Saturday, April 19, 2014

Romantic fool... poli'tricks' and Failure!!!

Summer evenings are special.. especially in my pent house.. the view , breeze makes it perfect.. So here I am writing my blog.. after a long long time...!!

Easy things first and rough stuff for later!!

I was watching highway.. there is this scene .. where the heroine says.. "lets run away from this place, we will settle down on a mountain.. I will cook food.. you do some work!".. I fell in love with the character then and there!. Awesome writing.. but I think it was more personal..

I told the same thing to a girl some years ago.. an the girl told me.. its good to read this stuuf (Practically not possible!!)..

lol..Looking back .. i feel silly..  I am a romantic fool.. indeed!!..but they are the moments which you really cherish!!.. few awesome places I saw and few situations will be with me a for a longtime..

One moment .. that will always remember, I was in my longterm coaching in Ratnam , nellore. Now a days, with internet, mobiles and everything you can hear to a song anytime you like. But  at that time.. to listen to a song is a privilege!!.. And one day; I got a chance to listen to songs in 'Walkman' at night.. I climbed the tank and slept there alone listening to Rehman.. I remember I heard that 'Vina  Vinara' (patriotic song) in roja.. It is still in my memory and will be in my memory..

Many many wonderful moments.. that is what life is all about.. yeah.. Thanks to Highway.. it almost sent me into a trance with a single dialogue!!.. May be that is the reason I love movies!!

Now lets jump to something serious!!

My father is an inspiration.. In a way he a typical middle class man.. but what sets him apart is his principles.. I know most of the people around thinks.. being a ticket collector in trains.. is a jackpot.. and especially easy money is something we cant miss. But he never took a single rupee from anyone.. and I know he even wrote tickets for few and adjusted money from his pocket who cant afford. This was something I always cherished in him.. and he is a staunch Communist party admirer..

Now that he is retired.. party members asked him to compete in the elections.. And he participate for ZTPC..

To tell an honest truth .. I was never excited by politics.. apart from my work.. I like to read.. and follow test cricket.. and many times people asked me, srikanth do you live this world at all.. do u atleast read newspaper everyday.. so i know nothing about politics!

But I felt happy that is contesting because we need people like him out there.. So it was also my work to support him!!

But funnily people around him started to oppose this move.. they are saying politics isnt for you.. people in this village wont vote unless you give them money!!

I cant help answering them...I said " Dad stood in the elections because he wants to do some service.. if people doesnt wont for them.. and they vote for someone taking money .. it is their problem.. I am glad someone who dooesnt expect anything except to do some service is participating.. more people like him should enter politics that is the only way we can expect change!!

I got an interesting reply.. "Srikanth , you are not talking like a guy in 20's but like a guy in 60's..this kind of talk will do in films... no one will vote here without money!!.. and by the way.. What if he lose!!?.. this will be a disgrace for us!!

I wonder what the hell my age has to do with Ideology and worse still what is this "What if I lose syndrome is?".

If you sit and worry .. what if I fail..  you will never.. I  prefer to try  and end up a loser than a guy who never tried!!

Many it is all about trying .. and learning .. and improving!!!

We need people who can give hope and who can fight for the right stuff!!


Keep rockin
3 cheers