Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A film makers agony!!

I am writing the this blog in great pain!! Bcoz it really hurts to see excellent talent being wasted..
Either resources or time of young people!!
A movie named Orange released recently.. I didn’t see the movie and I don’t have anything against it or any attachment to it!! But I see people fighting in the name of the movie!!
There are two groups ( families involved) in the industry and some movie sites support some families!! All kinds of politics.. well .. industry is like that they fight for power .Its none of my business!!
But worst thing is my friends are fighting over it!! I mean if you want to see a movie watch it; if you like it watch it again; else don’t watch it; why the heck you guys have to fight over people whom you don’t know personally!! If something happens to you none are going to turn up and say you were my fan and I will help you !! Hard fact is; they don’t even know you guys.... accept the fact!!
20 – 30 is the best age to work hard and to decide your paths; If you think if you are absolutely fine with what you are doing and have excess time ; use it for something useful.. there is enough around you to find something challenging .. just look around you .. explore it.
Audience are funny people. Believe me for the past 6 years or something very few movies came up with an original story!! Every movie made is a mix for 5-6 previous movies and still audience give block busters to the industry!! They don’t even think once what they are watching; they even started enjoying cheap comedy and repeated stories .. same plot points .. either faction; or love stories, and funniest part is; some use words like; this was totally different story depicting a new dimension of love ; and let me tell you what is the difference in it.. instead of plain love story ; they show heroine is in love with a villain and finally hero makes her understand that hers ain’t true love!! Holy crap!! Most of the people directly agree that all they expect in a movie is entertainment nothing else!! Well this entertainment came to such a stage.. they are not even thinking whether they are watching a genuine movie or a movie copied from 6-7 other movies with scenes shuffled!! It is such a pity!! Isnt this a cheap thing!! If you watch a movie telling yourself; I need an instant emotion every moment you will miss something that is really classy.. something that will stay with you for a long time.. Guys I have this doubt?? Are people watching movies just to get some relief in their lives.. not for the sake of the art?? Any emotion thats really pure will stay with you for a long time!! So if you just don’t wanna stick to something you are definitely going to miss something very precious.
As long as you keep watching these same kind of movies; people are going to make these kind of movies only!!
Audience are funny but film industry is real funny!! Hollywood invests well on technicians but we invest on Individuals!! We invest so much on leading directors and actors and we invest very less on writers and thats the one of the reasons we never make something that has some standard!!
I met some directors and film makers; they just ask you one question after listening to the story? What is the commercial aspect of this? I wanna ask them !! what do you mean by commercial aspect? Movie making is all about taking a storyto narrate it and to show it on screen; if you project properly It will be a hit! Sankarabharanam made crores at that time to the investors; and the lead role is played by an old man!! Its the concept you take that really matters and how you present it.
Koreans; Italians; French.. even Spanish people are making some excellent movies and are making waves in international market!! Just watched secret in their eyes (Spanish) and I just wondered when are we going to make movies like this!!
And whats happening now; they take up an already proven story ; add some unrelated comedy and throw it out and we watch it!!
Making movies is not just a mere business; its an art!! And we want artists out there not businessmen. Unless you are ready to take the risk and you are ready to leave everything ; you cant get your best!!
A bird is supposed to fly!! There lies the beauty!! If it hides in its nest assuming the risk of getting shot... its a waste life anyway..
In last years Block buster movie ‘Magadgeera’; first 10 minutes were reshot from an old movie of the heroes father. Did the director didn’t have the story to introduce the hero? Suppose you screen this to an international audience ; people will laugh at it!! And some was promoting a movie saying that its a movie that reflects telugu culture and the first scene I see is a song showing Samantha in shorts and mini’s exposing like hell!!
Come out of your fathers; grand fathers image!! A movie is supposed to be a movie; its has nothing to do with any ones back ground!!
I was watching some of the scenes of Johnny ( Its a telugu movie made by Pawan Kalyan ( hero cum director).Some of the shots were very good ; the light and back ground were very good and definitely he kept lots of time and effort in it!! Thats really an honest effort and though it was a flop I thought he would come up something much much better next time!!
But he immediately left all the experiments and entered into typical movies again and is struggling for his existence!!
It really hurts to see people with talent not using to the maximum!!
Is there anything we need to prove others? We are here to make honest efforts and create something better!!
God save the Industry!! And especially god save these addicts!!
Keep Rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kolkata Tales!!

Every city offered me something!! Chennai offered me such an exotic beach!! I still remember the days when I watched that beautiful sunrise over the sea!!
Hyderabad offers you the best food in south India.. just put up 5 kgs in 20 days!! Damn it!!
If its Kolkata its all about art; Just visited Nanda theatre yesterday where a film festival is running.
So much crowd out there; you can never find audience like Kolkata people.. after all greatest literary and movies came from Bengalis only.. Kolkata rocks!!
1) I met an awesome person today!! He is my senior 1980 pass out; he worked for 16 years in TCS and finally quit his job and started creating some work shops...
He gave me some excellent points..
“ I realised a bit late that I am wasting my time a lot; so I resigned my job in TCS. I was making almost 2 lakhs per month by that time.. and people thought I am a mad man to leave everything.. then he confined himself in a room; and designed some workshop.. though I make only 20k now; I am really enjoying my work a lot now!! And I am enjoying every second of it and I have enough free time too..I can meet young people like you and can discuss new ideas!!”

I generally prefer to avoid people over 35 !! all they speak of is their past was great but life is very boring as of now!! But he is very different!! He speaks with endless positive energies!!
He also added “ i never think of past.. its gone!! And I try to concentrate on the many things in this world i need to learn”
I know this looks a bit like funda.. but I didn’t expect such a talk from him!! Pretty of the few who talked like this !!
I know one more person; his name is uma maheswar rao;; met him recently.. I seems he read in a polytechnic college and joined railways!! Then he studied while working and became an engineer there; before crossing 40 he wrote some exam and left to London. Got a chance to meet him recently!! I heard he is a man of precision...
he told me “ i learnt one thing in life; earn like hell; save some of it and spend other equally fast.. and now I saved enough; I just wanna see new places now; I am going to quit soon and I made sure I get constant money through my investments!!
My daughter is also follow my footsteps; she wanna work for 6 months and travel for 6 months”
( no doubt he inspired her)
And may be I too liked him a lot!!
Wish I could meet guys like them..

2) I was chatting with a junior of mine
Junior: Sir; i could sleep much now a days.. I always used to love my sleep..
Me: yeah ; even i was wondering the same; i thought u were an early to bes stuff
Junior: usd to be; but no more!!
Me: oh; either ur a stressed up or totally stress free.. lol
Junior: definitely ; no the second one; I don’t know about the first one
Me: not very optimistic; do you have any troubles!!
Juniors: ofcourse yes sir;I am just at the start of my career; I need get a job; then family kids..

( lol.. believe me guys this is the most hilarious excuse I ever heard; according to this theory.. the kid just born.. has the biggest difficulty; he needs to mug for 20 years.. lol;
I just wonder; we have so many things; he have everything provided for and we are well read.. what the heck; cant we make our living; i can definitely find a 5k job any day; then whats there to worry about.. lets just rock guys!!
Definitely ponder on this for sometime ..
PS:- working on a story seriously.. gotta take a big break from my blog..

Keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some new stuff!!

I am back with a big big big blog!!
Technically speaking I am at a great loss; but personally I am at my best!!... I was really great to watch Rahul Dravid batting a complete day!! And that too after long long time!!
And as a person.. he is the best!! Just read the words he spoke after such a beautiful innings.
“ Sometimes you get the results ; sometimes you don’t. But thats life, thats cricket and thats sports. I dont think about what people are saying as long long as i am doing whats needed to be done!!”.. who in this world can speak like this!!
Lets start with some beautiful words one of my junior sent me!!
"I would rather be ashes than dust!!
I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.
I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.
The function of man is to live, not to exist.
I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time."
1) One of my junior gifted me a book on Keats !! the only problem with that is; I try reading two stanzas and then I don’t get anything in it; so I kept that aside.
I constantly remind myself “ Son; ur IQ is very less; you are meant to read a harry potter if not some travel journals like motorcycle diaries ..!! But too much serious stuff just leaves you with a head ache..
yeah yeah i did try reading that ‘God of small things’ once and darn it...I can never explain that feeling!! I felt that this world is a horrible place ; full of domination and senselessness.. and I got scared.. I felt a different feeling after reading some part of ‘atlas shrugged’ too.. this world is full of hatred!!
So when someone suggested me “white tiger” I ran away from him!! I mean what’s the point in choosing a book thats depressing!!

But then we cant watch and read everything either!! Someone from college asked me
” mama; why don’t you watch the movies we watch; how will you get entertained?”

I do accept that !! entertainment is very important; but then the term entertainment is relative.. i just cant watch some movies; they just irk me upi mean how can you watch a movie if you u can easily see that the movie is a mix of some 5-6 previous ones!! But then I absolutely have no problem if you watch those movies unless you force to watch them with you.And i am reasonably fair!! I can sit and watch the movie as long as you stick to the character and try to show something honest and professional!!

2) After watching my ‘Song of Life’ ( some people left in between the movie too) some asked me “ why there is no plot in the movie?”..well because thats the way I wanted make this movie!! I just wanted to show what exactly happens in an engineering college ( with hostel facility).
I do accept there are many technical mistakes in continuity and some low budget adjustments; but i am pretty happy that i stuck to my script and i got the best out of what I could get!!
And it was indeed a pleasure when some bloggers approached me and said that they really loved the movie;and it was better than ‘happy days’for we feel ‘happy days’ is a fantasy where as yours is absolutely real; I could just place myself in all scenes; it made me nostalgic!!

I absolutely loved his words!! Thats the only thing I wanna do!! Instead of making typical commercials; make movies ; which I would love to make and to find people who love these kind of movies.. may be I can try to go glabal.. else work in some company earn some money and then make a movie and release it for free online!! No issues an no worries!!

I was explaining this excellent of idea of mine to one my friend ; he questioned me “ Son; are you really planning to settle in life or not?
The answer to this question is pretty tough? What the hell is settled life ; and there are no guarantees in life!! If I need to find to find a girl; I will run after a singer or some artist who wouldn’t care for anything expect art.. I was just reading the interview of a dancer!!
She said “ After marriage I understood some excellent feelings!! I improved in a lot in expressions ; especially ‘Gopika pining for Krishna’ you need great understanding to emote it”..
And the money to survive; yaar.. this is a damn big world full of opputunities!! What say?
Damn it its too serious stuff... anyways ; its going to take a long time!!

3) As I always said ; this is a funny world!!.. even if you suffering ; you can still laugh at it. There was this small kid; she went to wear her shoes before starting fireworks on Diwali. I laughed at her ; saying that these Kids are over cautious!! And in 5 mins I messed up my leg and had been limping till now... lol.. and I recently forgot a laptop while editing and reached with the charger!!

I went to banglore last month!! I met a junior of mine; he is well known for his stand-up comedies.. we were talking some chitchat in Dominos!!
Raghavan: These software jobs are not for me sir!! I am bored!! I am planning to become a professor or something; I started doing my BA in philosophy..

Me: excellent; very interesting bro!!
( They served us some pizzas)
Raghavan: Or else; I want to do something related to food!! May be become a server in a hotel or something like that..
Me: lol.. awesome man.. better become a chef then!!
Raghavan: thats a good idea; but being a vegetarian I cant cook non -veg Items because I cant taste them!! So becoming a waiter is a better option. I told my mom the same.. she told me ; don’t talk like this son;if you want to do something start a hotel; plz don’t become a waiter!!
Me: ( I couldn’t stop laughing) okay then start a hotel!!
Raghavan: no sir; organising is not my cup of tea; Some should tell me do this; then i will do it properly and perfectly..
( man; this guy will make u laugh like hell)

Raghavan: I recently visited a Chinese restaurant too; and I asked him if I need to do any courses to join as a server here.. But i did a mistake sir; I went in full formals with a dell bag; Owner asked me why I wanted to do this and rejected me. Its a big mistake sir!!

( This is the heights of comedy!! I just wish I could get a photo of that owner when he asked for the job as a server.. lol.. lol)

Keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Its raining for the past 10 days; and I am busy exploring food stalls in Hyderabad!! Must say everything is at its best.. so ideas are in full flow!!
Yesterday I met some professional bloggers at one place and my next meeting was after 2 hours and it was raining heavily!! I just sat at a sidewalk and kept watching people crossing the road for two hours.. that was an awesome experience.. its one of the ways I know to empty everything in mind and just sit there and enjoy the rain.. remembered the days when I used sit in a small bench opposite main building in ISM and watch everyone walking in the road!! That’s Awesome aint it!! Just to sit there and ponder on new ideas which you wanna explore…
Getting back to the topic … this blog is all about ideas.. I was recently taking to a friend of mine!! I was telling him that I am working on a Chak-de kind of movie!! Dea is to explore 2 generations as the story flips present generation story writer and a previous generation badminton player!! He replied me “ everyone has ideas and the are good; but exploring the total idea and finishing it is the tough part”.. well sad bro.. I completely agree with you; even I too feel the same; I too have loads of ideas but I put very few on the paper; may be I started writing this blog just to put those unfinished ideas too on the paper;
Now that the movie is done!! I am totally working on its promotion. Technically speaking this is not my cup of tea; I wish I could stick to the creative aspects of the movie making; but working on promotion is also cool; I am travelling places and screening at different places!! And I am exploring new ways and ideas to promote the movie to get back my returns. One of my friend told me “ you were talkin to your self in your sleep yesterday. You were saying” that’s a very good idea!! We must try it”” I am totally involved in promotion. After all it gives me a chance to meet some business people and to understand there thoughts!!
Life is all about learning..
One freaky idea; if you are really in need for money ; try writing the following books ; “ 10 effective ways to mange your parents” .. this will be a block buster hit among students!!
I did hear a complaint on my movie; that my movie has no plot!! Don’t expect any plots in my movie; I just try to depict life; they will be slow and will be realistic.. that’s the only way I make movies
But then I did make many mistakes and there were some constraints too.. will definitely try to improve for my next movie.. cheers
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, October 3, 2010

To Life With Love!!

1) I think I must start thanking each and everyone who were present at the screening of ‘song of life’. Thanks a lot guys; cheers !! Mitruka ; alwar and siddarth!! 3 cheers to three of you..
and ofcourse thanks to a junior of mine who particularly gave me this point “Sir ; how come you start your blogs saying that this blog is going to be particularly lengthy and expect us to read it ”.. lol.. one more big blog for u buddy ; dedicated to you...
okay getting back to the topic; I always said “ Life is an Odyssey of beautiful anecdotes” its a collection of those memories!! Last 5 days in ISM gave me enough anecdotes!! I got back those lonely walks in the main back road!! And I did caught hold of a bicycle one night; and roamed around the total campus and especially riding it on the upper ground on the green grass full of dew... man; i can never forget that! ( for all those who didn’t visit ISM recently; they arranged permanent flood lights n upper ground and now students are happily playing at mid night!!)
And thanks to every singer whom I tortured for songs especially shailendar for the awesome songs he sang on sapphire terrace every night!! You seriously rock and I wish you will have bright career in singing bro.. and the list also includes Pele;Praveen; kumar ; saurabh and santosh and swarna.. thanks for all the songs. And thanks to sagi and vidyadhar for all the jokes ..You guys filled me with loads of energies.
Screening the first full length movie itself was an unforgettable experience ; and many guys really loved it!! But some did complain that it pathetic and some said average!! All the same I need to learn a lot and experiment a lot!! Good or bad I need to move on!!
I just wonder sometimes are both audience and film makers brain washed!! If so who brain washed whom? If you see the interview of any director ; he says “ we have all the ingredients in the movie which audience expect” and most of the audience say “ i expect some fun in the movie and some time pass nothing else from the movie”. Both are sitting in a box and refusing to come out? What the heck!! If you just fix up I need this only you can enjoy a better feeling or a better emotion and if you fix i need this before you start writing you can never make a better product either!! Can India give a better professional work? Page 3; Swades; Sankarabharanam;... and the list has very few independent works!! Wish i could add some among the list!!

