Sunday, February 14, 2010

Songs of life!!

Well ; I am back!! And please forward my name if any of one those blog managers are giving awards for the lengthiest blog writers or something like that because this is going to be lengthiest of all!!.

First things first!! Happy valentines day to all ; and kudos to Valentine; the roman priest who become immortal in the hearts of every youngster!!

Three years out of ISM I think I lost touch with all hindi songs; luckily I heard this song “ O re piya haye“ from aaja nachle and I am in love with that song; and I am hearing the song at least once everyday. Freaks!!

Getting back to the topic; songs of life; life is about songs aint it; happy songs; sad songs; dream songs even comedy songs.. haha… and we gotta learn something from every song.


Jan25 th to jan31st ; this week is the toughest I ever had till now!! As for as I know I am a cheerful fellow who always say “ Life is beautiful” . Nishesh ji ( a very close friend n teacher) keeps repeating let me see till when you keep repeating this dialogue..

But if u have met in this week; u would have seen me in my worst phase !! its like someone took away my very soul. I don’t know why this happened but what ever I plan everything started going wrong!! And I plan to something live and everything goes wrong. One guy even complained “ you are shouting at us sir!!” Ofcourse I took him for a coffee and settled the issue. Still its such a pity I never got any complaints like this till now.

Still I say “life is beautiful” ; actually you see these are the things that really makes our life beautiful. Facing things that are tough to handle!! When I first started “anecdote” in my 3rd year I just couldn’t complete it. I had to stop in between; but once I got another chance to work on “Kartavya” I took this chance and made sure that I complete the work this time. And in my next year I did complete Anecdote too!! And the lessons I learnt are pretty simple!! Even in your toughest times you need to put in everything you can do whatever it is; it will definitely help you some other day.. Yes; so I did complete the shoot I planned some how.. cheers.


It was a privilege to meet some excellent people and to talk with them and recently people started chatting with me things that are very close to them and I am seriously enjoying it.

When I met rohit for the first time !! I pretty well know whis guy is very much different from all. Especially his commitment is simply superb. He resigned from TCS in 2007 ( after coming from US ) and started working on a script with a subject that happened in pre-independence period. he personally told me that he spent 2 months completely reading history. And now he traveled all through Orissa to find his location for shoot and the best news is he found it!! And his understanding and his interest in learning technicalities are simple superb. Personally I try to to leave to technicians but I started learning things after talking to him.

Where ever you are buddy!! You will reach great heights!! Kudos…

Speaking of heights; there is one more guy I need to talk about.. its Rahulji.

I am just copy pasting a mail here!!

“I have been elected the general secretary of MDI, Gurgaon.

Around 230 people voted.

Rahulji - 173 votes
Guy 2 - 12 votes
Guy 3 - 8 votes
Guy 4 - 2 votes

Campaigning is banned. You only get 10 mins of airtime on stage right before the voting. My speech was purely aam aadmi based.
I vociferously protested against the administration and presented with minute details how i intend to tackle issues.
I am essentially the junta ka GenSec. And i fully intend to fight the system. I didn't bluff at all.

One more fantastic fellow.. no doubt !!
and one more thing ; just follow his chat with me!!
challa: is it very cold out there
Rahul: pichcha ( too cold)
challa: excellent ho
Rahul: anytime of the day... temp below 15 degrees
challa: ha ha
Rahul: night times... in our active times... 6 or 7 degrees... mazzaa vasthondi...(full masti)
challa: ha ha
Rahul: 2 days back... heavy fog... 3 feet only visible in front...
And I ran in that fog... randomly RAN...

challa: oh; night ? or dawn time ?
ha ha

Rahul: evening onwards.. fog gets heavier as the sunlight fades...
it felt like running blindfolded.. but a splitsecond before impact... u know you're gonna hit the tree... hehee... it was fun.
challa: mama
u rock dude
Rahul: gotta go for dinner... cheerio!

Awesome!! aint it ?

3) Well its again inspired from one more chat I had with my previous colleague!!

Girl”: “ My father failed in tenth and started as a Van driver and worked hard for us . He was my inspiration. I read a letter he wrote to my mom from him long back . I found it once cleaning house when I was in inter. When ever I think of that letter I cry. I am crying now actually.

Me: can you tell me if it aint personal.

Girl: nothing; telling my Mom that we must drink milk daily; if we need money he told us to borrow it from some one n all!!
And now we are in a good position!! I really admire him a lot

Me: Excellent ho

Girl: tell you what; he is such a person; he met a girl (of my name ) and it seems she isn’t having money for her break fast. My father too her to hotel made her eat breakfast and gave his phone number and told her to call him if she needs help!!

Me: oh great; would love to meet your father someday; I might use this chat in my blog if u don’t have any probs ; of course no names!!

Girl: okay

Me: cheers!!

I was so glad when I heard this story!! I remembered my own father !! This thing really motivated me.

4)I was discussing with one my friends again about a new story!! That’s supposed to be a musical; and I was just forming an outline and then she started questioning me ; by the way u started the story ; I thought it’s an inspiring story!!

Now I question myself; Does life need any inspiration? If we ask people what they did in their lives ; they say some points in their lifes ; may be getting a top rank; or may be getting a good job; but ask them did they enjoy working to achieve that; very few told me ‘Yes’. Ofcourse I am glad they gave their honest ‘no’. Actually I am also one of those muggers.

But some where I felt ; Life isn’t about those points where you can boast to others I did this n I did that. Its something you must really enjoy every minute. What the hell is there in achieving anything!! Millions n millions lives here; people constructed excellent forts; fought battles; invented great things; what ever you do will be the same; even if u do something sensational and if u don’t enjoy it ; its really of no use for you at the end. Finally u will ask ur self whether u enjoyed ur life or not nothing else.

Even I had this weird plan ( now please don’t laugh) . Just to run away to some small place with my love; open up a small school; listen music and play badminton and occasionally write something. Do I really need anything more than this?

5) I kept my favourite topic to write at the end!! Its ‘ movies ‘. Here I am in Ranchi with nisheshji ;
we started watching some foreign movies . and I was just wondering looking at a Movie called ‘ Nostalgia’ by Andrei Torlovsky. Its so beautiful in each frame; its like a series of paintings panned in a row!! And each frame makes you to fall in love. This thing cant be made unless u really love movies.

We seriously planned out to watch all his movies and other art movies when ever we get time in between shoots. I am looking for a beautiful month ahead!!

3 cheers