric acts my friends will spoil your name for more tha your life.. you might die, but people keep talking bad about you!!. Golden temple in evening was amazing!! the reflection in the lake and the peaceful way they pray blew me away.. !!

Followed by a 13km trek ( 26 to n fro) to vaishno devi!! here ends a month journey!! must say meeting new people. watching new terrains and planning at the spot  was awesome!!

And ofcourse I m a foody!! show me something new I gotta try it!!.. Thupka , wai wai. momo's in northeast.. parantha, kadi chawal in delhi.. Dal bhati in rajasthan!! and those extra large lassi's in punjab!! thanks to those heroes who invented these foods( should I say heroins??)!! you seriously rock!! cheerios

I saw a small village where only 20 people live.. the tribe is living there for generations. They just a small whole and burry on the mountain itself when people die!! A pretty simple n easy life!!
An offer to stay for a week in IISc to play cricket is tempting!! but then work awaits!!

keep rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sea..Art and business!!

Disclaimer:- like this title , this is a very random blog!! Patience required.

Sea is mystic and beautiful. It looks different at different times all the same its magnetic!! I had the pleasure visiting the sea.. recently.. and god it made me nostalgic. It was almost three years since I left chennai!! how time flies!!!.. remembered my first rented ( I paid my own money!!) and then our beach apartment..( one of the best times I had).. and ofcourse not to mention the friends I made there.. people used to pamper me .. offering me food..( yeah yeah... chocolates, ice creams).. may be thats what that matter.. you look back after every phase .. you remember the good times you shared and the friends you made..!! ofcourse improvization matters!! speaking of which.. I know every relationship ends.. but at the end if we just feel.. yup I will miss this chap..may be we can meet again.. you made a friend!!

Lets jump to Art. Art is something I really love!! and yeah.. films are a part of Art.. the best part of art is .. it humbles you.. when you see great works you wonder will I ever make such a beauty.. and the best part is, it makes you to forget youself.. if you see a kid who can perform better than you.. you dont get jealous.. you just tell yourself .. bless this kid.. and assist him if you can!! thats the beauty of art.. it breaks the barriers.

Business.. we had some very interesting discussion on this. One of my friend started this discussion.. maama I am ready to invest money in business on anything that gives guaranteed returns and ofcourse more than the bank interest. I told him.. if there are guaranteed returns, every one will invest on the same thing.. why only you. after all business itself is risk, but we choose what we are good!! obviously there is risk in it.. and many factors should be taken into consideration.

so my point is.. invest in my films.. you wont get a hard working fellow like me.. lol..

Speaking of which, someone asked me.. sir, what is it to take a different path.. and struggle?.. well who said I am struggling.. i am more than happy with what I am earning and I never saw multiple paths before me.. it was always a single path.

keep rockin
3 cheers

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jet.. Set.. Go!!

Happy to write something after a long long time!! No I am not busy, its just something that makes you unable to write for sometime.. things happen around you, you wish could write that all,but then you never actually write.. what ever .. its over .. here I am with a new one!!

The beauty of life is.. it’s a sine curve.. you reach your peak.. you tell yourself you know everything .. and then new questions arise.. you fall down.. you slowly learn and you reach you peak again..and this continues.. It’s a patient game .. all the same its worth every second of it. Some one was telling me that my ideas are messed up!!.. ‘no’ .. I have a big ‘no’ for this. Ideas are always floating.. and I learn n move on.. yes I know in a way I might be at mistake.. but I am willing to risk and try new things than to sit with fixed ideas.. I prefer to be a loser trying new things.. than to sit and follow anything that’s orthodox.

Past three months had been excellent learning days.. I am trying finding myself again.. both in terms of my work and thoughts. Best part is I am reading oraciously the most beautiful stories ever written.. it’s a like a dream world!! And the words make take you new ecstasy! I was telling myself “I want to write words.. that would stay with me for a life time!! words.. are pure as 'white'.. as cool as breeze.. and as true as love!!.

Excellent things are happening in life. We rented a pent house.. we bought a cricket kit and we are playing daily.. completed ‘bhagavatham’ and working on a treasure hunt story!! And icing to the cake is I am planning to travel now.. delhi.. sikkim, kerala and finally Himalayas!! What more can ask for!!

I would like to end talking about an incident that really happened. I came to know of it when I went to my college to take a workshop. Two students in an engineering college went to a dam nearby and died. Now the college administration became so strict that they are absolutely blocking the fun. No liquor in the rooms ( I wont drink).. no smoking, and you need to take permissions to go to any place nearby and you have to come back by 10.00 everyday to hostel!!

If I need to speak on this.. I will say that’s bullshit.. The best thing I got in my engineering is the freedom, It made me think for myself, it gave the strength to face the things. Take this away.. you are more of a vegetable than a man. And the counter argument is, what about the parents who lost their kids, what will administration tell to them. With due respect, I am sorry for their loss.. but then do you call this a life, if you just sit in room and tell yourself I am alive. I want those mid night strolls, I want those treks else I doesn’t even exist.. I am willing to risk that!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers


Saturday, February 18, 2012


It occasionally happens; you enter into such a serene mood; and you feel that this life is a

bliss!! I am in of those beautiful moods..!!

I wrote somelines few days back " You need not worry about health if you play daily, you need think

of survival if you have knowledge and you need not worry about others if you understand

yourself!!".. loved these words..

makes me to remember few words I spoke when we we got induction when we were at IBM. I was supposed

to speak something.. before that we were made to play some games.. I just said " be the same as you

are now!! take this work as if you are just playing a game and be the same as you are now!! you

guys will rock".. loved those words.. I wonder if language is the greatest invention of man!!

which again reminds of the very first documentary I made!! its about street kids we ISMites used to

teach in evenings.. "they say knowledge doubles by spreading it".. rana sir translated it as "

kehte hain ki gnaan baat ne se badthe hain!!"..