2) My father and me travel a lot together actually I must say I learnt many things from him!! Ofcourse we have our differences; he is orthodox when its about studies and discusses a lot with kids about their studies ( not to mention that he gave up on me) and I am absolutely opposite to that!!All the same if are free all we do is to plan a new trip and hurry there.. ha ha. One fine day we visited ‘Antharvedi’ .The place is a confluence of a river and sea and the boat ride was awesome!! On our return journey I met an assistant of my father (my father wasn’t sitting with us) and he started praising my father. Ha said “ I never met a person like your father sir; there are some where 200 tte’s (ticket collector’s) in vijayawada division and your father is one who never accepts a single rupee from anyone. I personally saw him helping many people ; He helped a semi blind man to get a better seat and he offered him a five hundred bucks!! And your father said it is his duty and didn’t take anything from him. He is a very good person sir; you are very lucky”. Indeed I am very lucky; I felt so proud ; Somewhere I know he set me some moral standards and that helped me in being a better person!! When my principal asked me to use PH so that I can easily get a seat in good IIT( for all those who don’t know; I suffer from nerve hearing loss) I just laughed and told him that I am going to write in general quota!! I know my father wouldn’t have liked it if I had opted for a short cut. And he all the way came to my screening in ISM just to watch my movie. Cant ask anything more..

3) I met this fellow Siddharth. He composed a yaadein song for us; guys used to wake me up at midnight and used to play me the improved song; it was real fun; He asked me a question some days back “ Sir; I want to enter music field after working for 2 years like you!! But sir i am afraid that there are so many people already there what is the guarantee that I can establish myself?” .. I did encourage him that he got some good talent .. but the only problem with that question is its ‘unanswerable’!! People will say you are superb if you make it big and the same fellows will say you are an ‘ass’ if you loose.. anyways other people never matter.. what matters is what we need!! You can carry on with your job and keep extra efforts in weekends till you get a break; or just say “to hell with everything’ and jump into it what ever!! Everything is upto you; no one can say anything on your behalf and it is you who need to choose because it is you who will face the consequence..
Ha .. ha.. loads of heavy stuff.. just thought of writing something serious...
PS: So called hindus and muslims; if you are fucking foolish enough to fight in the name of god neither you can understand god nor you can enjoy your life!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Black n White!!

Well , well I am back!! .. and it seems my previous blog “ Dreams work n love “ made some good points on work but very less points on dreams n love!! Thats what the reviews I got for it. I will accept all of it; I am not that good at it; but the point is my dream and love is my work.. ( as of date). So criticisms are well accepted and next time i will treat every subject well.. cheers..
I am writing this particular blog as a memoir ; so that after some years I can look back and Iwill know what I thought after completing Song of Life.
Everything has its own blacks n whites ! and lets just start with blacks!!
A junior of mine asked me right after dubbing!! “ how come you have so much of patience ; you work on everything but never displeased?”.. I promptly replied him; that I am a very impatient fellow; I took extra work because i cant afford any one else for it!! i need to do it by myself .
I pretty well know when i started the project itself; that i might have to put in these efforts!! After all u cant expect kids to rush for my work!! Waking up people is something i wont enjoy much or making those calls to everyone to reach the shooting spot either. I Just wish; i would never enter into a venture like this again!!
Not to forget the drop outs and those phone calls that went unanswered at most important times!! Man it was hell and there times i thought ; lets forget everything; just run off from this place thats the only way you get some peace of mind.
Add to this the creative part; its the most energy consuming and the juicy part of movie; the more time i spent on it the more joy i would get!! When its ur first veture ; you need to all your time spent on it; keeping 2 hours of story in your brain isn’t that easy and its the main thing I was worried about.
That job interview scene;when none turned up after my repeated requests for 2 total days!! and the times nisheshji left and especially the days when i had to fight with a girl!!

Well ; I learnt to face it and learnt to move along!! After all I kept in my best efforts and completed it.All this hard work ; i can treasure that; Its a life time experience!! May be I learnt some practical lessons; on whom i need to depend on work. There are people who called me up at mid night to update the work!! Man I loved it; I take it as an honour to work with you and I consider them always in my team!! No doubt about that!!
Thats what after all we need to learn ; just keep working on target and forget about the results!! And I did get some some positive reviews for my efforts and may be i can get some better oppurtunities to!! Lets see... Hope and Hope!!
An ofcourse the lessons on running the story; watching it again n again I learnt new ways to improve my technique of stoy telling!! And i also learnt what i need study more
No more blacks and no more whites!! When at work neither i like to pamper nor prefer getting pampered!! Once out... its all about nature .. and getting pampered!! My mom still complains in home why the hell i took up some private work!! You can even do your properly!! Well well thats a very good compliment!! Lets lose caps; pens combs who really cares if u r good enough to forget ur good enough to live!! Not to mention those drenches in rain!! And to enjoy those drives with father!! Listening to music!!
Must say its a treat to watch people !! its just so beautiful..
I was walking through a place where a ganesh idol was kept!! Songs are in its full flow!! And this small kid is dancing for sometime and then praying for sometime and dancing again!! Definitely she cant think !! and some people may complain thats brain wash.. but still it was such a beautiful thing to watch the small girl dance!!
One more !! one more!! I was walking to my training centre when i was working in IBM. I saw this small girl in school crying not to go to school!! Well well i wanted to tell her; if u cry ur mom will listen ; if i cry everyone will laugh!! Haha.. after all who doesn’t want to be pampered ;
Just met some of my friends of college !! we were the same old asses absolutely no change!! Raj as usual talkative; vijay ji man with jokes; myself sometimes dumb and sometimes full of energies and rahulji.. same old fellow!!
It seems i find very funny and interesting people where ever i go!! Lol
Always a pleasure.. and add to this start reading a PG Wodehouse (esp Psmith)// u will find yourself in heaven!!
3 cheers
Keep rockin

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dreams , Work and Love!!

This blog is a pure experiment!! May be I just wrote this here to read it again after some years and to understand my thoughts at this time!! Comments are absolutely welcome.
I am in absolute peace!! Almost an year’s work is behind me; and to think that its ready and I was there almost in every part of its making; its such a beautiful feeling!! Yes I need to work on promotion and all for some more months; i am working on it. But once done —all I dream of is a big break!! I want to stop everything (writing;thinking ,dreaming or any other thing .. i just wanna travel and feel the beauty of nature for some days and listen some good music.. before I start with a new project!!
I love them. As a Kid He-man fascinated me; I dreamt doing all those adventures myself; when i grew up a bit i dreamt of scoring 1800 runs in a one day match; i used to take a small bat swing it everytime imagining hitting a six for every ball. After that i really started observing my surroundings and my love changed .It was movies and books..I literally live in my stories almost dreaming of them always!!
I was talking to a friend of mine; an aspiring film maker like me who completed his shooting part of a movie. He said “Isnt this frustrating; the gaps in between; we need for long gaps either waiting for money or proper dates to start our post production? Its tyring me!!?”
I clearly understood his point; I myself suffered and still am suffering from the same troubles!! I need to wait for some days just for the post production house to gimme a date to work; low budget means less importance ; that too we work from evening 6 to afternoon six!! Similar probs with capital too. Worst thing is you cant even plan a trip in between ; because you have to be ready when you get a call to start your work!! So only thing you can do is to keep on waiting; with your cell phone next to you dreaming expecting a call everyday till you start off. Working on promotion especially is a waiting job; you need to wait till someone will come up with a contact and wait till he responds to you once you contact him!! But then this is what life is all about; learning to get the best of everything and getting prepared for everything!! Thats where the fun lies ; finding solutions to everything; may be to work on new stories in the free time or learn some technical stuff or just to have some fun. Looking back the best moments weren’t the times i spent carelessly but the times i really thought for myself and came up with something!! I loved the moments when spent in the nearby houses to make a documentary for Kartavya and the times I spent on writing the scripts of Anecdote and Song of life. Of course shooting times are the best; because you see the result out there of what you planned till now!!
All I wanna do now is to sell ‘song of life’ to a reasonable price and to start up again as an asst to some director; so many things to learn!!; what particular lenses must be used for a particular shot ( not to mention that you need have the dimensions of the set in your mind!!) and what colour lighting to use to get the best emotion and whether to use a close –up or semi close –up in the particular shot; Oh my god; I feel like a kid entering high school, so much to learn. It almost takes me three more years to learn the basics of this work and the ability to remember the total story in mind sequentially .
If you can keep this much of effort you cant compromise your story; and with your narration ; it had to be what you really wanna show there not what others tell you to do!! And you expect a team equally dedicated. I just hope I will do it like this..with an excellent team!!
Getting to the other topic; its one of the topics I never wrote about; even now I prefer not to write anything on ‘Love’ because thats one of the complicated things I have ever seen; but I was very much inspired to write something on love after reading ‘one hundred years of solitude’. Anyways I would have written something on it someday; let that be today itself.
If some calls me asks me for my welfare and my projects ; that’s acceptable love; I will be very happy for that .may be thats love.. i could accept. If someone calls me and says “ your friends are earning like hell; and you are doing nothing except roaming” i can understand he is thinking about me for my welfare; but that’s unacceptable.
passion . Most of the things associated with passion doesn’t have a logic.
Let me start with a story I read; Guy studying MBBS fell in love with a girl; she too loved him; everything happy; girls parents came to know about this ; so thought of marrying her to some other fellow; the pair try to elope; the girls parents caught her and married to another fellow; finally she wrote a letter to the guy “ I cant fight any more; but I loved you a lot; promise me one thing !! you would never forget your goal; you study well and become a doctor!!”. He did become a doctor and he wrote the story dedicating his degree for her.
When I read the story; I thought its absolutely hilarious. Because I cant imagine a guy who study for his girl friend ; thats just not my kind of story.
But then there is something about passion in this story; they liked each other a lot . and this happens very occasionally. As i said it never follows a logic.
We can dig deep into this; but i take it as a starter; and continue it some other time!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, August 8, 2010


A junior sent me this poem!! superb one ....

A mother's dream
As I slept one night I saw this dream
Which further increased my vexation

I dreamt I was going somewhere on the way
Dark it was and impossible to find the way

Trembling all over with fear I was
Difficult to take even a step with fear was

With some courage as I forward moved
I saw some boys as lined in nice array

Dressed in emerald-like raiment they were
Carrying lighted lamps in their hands they were

They were going quietly behind each other
No one knew where they were to go

Involved in this thought was I
When in this troupe my son saw I

He was walking at the back, and was not walking fast
The lamp he had in his hand was not lighted

Recognizing him I said "O My dear!
Where have you come leaving me there?

Restless due to separation I am
Weeping every day for ever I am

You did not care even a little for me
What loyalty you showed, you left me"!

As the child saw the distress in me
He replied thus, turning around to me

"The separation from me makes you cry
Not least little good does this to me"

He remained quiet for a while after talking
Showing me the lamp then he started talking

"Do you understand what happened to this?
Your tears have extinguished this"!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monsoon Chit Chat...

When I started from Howrah to Hyderabad I decided to take a break atleast for 4 -5 months before working on anything except marketing ‘song of life’!! But I think writing is something I really got addicted to and here I am back again working on my new blog!!
Of course all credit goes to the weather in Hyderabad!! Its raining here for the past ten days!! And its real fun. I am absolutely replenished. And work is also going great!! So no complaints on anything.. All I do in my free time is to sit on the cement bench next to the road and watch people walking on the road near banjara hills.
As I am in a perfect happy mood ..let me write some jokes ( request : if u think they r PJ’s; plz don’t blame me)
1) Mom: - Son, go downstairs and pay the rent to owner
Geek: Lemme call him and take his account number; i will transfer it online!!

( Copyrights belong to me.. lol)

2) I watched a movie named ‘Darling’. As the name says this a love story; hero is playing tantrums to impress heroine ( girl is from Switzerland) So this fellow starts talking some crap about Switzerland to impress her. This girl turns furious; she reaches him and seriously teaches him how great india is ; when compared to Switzerland .. that therez lot of effection and love in india which you don’t find any where in the world n all that stuff. And hero seriously starts liking her more.. ( no personal statements here ; i am giving a third person narration)..
And guess what .. the scene fades to a beautiful location in Switzerland.. and a song starts between hero n heroine... lol.. lol..
Come on guys!! I know film making is all about money for many people; but still you must atleast respect ur characters.. you must atleast know what exactly you wanna show on the screen..!!
3) This joke is about myself; I am a very absent minded fellow and most of my friends know it.. well well.. some people still remember me as an ass you couldn’t expand CPU in a job interview.
So I started from howrah to hyd with a bag and a big cover stuffed with my clothes. I happily forgot everything about the cover got down in secunderabad station and directly went to swati tiffins nearby to have some breakfast!! And only after half an hour I understood that something was wrong!! And after five more minutes I understood that I left my all my clothes in the train !! I literally ran back to the station.. and the train left long back!!

So here I am ( with a single dress) and my mom told this to all our relatives and every one called me to know how I lost my dresses!! Cheers to life..

I am staying in Hyderabad in a hostel with my friend!! And all these fellows are preparing for civils!! And its real fun ... we can see those posters with writings like
“ Guidelines for next month: 1) No time waste 2) No unnecessary discussions 3) Complete seriousness!!.. needless to say what really happens is completely opposite !!
I see typical student gang here; playing cards all night and some dancing happily at night 11.30 dressed up in bunions and towels!! Not to mention those gossips on girls all night. If you are unlucky enough to receive a message from a girl saying “ good night and sweet dreams!!”.. consider yourself dead!! Not to mention those small biryani and thumps up parties they arrange at much of energies.. man I love this place!!

And let me end the blog with some of the discussions I had with a junior of mine regarding music!! A bit lengthy.. follow if ur really interested..

swathi: veena is going good; im all excited about it these days
me: excellent;i think i too must learn some instrument
swathi: welcome to the club
me: sure sure
so; tell me more about veena
all technical stuff if ur free
swathi: oh yeah
veena has seven strings
four for notes, and three for rhythm indication
rhythm in music is called talam
and ragam is a unique selection of notes, which will be used all over the composition
each string plays two octaves
and a total of eight octaves can be played on the veena
me: slow slow; what are notes?
i mean lay in terms
swathi: note is a select frequency
me: okay
swathi: every note is separated by a frequency of 16th root of 2
me: awesome; resonance stuff right?
swathi: yes\
see, sa and ri are separated by a frequency of 16th root of 2
if sa is played on x, ri is played on x into 16th root of two
me: oh god; this is superb
swathi: so, there are sixteen notes, between the lower sa and higher sa
but we play eight
it seems to rain here also
me: excellent
swathi: so, when you play from sa, as ri, ga, ma pa da ni sa,
you double the frequency
me: we will up the frequency
swathi: ya up the frequency
me: and the beauty lies in giving the right frequency change?
and then get down?
swathi: yes
the frequencies you choose
see, in music
esp instrumental
me: oh god; its great even to listen this
swathi: there are two kinds of instruments
one is discreet, like the piano
the diff between indian classical music and western classical music is that in indian, we emphasise on continuity;western ppl emphasise on discreteness
string instruments and vocal instruments are the continuous treads
indian music is very elaborate, btu so poorly documented
me: what r vocal instruments?
swathi: flute
me: okay
swathi: drums, piano are discrete
you cant generate continuous music in them
me: okay
yup...i see more continuation in veena;but in piano
we go part by part
swathi: yeah;veena is said to be a divine istrument used in ancient time for tapasu ;it has been given a lot of significance in the vedas
if you knew, sama veda is about music.. it is said to have that concentration increasing and stress relieving ability in its music
me: okay
swathi: it is a combination of math and physics to play the instrument;you remember the string problems we used to do in 12th
me: yup
swathi: we basically change the effective length of the string to change the frequency of the note
by pressing it onto a wedge
me: okay; same is the case with guitar
swathi: yeah;all string instruments mostly
i dont know all that, but it is really good after you play
me: cool.. stress relief aah
swathi: like something reverberating in your mind... about three four hours, you can feel the reverberations around you
i play for an hour, and feel that for three four hours
me: excellent
i am going to learn one after some years
swathi: im sure you will love it
but be careful about the instrument you choose
me: oh; why?
swathi: you must like the music of it;then the experience is best
you will like to play all the more and you get to be all the more
me: okay;how i will know what will be good for me?
swathi: listen to various instruments and see
me: oh okay; the most mystifying for me was flute
swathi: :)
my committment to veena has been serendipity..but im loving it
classical music is a whole discipline in itself;no wonder ppl pursued it academically
me: absolutelly correcti feel; we will learn right manners in this
swathi: yeah
but it is good to see the physics behind things also
me: yup
swathi: it is so intellectually engaging, trust me
me: yup got it
swathi: hmm..
im eating off ppls brain with this infactuation these days
me: We will be waiting for your concert then!!
swathi: :) nt really learning for a concert
but yes, i can play for ppl, not for fame
me: thats the best reason to give a concert
swathi: but the art is great you know..i am getting realy engrossed into it
me: awesome ;glad to here this;to tell the truth; i dont know about music much;
swathi: my teacher is awesome
me: great...but classic music ; i always sit n listen
there is that peace in it

Keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


As I said ; I am going to keep some good works of my friends in my blog.
This particular blog; is written by Vishlesh.. 3 cheers to him!!
In the past few months, I have been bombarded by series of illogical questions that are unending and boringly repetitive. I have answers for all these questions, but I wanted to keep them for myself, it makes no point for me to propagate my ideology or to convince the speaker that I am right in my choice. They wanted me to go for my further education, to add value to myself, frankly at age of 23 you are pretty well molded into an organization, that any education that comes in the future has to be felt with the soul and heart, you cant go on pursuing something just for a future or for career or for money. I never had any kind of attachment or planning for future, whatever you plan, things are going to happen as they are bound to happen, life is just like flowing river and the banks on the either sides are experiences you gain from the past. Just as the river passes through a fertile soil carries this soil to other bank and makes it fertile. They always put two options before me, going for management education or going for technical education. I always found them unworthy. What is the need of pursuing management? What were you doing before that?, For me my life is my business and I have been managing it properly, we talk to people and manage getting our work done, we manage our time, we manage our relationships, we manage to understand psychologies of people and try to deal with them in their way, what more can management teach me, if its just finance or just other things just give me good books I will learn for myself, why do run after degrees?? If u get a degree from a prestigious institute, you become product of that brand and lose the brand value which you have had for yourself.
And for getting into technology there is a much better option than your college way, get you lot of books, this technology is just unpredictable and ever changing, so the things you learn today are just going to be obsolete in a few days, and the knowledge you have gained wouldn’t help you in anyway. Don’t pursue a degree rather pursue knowledge. I want to experience knowledge, I want my experiences to drift like feathers in the wind, let my eyes see the beauty and my heart feel the sensation of beauty, for me this is what life is meant for pursuing experiences rather than degrees. Experiencing is a phenomenon that happens before an invention, a scientist creates his model in his mind and then replicates that in a mathematical model and supports his view, so the first step to this comes from experiencing. When I was reading about aromatic nature of benzene, the scientist had a dream of serpents moving in a circle with each of its head attached to its tail. Experiencing is predecessor of understanding a subject, every subject has a frequency to which a student has to adapt to. When it comes to art, experiencing is knowledge, and experiencing is everything, In case of arts and philosophy, what is true today holds life long, there are no rules and regulation; a man can follow his free will.
After the blog conversation!!
bandla: check this one out
challa: yup
on my way
bandla: after a long time i wrote something
challa: good man
keep writing
if i like it
i gotta keep it in my blog
bandla: ok fine
Sent at 10:33 AM on Wednesday
challa: superb one man
bandla: thanks sir..
i felt like words gushing out like water from hot i just started writing something.....
after a long time i felt good
by writing
challa: good
bandla: too serious stuff to be put on a blog
challa: its our blog man
we write whatever we like
bandla: yeah thats true.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To all movie freaks!!

Thanks to Vishlesh for sending a beautiful poem!!
Fortune! take back these cultured lands,
Take back this name of splendid sound!
I hate the touch of servile hands,
I hate the slaves that cringe around.
Place me among the rocks I love,
Which sound to Ocean's wildest roar;
I ask but this - again to rove
Through scenes my youth hath known before.—lord Byron!!
I thought of writing something serious after a long time!! If its too boring you better skip it and let me know!!
Getting back to the topic!! This blog is dedicated to all movie freaks!! personally I know many people who keep watching movies like freaks and who are better critics than me and who understand movies in a better way. There were days I wondered how come all these guys didn’t enter movies. But as I work more and more I basically understand the difference between watching movies and making movies. If you commit to a movie you are going to literally live with that character for absolutely one or two years. You must be aware of every shot and scene and the right emotion at every scene. Damn you have to remember it even in your sleep which is movie making where as you will spend a 3 three hour time watching movie if you are a movie lover!! Everyone wants their friends to remember them as friendly and easy going guys. But a movie maker wants to be remembered as a guy who is absolutely dedicated to movies!! And I think his pleasure lies in it!!
I met an aspiring movie director yesterday and in his words “ movie maker is a kind of parent to the movie!!” cheers buddy ; ur awesome.
Actually this blog is about him only. Name is sasidhar!! Actually i know him from my 9th standard .we were in the same hostel!! He was kind of an icon to me at that time!! If you think its for good reasons ; no; its for all bad reasons!! I still him; he woke up 8.30 when he has his board exam at 9.00. and he did clear it. Now you can understand why he became an Icon.
Then we met up again in IBM; pity i resigned very soon; came to know very less about him!!
But when we met yesterday and talked for sometime ; it was like we know each other for a long time!!
His story itself was awesome!! After his inter he went to Hyderabad for movie chances; that itself was amazing; i wouldn’t even go to next town without my parents permission by that time!! But then intermediate was too early; he couldn’t just make it and he understood the reality only after an year!! He is back again; took his long term and completed his BE in sullurpet
But his love for movies didn’t fade, he used to go by bike to Chennai and watch movies every weekend!! All the four years!! The guy even pulled in a chance two become a writer for some serial!!
And he started working on it in Chennai and was trying for contacts?
I couldn’t stop asking him how come he managed his attendance when he was staying in Chennai?
“ profs helped me a lot. I never left a subject so they know i will manage the subjects and i am trying something different too !! so they helped me “
Pity nothing runs smooth!! The serial suddenly stopped and director ate away his money!! Life is back to Basics!!
After engineering he was back to Hyderabad again. He says” Every one in my relatives were laughing at my back and they were treating me low!! When my grand mother died i couldn’t even go there. I am an emotional guy and in an impulse i entered IBM; i don’t know if its a mistake or not; but i learnt some realities and now i know the realities; I will be very careful and i will make it this time”
Awesome bro; you seriously rock!! All the very best. You will make it big.
Best part of it is; he is a perfect opposite to me; i am a kind of guy who takes up easy going and positive stuff and he takes problems and thoughts of lower middle class and a bit tougher aspects!! I can never write a story about a prostitute and a bartender i would limit myself to students; writers and artists but he can easily write on that stuff!!
Ha says “ I love to live in other peoples lives!! Why they do it; what do they think!!”
We sat in afternoon and we kept talking till night; time just flew away!! It was an excellent treat. And the feeling was mutual.
Its always a treat to catch up with new people and discuss new ideas with them.
He told me some very interesting inside stories too!! “ they play many tactics; when some unit is about to start a project ; I know a girl who celebrated her birthday and called everyone of them!! Heaven knows when is her birthday; its just a tactic; and when they are trying to cast; she easily got the role!!They spend some money and they will get their chances ; its all about making them remember you. Even if you need to meet a famous actor you need to bribe their manager”
Oh my goodness; i just wish i wont end up with these fellows; its just horrible!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Old Days!!!

Statuary Warning: Don’t expect anything less than a big essay!!
Books are something that’s very very close to me!! Once my Editing is done i know i will have some free time for some days ; all I did was to rush to college street to buy some books in Calcutta. And it was a pleasure to read ‘A beautiful mind’ ( life story of a mathematician). She says “ generally mathematicians give up after searching solution for a month. But Nash was different; he gets himself involved more and more if he finds it more difficult; he takes one year or more to come up with the solution.” Sure like hell this guy has an excellent sub-conscious brain and he used it to the best. But the point is the same; at your toughest times; you don’t get down but you keep your best efforts out there . this will definitely help. But there were sometimes i feel i should have kept more effort out there and could have made it better. Ultimately its all about learning and learning more and about improvisation. I just hope I wont repeat the mistakes again.
Let me just write here some beautiful sentences I read !!( Charles Brown from Blood Orchid.)
“Now I dream of the soft touch of women, the songs of birds , the smell of soil crumbling between my fingers and the brilliant green of the plants that I diligently nurture. I am looking for land to buy and i will sow it with deer and wild pigs and birds and cottonwoods and sycamores and build a pond and ducks will come and fish will rise in the early evening light and take the insects into their jaws. There will be paths through this forest and you and i will lose ourselves in the soft curves and folds of the ground. We will come to the water’s edge and lie on the grass and there will be a small , unobtrusive sign that says, “THIS IS THE REAL WORLD AND WE ARE ALL IN IT!!”.
Awesome words ; very occasionally we find such beautiful works!! 3 cheers to you man.
Getting back to the topic; I went for a friend’s marriage recently . Me and another intermediate friend of mine decided to visit our good old intermediate college. And the visit was something special for both of us.
And before I get on with with my trip; i need to introduce my friend . He is BBGTS Murthy ( Baththala Bala Gangadhar tilak Santhosha Murthy) in short Murthy for all of us. He is a as big hearted as his name. But ask me whatz the best of him i would say his love for food. I just love it. I love food myself but there might be days you know i might just feel bored of eating but i never saw this fellow missing his chance. He even bunked his classes while preparing for civils to continue his lunch. I Just love to watch him!! Its something i really cherish; its like someone is telling me “ to hell with everything in this world; let me enjoy this moment”
Needles to say we are very close!! And getting back to the trip; we were visiting the college almost after eight years and I started to wonder what happened to those eight years its like time ran like hell. My friend was also saying “ mama ; it was eight years but we are the same fellows ; stupid and fresh” .. lol.
Yeah ; really true !! man actually i started making some good friends only when I was in intermediate almost all the gang is in touch till now. I met some incredible people; and some funny incidents. Thanks to the free accommodation they offered for my tenth class mugging. When i entered the i was in such a force to crack IIT and in a month i understood that aint my principal goal; i started writing some poems and some stories. Thanks to all the mates who read them patiently. To tell the truth i will kill myself if i read them again now.
And we were very thick friends; always bunking classes and playing cricket in the near by open area or exploring the near forests. We even discovered some skull and bones one day. I couldn’t even sleep that night totally terrified. And not to mention that pad and paper ball cricket ; we used to have fierce competition.I became too over confident; used to say i can study everything myself; used to complain that some of the professors weren’t upto the mark. No doubt studies went bad; actually culdnt even get a proper rank in EAMCET forget about. My parents were totally disappointed. Then somehow i did put in some reasonable effort and made it to ISM next year. But looking back; i am happy i made all those mistakes and mischiefs; as a fact i feel a guy at 18 should do some mistakes; you cant take everything seriously from that age. If i get back those days i just wanna commit one more mistake i should have ran after a girl; and should have written some good love-letters ( you know all that childish stuff) that would have made me a better writer at least but mainly because you cant find such innocence ( some say ignorance ) now ; we calculate everything now !!
There was this guy Aditya who used to tell me Hollywood stories sci-fi stories (hallow-man; Jurassic park;Aliens and all .. this was the first time i ever heard of English movies) and i was absolutely fascinated with those stories.I used to tell everyone that i am going to become a Hollywood director and i will make scientific movies. And friends used to laugh at me ( at my back too). I even wrote a sci-fi which is a mix of all the stories aditya told me. Thank god i didn’t have money at that time; if not i would have made worst movie ever made in the history of movies.
There are so many things to write ..canteen; hostel jokes ;.. well ofcourse i met some real intelligent people too; IIT 18th ranker was among us; the guy used to so silent !! but you will see a pure genius in him once he starts started problems!! It was a pleasure. And more funny incident i remember was that i ended up on stage on august 15th and protested that the administration isn’t allowing us to go out even on independence day!! And again my love for strikes started here!! We started a big fight for a holiday on ganesh jayanti ; and I went home after igniting the strike and when i came back i came to know all those who started that fight (we used to call that hit-list) were taken in a special bus to another campus and were given some special treatment .( we used call that Bus incident). I didn’t know any it till i came back and every one was saying “ lucky f***er; you escaped.”
Watching girls was the new hobby added to the list.and ofcourse reading some crap porn books started at that time only. And all the gossip in those study hours too . we used to sit in chairs in rows and used to chit chat all the time and comment every girl and lady warden who crossed us. Saying all this we were never bad, we were just too young and too energetic ; we came to know that girls liked our comments too. I still remember some beautiful things. There is a hill very near our hostel and a temple on it ; on new year eve; all girls of our batch (dressed up smart) were coming from the temple. We were taunting all the way and some us were shouting ‘happy new year’ n ‘happy new year’. Lady warden was yelling at us and is forcing them not to look at us; and they crossed us; but i just don’t how they got the guts; suddenly everyone of them started shouting back.. ‘ Happy new year’!! man that was Awesome!!
So many things and so many people i can write about; All I can say is it was very much fun; Engineering and inter both were simply superb.
And now getting back to a serious topic ; one of my friend asked “ mama when are you going to make a full commercial picture”.. i just told him thats not possible; thats just aint my type; I am perfectly happy making my kind of movies; i would be more than happy if i can get reasonable profit that can support me. I would be a happy man!!. After all you spend 2 years in making a movie ; finally if you don’t enjoy the work; its like two years wasted in life. I prefer to sit in IBM and start coding than that stuff.
But all I dream is of an excellent team; they wouldn’t worry about name or money or anything thats material ; to make an excellent movie should be our only dream!! May be some day I will find such team and make a movie that would make me happy.. thats my best dream!!
Just keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Rains!!

I was missing rains for some months and the good days back!! As everyone says “ summer rains are much special than rains in rainy season” and It almost rained everyday when I was in calcutta for Editing. As the toughest parts of the work are done; I can happily take bath in rain and can work leisurely when ever I please. Cheers to life its getting better and better. Yeah I was even saying the same the my sister yesterday; that I am enjoying a lot more now than in my school days. What more can I ask for ?
So here I am; just came from a shower in rain and happily working on this blog listening to songs!! Today I am going to write about some awesome people I met ( I didn’t write much about them till now which is very very bad) I know I know; this will become larger than a book; so I will try to write about few people now and continue later.
1) When I first saw this fellow ‘Venkat’; I know this guy is studious; a Mtech degree from IIT roorkee confirmed the same. But what makes him different from others is his commitment and his love to study and his zeal to achieve perfection. I met many intelligent people; but never I met a guy with this energy to learn. For guy from a typical village scenario and from a middle class family who struggles with his English; what he achieved is something remarkable. Kudos buddy.
He thinks about everything he does. Once I was explaining relative velocity to a guy to solve a problem; this guy turned up and said “ no srikanth; u are wrong ; “ and he started explaining it the theory; I said “ buddy; that’s damn tough; he may not understand the stuff; you need to make it simple”. And venkat says “ you cant tamper theory to make it simple”. What more can I say about this guy.He was the no.1 student of our training batch, and we used to copy all the assignments from him.
It was a privilege to stay with him for one year. We used to spend most of our weekends also in office. I used to watch movies and he used to study mainframes. And the best story was; his guide couldn’t totally understand his final project. When this guy went for his convocation his guide asked him to explain some parts of it. Lol.. buddy you gotta go places. Keep rockin.
2) This incident is something I really enjoyed. Some people can create comedy very seriously. Well this is about rajendra (IBM-er). He calls himself Mr. Perfect.. lol.
Training days are unofficially called as honeymoon days. So I took up this ‘Q’ messaging training which was scheduled on Thursday and Friday. ( four day weekend !!). lets not get too much technical ; this is about ending messages from one technology to another. The trainer came and informed us that total syllabus can be understood in 2 hours but as we need to spend some 2 days; we will poject some programs on screen ; and we need to type them and run in our systems.

I turned to this fellow rajendra and said : “ buddy; I will type half program and you type half. We will merge it.. what say?”
He looked at me very seriously
Raj: no; I will type everything myself.
Me: okay; you type everything ; I will copy from you.
Raj: no; I wont give it to you either.
Now friends this is getting tough; if you are sincere that’s well and good. But if you are too sincere. Problem starts.
So finally I copied it from the guy sitting before me. And my work is done. And tell you what; this guy rajendra is still struggling with his program. So finally he copied it from me!!
The game is not yet over!! He looked at me seriously and said “ copying isn’t great; you have to do it yourself; only then you can learn!!” .. lol
The guy looks so serious; that I cant stop laughing at him. All the same a very very good fellow with a very good heart. He once told me he wants to start a Orphanage when he retires!! My best wishes to you buddy. Hope u fulfill your dreams. And my help and wishes always with you. Cheers
3) Now friends; I am reasonably a good fellow. I wont drink and smoke. I pray regularly and I wont even drink coffee and tea. I don’t expect people to praise me but atleast I told expect to doubt. And my Mom strongly believes that I drink when not at home.. such a pity!! And my sister called me up on Dec 31st. “ Srikanth ; I called you to remind you not to drink and drive!!” first thing is I don’t drink ; second and worst thing is; damn ,I don’t have a bike either.
Me: sis; you pretty well know that I don’t drink.
Sis: I don’t believe you; everyone drinks now a days ( this is too much)
Me: ( I gave a final try) come on sis; this is dec 31 st; any drunkard would have got drunk by now. Here I am talking nicely to you.
And guess what my sister told me
“ may be you expected some calls; and that’s why you didn’t drink”.. damn.. damn!!

4) And now lets get serious; I am not going to talk about those rains anymore; not those early summer morning and other beautiful things; neither I am going to talk about something inspirational;
I am going to write about some one whom I really hate; yes yes.. I am speaking about them only; fortune tellers!!
Mom’s you know they love their kids; gives everything they wanna wear and eat; but they never believe their kids can do anything on their own. They prefer fortunes words than yours. Such a pity!
And guess what these fellows say about you “ you son is a dangerous fellow; he acts as if he is listening to your words; but finally he will do what ever he likes!!”
And my aunt kept looking at me ; she said “ till now I thought you are a nice fellow!!”
Its like as if he is speaking truth!! ( though I must admit there is some truth in it) these fortune tellers suck!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I was watching Shawshank redemption again!! And red says this unforgettable dialogue (at least for me) “ hope is a good thing; may be the best of all things; and no good things never die”. I must say Shawshank redemption is one the best works I have ever seen; that’s the beauty of movie making ; every one who is making the movie questions himself; Am I am making it correct? is it the best way to unfold the story?!!you calculate all permutations and combinations in brain; and you present it on the screen!! Either its nuvvo cinema paradiso or few good men;; I feel it’s the combination of scenes that can give you such an awesome movie; may me one scene more or one scene less would have made it awful! And ofcourse the chances to travel a lot and meeti ng new people are other beautiful aspects of movie making!!
So here I am back again with my new blog!! We are done with shoot of “Song of Life” and rough editing and dubbing are also done; and I just wish everything can be completed in 2 months and it will hit the theatres soon!! I am really happy that I took up this project; yes it was very tough working on it all alone for most of the time; I needed to arrange people ; even woke them up; along with planning the shooting areas and add to that the rehearsal work ; I think this would be my best effort till now;; but finally after seeing the rough cut I was happy; I am not saying I am making movie of the millennium ; but for a starter like me ; it’s a good one and I just wish it clicks; I am even trying to pull in 1.5 lakh more for color correction to make the product look better .pray for me guys I think I need all your prayers!!
And the best part is we became very close by the end of the shoot; one guy was telling me “sir; now I feel bored; I have no more work to do and I don’t know what to do till the end of the semester.”
And the visit to Calcutta for editing was the best!! We learnt a lot out there professionally; me and nisheshji worked day and night to finish the rough cut and the guys out there helped us a lot. Especially bapan and jishu!! Three cheers to both of them. And they really are two fantastic fellows to meet. Bapan started as an office boy in the same office and now he is literally organizing the things out there; he even learnt all softwares and editing techniques and the guy just sleeps just 5 hours a day ; never saw a fellow like him.And jishu from a small village near Calcutta is a hell of a guy; he had some excellent ideas and he taught me some excellent points; I just wonder how a kid younger than me analysed things so well; may be its genius or he learnt them while working; it was simply superb and it helped us a lot.
Now from the aesthetic point ; there is a beautiful lake next to the office we work; when ever power goes ; we can walk to the lake park and fell that cool breeze; we can even swim in some parts of the lake!! but if u have problems watching young love birds kissing one another better stay away from that place.
It is almost 10 months I started this project; I was supposed to release this in may; but it got postponed by 2 more months. I am expecting a july release for sure!! I question myself what all I did and what I learnt here. The best part is to work on 2 hours movie; till now I made some short films; but this one is tototally different and I loved working on this; planning 2 hour film in mind was one hell of a challenge; I gave my best for it.I learnt a lot and understood I need to learn a lot more!! What more can I ask from this? Add to this one more year happily spent in ISM!! And working on songs with mann!!Everything is awesome!! ISM is the place which fills me lots of ideas; I even completed a new script while working on song of life.
The other side of the story is; I came to how much I need to learn ; and how much I need to improve!!and what a team you need to make a splendid movie.when I watch movies now; and when I watch those early morning shots or some well planned shots; I wonder how much effort they kept there to take such a beautiful!! Not to forget the planning behind it!!
All I want to do now is to complete ‘Song of Life’ and release it and just take a 2 month break; a bike drive to kerala or a month stay in Himalayas is the only thing in my mind. And by god’s grace if it’s a hit; a chance to make odyssey and a team that can do anything to complete the project!!i hope.. I hope!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Songs of life!!

Well ; I am back!! And please forward my name if any of one those blog managers are giving awards for the lengthiest blog writers or something like that because this is going to be lengthiest of all!!.

First things first!! Happy valentines day to all ; and kudos to Valentine; the roman priest who become immortal in the hearts of every youngster!!

Three years out of ISM I think I lost touch with all hindi songs; luckily I heard this song “ O re piya haye“ from aaja nachle and I am in love with that song; and I am hearing the song at least once everyday. Freaks!!

Getting back to the topic; songs of life; life is about songs aint it; happy songs; sad songs; dream songs even comedy songs.. haha… and we gotta learn something from every song.


Jan25 th to jan31st ; this week is the toughest I ever had till now!! As for as I know I am a cheerful fellow who always say “ Life is beautiful” . Nishesh ji ( a very close friend n teacher) keeps repeating let me see till when you keep repeating this dialogue..

But if u have met in this week; u would have seen me in my worst phase !! its like someone took away my very soul. I don’t know why this happened but what ever I plan everything started going wrong!! And I plan to something live and everything goes wrong. One guy even complained “ you are shouting at us sir!!” Ofcourse I took him for a coffee and settled the issue. Still its such a pity I never got any complaints like this till now.

Still I say “life is beautiful” ; actually you see these are the things that really makes our life beautiful. Facing things that are tough to handle!! When I first started “anecdote” in my 3rd year I just couldn’t complete it. I had to stop in between; but once I got another chance to work on “Kartavya” I took this chance and made sure that I complete the work this time. And in my next year I did complete Anecdote too!! And the lessons I learnt are pretty simple!! Even in your toughest times you need to put in everything you can do whatever it is; it will definitely help you some other day.. Yes; so I did complete the shoot I planned some how.. cheers.


It was a privilege to meet some excellent people and to talk with them and recently people started chatting with me things that are very close to them and I am seriously enjoying it.

When I met rohit for the first time !! I pretty well know whis guy is very much different from all. Especially his commitment is simply superb. He resigned from TCS in 2007 ( after coming from US ) and started working on a script with a subject that happened in pre-independence period. he personally told me that he spent 2 months completely reading history. And now he traveled all through Orissa to find his location for shoot and the best news is he found it!! And his understanding and his interest in learning technicalities are simple superb. Personally I try to to leave to technicians but I started learning things after talking to him.

Where ever you are buddy!! You will reach great heights!! Kudos…

Speaking of heights; there is one more guy I need to talk about.. its Rahulji.

I am just copy pasting a mail here!!

“I have been elected the general secretary of MDI, Gurgaon.

Around 230 people voted.

Rahulji - 173 votes
Guy 2 - 12 votes
Guy 3 - 8 votes
Guy 4 - 2 votes

Campaigning is banned. You only get 10 mins of airtime on stage right before the voting. My speech was purely aam aadmi based.
I vociferously protested against the administration and presented with minute details how i intend to tackle issues.
I am essentially the junta ka GenSec. And i fully intend to fight the system. I didn't bluff at all.

One more fantastic fellow.. no doubt !!
and one more thing ; just follow his chat with me!!
challa: is it very cold out there
Rahul: pichcha ( too cold)
challa: excellent ho
Rahul: anytime of the day... temp below 15 degrees
challa: ha ha
Rahul: night times... in our active times... 6 or 7 degrees... mazzaa vasthondi...(full masti)
challa: ha ha
Rahul: 2 days back... heavy fog... 3 feet only visible in front...
And I ran in that fog... randomly RAN...

challa: oh; night ? or dawn time ?
ha ha

Rahul: evening onwards.. fog gets heavier as the sunlight fades...
it felt like running blindfolded.. but a splitsecond before impact... u know you're gonna hit the tree... hehee... it was fun.
challa: mama
u rock dude
Rahul: gotta go for dinner... cheerio!

Awesome!! aint it ?

3) Well its again inspired from one more chat I had with my previous colleague!!

Girl”: “ My father failed in tenth and started as a Van driver and worked hard for us . He was my inspiration. I read a letter he wrote to my mom from him long back . I found it once cleaning house when I was in inter. When ever I think of that letter I cry. I am crying now actually.

Me: can you tell me if it aint personal.

Girl: nothing; telling my Mom that we must drink milk daily; if we need money he told us to borrow it from some one n all!!
And now we are in a good position!! I really admire him a lot

Me: Excellent ho

Girl: tell you what; he is such a person; he met a girl (of my name ) and it seems she isn’t having money for her break fast. My father too her to hotel made her eat breakfast and gave his phone number and told her to call him if she needs help!!

Me: oh great; would love to meet your father someday; I might use this chat in my blog if u don’t have any probs ; of course no names!!

Girl: okay

Me: cheers!!

I was so glad when I heard this story!! I remembered my own father !! This thing really motivated me.

4)I was discussing with one my friends again about a new story!! That’s supposed to be a musical; and I was just forming an outline and then she started questioning me ; by the way u started the story ; I thought it’s an inspiring story!!

Now I question myself; Does life need any inspiration? If we ask people what they did in their lives ; they say some points in their lifes ; may be getting a top rank; or may be getting a good job; but ask them did they enjoy working to achieve that; very few told me ‘Yes’. Ofcourse I am glad they gave their honest ‘no’. Actually I am also one of those muggers.

But some where I felt ; Life isn’t about those points where you can boast to others I did this n I did that. Its something you must really enjoy every minute. What the hell is there in achieving anything!! Millions n millions lives here; people constructed excellent forts; fought battles; invented great things; what ever you do will be the same; even if u do something sensational and if u don’t enjoy it ; its really of no use for you at the end. Finally u will ask ur self whether u enjoyed ur life or not nothing else.

Even I had this weird plan ( now please don’t laugh) . Just to run away to some small place with my love; open up a small school; listen music and play badminton and occasionally write something. Do I really need anything more than this?

5) I kept my favourite topic to write at the end!! Its ‘ movies ‘. Here I am in Ranchi with nisheshji ;
we started watching some foreign movies . and I was just wondering looking at a Movie called ‘ Nostalgia’ by Andrei Torlovsky. Its so beautiful in each frame; its like a series of paintings panned in a row!! And each frame makes you to fall in love. This thing cant be made unless u really love movies.

We seriously planned out to watch all his movies and other art movies when ever we get time in between shoots. I am looking for a beautiful month ahead!!

3 cheers


Saturday, January 2, 2010


Technically speaking I shouldnt be writing this blog; I must be working on my new script; ( life of three Ad- makers ; n i am glad its coming out beautifully).But things happen and they inspire u so much;so i am forced to take a break to write this blog.

I just heard the 'Luka Chuppi' song in Rang de Basanti;

for all thoe who didnt see the movie Rang de basanthi; lemme explain the scene;

A felloew dies and his mother keeps watching him at the funeral pyre.

song starts!!

Luka Chuppi bahut huyi saamne aa ja naa
Kahan kahan dhoondha tujhe
thak gayi hai ab teri maa

Aaja saanjh hui mujhe teri fikar
Dhundhla gayi dekh meri nazar aa ja na

( there has been a lot of hide n seek!! please come out now!!

where am i supposed to look for you!! your mother is tired!!

come out son i am worried about you!!
look i am lost in the game son ; please come back.)

Kudos to the lyricist; he campares death with a hide n seek game ; and his mother begs him to out of hiding!!

her son replies

Kya bataoon maa kahan hoon main
Yahan udney ko mere khula aasmaan hai
Tere kisson jaisa bhola salona
jahan hain yahan sapno vala
Meri patang ho befikar udd rahi hai maa
Dor koi loote nahin beech se kaate na

(what can i tell you about where i am mother!!
here there is a whole empty sky for me t fly in

there is an innocent beautiful world of dreams just like in our stories.

mother !!my kite is flying without any worries
no one loots my string and no one will cut it!!).

how come he got the idea of writing this!! i dont know; the words are so beautiful.
you absolutely rock man.

poetry is definitely the best invention of man.

I just wonder; there are so many beautiful works people created in this world; how many i can see by myself.

when i first watched "motor cycle diaries" ; i just came to know that its inspired from a real story; i didnt know who 'Che' was; but i can never forget the feeling when i reached the climax; i was absolutely dumb found!! i took the longest walk of my life; u see i walk a lot when i get excited.

yesterday i was watching a song in swati kiranam ( telugu movie); shared the song with rahulji. rahulji said " mama; did u see this movie; definitely the best movie ever made by man; i never saw such perfect depiction on Envy".

though i cant agree with him; for i rate ' sankarabaranam' better than this movie.

All the same ; the person who made this is a genius!!

Dead poets society; Kanyasulkam; Into the wild; Animal farm ; baarister paarvateesam;.. list goes on n on n on..
and add to this real natural beauties;
mountains; rivers ; waterfalls; dew; spring; bike drives

Oh God!! I want nothing in this world; absolutely nothing;

i dont want any one to praise; i dont want money more than i need; i dont ask u for anything that's material!!

all I want is ; at the end of my day; I need to create something which i can appreciate myself and i should say to myself "thank you god for giving me this life!! and i am glad i lived it , i loved it and did the best i can do " .. Amen

3 cheers