Friday, March 18, 2011

Wanderings; Sense of humour and some conversations!!

After a week I got some free time and here I am happily writing my blog.. so many things are happening around; its kind of adding some pace to my life; absolutely in love with this change...
1)Two and half years ago when I started working on ‘Song of life’ I was day dreaming; I dreamed that I would make a damn professional movie that would hit theatres!! I felt the same even after completing the script. I took a risk; I know I might loose some things but still I moved on. I even fought with my lead to push me out of IBM soon. Looking back I think that is a very good decision. Yup i made mistakes (read blunders too!!). I used a interlace camera to shoot the future instead of progressive one!! ( ofcourse I didn’t know about camera’s much) and I was thinking more on creative side!! And I understood film making isn’t a one man show!! You need a proper dedicated team to make a proper film!! But still I bluntly kept animal force to compensate everything and moved on.
And I am really glad that I did it. Its an awesome learning experience. It made me mentally tough and gave me the required confidence. There were some very frustrating moments I endured and I am almost tempted to drop everything and run away, and pay back my investors working in a company. But then there some awesome moments and scenes which would stay with me for a life time!! I cherish them everyday; I started loving my tough times too; they taught me better things!! Now the only thing thats left is to pay back my investors!! And even if i cant make it now; I will pay back after some movies!!
Giving and honest review if I rate anecdote 2/5 ; I would rate song of life2.5/5. Lots to learn and loads to experiment. But then I would say its better than many melodramas we watch; occasionally you might fall in love with some scenes!! Thats what I would say on my first feature. Worth trying it.
I am all excited to market the movie; Do help me regarding the same and pray for me.. cheers!!
2) Enough of these wanderings!! Lets talk about sense of humour. The funny thing about humour is; we need a person or an object to make fun off.
But a good sense of humour is something that will make the person laugh even if its a crack on him or someone related to him!!
When I came to know that my father is a last bencher who used to read detective novels I laughed like hell.. ofcourse my father laughed with me.. genes brothers genes.. technically my son would never attend a school then.. ha ha..
Speaking of good sense of humour; we cant stop talking about PG Wodehouse!! Magicians of words; you will feel like flying after reading his books. He can take a very very simple plot; make you laugh all day with simple twists and magical words. A rich guy loves a poor girl; he has to ask for his share of money from his father to start a business so that he can marry her. And this father is a lunatic who loves a pig. So our hero tries to hide this pig and plans to show his father that he saved the pig and plans ask for his money!! This is the plot!! And he can write a book on it and he can make you laugh like hell.. that’s sense of humour!!
One more joke sponsored by a friend!!
Martin Luther King: I had a dream.....
Di caprio: Oh Yeah? I had a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream..
ha ha ha.. rofl
Now lets talk about weird humour. I have tons of this stuff hidden in me; I laugh like hell when I watch a horror movie. I just cant control my laugh. And I cant control my laugh when I see too much of melodrama either. As I said you need to be weirdly observant to get these kind of jokes.
Few of my friends went to mahabalipuram and uploaded a pic with a caption “ Oh what a temple” and guess what I couldn’t see the temple in the photo except the top part; these four guys are standing right before the temple covering it up.. ha ha ha..
But then there are people who are weird than me. There is this fellow who called me at night 2 O clock!! I asked him; whatz up!!. He told me “nothing sir; I was missing ; I didn’t talk with you for 2 days”. Believe me he really told me this answer. If it had been a girl thats another issue; even a girl calling like that might suck; but a fellow who stays in the next wing with a 5 min walk calls you at night 2.00 and gives such a reply!! This is too much. Next time buddy If I get a call like that I gotta kill you for sure!! Cheers..
And the most tough thing is this dark sense of humour.. I wish i didn’t have this; but I do have this humour.. such a pity.
When I see a girl who complains that all boys drink and smoke.. I cant control my laugh; after all what this girl will do is to spend hours in a shopping mall;both have no respect for time then why the hell they should complain; boys and girls are made for each other... ha ha...
Good or bad; everything has humour ...ha ha.. cheers to life!!
3) Difficulties!! I had my share of troubles; by god’s grace they weren’t very tough and I happily coped up with them.
Recently I was working with a guy; his father is a drunk; and his mom brought him up; his salary is 5 – 6 k. He was taking some three thousand from the ATM; and it got stuck!! The torture I saw in his face is something I cant express in words. I told him clearly that he wouldn’t loose the money and we can get it back!! But still he got so scared and kept asking me what if he looses the money!! Half his salary would go in drain! I was really touched; I took him next day to the bank and wrote a complaint letter to the bank; there was so much of tension in his voice when he is asking the manager and I know he is almost crying!!
Money is a weird thing; I never checked my balance when I was working ; but once I got out I took a 8k work for part time and I worked 10 continuous days and invested 3k on it. The editor didn’t complete the work on time and the guy who is supposed to pay our money ate it out. It was a horrible feeling; but a great lesson indeed and it taught me to respect money more. ( I am speaking about becoming a miser fellow I am speaking about shrewd business sense)!
I told this incident to a friend of mine he started telling his own story; “my father and mother and my uncles were poor and they studied in social welfare hostels; especially when my parents were in the hostel ; they pour water in rice left over at night and they eat it in the next day morning. I was told that worms used to float on them; they used to remove them and continued to eat!! Here we are happily having our lunch in a good restaurant. They worked hard and made our lives easy!!”.. awesome one; most of us were from lower/ middle class families; and they worked hard for us!!
Oh my god; I am getting senti.. ha ha .. I got more involved when I heard them say those things!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hard times and easy times!!

Here I am back again with another blog. Lets meander before getting into the main topic!!
The beauty of my work is; I get a chance to meet new people ;awesome people and can converse with them on excellent topics. I met people who watch each and every movie released and people who watched 4 movies a day when they were young. They did an excellent research on film making and screen writing. People who can speak about plot points and conflict points for hours and people with new fascinating ideas.Indeed a great learning experience.
I was talking with a friend of mine recently; we met one month back and we became very good friends soon. I don’t why he thought so; I was talking with him about a girl and he suddenly said the the following words “ dude don’t get me wrong but I think you are not practical; you might have face troubles later!”. On the contrary I think i am a very practical fellow; when most my batchmates are boozing and celebrating their jobs in final year ; I was busy working on Anecdote; I remember I missed my farewell that movie editing and I have no regrets.Anyways the word practical is relative.
Lets take a classic example; we were discussing on this somedays ago; Suppose you have a crore with you and you have a story you worked on for 2 years. There are 2 cases. You invest everything and make a movie; you might loose all the money or gain some,or you can dropthe money in bank and forget about the story. As a practical fellow I will keep all the money on the story and will make the movie because for me time is more important than money. I invested an year which I cant get back; and the shear beauty of watching on screen gives me a higher energy to do bigger things even if I loose the money. And If I save the money I will be regretting all my life for the lost time. Same is the case about the girl; If I okay with some one I never knew and then after 20 years I feel I committed the biggest of my life I cant accept that. I am damn practical and I value my time. Thats the
After all these so called practical people are filling the theatres to experience the melodrama missing in their life.. hence the telugu film industry is making proto
Okay lets get back to the topic. And as usual lets start with hard times!!
This is the story of a colleague of mine. This fellow’s father is a drunkard who does nothing. So his mother bought him up. And this fellow at the age of 19 got smitten by movies came to industry and started his trails to make a movie ( I am not going to say; he should help his Mom!! Lets cut down this drama of right and wrong). He confessed to me that he lived just pickles and papads on many days ; he used to drive cab’s at night and give trails in morning in the industry. And then I hear people complaining on life!! God save!! He told me a small concept on poverty and It was so damn original and so similar to ‘fight club’ ( definitely he didn’t see fight club) I was blown away.. hope to see some experiments in the future from this fellow!!
These are the hard times we cant avoid ; by gods grace I didn’t have any such trouble; And i hope I would never struggle like that. Now the other hard times are when people welcome them into their lives. I met a fellow recently who was a colleague of mine in IT field. He used to be very dynamic and a leader; I couldn’t recognize him when saw him now; grew beard and looking at the ceiling like a mad fellow and I heard that he attempted suicide all for a girl...pity we can suggest people but cant change any one unless they themselves wanna change. I just hope he recognizes everything soon and get back to his form!!
Till now I am venting out others troubles; its high time I write my own troubles. I got 4 days leave and I thought of visiting Kerala.. Plan was to visit chambray peak; trek 7 kms up and read for one hour near a heart shaped lake and get back. Tickets got booked easily even on the last minute!! To hometown and then to Chennai and finally Calicut. Then started trouble. Vomitings from the minute I got into Calicut. Proper fellow would have turned back. But I went up in s bus to Meppady and then trekked 2 more kms to trekking office where permission is to be taken to go up. Guess what there was a forest fire and they cancelled the trek. Damn damn.. and so; th never say die attitude forced me to go up; I travelled 20 kms up and trekked 6 more kms to have a lookat a cave ;and the worst thing is thats the worst cave I have seen. If some one suggests you to visit edakkal caves in wayanad; they are your secret enemies planning a revenge on you!! Take care. With all plans tumbled I returned back. and ofcourse they are no reservations available in return journey I had to travel in general for twelve hours and a fellow suffering from Fits sat next to me !! Real hard times huh..
But the best part is even then I never felt that I did a mistake in going alone; my brain was thinking to find a place which can be visited easily even though I am feeling weak!!. I suddenly felt a deep gratitude for my father for I definitely got this spirit from him!!
Well good times now!!
Here I am happily writing my blog in my recently rented pent house room. I am just blown away by the cool air blowing every evening; I am literally living in heaven . Of course Chennai Sea was much better. But to compare is logic less. Perfectly happy with Hyderabad. And especially my boss is a dude!! And I started playing gully cricket before the office !! What more can I ask for.
Life rocks!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers