Friday, April 3, 2009

I Was/Am/Will be A Hard Worker

I am a Hard worker ; Yes; Yes ; believe me I am a Hard worker.

I this well written blog I am going to prove it. Yes I am going to add some real strong points (readers can read them as ‘ Intelligent’ points) to support my case.

This is my reply for all my critics who think I am a lazy good for nothing dude!!

Coming to the point!!
Let me tell you why I am forced to write this blog.

It started one month back in orkut; one of my junior scrapped me.
“ Hi sir; how r u doing; Howz job life?
Forgot to ask you; what about your job? Didn’t they sack you?”

Well I convinced myself that this is a compliment.

But then all of my juniors started sending me the same scrap.
I can’t take this as a compliment anymore.
These juniors; they are good for nothing.
I decided not to scrap my juniors anymore.

But then a senior scrapped ; “ rey challa! U still have ur job! If so be careful ; start working”

Juniors; seniors all are same; I started getting worried.

“ Only my friends know how hard working I am” I said to myself.

I called my friend; I desperately needed someone to praise me now;

“ Man ; these juniors; all are asking why IBM didn’t sack me till now; they must be ragged again !”

Now my so called friend; that idiot started laughing in the phone.

My friend “ Maama two jokes in a single line ; only you can talk like that “

Me: what jokes?

Friend (aka Idiot ) : You remember how they commented you on our convo? -you cant even rag properly; that will be like torching yourself. Regarding that Job; even I am wondering the same”

I switched off my cell phone for two days and I didn’t receive calls from anyone for 2 days.

This is not a compliment anymore… damn it.

Next day ; I was working on my computer ( seriously coding something ) and one of my colleague approached me silently

Colleague: How come you are working in office Challa? No movies in the comp?

I had enough; I felt like banging this computer before me and my colleagues head at once. However, as both are not possible; I thought of making a list of the points which prove I am a hard worker and mail it to every one

1) I know I got very less GPA ; and yes some suppli’s too . But then I mastered the art of one day batting guys. I even got a 7 in one fine semester. Isn’t that hard work??

I cleared subjects of Sarkar in single attempt.
Yes you may complain I got suppli’s in easy subjects like mathematics.
But then when Rahul dravid is batting in test match before the day of exam;
How do you expect me to read? As a fact taking a chance to read everything later is a sacrifice and it involves lots of hard work later.
(You need to store the notes for next year; every one might have forgot the subject; and none can explain you.. do you see the point!!)

Now there was this talk: I don’t know any thing about this SI and CI but still I got a B+ in IC engines. The fact is I just don’t know the full forms of them; but I can write pages of stories about them.
Even for this talent guys, I put in great effort.

When I can do this; Cant I manage my job?

2) I still prefer playing cricket.

3) You will see me reading anytime; I never sat at chai centers doing chit chat. Almost all the time you will see me reading. Didn’t I read Around the world in 80 days ( ofcourse Credit must be given to Mr.Jules verne too ) non stop. Dickens ; Wodehouse I read almost everything I can get. You can occasionally spot me in library reading ; ‘Photogaphy Today’.
( note: the point is total pages read by me will be greater than any topper from my

4) Well ; not to forget the night outs to watch sunset and sun rise. I pretty well
watched all parts of rocky in a night. I prefer to walk or cycle than to travel by

I thought some of these excellent points and sent a mail to all my friends.

Let me show you some of the replies :

Mohan: you are the same old B** C*** stuff; you did not change at all challa.

Topper: I don’t exactly remember you; r u the only guy who got a second class from our branch?

Mechanical : Damn your branch professors; How can they give a 7 for you ?? This is too much.

Vivek: every idiot in idea will play cricket. With regards Vivek.; IT specialist TCS,Banglore

And the worst reply.

Abhishek: What the F*** are you trying to prove challa, u r hard worker or something !!
I couldn’t stop laughing after reading your mail.

This is disgrace !! This is absolute disgrace!!

Especially that abhishek; he who used to irritate me a lot when laughed aloud; I should have broken his teeth in college; then he wouldn’t have sent a reply like this!

But still I stick to my words; I am a hard worker;
If you at least one of you believe that I am a real hard worker I will be happy.

You know what I did to prove myself a hard worker finally?

I added one more point and forwarded the mail again to everyone.

4) Come on guys! I worked hard for two hours to prepare these points.!!

Jai Ho

( Disclaimer : All are imaginary characters ..)


R@hul said...

As far as your current job is concerned, I have one small doubt.

Why are you working hard? In fact why are working at all????

For God's sake... You must never 'work' in the IT industry. may go to work everyday at the required timings but it's not mandatory that you should 'work' there.

Please don't attempt such things in future and ruin the high opinion I hold about you.

Slackers Jai Ho!
Revenue damagers Jai Ho!

Inspired Souls said...

i am not saying about 'work' in IT. all I am saying is I am a hard worker.

Rahulji neither i am a slacker nor a revenue damager; i am a hard worker .

such a pity i lost your high opinion.. haha

shrutesh reddy said...

Challa I know that you are a hard worker dont have to prove it by gettin grades or in the job .........well I was the production manage of ur film and definitely know ur commitment and hardwork for films just continue it in that direction