For me its all about stories.. i just love them.. I think i can listen stories all my life. Gimme a

job which earns me a lakh for a month or gimme job of 10k where I need to work only 3 -4 hours a

day.. I will choose the later.. time matters and its very important.. I just wanna read .. read .

and read.. travel.. travel.. and make fims!! I am absolute love with my work and my efforts!!

Speaking of which.. I was reading about a man.. who happily tilted his farm and wrote poetry at nights!! Wish I could become like that.. nothing to worry..just write and fall in love!!

.. let me end with a joke.. there was this guy who came to me and told.. i am very depressed .. tell me what to do.. I seriously told him, read bhagavadgeetha.. that would help!! he gave me a crazy look and left.. god bless!!

here are few lyrics of a song I fell in love with.. Afterglow!!

Here I am, lost in the light of the moon that comes through my window
Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divide the thorns from the roses
It's you and the roses

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow
As I let you go I will find my way when I see your eyes
Now I'm living in your afterglow

Here I am, lost in the ashes of time, but who wants tomorrow?
In between the longing to hold you again
I'm caught in your shadow, I'm losing control
My mind drifts away, we only have today

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow
As I let you go I will find my way
I will sacrifice 'til the blinding day when I see your eyes
Now I'm living in your afterglow

When the veils are gone as I let you go, as I let you go

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow
As I let you go I will find my way, I will sacrifice
Now I'm living in your afterglow

Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divide the thorns from the roses
It's you who is closest

hope you guys loved it..

keep rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Few thoughts and conversations!!

I am getting restless again and the itch to do something has started.. which is a good sign.. so I started to write again after a break.. here we go!!

1) A friend of mine pinged me and told me “ buddy , you better start making some short films.. it was a long time since you did something.. we have great expectations on you.”

My answer was simple.. I have nothing to show someone.. I have no expectations on myself.. so I have nothing to prove myself or for you. I have my plans.. I learn.. I learn.. I unlearn and think of something new and start up again..!! the way you understand you should do something.. but you think you cant.. you very existence comes under question!! Cheers..

Speaking of beauty ; I am reading Bhagavatha now a days, must say I am on cloud nine!!
I wonder are these the most beautiful books ever written.. they explain seasons in a very beautiful way.. summer, winter, autumn.. my favourite season Spring!!.. I mean who doesn’t love spring.. new leaves and new hopes!! I cherish it the most..!! When I read of baby Krishna.. I just fell in love.. believe me It can be applied to any kid.. running around his Mom, pulling her saree and asking food!! I just fell in love again..
Reminds of what famous music director Ilayaraja said!! “ For me music is like a just born kid.. innocence . love and beauty.. nothing else”..

2) A friend of mine came to me recently and told that he is getting depressed a lot recently.. I told him to read bhagavad geeta.. he gave me a weird look and left I am getting weird day by day.

And someone was complaining few days ago!! , Srikanth .. you write good , but why do you use derog words in between.. though I have no offense for this question.. I have to answer it..
I write what I really feel, may the situation needs a mockery ( according to me).. and ofcourse I use disclaimers.. for readers.. that this is not for family people.. lol!!

3) I feel I am enjoying the best days of my life.. I read vigorously .. and watch movies when ever I wish.. thanks to the fast net in office.. I am downloading a movie a day!! And indeed the time is getting hectic!!

Ofcourse I wish for another trip through water, greenery , mountains and snow!! ( Himalayas) and ofcourse new treks to be covered..

4) I had the pleasure of listening some very good words.. regarding Alchemy!!
It’s about converting base metals to gold.. he told me.. inner alchemy is all about converting your negative energies to positive.. then you are Gold!! Indeed .. I concur

I sign off
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


lets start with a quote "
Through out the centuries, there were men who took first steps down the new roads armed with nothing but their own vision-- ayn rand "

People are basically funny, and thats the reason why I always keep laughing!!

We are so scared and yet we love each other so much... My Mom called me and told me that she watched my movie today.. she watched it somedays back but couldnt complete .. its definitely not her genre yet she watched it completely, obviously I asked , how was it? and she told me its 'ok'.. but we should have shot better!! I said " Dont worry I will make it better next time!!".. and she said an 'Ok'.. with reluctance..

Its a beauty you know; both my parents doesnt want me to enter this field; they are scared I might not go anywhere and yet they wish me success..they want me to leave everything and take up a job .. as i dont do that.. they wish me success!! Love of parents!! nothing more to say!!

Well.. well lemme narrate another story!!

I along with some friends had the pleasure of visiting our college recently ; we visited the Samosa and chai shop where we used to sit for hours.. funny thing he still remembered most of the guys ( I was not a frequent guy , he didnt remember me though). he served us chai and samosa and offered some sweets.. we rejected sweets first.. but looking at his enthusiasm.. we couldnt say 'no' so ate everything. One of the guy offered a 500 note and he propmptly reected it. I goddamn couldnt believe that a chaiwala didnt accept a 500 rupee note and he said he served us tea as a token of friendship he served us tea.

and lets get serious!!

I seek.. I seek!! the truth.. of life!! End of the day.. nothing matters.. your parents..your Gf's may be your spouse and your kids.. none of them matter .. its always about you and yourself.. not in terms of materials but in terms of experiences.. if its tough, you fight and work hard, if its easy enjoy like hell.. but what you remember are tough times and the lessons you learnt!! Thats what I am seeking now; trying to minimize my expenses and spending less time in earning and trying to spend most of my time reading and learning!! May be, I just love to read..dont tell you you bought an Ipad, tell me you listened to music all day!! dont talk about things.. tell me your experiences!! WTH ..what I am talking!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers