Saturday, December 19, 2009

Deja vu!!

Thanks to Alwar ( my junior); he told me the meaning of this word!! Dictionary meaning for Deja vu is “the illusion of having previously experienced something actually being encountered for the first time”.
That is what I am feeling; I am feeling both those tough and excellent moments!!
Well then let us start with excellent moments; these are the things that will be with me for a long time!!
I am back to college; semester starts from January and I am eager to finish the shot parts and there is enough work for two people. I think this would be my last blog for a long time!! And I wish that, for there is no better thing than to be at work which u enjoy; no offence to write blogs ; I love that too.
So here I am sitting and watching “into the wild” nth time!! Its the story of a guy who wanders all America aimlessly!! And the movie still fascinates me; Alexander supertramp rocks!!
And music for this movie is simply superb. Whenever I see this movie ; I at least keep to songs and listen them and close the movie. Must say kinda addicted to it.
Especially the plain guitar songs( singing a song while playing a guitar); so simple and touchy!!
Tracy singing alone with guitar
( lyrics: Ain't no wonder I've never had much to say,I'm just hanging on the wind. Ain't no wonder there's no song I wanna play, this ain't no life I'm living in!!)
The voice itself is so young ; smooth; u will instantly fall in love with the song!!
And then ofcourse the song of both tracy and supertramp sings
(Lyrics: I am an old woman named after my mother; My old man is another child that's grown old
If dreams were lightning thunder was desire
This old house would have burnt down a long time ago
Make me an angel that flies from Montgom'ry
Make me a poster of an old rodeo
Just give me one thing that I can hold on to
To believe in this living is just a hard way to go!!

Just read the last line guys “ to believe in this living is just a hard way to go”. ‘Awesome ‘ is the only word!! My sister was just telling me; Music is something we cant live without. Absolutely correct!!
And then follows the excellent dialogues : Supertramp: you are pretty magic!!
Tracy: Yeah?
Supertramp: Yeah!! And just remember; if u want something in life ; reach out and grab it.
Poetry ; lyrics; add some music.. and then we really need anything in lives!!
“bhawraa man dekh ne chala re ek sapna”
For all those who can understand telugu
“ Dhara putri; suma gathri; nadayaadi raga”
“ tarali radha tane vasantham; tana dhariki vanaala kosam”
“ om kaaranaadhanusandhaana mou gaana me .. sankarabharanamu!!”
“Priyatama nee vachata kuselama ; nenichata kusalame”
I think i can write pages like this ; so better stop here.
So getting back to the topic; Here, I am in ISM; enjoying the winter. And I hope everyone who enjoyed their engineering days would love this. Winter is something special for everyone in their own way!! For me its about those chilly nights where you can wander with friends; singing songs or talking freaky things!! My room mate used to sleep till 4 in evening and then used to sit before computer and used to chat with babes all night ( Americans; phillipinnes ; even south Africans!! Pretty good record!! Anilji i am really sorry for this; but i couldn’t stop writing this). One of my junior was saying some days back; “Sir do you remember the red main building; especially in winter; it looks ghastly; i used to fear to go there!! “Haha.and another one was saying “ u must capture all those beautiful things in winter sir.. “
And one more beautiful thing is the lazy way we sleep in bed!! Till 10 and request your friend; to give your attendance(proxy) I loved it. And I am glad I am back to enjoy this for some more time!! May be years later i may visit as an alumni; but that wont be the same as now.
Thats why I used the word Deja-vu—we feel like this again and again and yet they are so refreshing!! Cheers!!
And more of this kind is the excellent feeling you get when you get a new idea. My friend just called me in morning and told me “ I am planning a new project in Mumbai. Its like live updates of trains through mobile for the guys who did their reservations. We can work with IRCTC. And I need to make a PPT sort of thing; you have any ideas”.
Believe me friends ; this idea is really mind blowing!! No wonder if i see him as one of the richest;but yes it is very tough to reach that stage. I said the same to him.
He said” yeah ; i understand ; i want to start updating train details in Mumbai first; later we can improve”.. Kudos dude .. ur one of the best!! U seriously rock.
Time for a song again:
(lyric: Such is the way of the world
You can never know
Just where to put all your faith
And how will it grow

Gonna rise up
Burning black holes in dark memories
Gonna rise up
Turning mistakes into gold

Such is the passage of time
Too fast to fold
Suddenly swallowed by signs
Low and behold

Gonna rise up
Find my direction magnetically
Gonna rise up
Throw down my ace in the hole;
But then there is this feeling !!
Cheers guys;
And now getting back to the tough things!! There is this feeling when everything goes wrong!! You expect something; and definitely some other turns up; and obviously this thing happens every time we start up anything new; no complaints i say to myself ; get used to it and get the best out of it.
When i resigned job; there was a guy Nishesh who is supposed to be my technician for the movie; he said he would be with me till the movie completes and left in between!! I think people who really know their job; will never do their job.. ha ha.. It added double work for me and then thats life; Cant even say ; if he will be with us for post production with us; need to do something.
And damn it add to this; the girl u proposed says “ srikanth; i don’t have the maturity to select my match by myself”.No offense ; life is a big comedy.. no doubt about that.
But Christmas i thought will get joy for us. But My troubles literally started now. Do pray for me Plz!! I need to get my basics correct.
Nothing I can do; except sing myself
( Sure as I am breathing
Sure as I'm sad
I'll keep this wisdom in my flesh
I leave here believing more than I had
And there's a reason I'll be
A reason I'll be back

As I walk
The Hemisphere
Got my wish
To up and disappear

I been wounded
I been healed
Now for landing I been
Landing I been cleared

Sure as I'm leaving
Sure as I'm sad
I'll keep this wisdom
In my flesh

I leave here believing
More than I had
This Love has got
No Ceiling )

Lets hope 2k11 will be much better ( actually 2k10 was also awesome!! I really enjoyed this year a lot; but i just want the coming year much better.. ha ha)
3 cheers

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some ramblings… and some conversations!!

( ps:this is a lengthy work; but i really enjoyed this work a lot)
One of my friends asked me; “ I think u take your blogs very seriously”. Friends let me tell you I was very very happy to hear this actually. When ever I say “ I am serious “ most of my friends laugh at me. I don’t know what to say so I just join with them. So finally I got some one who says I am serious. Cheers. After all I wouldn’t start something if I am not serious about it; and it’s a pleasure if people enjoy my works. I say this again n again if u don’t enjoy my writing ; even then I will write n torture you ; don’t worry about it.Writing is something I really got addicted. Laugh; cry; anger; love; whatever it is I love to write it( though I try to avoid any negative emotions; after all there is enough crap in this world; better don’t add something to the already existing). Its almost 1 Am and my sister asked what are doing till now. I said “ blogging “.
Sis:” really :p”
challa: really
pages raasthunna( I am writing pages)
name is some ramblings and some conversations; but the thing is i dont know whether i will complete it or not
i start up many things but only some will finish
Sis: :) but u have courage to start up thing.. u only need half more patience i think...
for ordinary things.sorry for ordianry people ..they need full energy u know..

I think I got her point; to start up something guys is always tough; and finishing it is hell.. ha ha ..

I cant move from my home right now; they cancelled all buses in AP; ( everyone suggesting me not to go out at all).Funny thing is they are doing ‘Rail rokho’ program on the very day of my journey to dhanbad. I think my journey to dhanbad gonna cancel. Everyone in AP wants to participatein bandh’s and to fast till death; I just wish let them do it fast; we can clear up everyone in 2 months we can get back to our lives!! Funny people and a funny world. Eagerly waiting to jump off to college from this place.Winter in ISM is the thing my heart is longing for!!. Ride a bicycle at nights in the entrance road of main building!!
But I got an excellent break and I am glad I got it. 3 Songs are composed already and 2 songs on its way!! I am a happy man. Some lovely days I would always remember ; Sleep less nights and the feeling of falling in love.Some things happen in the most unexpected way; u cant expect them to happen again n again but they remain with you all ur lives when they happen!! Welcome to life!!. My plan for the next 5 years( Don’t think this too much but it is really too too much. ) Finish Song of life; go for some travels and then work on one more movie and then study in Scotland on film making (or Scotland first and then movie) and take a big bike drive through out india ( idea is actually copied from che guevera ( motor cycle diaries)). So its my very ambitious plan for next 5 years lets hope atleast we will do this as planned.
I think I am enjoying my life a lot as the days are progressing!! Thank you god for everything. I heard some excellent songs too; always been an rehman fan; but now loving ilayaraja too. Vijayji told me some days back ” bad luck dude; I missed meeting ilayaraja; my uncle met him; he was so down to earth ; there is no TV in his house he wont even read newspaper; he is just addicted to music man!!”.I wish I could meet such a splendid person. After all what I am is because of the people I met . People who believe all people are idiots. And people who love humanity and pray for them everyday and people who just keep doing their works; and people who work 24/7 and they have so much info you how they gather that info; and people with their sheer genius minds and ofcourse mediocre. Everyone contributed something for me. I thank each and everyone for that.Rahul dravid’s batting, che guevera’s bike journey; clint eastwood’s movie making; rehman’s music; Michael jackson’s dance ; her highness Sharapova herself.. ha ha..Materoo so many beautiful things in this world; I wish could make something like that stay for ever.Some days back me and choubey were discussing the same”Buddy I don’t know when; but we will make our best movie some day and it should be remembered for ever.”.. success and failure ; it should be above all these!!
Coming back to the main point; things aint going bright as of now!! The placements in college are worse and almost all my characters are final years including the main role; I need your prayers!! Please pray for me guys; and pray that I complete everything without any problem!!
And now getting back to the topic of live conversations; In a particular weekend I visited some of the ibmers ( conmy previous colleagues and good friends). As usual bachelor stuff ; me ; raj ; shiva and srini prepared a special meal for lunch; actually they prepared and I am interrupting them in between with my jokes!!. And we sat to eat!! ( I will just type some of the conversation happened)
Me: masteroo; bachelor life is too good; self cooking ha ha.. I really enjoy that, they I never cook. Who taught you to cook?
Raj: orey!! No one will teach cooking ;u should see ; observe and follow .. that’s it.
Shiva: If u stay ; outside hostel; for a long time u will be good at anything.
( as usual I went off topic)
Me: yes yes; hostel life is too good; I really loved it.
Raj: no; hostel life is very bad; its better not to stay in hostel when ur a kid.
Me: kick ass; what the hell; whyso?
Raj: do you know how many people got spoilt by joining hostels.running to movies ; and hitting after girls.
Me: no way; that has nothing to do with hostels; only when u stay out and meet new people you grow; when u like something u run after it; I don’t see anything wrong out there;
I think its like we hate our studies so much; we seek pleasure in those things.
Raj: oh you mean ; add sex education in our education system; that’s very bad for our culture;
Shiva: one thing is true; if u stay in hostel ; they run after girls ; and nothing can spoil as that.
Raj: what I observed girls also play role in that; they initially cooperate and then back off; that’s it; and these guys become mad; they throw acids n all ; that’s what I observe!!
Me: I don’t know; why when I talk of change in education; first thing everyone talks is sex education and then boys running after girls; the thing is they are natural; let them be like that; but the real thing is much more than that; Ur education should teach you to live not just to mug and it give some fun too. Add some music ; good stories and don’t ask them for marks in those subjects; let the kids enjoy themselves and come out with new ideas. and let them live it!!; I have so many friends who complain everyday that they hate their job!!
Shiva: you mean; everyone should leave up everything and start doing what ever they like;
Me: I don’t know; all I want is some flexibility in our system; if u don’t like one thing ; u must be in a position to change!! I see so much of spirit in people when they are students and then the spirit dies; I don’t know why?
Srinivas: that is because ; we understand everything is not possible; we dream a lot but slowly I understand we cant be everything.
Me: that’s what I am speaking about? Who said so.
Raj: I say so; where are the opputunities; you tell me?
Me: let them chillout and start something themselves; that what education should teach you!!
Raj: what if u fail?
Me: But if u think of ur result before u start; I tell u; u will reach no where.
Raj: the probability is very very low. I want myself to be reasonably; and I want my kids to be happy and that’s it.
Me: ru happy now?
Shiva: humans wants are unlimited masteroo; no one can be ever happy.
Raj: u see I always wanted to be in core; my parents software so I came to IT. That’s the beauty of giving; u must learn it. After all where are the opputunities ; so much of competition out there; if u fail ; every oone looks at you as an ass.
( that’s where the problem comes; u cant think of success and failures before u start; and the parents fundaa is the biggest issue in india. Kids want something; parents save something; and the struggle always exists. Something should change; after all parents should understand; its their kids happiness that’s important; and students should show the same to parents; and damn this is the toughest of all; changing the parents; and this competition comes; if people are in a hurry; let them relax first; and let them share and let everyone enjoy their work; every one will have work and let every one enjoy; I know its easy to say in theory; but this thing to happen; we need to damn work hard and adding to that the poverty in india; its real tough; but still I hope we realize this someday; and work together; if not this system will collapse; every one fights another; that’s what that happened ( world war 1 n 2) and history repeats again)
Shiva(concluded): I am froma village; my father is a farmer; I became a good earner now; may be my kids will follow their heart masteroo; I might help them.
Me: make sure you do that; and may be help others too if possible; we need to do that.
( it was such a gripping discussion and for such a long time; I wrote some points only; we talked for 2 hours literally; till I need to run off for my train!! Enjoyed the discussion a lot though!! I questioned my basics ; what exactly am I going to do for my fellow men..!!)
And one more conversation with a friend; this thing is a chat I am copy pasting ( read it if u have patience; but ireally loved this conversation)
( This conversation about a song for the mocie; I told him that I want the naturally as if some students are really singing that)
rahul: you knw what
rahul: i too thot same way
challa: which one dude?
rahul: i like that sudent stuff wat u r talking abt
challa: yeah
rahul: in fact i was going to add that in my mail but thn stopped
challa: ha ha
rahul: that gives more feel
challa: excellent
rahul: so instead of a close room shud be more sound like real time singing.u knw wat i mean
challa: i understand
rahul: hmm
challa: but not in a position for live recording dude
rahul: hmmm but u already hv three songs ryt??
challa: yes .actually; all of them are as if students sitting n singing.hero has a band.
i wanted everything as live recording.but that cant happen
rahul: i knw
challa: only hollywood live records
rahul: abt sahil
challa: ha a
rahul: hmmm
challa: ha ha.okay
rahul: that requires very good reording intsrument
challa: yes
rahul: but this i was not knwing.they do it real time
challa: yes;
rahul: i knew they record the time they shoot.but i thot it's just for sync refremce.while dubbin:P
challa: that our people do;hollywood mostly live record
rahul: oh ok;hmmmm
challa: only one guy attempted in india?
rahul: who
challa: gueees whom?
rahul: ??.ray?? :P
challa: no no;no technology at that time;its mani ratnam for yuva
rahul: then?? ohhhh
challa: u can almost see the difference in that movie from others
rahul: pardon me.......but never saw tat one ;:P:P
i knw huge crime it is:D
challa: ha ha;cool man
rahul: want to see thou;alwys hear nice wrds abt it
challa: yeah cool; thats good ; but not his best
rahul: but they say as acting was better in tamil one
challa: he made some beautiful movies in tamil;yes
rahul: hmmm
challa: what more buddy? whatz up thereawake till now?
rahul: hey m screwed here yaar;so much wrk now a days
challa: oh; in office?
rahul: not able to create....;nah nah
challa: create what?
rahul: not in offyc;i want to create so many things
challa: excellent; 4DC work
rahul: u knw i even some to create some gud music too
challa: oh u never told me this;send me dude
rahul: some day
challa: i will listen up
rahul: hey i really like orchestra music
challa: excellent!!live?
rahul: i mean those from that gud bad ugly guy
challa: i loved spic macay actually!!ha ha
rahul: ennio morricone
challa: i recently watched good bad ugly
rahul: ohh
challa: dont know the name dude
rahul: i want to see others western sphagetti too by same director
challa: italian?
rahul: yep
challa: oh great
rahul: but in english dub ;)
challa: okies;music is same
rahul: yeah;actually all those four-five movies had same screenplay writer same directot and sam music dir
challa: oh
rahul: so wht abt ur workshop
challa: i am planning it in Calcutta;chennai couldnt pull in people;so; shifting the place thr;lets see
rahul: haan there u are
kolkata is the place
challa: lets hope the best
rahul: all the best
challa: that will add some budget for my movie too
thank u thank u
if i make it a hit;
rahul: hahahaha
challa: ha ha
but really buddy
i am pulling everything i have in it
but learning a lot too
rahul: hmmmm
hey i really think tat u shud attend some course
may be outside
if possible
challa: sure;
planning to do a film making course in scotland
rahul: you can even get good contacts while studying ther
challa: edinbourgh
rahul: hmmmm
challa: after song of life;
or after one more movie
rahul: the place itself is very photogenic
challa: i know
rahul: hmmm
challa: thats why i chose it
ha ha
rahul: hehehehe
i loved sceneries in braveheart
challa: too good buddy
remeber those final words; freedom
rahul: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
challa: we saw it in our final in LHC
rahul: huge emotions
challa: man; it gave such a push
rahul: that piece of cloth falling from his hand
challa: yeah;
rahul: i almost cried
challa: ha ha
rahul: first time wen i saw
in third year
challa: if u remember ; u suggested me to watch the making also
rahul: yes yes
i like the process
i told u this earlier i guess
challa: yeah
rahul: ppl working hard.......creative ppl......
challa: they r the real stuff man
rahul: correct
challa: man ; i am going to paste this chat as it is in blog; i loved this
what say?
rahul: hahahaha....
i too loved this conv.
challa: so when r u going to send me ur compositions?
rahul: hohohohoo
for that i hv to learn music first
challa: ha ha
rahul: i hv a sense tat i knw
but i cant make music
challa: i thought ; from ur previous messages; u already do
rahul: neither can i play
challa: okay; got it
rahul: its just all creative things pull me a lot.....and i envy those whose are doind that :(
lyk u
lucky u
challa: ha ha;
u are welcome any time
u know that buddy
and we all love ur works too
rahul: hehehehe....thnx...
challa: cheerios man; i am working on a blog; and will include this stuff also;
rahul: ciaoooo
challa: forgot; u didnt say anything about the previous ones
rahul: songs???
challa: no no
rahul: yes
i read it
challa: couldnt relate?
rahul: nah nah
i cud yaar
and i cant agree with u more on the politics u blogged abt
really bad
challa: yes man; tell you what
i made reservation tomorrow;
and they r doing rail rokho
rahul: ok
challa: god damn
rahul: bull shit
unemployed youths....waasting energies
challa: yes buddy; too much
rahul: there are som many other things in this world to do
and these guys burn buses
challa: yeah;
regarding the CAT joke
how wasit?
ha ha
rahul: hahahah
challa: feed back
rahul: it was in fact funny
and ur jokes make me laugh
challa: thank u thank u
finally i found some one
rahul: cheers

challa: this time seriouslu ciao dude; need to do some work
rahul: me too
its late
gud nyt
challa: good night

3 cheers

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Funny things !! and some serious n nostalgic moments in childhood !!

I am back!!; With my new jokes. But the thing is, it seems very few laugh at my jokes ( excluding myself ). My room-mate did warn me in my final year “ Please don’t keep all your jokes in your movies ; you will be the only guy who will laugh at them!!we can’t laugh at them”. I decided not to take risk of keeping them in my movies( you know bread n butter for life fundaa) but then I need to spread them anyway so I started ‘blogging’ them to torture people. Recently one of my friend was saying “ you better tell us before ,that you are telling a joke; if not we don’t understand what expression we need to give “ that ass is a back stabber and I don’t wanna worry about him. But the sweetest way to torture the guys who comment bad on your jokes is to tell them worse jokes.
Recently I was travelling a lot between Chennai and my hometown for the song recordings. One particular bad day I took this book; “Estate of Mind” by Tamar Myers. No, I am not against any lady oriented novels or lady authors. As a fact Million dollar baby was one of my all time favorite movie. But I tell u what if at all any one presents you any of the tamar myer’s book please understand that he/she is plotting something behind you especially to damage ur brain. The heroine in this particular novel comes into possession a 12 million worth paintings; and she quarrels with all her friends; (who ask some 1 million to sell the painting) stating that its too much money. And I thought it is reasonably okay. But guess what; finally the villains enter and Kidnaps her cat (Read CAT..) and keeps a note stating that that unless she gives the painting she won’t see her Cat alive. After reading 170 pages of a book; if ony one sets up such a climax!! Tell me what do you really feel like; and this lady enters the villains den and and literally throws the painting away “ Okay now; here is your painting; give me my cat back” and then ofcourse they plan to kill her too; and hero comes and saves too.. beware friends no more tamar myers. If u didn’t start till now; well n good just avoid.
Me and my dad get along very well in almost all the situations except on one thing. It is about education. He is stereo type. He firmly believes that I didn’t study well if not I would have ended up in some iit. Adding salt to the wound we found a IITian in train once and he started telling my father how he read 14 hours day. I would have happily killed that fellow.. 14 hours a day .. haha.. and I firmly believe I read more than necessary and I should have played more cricket at that time. So after many many discussions we came to understanding not to get the topic in between us; ha ha... but then u know sometimes I get cornered ; when my cousin was doing +2 people used to call me to give fundaas; As I am very good hearted fellow I used to tell them “have fun and study well; lets see what happens. “ and then father makes it a point to pull me in; “ if ur not serious u will end up like him”. He thinks it is an insult; but I absolutely love myself; after all if I had ended up in iit; I wouldn’t have been ISM. The best !!. So if some one starts discussing about studies I literally run from the place if my father is some where around me. And then this thing happened. Some of my relatives brought a fellow studying degree 1st year to my father ; and the kid seems not interested in studies he wants to take up a job asap. Obviously planning to marry some girl in a hurry. And my father is supposed to fundaas for him to study!! So my father kept on telling him to complete degree atleast and that firmly refuses stating he cant study anymore; he needs to become a police constable ASAP. The kid even got the application. My father called me and told me to take him a doctor(our family friend) to mesasure his chest and height. So I took out and told him “ as of now you think earning 10K will be very great; but the feeling soon fades away; if your head officer starts pushing you; then you will understand the problem of working; so better complete ur degree and you can become poilice inspector.” . he said fine we went home; and the fellow told my father that I told him that I adviced to complete his degree. My father was so happy; he almost shouted “ oh really !! ( he gave a shake hand) it was a treat for my ears”. Such a pity; he never understood that I am never against education!! I am just against the mug n mug stuff.
3) I am in my hometown for some days; with songs being recorded in Chennai and with guys having exams and hols I can say I did enjoy some holidays. So, one fine day me and my dad went for a walk and went past our school and I started laughing. And my father was taken aback and asked me what happened. “ I just remembered my school days dad. Me and sister when we escaped the school used to hide in the trees nearby the school; and one day head master found us; and he kicked me well and just shouted at sister to get back to classes. How come he hit me and wont event hit sister once!!. That was too much “.My father also started laughing with me. And just some days back; one of my was saying; “ Srikanth we can never get back those days of cricket in railway school ground. You(srikanth), me (anil) ,LR, siva, BR. We had a good gang”. Actually I used to play defensive cricket; and finally they stopped taking me into matches; and so finally changed myself into a hitter!!.I think that’s the beauty of childhood; u remember beautiful things; just now when I am writing this I remember I used to add some water to rin soap and used to blow bubbles in glass.! Beautiful that’s the only word to describe those things; Hide n seek; gully cricket; n what not man. And another friend of mine said that she used to recite tables a lot indeed slapped her sister who was her senior with her table mantra .. haha.. most of us; and she used to compete with her sister to run home fast. Those beautiful moments; I will never forget and I used stand and watch every football match; badminton match n what ever they play in ground and ofcourse cricket with those pads. And ofcourse the TV shows; Ramayana ; mahabharat; alif laila; giant robot; yeah yeah; that Chandra kanta !! I loved that krur simh.. awesome guys..
Just write ur own experiences as comments; I would love to read them!!
3 cheers

Monday, December 7, 2009

Power Politics!!

I am absolutely non-political. If at all I am free I will go and vote for JP’s lok satta. Whatever I write here is absolutely a third person’s work!! Yes I might be wrong in some places but this what I feel from what I see around me. Correct me if I am wrong.
Worst things are happening in Andhra Pradesh. This is a disgrace to everyone one in AP. The funny thing is that everyone knows this is just a political game for power. But none are speaking out; everyone wants to save their back!!
For all those who don’t know about Andhra Pradesh; there are three regions in AP; coastal( kosta), rayalaseema and telangaana. Of these three regions telangana is the most backward place; and the land isn’t as rich (read fertile) as other places and with the landlord system which exploited them for a long time (may be even now its happening out there) the place and the people didn’t develop much. With naxalites and police people still fighting in those forests I really see no hope for the revival of telangana.
Using this as an opportunity KCR started one damn political party whose only aim is get a separate telangana. Even a guy who is not involved in politics like me can say he is an Ass. He did nothing revolutionary in his constitution in which he was elected till now. If his only intention is develop telangana what the hell he did till now apart from jumping from one party to party. “A true spine less sucker” – I would call him.
Are these guys brainless or something!!
If u want to develop a place it should be done with great hard work not by separation!! Okay; if telangana is sanctioned; whats exactly going to change?? Nothing!! Except one more state added to India. And yeah; that a new CM (mostly KCR). Apart from that nothing is going to happen.
As a fact, the revenue of the other two regions is pushed in Hyderabad and the other regions suffer for it. And to build new capital needs one hell of revenue. Apart from Hyderabad Telangana has nothing left. I see nothing but more loss to everyone. I say this again if u want to develop a place you need work damn hard and everyone must pull in their extra efforts.There is no other way.
Now lets see; what exactly happened; When KCR formed a party; congress wanted an alley; KCR joined them( ofcourse congress promised him to help in forming Telangana) and he got his place in the ministry and that ass did nothing regarding telangana for 5 years and but at the time of elections he started shouting again for separate telangana. Congress took the gamble and went into elections leaving out KCR and KCR joined BJP.
What exactly happened was; congress made a clean sweep in AP. No one can speak anything now. KCR went to self defense. His place as the leader itself went into jeopardy. But then fate is a funny thing. YSR died in a crash; and the congress people started fighting who should be made as the next CM ( there was a long fight between the followers of Rossaiah( senior most member ) and the son of YSR). What exactly happened was Congress lost their power as everyone started fighting with one another.
KCR played a clever gamble here; he took this opportunity and went into a fast till death for separate telangana. He got his name back and worst he is a great now and if he dies people will make a martyr out of that fellow. Can’t people understand that this is just power game and nothing comes to ordinary people. And one stupid student committed suicide for this new telangana. What should we call this? Isn’t the fellow perverted? Can’t that fool understand that pure stupidity? And the Damn media instead acting tough is just encouraging them and making KCR an Icon.
Forget politicians for a moment. What is happening to students? Why the hell they are wasting their time? Burning buses and facing latti’s. Is it their boredom in life (they just want some excitement). Bandh for 48 hours and total blockade of work don’t they understand the loss.
Everyone knows this. Rossaiah lost the grip and taking back the charges against KCR itself is nothing but accepting defeat. Now Chandra babu naidu visited KCR to check on his health and other parties will join him. No one wants to look bad here and every one wants to save their future votes.
Not a single fellow is raising voice against telangana. Worst still this ultimately shows Telangana people are going to suffer more because of these Hippocrates and out of their foolishness because it is the exploited that is exploited more.
I see everything right before me; if a kid like me can understand what is happening to people of AP. Aren’t they supposed to do something and stop making fools out of ourselves.
God save AP an god save this nation. If u wanna really develop follow Japan nothing else.
3 cheers

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wandering Soul!!

Guys I need small help; if u have any concepts for advertisements on any product just mail it to me; I will keep it in my script (Your name in credits promised)
This blog is nothing but the documentation of my recent thoughts and works !!

Friends; One thought has nothing to do with another as these are all wandering thoughts...
1) If you really don’t wanna make an ass of yourself in a train; I suggest to you again n again please don’t read Wodehouse while travelling; especially if its of Psmith or Jeeves. Damn it; the guy makes u laugh so loud. I was travelling home ; and placed myself happily in a side upper and started reading the book; I must have been laughing a lot; when I lifted my head; I saw all the guys sitting were looking at me n laughing!! This might have been happening from sometime and I didn’t notice it. I too started laughing with them and they started laughing more.

I got fine with it soon!! Enough of this making myself a laughing stalk; so I covered myself completely with a blanket and tried to sleep!! But the problem is if u try to suppress it makes you to laugh more; I was laughing in the blanket itself; and everyone were laughing all the more!! Too bad!! I have a weak point that I can never control my laugh!!

One more important thing; I must do something right now such that I look like a director!! May be I must wear that cow boy hat or do something similar to that. I was waiting for the guy who is giving music for movie before Spencers!! And this guy came up and said “ ohh!! Ur the guy who is making the movie; great yaar; I couldn’t believe it was you”!! I still can’t understand what exactly he expected from me or from any one. Anyways next time u see me; and u think I am acting weird!! U definitely will know the reason!!

2) Guys I need to confess something here. I am leaking some of my weak points here , while writing I have some phobia called ‘name phobia’. Its easy for me to write a story; but finding a proper name to each character is very tough for me. So when I am trying to write the script for anecdote ( i.e struggling to find a name for the main character) sitting in my room; rahulji entered; that fixed the issue; my main characters name is rahul. And regarding the heroines name; I just asked rahulji “ tell me a girl’s name which you like a lot”. He said “ I don’t know why ! but I like the name priya a lot”.That settled the issue; so when ever I take up my pen main role’s name is Rahul and girls name is Priya. So I state the fact clearly I have nothing to do with the name priya and that is the idea of rahulji alone. Even for song of life also I chose Priya as the main name; but Prashantji our DEAN bhai in anecdote; said he is literally bored of that name
And changed the name to Shreya. So my point is the Character priya has nothing to do with challa!! Ha ha
3) I am sitting pretty now; 40% of my shoot is done; and songs are already composed so I hope I can complete the shoot by march as planned!! I got a break as my actors are seriously preparing for exams!! And this is a welcome break; I can look back what I shot till now and also plan something better for the future shots!! Let’s hope all ends well that starts well.

I had a chat with sahil some days ago. “Sir; when do you think you will be millionaire? He asked me”. I Said “being a millionaire is not the thing I want; even if I earn lots of bucks; I am going to spend it in social service or open a free library for all.”; I was saying to another friend of mine “ there were only two options for me either I enter business or in movie making; the artist in me
won!! And I chose to make movies”. I personally thank each and everyone who are supporting me in making this ‘Song of Life’. You know many friends advised not to take risk!! I like the fact they are thinking about me!!
But there are people who really supported and said “ you can do it” and they believed in me so much; they are investing in me!!

Especially I am totally moved by the belief Prema kept one me; she never saw my works but still she believes in me. I pray to god that I would make it big and good and make sure every one will feel glad that they believed in me.

4) I couldn’t get tickets on the day I planned to go home; and it is by sheer luck I saw the century of Rahul Dravid; for almost 2 years he struggled for and now he is back!!( And the next day I cancelled my tickets to watch his total innings and the guy got out without adding a single run; thats another issue) I don’t know how many such beautiful innings I am going see from him!! But ask me the guys who really inspired me with his sheer work and concentration; I would say its Rahul Sharad Dravid. He loves to stay in ground and loves to bat as much time as possible; man such a dedicated person and at the end he can say Cricket is just a part of life!!He is an artist in his own way!!

Speaking of artists; Lord Krishna is one of the best artist one can ever find in history books.( I am definitely not going talk something about religion). But from the stories I heard; they say he played his flute so beautifully; that even cattle stopped grazing and peacocks and swans surrounded him to listen his songs; and I read some beautiful poems in child hood; about how they used to play while grazing those cattle in Vrindavam!! I wish I can hear that music and play with him!! I recently visited ISKCON (tirupati and banglore) it was the paintings on the top wall of the inner temple that will your breath away. So beautiful its work of grace you will really love it; give it a try when free. I sat there for an hour looking at the art work. Of course Krishna n radha rani; itself is a great treat to watch; one of the biggest romances ever written.

5) It’s happily raining here!! Ask me the best of all seasons; I will pick rainy season; especially the transition period between winter and rains; it will be slowly drizzling; and you can smell the earth; and can feel some chill!! I think this year I am lucky to be at places where ever rains are there. August n September is the rainy season in dhanbad and now I am back to home it’s raining here!!

3 cheers

Friday, November 13, 2009

Himalayas!!.. and a short story!!

This Blog my friends is something very close to my heart. I thought of writing this long back; but the funny thing about writing something is; you cant write whenever you like; and it should just happen by itself and we need to wait for it!! I dont say its the same for everyone; atleast its the way I write.

Most of my stories start with my father’s story; he is a man who left his job in SHAR and took a job in Railways so that he can travel places!! I think I too got this love for travelling from him. When
ever he used to go to a new place I used to run along with him (thanks to indian railways for the free pass) and there were days I to used cry when my father didnt take to some place ha ha.. When I got placed in campus my father came to congratulate me and we just visited Nepal on a weekend!! You can understand how freakish we are to travel.
This started when I completed my Btech( actually my professors threw out of college giving me pass marks so that they wont have to bear me for one more year) and I am free for 2 months before I join IBM. And my father came up with this ingenious Idea of visiting Himalayas. There was only one problem with that idea ; I heard only old people visited those places not youngsters; and some people started laughing at me when I told them about the visit to Himalayas.
One and the same we decided to go!! Route is Andhra ; Orissa ; Mp and then delhi finally haridwar via roorkee. Its a 2 day train journey!! And you will start enjoying the journey right from the time u enter Mp; they place is full of forests and occasionally u can see small villages along the way!! If you stand at the door of the coach ; u can feel the cool breeze from the trees in the forests and then train passes through some caves and you will be left in total darkness for sometime!! Life time experience guys and the most relaxed journey you can ever have. Then comes Jhansi; agra; delhi.
By the time you reach haridwar u spent 2 days in train with no bath and ur obviously tired!! Right away you can go and take a bath in the cool water of ganga. You will be almost back to life and the ganga harthi ( thousands of devotees will be there for that event) rocks. And then next day morning take a bus to Himalayas and the place u wanna go there. I visited Char dams ( Gangothri; yamunothri; kedranath and badrinath) it was almost four visits and each visit gave a new experience!! But when I travelled for the first time I am almost certain that I am going to die in a bus accident; paths are so narrow and you can see from bus the tires almost at the edge of the road and next to you there is a big valley one wrong step u are gone!! But believe me guys that’s worth it. Ofcourse because of my frequent visits I almost got used to it now.
In my first Visit I visited Kedarnath and you need to trek for 14kms in between forests and a river follows you all the way and nothing beats the sound of water from a river ( very soothing sound) and it Ice rain started when we were standing before the temple; we had a stick in our hands and standing on a single foot we cleared space for another foot and then did the same again!! Some how survived it; but by the time the rain stopped all the mountains surrounding us were covered with ice; its like ice toppings on a green blanket of mountains.
Second visit is to Gangothri; and from gangothri to gaumukh you need to trek for 21 Kms. This was the best trek I ever had; you can see some deers on the way and some creatures almost like antilopes!! And the forest is real dense and the flowers on the mountains really refreshes ofcourse ganga will be following you all the way. Nothing to eat on the way till you travel 14 kms apart from the food you carry. And finally observing the glacier where gaumukh starts is a life time experience!!
On my third visit we went to Yamunothri; it’s a 7 km trek became pretty easy for us; but we reached a particular place ; its almost like a valley surrounded by mountains very very closely; and suddenly some 50 parrots flew from a tree and started flying in the sky in circles; I still how beautiful it was… my father was saying we should have shot this scene!! But then some things happem so fast u just need to keep them in you and there is no other way to store them!!
And then we will get back to Rishikesh; and a perfect end for this ten day journey will be the ganga harthi in rishikesh. In haridwar harthi has so many people that u feel it a bit congested; but in rishikesh its totally different; you can sit relax and allow the chant to sink into you; they prey to a big statue of shiva who himself is in a meditating position. So beautifully young kids chant “ Hare rama Hare Krishna” it takes you to another world!! And you will be in perfect peace. And this ends the awesome journey!!
And everytime I go there ; I say to myself some day I am going to stay in Rishikesh for two months attend ganga harthi daily!!
Regarding the story I was mentioning!! I visited uttarkhand again ; the plan is to visit valley of flowers!!
We reached Haridwar finally and we are eager to take a bath in ganga!! And tell you what when I went there is no river out there . I see most of you wont believe these words and think of me when I really saw that !! what would be my reaction?.Unbelievable!! It seems they are cleaning the river itself and they diverted the river ( some big government proect). I was a bit dejected not to have a bath in ganga. Okay move on atleast we will visit valley of flowers; and we went to govind ghat and trekked 16 kms to reach valley of flowers and the worst thing is there isn’t a single blossomed flower out there!! We went in the wrong season!! This is too much; its like “ He went He saw He lost” no we wont make this happen;
What ever it is we must do something before we go!! If not total trip is lost!! we came back 3 kms and trekked up 6 kms again in different route and visited Hemkund ( frozen lake ) and gurudwara. And we almost reached the top of the snow capped mountains. We told ourselves what ever it is we won… and came back!! ( funnily they are going to close that gurudwara from the next day; till winter ends!!) at last fate does show us some mercy
3 cheers

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Music .. Movies .. n winter!!

I am writing this blog in pure ecstasy!! If u find that I am exaggerating stuff please forget that and carry on.

Actually I just attended a program of Spic macay in college ( classical music). The beauty of classic music you will have very less audience; there were days when I used to sit in the last chair in our auditorium when these programs are going on and even stretch my legs and keep it in the chair in front row; and lay down as if I care for nothing and allow the music to sink in .This time it was a splendid mix of Flute n Tabla. One of the best performances I have heard and the journey was awesome; and so u can understand why I am literally writing this in ecstasy.

Even when I was in Chennai I used to visit iit madras in all cultural festivals; and I saw some awesome dance performances ( especially reflections dance; i.e two guys stand before one another and you feel as if the one is the mirror image of another!!) even when so many hot events are happening around I used to attend classic music competitions for I feel it is the music of soul ( ofcourse rock is great) so I will support our Sir jandhyala’s words “ Music is divine whether its western or eastern”.

And of course I met some awesome budding musicians and they are working for our movie; man I loved this experience; especially when you sit with them and you keep listening to their music which they composed!! Life my friends is beautiful!!

Now moving back to Movie; one of my friends was asking “ why did you want to become a director?”

I gave him a very very honest answer “ Buddy what can you do; if you cant play a single music instrument ; you cant dance ; neither can you act but u want everything of that and also you have a strong love to travel around!! Tell you what; u must become a director”.

Literally; I am doing everything for myself; I need to call everyone for shoot; I need to make sure everything is arranged and damn I am the spot boy n light boy ha ha. My only hope is in that I get some name and earn some bucks out of this for my further studies!!

“ there is only one hope and hope lies with the ring “ ha ha.

Movies ; they are the things I always loved; when I saw motorcycle diaries n into the wild I told myself some day I am going to make a movie like this ; each shot makes you sit up and I should love it myself.

I couldn’t stop writing an anecdote here!! It was in my final year I wrote this Story Odyssey ( its about the life of a painter ) and my friends who read that said its an awesome peace of work! So I thought if I can convince some one I can continue working on movies and no need to join IBM.

With great difficulty I found the contact of prakash rao ( producer n hero of 2005 oscar nominee “morning raga”) and people from Andhra predesh might know he is son of raghavendra rao. My friends used to comment me “ mama u must work with raghavendra rao some day”.

So finally I got an appointment ; and reached the place one hour before the appointment; you know about the struggling artists they run around the people. I am none special. I reached there by morning 9.00 and I am eagerly waiting for his arrival.

I went to the receptionist there ; I said I am so n so and that I had an appointment with prakash rao. She said “He did not mention about you”; well ofcourse I am not a VVIP so he might have not mentioned about this.

“ what do you want with him” ;

“ I came to narrate a story to him” and this girl gives me a dirty look and tells the next guy “ he came to narrate a story” . this my friends is too much. But then she might have met many guys like me so I cant blame her either.

9 became 10 and then its two still no prakash rao; the girl called again; “ I am trying to call him; he aint picking up the phone” you can have ur lunch”

“ No ma’am; I am going to stay here; what if he comes when I am gone “ ha ha too melodramatic; but you know I just didn’t wanna miss him.

One more hour gone; Sumo pulled in and legend Raghavendra rao himself entered the office; everyone stood up so am I ; ofcourse he didn’t look at us; he went into his room; spent some time taking a class to one of his writers ; (I say this because I saw from the place I am sitting. ) And left in half an hour.

As there no one out there receptionist started to chat with me; ( please note that conversation was done in telugu; I am writing it in English here)

“ So what about you; what did u study; why u want to enter movies”

This my friends is a tricky question; “ just like that; I am interest in movies “

“ what did you study”

“ I did Btech”


“ Indian School of mines ; dhanbad”

“ never heard of this?”

“ Its taken through IIT –JEE”

“ Oh then why are you entering movies instead working as an engineer”

(damn.. damn.. damn)

“ I am more interested in movies”

“ this is what we expect from a person who read from IIT; did u atleast tell ur parents”

( Bull crap; where is this conversation leading too;)

“ yup ; they are fine with this”

( and I am desperate to change the topic)

“ So what about you; why are you working here; I feel u aint enjoying this”

“ oh; you know nothing about me!!”

Ofcourse I know nothing about her; but that’s why I asked her.

Anyways she as usual started her interrogation;

“ what happens if u cant click in this industry”

“ I am pretty confident I will click; anyways I have a BE degree and getting a job wont be tough!!”

“ u said u did ur btech and now u are saying BE; do you atleast know the difference between them!!”

See if I had been any place ; I would laughed like hell; I would told her the truth that I don’t know the difference.

But as I had some work with her; I cant say so;

“ I am sorry I mean Btech; will sir be coming now?” ( its already four)

“ I don’t know wait for an hour if not come tomorrow; but I suggest you don’t come again ; go and find a job and live happily; I saw many guys like you coming here; and they r no where”

She is a nice girl; but this is too much; at any other time; I would have argued ; but at a place like this!! No !!

So I kept my mouth shut; and kept waiting for him. He didn’t turn up.

So visited the place next day; this time he did turn it up; but all the same he just turned my pages in the script and said that I must improve a lot and left;

I said the Lady “ Bye; all the best ” and left the place!! And I felt it in her looks which said “ don’t come back friend!!”

So here I am;

I don’t know why movies got such a bad name; I wish better people would enter the scenario and make some good movies and change the situation!!

So moving to another topic; Winter started here;

Its all about the days we used to start a bon fire or sit with a guard who already started a bonfire and enjoy it all night and cuddle up in the bed all day; ofcourse its beautiful to feel the sun on you in winter; your hair stretched a bit and u feel a strange sensation and I loved those days wheni used sleep on the stairs in diamond and enjoy the sun on me;

These days started again; so I am eagerly awaiting for my next 2 months!!

I called my friend yesterday at night ten ; asked him “ what r u doing?”

“ we are eating an ice cream”

“ excellent man”

“ Buddy ; you see we are romantics; learn it from us”

This is too much; so I too went to an ice cream parlor right away and ate an ice cream.. ha ha

3 cheers



Sunday, September 20, 2009


I will come to the point directly; this is going to be a very very long post. So friends get ready!!

Its beautiful to be a freak but its really beautiful if some more join you and you guys start working together.

Akhilesh and Sahil started this;” Sir! We can make a trailer and we can use this to promote our movie and we can pull in some sponsors!!”

“Well; that’s a great idea and I am absolutely free now; we can shoot in 2 days and edit it in 3 days ; and this can be done before durga puja hols” I said.

Rohit ( guy from Delhi; who composed this song) worked 2 total nights to complete the music; !!

And then me and girish ( 3rd year and editor for trailer) sat for a night and sketch board is ready!! And we discussed it with Khushboo ( and settled everything).

Ask me the best part of the shoot; It’s the girls of our team who climbed the ladders to reach the top of the building and pallavi gave the best shot of all; the dance scene of the girl. 3 cheers to Pallavi; Khusboo and Vanya!! U girls rock.

And in editing nishesh joined us; (my friend, teacher and ofcourse our technician)

And one more guy joined the team; Nitesh!! He looks so thin you cant recognize him; only after getting to know him a bit more we understood his passion.

He has the biggest collection of foreign movies (almost 320 GB); kurasowa; wong ka wai and what not!! And it was he who showed us the movie “ In a mood for love” .3 cheers for the movie. If u are a typical movie viewer; I must say never bump into Wang Kar wai movies!! All you will do is to have a good nap after the movie starts and wake up at the end. Even Nishesh slept in between. But then some shots in the movie are rockin; and the effort Wong kar wai kept in the movie definitely motivates you!!

“We must record each every voice sir; it must be very natural!!” nitesh adds

I have no words for him; “ we just started man and our budget is less than 10 lakhs and you are of speaking many technicalities; we are not making gladiator with 1600 crores budget!! Lets learn basics first and we must study some courses also; it takes atleast 20 years for us to make our best movie in our careers” I said.

Okay lets study in the same film school!! University of edinbourgh!!
Nitesh rocks.. man ur the best

And it was these four freaks; who worked at editing. It took almost three night outs to finish the stuff!! But they were awesome moments;

Suddenly they stop working and we just talk about movies;
Nitesh says “sir ; you must shoot a scene in fog!!”
Girish starts speaking about splitting scenes and nishesh joins in with them!! Man working with these freaks at weird times; and all of us learning things at the same time!!

Its absolutely awesome;

Then I force myself to come to senses again;

“ come on guys; work to be done in 2 days lets start” and we start on editing again. i must get them back to this world.!!

And to feel the cool breeze at morning 4 and to watch the sunrise!!

3 cheers for all of you who helped me in this endeavor.

loved every moment of it; I must say

And if the girl of your life says its a superb work !! what more do you want from life?!

And the best part is I just started to learn and nitesh was saying “ Sir; you seem to be in another world when ur shooting!!”

This is the best compliment I ever got…

2) First schedule is almost done; we made the team and we shot some scenes .. though I would have been very happy if we have shot a bit more!! But I am happy with the things as they are.

And I left from dhanbad as a happy man; and nishesh joined me in the train till Dhanbad and one more junior of mine met in the train;

These two guys are very good singers and I am a very good listener; though I can hum a bit occasionally..

Good old master pieces are revisited in the train!! Started up with ‘Humma humma “ followed by ‘ chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya’ . even old people around were laughing and suddenly this chai wala comes when we are singing “ urvasi uvasi.. take it easy urvasi” and he started dancing before us!! The Chai wala rocks..

We kept on singing for an hour; much older ones were also sung in the party;
“ Mera jhuta hain japani!!”
and then ofcourse “ bawra raa man dekh ne chala re ek Sapna” this is the favorite song of both of us ( nishesh and me)
I used to listen to this song atleast once everyday in my office.


So here I am back to home for Durga puja hols; I am glad I got hols after 2 years;

And my Mom eagerly awaiting for me. Mothers are very dear you know. She arranged fresh cheese for me on my day return. When I say cheese don’t think of the cheese they serve u on pizza; it’s the best natural cheese that was awaiting me. ( In telugu we call it ‘ Junnu’ ). And the word itself can make our mouths watery.

But then there is some trouble with Moms is they love you so much; that they mess the things up; She already planned my work; I must visit temple daily to take the blessings of durga mata. God save me.

And it seems she is visiting every fortune teller in my surrounding places to know the out come of my project!! Such a pity they will believe more on fortune tellers words than their own son’s words.. lol

Anyways I am clever enough not to talk with my mom about that you know;!! Very clever.. haha

3 cheers to life


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Confessions... and more

It has been raining here for 2 days; so i am absolutely out of work!! kept reading reading wodehouse continuously for 2 days.
The beauty of wodehouse is; he will make you laugh so much; that people next to you think you are insane!! ofcourse i am insane and i know it. Add to it bike drives and biliards with your old college mates!! do you really want any other thing in this world!!

As i said earlier this blog is not just about myself. so i sometimes used the chat of some of my friends here also i used some of the chat details i talked with a friend ofmine.

okay getting back to the topic!! i was chatting with one of my IBM friends; we were just talking about good old school days and college days and ofcousre days in IBM!!

This girl believe me is something!! she can gladly accept that she believes in god only when she is scared of .. no offence to god himself.
she dreams of a new world she wanna enter with small huts and a big lawn and always imagined herself in the world in her letterpad along with the butterflies!!
i see another Alice in wonderland; only thing is mirror became a letterpad here.

let me quote some of her words " i thought of writing a diary; once i started penning it down; i understood that i need to write more than i intend to write. so i stopped writing!!" man i loved these words.

She used to write poems on uncles and aunts who used to visit her home!! believe me she did type some 2 lines in telugu; man i laughed whole day.

Well naturally i started thinking of my own good old days.and i think i need to confess something here
People who know me after my 10th class days can never knew what I was before. for I never cared for marks or i never competed with anyone from that time.

But i was a totally different kid in my School days. In my words , I was an Ass, that too a typical ass.!!

but ofcourse i had two different personilities at that time; better side always said always help people and enjoy ur life.( Dont ask me whats enjoying life; they are deep waters.. we can talk all day and we go no where). i used to enjoy my cricket; used to watch all the cartoons ( man i loved he-man and spider man)

But the other side was very bad.An over enthusiastic typical kid from a middle class family. I used to be too ambitious to get marks that i used to run after teachers and did everything to please them. I was a guy who always thought of getting first rank and first mark by hook or crook.

get me those days back!! i will spend more time playing cricket or marking more friends instead of mugging all the crap! well ofcourse i am not against reading new things but mugging the stuff and the spoon feeding is the thing i really hate.

after all u mug 'Social' all year including the width of the castle built by Ashokha and may be u end up with 94 %. But at the end u lost one year;

My mind was a stereo type; which thought of nothing except to finish off engineering and to settle in a good job.

Only when i came out, joined in hostel; and met people; i started thinking different.

We used to roam around the nearby jungle in my +2 days and used play cricket in the ground bunking all classes. I had one hell of a gang at that time. They are all in touch with me and are helping a lot in my new project. Well then I still remember Aditya telling me stories of the hollywood movies he has seen till that time!! he was one hell of a narrator i ever met in my life. one of the few guys i really loved.

And the best thing that happened was i started learning from life; instead being bookish.I started to think for myself.Slowly i started writing something.

But friends If you write something for the first time; my suggestion is please dont give it to people around you. After all they have to live.Atleast; thats the thing that happened to movie. I wrote a big novel in telugu ( my mother tongue), Believe me when i read that after 3 months; honestly i felt that it is the worst work i have ever seen in my life. Thanks to Raghav and Anil who read that crap and still survived without commiting suicide.

Engineering was ofcourse the best i had ; and everything changed a lot from that time!! and i pretty well know that i am going to make and do what ever i wanna do from then onwards!

And getting back to the future; i am done with my auditions and did shoot some of the scenes. and i am pretty well happy with the progress as of no and also happy to have an excellent team.

But then this project gives mixed feelings ( High and low) . The fact is anything might happen any time. People may drop out anytime; and new people may join in the very second.And everything goes smooth very day and more shots can be shot than planned; or sometimes nothing would happen and we need to pack up just because it rained!! the worst blow was when Nishesh said he might not be here all the year and there are many good moments; finding nice actors and actresses. and getting past the admission scene coolly and pulling in Prof mukherjee as father role. Thanks to Sahil and Khusboo they are keeping incredible effort in this endeavour.

This project is teaching me many things apart from making movie itself.
The best thing it is teaching me is to make myself flexible and to be ready anytime for thing anytime. and what ever it happens just give your best at the end of the day!! man its teaching me Bhagavath Geetha itself... Lol

Whatever it is we are going to do this. and we gonna rock!!

3 cheers to life


Monday, August 24, 2009

With Love…

It has been a long time; since I updated something in this blog and now I am back.
Shall I start saying “there is a pleasure in the pathless woods” or shall I say “to seek to pursue and not to yield” .. Anyways the words are said; and let’s move on!!

I had a junior; very passionate and a very close friend of mine;
He had been working in Hyderabad for some days; and now he left his job and is preparing for Civils as of now.

He made a small business plan; and he went to ICRISAT (translated the telugu words into English)

“Sir i have to tell u an incident that changed my life sir
monna naa bplan ni present cheyyadaniki ICRISAT vellanu ( I took my Bplan to present it in ICRISAT)
challa: oh great
bandla: my plan got selected its under incubation
challa: awesome
bandla: it will take 3 months more to finalize if i become an entrepreneur or not but more interesting thing happened on that day
challa: oh temme
bandla: A middle aged man......shabbily dressed came into the hall of all distinguished people all experts in their own fields.......he just came on to the stage and said......."Ayya...naa deggara oka plan undi .." ( I have a plan)
indulo 3 packets unnai.... (there are three sample packets with me)
okati amalapuram lo soybean plant waste ( one is the waste from Soybean factory in Amalapuram)
danitho company ki chala problem avthundi ( Company is facing problems regarding the waste)
aa waste ni nenu oka feed tho mix chesi animal feed ga tayyaru chesanu..... (I made animal feed out of this waste)
naaku just 50 k kavali pulverizer konadaniki ( I need just 50K to buy the pulverizer)
The waste transformed into a product worth 20 rs ( each packet costs 20 rs only)……I mean literally from crap to a product worth 20 bucks….this is what value addition is from 0 to 20 not from 10 to 15
I felt ... this is what we call a plan?
he didnt have even enough money to come to Hyderabad but only thing he carried with him always was confidence
challa: awesome…..did he get qualified?
bandla: yes...
even if he didnt i was going to fund him for his business
i had to translate everything he said in telugu to it was soo close to me
challa: great man
i understand
bandla: till then i was thinking about stability and all....
challa: what stability?
bandla: that day my perspective changed stability in life.........stability which we think actually exists..........happy and settled life
challa: okay
bandla: happiness only comes form a journey not from a settled life
challa: ha ha …well said buddy……..i am using this chat; in my blog; fine??
bandla: sure sir

Man I loved this story; “to be undaunted what ever the circumstances are!!” this is what life is all about.

Regarding me; I am in love with myself;
Yes I am tensed about the outcome of the movie!! But then there is always the pleasure being here and doing the work I love!!
Auditions at night; designing the equipment for ourselves; and getting ready for the ready!! What more can I ask for.

Well of course the long walks are back!! And it is raining from the day I came here!!

It’s awesome to discuss about movie songs; and the tracks with the band; that too if u listen music at nights!! U will get high!!

And Nishesh ( kind of my teacher and friend and technician for my movie!) is the best singer I have seen. He can sing songs all night;

Humming “Vandemataram …” and suddenly chanding the tune to “Dil se ree….” Or “Dil Giraa “

Masteroo… life is beautiful... But god knows what is going to happen in the future

3 cheers


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Education and a note of thanks

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education—Mark Twain.
Well said boss!!; I understood why you said these words after reading your Tom sawyer and Finn. You are one hell of a genius.
Education for us (for a typical student of India (and his parents included)) is a source to acquire a job. And we study because we need a job (obviously risk less) and we work for money (and security).
Where is the fun in life!!
Education must teach you to explore the world; it must make you an eternal student;
It must add passion for our lives.
But all I see is this. Present education is killing the spirits of people. Most of the guys ‘hate to work’ but still they work because they want their jobs!! And they can’t live without them. Worst thing is I can’t blame them. They are all very good people; I do like them. They are the products of present education.
We had an excellent lesson in out 10th standard. Author confesses with us; how he exploited and old man giving him meager wages who worked in his garden (some jasmine garden). Finally the old man dies by lack of proper treatment. And the author repents his bad deeds. When I read the story for the first time; It touched me so much that I couldn’t think of anything for sometime.
But I mugged the lengthy Q & A's for that lesson so many times; I wondered why the hell he wrote this story at all.
Come on man; we read stories to enjoy its beauty; our language naturally improves.
Give marks liberally and just encourage the kids to read more. We need this kind of people. Well of course if this happens the present schooling system will tell children not to read any languages as there are no grades allotted to them.
Already I see many kids who don’t play out door games; they just sit around TV or play video games. This condition is really awful to watch.
Even in technical education; they start teaching expecting perfect results from them. You are creating life long workers there won’t be any scientists and people who can think different and people who are ready to accept new challenges.
Adding to this The parent factor!!
I see no hope; but still I want some change; I want an education that really teaches you to live your life!! This is the only way for a better future.
And then I am not saying everyone to leave everything they are doing!! I am asking you to do that with passion and make the difference.

Note of Thanks:
I thank Priya; Swathi and vishlesh for helping me to edit the blogs.
Like everyone I wonder sometimes; the blogs I am writing; are they readable atleast??
(Anyways I will keep on writing even if they are not readable; but still i had this doubt)
But one my friend pinged me and said
“I don’t know how many read your blogs read; I check it definitely;
They are so touching and remind me that all around us is loveable; especially this article where u talked about your father being the inspiration behind u being a frequent traveler.
I remembered my days; me and my father both used to travel to places without any reservation in trains, and then it used to be very adventurous
We used to stay at crazy places, eat at weirdoes outlets
This June, I am planning to go to Himachal Pradesh “
I absolutely loved this comment; you surely motivated me to write more my friend.
Lets us be the same freaks all our lives...
For got telling you I got this plan; we can make a movie for 2 years and travel around the world for 2 more years. Anytime we can say; we are thinking about the script and we are traveling for inspiration (ha-ha; a very genuine reason)!!
Let’s rock.
Yours Srikanth.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Thoughts

My present room is Bliss. My friend says “It’s a resort”. What he means is ‘ it’s pretty relaxing’.
Yes; if you can sit in your verandah and watch the vast Sea before you; and if you can feel its soft cold breeze in a hot summer (especially in Chennai); you will definitely love it.
As a fact; every water source has this great charm I think. Trek around for some hours and reach a water fall; take bath in it!! Man do you really need anything more.
So here I am; sitting all alone in my verandah; looking at this vast Sea; simply fascinated by its light blue colour and tides.
I start thinking about the conversation with my friend.
My Gtalk status was “What can I say except that life is an Odyssey of beautiful anecdotes.”
vicky: sounds fuzzy to me!
vicky is online.
challa: haha..But that’s true..Aint it
vicky: I don’t quite understand mean is all about recording all your memorable experiences ?
challa: not recording suppose; I ask you what you did in your life till now what will you say ??
vicky: I will say what all I think I did so far
challa: wait; write the sentence again properly

vicky: I will say what all I did in my life Until now
challa: tell me now
r nt they anecdotes of your life.Anyways buddy; tell me what you did till now,atleast some maama, I am eager to listen
vicky: haha
i have a question?
challa: adugu maama( ask me)
vicky: so why is it beautiful ? asking this because...every one does so many things...but i always wonder why are we doing all these
challa: every one do lots of crap;when we are asked what we did, we say our best works aren’t they beautiful for individuals
vicky: 1 sec mama ;some one came
challa: okay
vicky: yeah…best works in the sense? Like professionally sound, ethical or ….. ?
challa: that u need to tell me; you said that you will say what ever you did. Tell me some
vicky: that’s okay but before that I want to know .what is best in your opinion?
challa: oh; i am asking you n ur asking me okay maama. Moments I enjoyed most are the best for me
vicky: you enjoyed means. You had fun. You laughed etc etc
challa: no
vicky: then?.......can you give 3 incidents
challa: I was never at my best when I am laughing
I loved feeling the morning sun on me
I loved to think and understand
I loved talking to myself alone..
And I loved rains; and trekking through forests
Many things man….ippudu nuvvu cheppu neekemi ishtamo (tell me your favorite incidents)…..what he told me ; I cant share with you.
So coming back to our blog. I started questioning what were the best moments of my life till now.
Himalayas; Uttarkhand ; one of the best tourist places in India.
Me and my father almost trekked 14 KMs to reach Kedarnath ; and we were standing before the shrine; (obviously with out chappals). And then this Happened; Ice rain! And it’s raining Ice. No place to run any where!! And the temple is really small; we need to stand there!!
All we did was to dig some place to keep single leg and standing on that leg we dig we dig out another hole before ice fills the previous hole.
Man that’s the best experience I ever. When I am coming back; all the mountains with trees looking as if they were covered with a green blanket were filled with ice every where;
Oh my god that was the most beautiful thing I have seen till then!! For the first time I felt what ecstasy is.

Well then my next best experience also in Himalayas; again my father was there.

I think I got this spirit to travel from my father; where ever we go either its Nepal; uttarkhand or kerala; everyone asks us “only couples come here sir; this is strange to see father and son coming here”

One hell of a person my father.

We reached Gangothri ‘the place where Ganga originates’ at night. We were so tired; we took a room and slept immediately; such a sound sleep!! Finally I woke up; my father was still sleeping so I choose to lie down on the bed instead of getting up. Suddenly I heard this pleasant sound; Initially I thought we forgot to turn off a tap; but then I felt ( I heard) the current was much stronger) so I got up and opened and the door to check what’s happening outside.

Believe me; there is a waterfall right in front of the room we took; and Ganga is flowing in its full swing.

I was dumb struck for sometime; and my father was standing next to me enjoying the beauty.

Well I am back; the sea is right before and my moments still with me. Odyssey of beautiful anecdotes



Friday, April 3, 2009

I Was/Am/Will be A Hard Worker

I am a Hard worker ; Yes; Yes ; believe me I am a Hard worker.

I this well written blog I am going to prove it. Yes I am going to add some real strong points (readers can read them as ‘ Intelligent’ points) to support my case.

This is my reply for all my critics who think I am a lazy good for nothing dude!!

