Thursday, November 30, 2017

We love 'Cinema' and We want to sell it -- Shuka Entertainments !!!-- Author Challa Srikanth!!

Cinema is what we love. We dont believe in tags like Commercial and Art cinema. Any film that keeps us engaged is good cinema for us.

We Love Satyajit Ray , Anurag Kashyap , Mysskin's movies for their originality , but we also love movies like Chak de, Bajrangi Bhaijan, and Bahubali for their reach and their appeal to majority of the audience.

Shuka entertainments is the banner under which we want to make our own films, involving everyone who are interested in our kind of 'Cinema' and want to invest in it in a smaller level and be a part of it!

We already crowdfunded a film 'Vasham' and released it on August 4th 2017 in 30 theatres in Telangana and AP.

It is a movie startup , a mini production house that will make movies continouosly one after another, with new concepts.

#Banned, A court room drama is our present project.

Plz check the below link for the Synopsis!!

And the budget for this film is 4.5 cr, we are splitting it into 450 slots, each slot is worth one lakh each, and anyone can take any number of slots.

And here is the answer for most important question you will ask me "Why should we invest in the project?"..

What will you look at, to invest in any enterprise?

1) Idea: We are full of ideas, Want to know how we completed our first venture, we dared to keep the first half of the script online to get our investors curious! And the Court room drama isnt touched for a long time, so this
will definitely raise the curiosity among Audience. This aint over yet, we will keep coming with new and versatile ideas through out the project to promote the film

2) Scope : Telugu movies are slowly developing good market,especially after 'Bahubali' people came to know more about Tollywood. So it is the right time to invest in movies to cash in for future market, especially if you are interested to be a part of Cinema but cant invest big amounts, we are the best choice.We have bigger plans for future projects, So do invest apart on the future

3) ROI ( Return On Investment ) : We offered 10% profits for our previous films. But truth be told, investment on films is risky whn compared to other investments, it can be a complete loss or a jackpot. Actually by dividing into parts we are reducing the risk factor on a single individual You need to have a big drive to invest in movies.

4) The Team:- We are a very serious and passionate team , fully dedicated to movies. 90% of the films wont complete with the budget with which we shot the film, we struggled hard, planned meticulously, even managed to adjust the shoot timings talking with individual Unions to get our shoot done as planned. ( We admit we had luck was on our side, no one got sick, and nature supported us.. So it is good to have luck on our side, Isnt it )

5) Experience : Investing on a good idea is Great, but investing on someone who already  completed a task and got some experience is the best thing to do. With our first film, we are experienced in all areas now !!

And This is India's biggest crowdfunded effort. Be a part of History!! .. Join the Adventure and Fun ride !! 3 cheers!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Young Heart .. and few ramblings!!

Writing a blog after a long time, hope you guys enjoy reading it.

Just completed reading a book , loved these lines " the finding of his soul , his spirit , his divine strength and worth -- the knowledge that

he can and must live in freedom and dignity - is the one prize worthy of man's goal and all mankind's summit. The Prize ( Irving Wallace )

Had the pleasure reading few wonderful books of Wodehouse, Dahl , Thomas harris in  two months.. Really happy that I still enjoy reading a lot,

my next best to Travel ( my first love ).. Speaking of which I started  learning Swimming , my trainer says I learnt 50% of basics in three

days, he is pretty much impressed, but the truth is I really loved the feel of being in water!!!

Coming to this, till +2 , I never read much apart from text books, and may be played gully cricket and chess a bit!!.. Back in college, I am a

mediocre cricketer who played with friends... and I couldnt
 afford a coach, but I still dream that atleast  I will play a two day match for club cricket. Must do it within 40. Within 50 Archery and Gun


'40'.. coming to the Topic young heart.. I listened to Rowling's Harvard graduation speech again.. and as usual loved it to the core.. A lady in

her forties who spoke of failure and imagination in a single speech.. Shear genius in narration, ofcourse I read harry potter twice, no need to

mention. But it is the reality she spoke did the hard hitting. Plz do watch .. worth more than watching those hollywood seasons!!

They say people get old and stop believing in themselves, may be we cant run fast, trekking gets slow, cant travel anymore without reserving

tickets , but we will understand ourselves more when we grow up and we can actually do better stuff than before. The sheer experience , better

understanding will help us to improve a lot.

After all rowling was a single parent , who survived on government fund for sometime. Definitely she learnt from it and produced magic ( in

literal sense as well ) , she created 'Death Eaters' from the depression she suffered!!

Well madam, if you can create characters like Fred and George, I must say you are always young at heart!! ..

One important thing I can add to here is the dangers of comparison!! Actually I read a story few days ago!!.. A girl wrote this in a newspaper recently , Let me write the essense here

" I and my cousin were very good friends from my childhood!! We had lots of dreams about our future husbands , and she got married first, to a very handsome guy!! But I was forced to marry a handicapped guy because my parents cant afford anyother match!!.. I was heartbroken but I married the guy!! Everytime I went out with him, to family functions , people would say my cousin is very luck and they showed pity on me.

I was very sad.

But my husband always tried to impress me, he worked hard and got a promotion soon!! I felt very proud. I bagan to admire him. I heard my cousin stated facing troubles in her marriage live.

We felt to germany soon, we had great time there and when we came back everyone my husband and me. I heard the guy my cousin married became a drunkard and wasted all my cousin's parents money.

I learnt beauty is not everything".. Story end!!

Looking from outside, this is a wonderful story, but if you look deep inside.. the girl never liked her husband, but came to terms because her cousins life is worse but she had settled better with money. .there is no Love there at all.

Here comes the dangerous part, if her cousin's husband was a big success she would have been crying all her life!!

Sadly this is the thing we got used to from the very beginning. parents forget that the right question is "Why you couldn't solve a problem?" and ask the kids " Why you couldnt solve a problem which someother kid did!"

Most of the unhappy people I have seen arent really poor but they are unhappy because they compare with others!!

As I said just few ramblings!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An indian's reply to

Any indian's Reply : People who support
terrorists are traitors, now lets talk about the letter, the kid got beaten up twice, it is very very sad, there are assholes in army as well, and they are human, may be the Jawan was scared as well because of the Kid's looks, god knows he might be carrying a bomb.. violence brings insecurity!!,, now lets talk about the immaturity about the letter.. 1) writer asks what if I protested at Delhi.. Thank god no one will protest against killing of a terrorist in delhi roads, else this nation will be ruled by terrorist gang in next few years.. and and he is questioning the means used, but he forgot they are the people who are supporting violence.. 2) JK is an integral part of India, why undemocratic means.. well because in that state , there might be a blast anytime!! 3) Stats: 4000 once , now very few terrorists, but more army, is the writer kidding us, the threats are more now and more dangerous.. and still infiltrations are happening, and few kashmiris support Pakistan (God Knows why, they think they will give them better governance, do they dont read the blasts in pakistan, as frequent as if no one cares anymore) and give terrorists shelter!! 4) He is worried that another child is shot, then what is the child doing on roads supporting a dead terrorist.. 5) This is the last and worst argument.. he reminded of a jawan who was denied cremation rights.. this author simply wants to complain about everything, Like the traitors in Kashmir there are assholes in few places who are still stuck with caste system, that has nothing to do with the guy being a jawan, and may this guy is so busy complaining about everything, he forgot he is an indian altogether and forgot this has to change in India.. oh, or he is someone very special non indian complaining in India.. he can try Pakistan as well..

Monday, February 1, 2016

First Step!!

Guy's it is really a busy life, and everyone one of us are busy !! But I always wanted to do something useful for people around me! but honestly ‌I never did anything till now!
But I do want to do something from now onwards, keep some hours to do some positive stuff !!
I want work against the improper 'reservation' laws in india!!
A) To motivate people who are good enough to survive, to stop using their reservations
B) To change the laws such that , income of the parents is also taken into consideration
I want to create a platform 'Ambedkar's - Revisit our reservation laws' ( As of now a facebook page ) , where anyone can join ( I dont want any discussions on caste here ) soon!!
Politicians are using reservation laws for votes and people are simply supporting them because they want stuff easy way. If we can create an active platform may be politicians will consider to atleast to work on the changes when they recognise the vote bank.
May be, guys who have political contacts can talk about this idea with proper higher authorities!!
I know this is a very big task, and lets join together , may be we fail but then we can tell ourselves we atleast tried!!
( People interested to work on this can message me, We can collect stories and post them, develop new ideas to reach out for more people , lets spend sometime in what we believe in )
PS:-) The group is absolutely Non-Political
Ending with my favourite lines :
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.
It may be that the gulfs will wash us down:
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.
Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A letter from a Non-political guy on a student's suicide!!

Let me assure you I am absolutely non political ..    (Atleast a guy never attached to any political party ).. Why I am writing this letter at all.. because I am watching lots of circus going on media for days.. and someone has to write how irritating it is.. and is forced to take a stand!!
First things first.. I am sorry for a guy Rohith who committed suicide .. May his soul rest in peace.. but then I read so many deaths and I feel sorry for everyone of them..
Now lets consider what happened to rohit, the guy is a dalit and he hates the religious system , well I will agree with that..they are mistreated .. and that is a shame.. He has two options, read well and get out of the country to a place where no one asks his caste ( Though racism cant be escaped ) .. or become a leader and change the system.. but then Do I want a leader like Rohit?.. I have to say 'no'.. because he says he hates saffron.. I want a leader who says keep your religious practice in your home and work with others treating everyone  equally!! A leader should never hate, he should love.
Now Rohit got admitted into a decent college and is getting his stipend.. he has more opportunities than many farmers committing suicides.. why are people worried so much  about his death more than farmers I never understand..  what are they doing about suicides of farmers.. you got used to them..??
For all those who are worried about minorities well I too am worried about minorities and well I am worried about myself too.. Yes Dadri incident is a tragic issue.. I seriously wish people keep their praying to cows in their home and let people eat whatever they like.. as before ( I am a vegetarian and I  have no intentions of telling others what to eat ). Hang all those guys who lynched a guy for eating beef. That is what a government should do.. but what choice I got for a proper government, My opposition government is all about a feudal family.. and the present youth leader scares the hell out of me, and there is AK who calls his prime minister a 'Psychopath' as a leader in nation's capital. So I prefer to go along with the present government.
But is this single lynching incident more important to media than the attacks in west bengal by minorities or pathankot attack?.. Hang them too..why are these intelluectuals not worried about it.. They are taking it for grant and media has no chance to increase TRP's and politicians have no chance to claim minority votes.. and can someone tell me why Rahul gandhi visited hyderabad but not pathankot incident families.
Coming back to rohit.. he arranged a rally against the hanging of yakub menon.. for a simple guy  like me, I am dead scared that indian constitution took this much time to hang Yakub, I am dead scared of the terrorist attacks happening in India.. and there you are , arranging a rally supporting yakub..
So you are arranging a rally for some guy who is  from a minority section . believe me friend if you did the same in a country where this minority section is a majority they would have killed you on the road...
Anyways you chose to enter politics when you are a student who is studying with the stipend paid by the government, I prefer people to concentrate on studies when they are depending on governments pay.. not to arrange rallies on terrorist hangings and arrange beaf festivals. ( there are people saying Yakub is fighting for the freedom of J&K .. you guys are such liberals..  wish you  dear ones were the victims of their attacks .. and you will still say the same??)
Brother you wrote such a beautiful letter , I wonder why you chose politics, didnt you know it is all about power.. you chose controversy, when someone wrote something bad about you forced  for a written apology.. he used his power to get you out of college hostel... it is more of a power game .. than about  being a dalit.
I wish you had a friend who would have stopped you committing suicide and I wish you thought of your mother while committing suicide.. I wish it didnt happen.. but then it happened. you committed suicide because someone threw you out of hostel, you didnt respect your life friend.. such a pity.
Sadly the real dalits are out there and their situation is hopeless as before , Ambedkar would have cried his reservation system is being misused and is not reaching out to the real needy. It should reach out to the families who are stuck in grave yards and cleaning toilets not to rich kids who call themselves Dalits at their convenience.
We need real journalism and intellects who really work not just comment. We need people who really work for the development of the nations resources or atleast people who give their best in the work they do.. And we need more educated people ( 'Visionaries' who are not stuck up with regionalism and caste and religions ) to enter politics ..
I was talking with a guy in HCU yesterday, he said when he entered the college for admission first thing he saw is boards of ABVP, SFI and ASA.. not boards for singing club, debate team , environment protection and all.. yes our future leaders are created there.. but that wont happen by being affiliated to political parties but by developing a strong character as a student. I would prefer colleges untouched by any political parties... if students  are interested they can join as members outside in their free time!!
PS:-) I might be wrong .. but I see much worse happening ..

Monday, December 21, 2015

Travel and More!!

Just back from a 1300Km bike trip, covering Ajanta , Ellora and Grishneshwar!.. Just blown away just by imagining the efforts that might have taken to sculpt such caves! Though it was a pity most of the painting were eroded.. using some imagination , if you view those completely painted I dont think we will ever come out of those caves! .. Wish I was there when they painted!!

Apart from that, driving on the roads in morning and evening, with sugarcane fields cotton fields next to you is priceless . Stopping wherever you like, drinking fresh cane juice and whatever new food you find there, neither thinking of the past nor future is bliss!!

Always love that feel of travel!!

It was almost 8 years since I started this 'Inspired Souls' blog!! Had the pleasure of meeting few exceptional guys.. few awesome professionals and friends in ISM, Back again in ISM to make 'Song of Life' .. learnt a lot of film making  and then found  the friends who were with me to make my dream possible!!

Worked with few blind kids closely, and worked for few films , saw my name on screen for first time and then Vasham.. which will be completed few months!!

Awesome journey it was, I cant say it is easy, there were few very bad and tough times but always came back strong !! May be that is the way life treats you gives you bumps and make you strong!! No complaints.. learn and move on!!

I got a call from a friend in morning , and he told me that he is planning to take up farming so buying 2-3 acres, cant stop appreciating the thought.. As I always said, we need more farmers.. not people who carry the burden of degrees and prejudices! Ofcourse everyone around him will think he is a fool but all the same we need more people like him .. for a better green world!!

3 cheers to the people who are trying something and taking new paths.. you guys are inspiring many more guys like me to follow our passion!!

Keep rocking
3 cheers

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'Ramblings' and 'A film is forever'!!... and what next!!

Wonderful evening!! Moon and the breeze , both are perfect!! , actually got some free time  unexpectedly today after a long long time..

Took some time off, washed my clothes, ( washing gives the best ideas!)... and then started writing this .. life is a bliss indeed!!

Yes there were some very bad days in life and very good ones too.. but to cherish the normal day is the best !!..

A good day's work, a good book and good sleep, what more can I ask for!!

Something is going on far the past few days..  I generally dont comment about religions and people.. religion is a way to find god.. so follow it well in your homes.. and when outside just finish your work.. we need peace more than religion.. Amen

So coming back to the point of the blog, "A film is forever!!..".. it has been almost two years since I started on a film ( no I am not going to write about the project here.. dont worry).. the journey was amazing and the things I learnt are something that will stay with me for a long time!!

I was talking with Shiva, film's co-director and I was telling him, we are crossing the budget in dubbing and he was worried!! I told him one thing, let it be, if needed i will take a loan and complete it.. but I cant compromise.. If I can add a small betterment, I will do it, after the product will stay with me forever.. if everything goes wrong, I can always work and pay back everything.. but it will hurt to see that I rushed and messed up a scene.. many a times all my life!!

'Song of life', I watch it occasionally, I curse myself for not making it better.. but I also know I gave my best and did what I can .. and I really love few scenes!!

Definitely I did a much much better job this time , but ofcourse with a better budget it could have been much better.. but I managed to do something .. I made something better than I actually expected!!

This is something that will stay with me for a life time!

Most of the guys hesitate to keep  static shots.. especially in small films, but I managed to get a super awesome static silhouette shot!! and biggest challenge is to adjust to location you could find!!.. We planned a scene on the spot and it came out very good!!

Happy to say that product will be ready by February,, the task of selling it is ahead!!  Looking for few awesome ideas.. to sell.. hope I can clear my Song of Life investors bucks as well

And then again.. back to square zero.. A new project.. story.. camera roll.. action.. again and again

Keep rocking
3 cheers