Coming to the point!!
Let me tell you why I am forced to write this blog.

It started one month back in orkut; one of my junior scrapped me.
“ Hi sir; how r u doing; Howz job life?
Forgot to ask you; what about your job? Didn’t they sack you?”

Well I convinced myself that this is a compliment.

But then all of my juniors started sending me the same scrap.
I can’t take this as a compliment anymore.
These juniors; they are good for nothing.
I decided not to scrap my juniors anymore.

But then a senior scrapped ; “ rey challa! U still have ur job! If so be careful ; start working”

Juniors; seniors all are same; I started getting worried.

“ Only my friends know how hard working I am” I said to myself.

I called my friend; I desperately needed someone to praise me now;

“ Man ; these juniors; all are asking why IBM didn’t sack me till now; they must be ragged again !”

Now my so called friend; that idiot started laughing in the phone.

My friend “ Maama two jokes in a single line ; only you can talk like that “

Me: what jokes?

Friend (aka Idiot ) : You remember how they commented you on our convo? -you cant even rag properly; that will be like torching yourself. Regarding that Job; even I am wondering the same”

I switched off my cell phone for two days and I didn’t receive calls from anyone for 2 days.

This is not a compliment anymore… damn it.

Next day ; I was working on my computer ( seriously coding something ) and one of my colleague approached me silently

Colleague: How come you are working in office Challa? No movies in the comp?

I had enough; I felt like banging this computer before me and my colleagues head at once. However, as both are not possible; I thought of making a list of the points which prove I am a hard worker and mail it to every one

1) I know I got very less GPA ; and yes some suppli’s too . But then I mastered the art of one day batting guys. I even got a 7 in one fine semester. Isn’t that hard work??

I cleared subjects of Sarkar in single attempt.
Yes you may complain I got suppli’s in easy subjects like mathematics.
But then when Rahul dravid is batting in test match before the day of exam;
How do you expect me to read? As a fact taking a chance to read everything later is a sacrifice and it involves lots of hard work later.
(You need to store the notes for next year; every one might have forgot the subject; and none can explain you.. do you see the point!!)

Now there was this talk: I don’t know any thing about this SI and CI but still I got a B+ in IC engines. The fact is I just don’t know the full forms of them; but I can write pages of stories about them.
Even for this talent guys, I put in great effort.

When I can do this; Cant I manage my job?

2) I still prefer playing cricket.

3) You will see me reading anytime; I never sat at chai centers doing chit chat. Almost all the time you will see me reading. Didn’t I read Around the world in 80 days ( ofcourse Credit must be given to Mr.Jules verne too ) non stop. Dickens ; Wodehouse I read almost everything I can get. You can occasionally spot me in library reading ; ‘Photogaphy Today’.
( note: the point is total pages read by me will be greater than any topper from my

4) Well ; not to forget the night outs to watch sunset and sun rise. I pretty well
watched all parts of rocky in a night. I prefer to walk or cycle than to travel by

I thought some of these excellent points and sent a mail to all my friends.

Let me show you some of the replies :

Mohan: you are the same old B** C*** stuff; you did not change at all challa.

Topper: I don’t exactly remember you; r u the only guy who got a second class from our branch?

Mechanical : Damn your branch professors; How can they give a 7 for you ?? This is too much.

Vivek: every idiot in idea will play cricket. With regards Vivek.; IT specialist TCS,Banglore

And the worst reply.

Abhishek: What the F*** are you trying to prove challa, u r hard worker or something !!
I couldn’t stop laughing after reading your mail.

This is disgrace !! This is absolute disgrace!!

Especially that abhishek; he who used to irritate me a lot when laughed aloud; I should have broken his teeth in college; then he wouldn’t have sent a reply like this!

But still I stick to my words; I am a hard worker;
If you at least one of you believe that I am a real hard worker I will be happy.

You know what I did to prove myself a hard worker finally?

I added one more point and forwarded the mail again to everyone.

4) Come on guys! I worked hard for two hours to prepare these points.!!

Jai Ho

( Disclaimer : All are imaginary characters ..)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Its been a long time ; Most of the guys are out of work due to recession; but its opposite here. My honeymoon with IBM is over from this February .Finally I did start working with dead lines. And I am working on a complicated plot for my new story. So I must say I am pretty busy with myself.
But then some things forcibly drag you out of hibernation and make you write something. I avoid group discussions as much as possible. Accept it or not they are really monotonous. I am okay with some student discussions; they will have something to cheer about; they have some optimism in them. But if you follow the discussions of newly employed guys; they discuss mainly about how much they miss their college life; and how tough their working is especially in their respective fields .If they are a bit rich they will making it a point they have bought a new Ipod or some other new crap.
Discussions, especially with elder people; they suck big time!! My grand father who is already retired asked me once - what is the salary of your project manager?? To hell if I care ! I didn’t even think of it. I didn’t understand why he is thinking about my manager at all. Apart from grand mother no one told me about their childhood. All people ask me is my salary!! If not they ask me if my office is has centralized AC and whether I get free coffee or not?? If I say yes; they will start talking how many facilities youngsters are getting now a days. But they don’t know that most them do donkey’s work; and say to themselves ; if we work hard now ; we can enjoy later!!
and most of the family functions act as forums for this general discussion. And so I avoid parties as much as possible. But sometimes there is no escape route. My father fell sick and as I was spending that weekend at home; its decided that I need to my mom to a very important marriage ( I mean they are close relatives of ours).
The first person I met was an old uncle of mine.
Me: Hello uncle; how are you?
Uncle: Helloooo !! I couldn’t even identify you srikanth!! Long time we met!! Your father told me that you are working in IBM Chennai?
Me: Yes Uncle.
( he slowly placed on my shoulder and moved close to me)
Uncle: how much are they giving? ( he whispered in my ear)
Me: pardon
Uncle: how much they are paying you? ( he repeated )
Me: 20K ( I am really embarrassed with that question )
Uncle: oh; very less !! why so
(personally I think I am being over paid buddy!!)
One more guy joined us. I never knew him .
Uncle: this is srikanth; working in IBM ; Chennai. His sister works in America!!
Me: Hi
New Guy: Where does your sister stay in America ( haha; he didn’t tell his name;)
Me: She stays in Ohio ; Columbus.
New Guy: Oh good; I went to england once ; I work for BHEL!!
( now whats the connection between His visit to England and my sister studying in US;
But still I tried to remain humane with him!!)
Me: England; that’s a pretty cool place?? Did you watch any county matches there; I heard it would be real great .And I heard the places are real good to visit. Did you visit Scotland by any chance?
New Guy: I dont watch cricket; and I don’t like visiting places.
( then why the heck are you updating your resume here ; you ass!! Dude; no need impress everyone !! You will get enough dowry ( rate!!) don’t worry.
( I had enough by then ; )
Me: I need to find my Mom; bye yaar..
This is the latest generation of India.
Well .. well one more incident;
I went for a walk with my grandfather once. We met his friend there ; this man makes it a point to tell me that his son went to England 6 times till now. That’s a record in my village; this time that legendary kid also came in ( bad time; he is not in England)
They started purchasing something. My grand was bargaining with the lady ; my legend with all his impatience; “ come on uncle; you don’t bargain for one rupee ; two rupees with these people.. they should live!!
I saw his father’s face; its so happy and proud; and then I saw the woman’s hurt face ; you guys think that I am a beggar!! And is this Kid showing mercy on me;
And worse the legend is still talking; we are earning 40 – 50 K per month and you are bargaining for 1 rupee and 2 rupees.
Thank god; the lady left without speaking her heart;
And YES!! This is the latest generation of India; counting salaries and dreaming for bigger salaries;
Worse; neither they are are happy; nor they are making anyone happy..
Give us some brains and happiness!!
One of my friend asked me ; Your sister is in America right? Then when are you planning to go.
Is this some kind of game or something!!
For a typical guy Education is something that you mug and get a degree to acquire a white collar job!! And I must say I was as an idiot myself till my 10th ; and I wanted the same white collar job.
Some of my relatives stopped talking with me; because I didn’t advice their kids regarding IIT preparation. I seriously told him “ Give some time to play games; and start thinking for yourself; and you can decide what You need to do” . I am trying to stop the make one more idiot!!
All the people I met talked about careers nothing else. I met some excellent teachers; they taught me all kinds of subjects and they taught me how to compete; but none taught me how to lead life.
And this is the reason why I hear crap; and most of us are taught the same crap.
I sat in my meditation class; and my teacher was saying; “meditation is always being aware of yourself at the present moment and not to think about the future or the past.”
I looked at her face; I can easily understand she is teaching us what she learnt from her smile. Her smile told me what really peace is. I thanked God; atleast now you gave me a teacher who can teach me about life.
Well I am not being religious here I am being Spiritual.
I prefer an Atheist or some one who hates all religions than some one who hates all religions except his religion( because they are more dangerous) . And I can one more thing ! I know nothing about God; But spirituality definitely improves your life.
This is the time to discover ourselves ; not fill ourselves with more fears!!
Keep Rockin