Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Old Days!!!

Statuary Warning: Don’t expect anything less than a big essay!!
Books are something that’s very very close to me!! Once my Editing is done i know i will have some free time for some days ; all I did was to rush to college street to buy some books in Calcutta. And it was a pleasure to read ‘A beautiful mind’ ( life story of a mathematician). She says “ generally mathematicians give up after searching solution for a month. But Nash was different; he gets himself involved more and more if he finds it more difficult; he takes one year or more to come up with the solution.” Sure like hell this guy has an excellent sub-conscious brain and he used it to the best. But the point is the same; at your toughest times; you don’t get down but you keep your best efforts out there . this will definitely help. But there were sometimes i feel i should have kept more effort out there and could have made it better. Ultimately its all about learning and learning more and about improvisation. I just hope I wont repeat the mistakes again.
Let me just write here some beautiful sentences I read !!( Charles Brown from Blood Orchid.)
“Now I dream of the soft touch of women, the songs of birds , the smell of soil crumbling between my fingers and the brilliant green of the plants that I diligently nurture. I am looking for land to buy and i will sow it with deer and wild pigs and birds and cottonwoods and sycamores and build a pond and ducks will come and fish will rise in the early evening light and take the insects into their jaws. There will be paths through this forest and you and i will lose ourselves in the soft curves and folds of the ground. We will come to the water’s edge and lie on the grass and there will be a small , unobtrusive sign that says, “THIS IS THE REAL WORLD AND WE ARE ALL IN IT!!”.
Awesome words ; very occasionally we find such beautiful works!! 3 cheers to you man.
Getting back to the topic; I went for a friend’s marriage recently . Me and another intermediate friend of mine decided to visit our good old intermediate college. And the visit was something special for both of us.
And before I get on with with my trip; i need to introduce my friend . He is BBGTS Murthy ( Baththala Bala Gangadhar tilak Santhosha Murthy) in short Murthy for all of us. He is a as big hearted as his name. But ask me whatz the best of him i would say his love for food. I just love it. I love food myself but there might be days you know i might just feel bored of eating but i never saw this fellow missing his chance. He even bunked his classes while preparing for civils to continue his lunch. I Just love to watch him!! Its something i really cherish; its like someone is telling me “ to hell with everything in this world; let me enjoy this moment”
Needles to say we are very close!! And getting back to the trip; we were visiting the college almost after eight years and I started to wonder what happened to those eight years its like time ran like hell. My friend was also saying “ mama ; it was eight years but we are the same fellows ; stupid and fresh” .. lol.
Yeah ; really true !! man actually i started making some good friends only when I was in intermediate almost all the gang is in touch till now. I met some incredible people; and some funny incidents. Thanks to the free accommodation they offered for my tenth class mugging. When i entered the i was in such a force to crack IIT and in a month i understood that aint my principal goal; i started writing some poems and some stories. Thanks to all the mates who read them patiently. To tell the truth i will kill myself if i read them again now.
And we were very thick friends; always bunking classes and playing cricket in the near by open area or exploring the near forests. We even discovered some skull and bones one day. I couldn’t even sleep that night totally terrified. And not to mention that pad and paper ball cricket ; we used to have fierce competition.I became too over confident; used to say i can study everything myself; used to complain that some of the professors weren’t upto the mark. No doubt studies went bad; actually culdnt even get a proper rank in EAMCET forget about. My parents were totally disappointed. Then somehow i did put in some reasonable effort and made it to ISM next year. But looking back; i am happy i made all those mistakes and mischiefs; as a fact i feel a guy at 18 should do some mistakes; you cant take everything seriously from that age. If i get back those days i just wanna commit one more mistake i should have ran after a girl; and should have written some good love-letters ( you know all that childish stuff) that would have made me a better writer at least but mainly because you cant find such innocence ( some say ignorance ) now ; we calculate everything now !!
There was this guy Aditya who used to tell me Hollywood stories sci-fi stories (hallow-man; Jurassic park;Aliens and all .. this was the first time i ever heard of English movies) and i was absolutely fascinated with those stories.I used to tell everyone that i am going to become a Hollywood director and i will make scientific movies. And friends used to laugh at me ( at my back too). I even wrote a sci-fi which is a mix of all the stories aditya told me. Thank god i didn’t have money at that time; if not i would have made worst movie ever made in the history of movies.
There are so many things to write ..canteen; hostel jokes ;.. well ofcourse i met some real intelligent people too; IIT 18th ranker was among us; the guy used to so silent !! but you will see a pure genius in him once he starts started problems!! It was a pleasure. And more funny incident i remember was that i ended up on stage on august 15th and protested that the administration isn’t allowing us to go out even on independence day!! And again my love for strikes started here!! We started a big fight for a holiday on ganesh jayanti ; and I went home after igniting the strike and when i came back i came to know all those who started that fight (we used to call that hit-list) were taken in a special bus to another campus and were given some special treatment .( we used call that Bus incident). I didn’t know any it till i came back and every one was saying “ lucky f***er; you escaped.”
Watching girls was the new hobby added to the list.and ofcourse reading some crap porn books started at that time only. And all the gossip in those study hours too . we used to sit in chairs in rows and used to chit chat all the time and comment every girl and lady warden who crossed us. Saying all this we were never bad, we were just too young and too energetic ; we came to know that girls liked our comments too. I still remember some beautiful things. There is a hill very near our hostel and a temple on it ; on new year eve; all girls of our batch (dressed up smart) were coming from the temple. We were taunting all the way and some us were shouting ‘happy new year’ n ‘happy new year’. Lady warden was yelling at us and is forcing them not to look at us; and they crossed us; but i just don’t how they got the guts; suddenly everyone of them started shouting back.. ‘ Happy new year’!! man that was Awesome!!
So many things and so many people i can write about; All I can say is it was very much fun; Engineering and inter both were simply superb.
And now getting back to a serious topic ; one of my friend asked “ mama when are you going to make a full commercial picture”.. i just told him thats not possible; thats just aint my type; I am perfectly happy making my kind of movies; i would be more than happy if i can get reasonable profit that can support me. I would be a happy man!!. After all you spend 2 years in making a movie ; finally if you don’t enjoy the work; its like two years wasted in life. I prefer to sit in IBM and start coding than that stuff.
But all I dream is of an excellent team; they wouldn’t worry about name or money or anything thats material ; to make an excellent movie should be our only dream!! May be some day I will find such team and make a movie that would make me happy.. thats my best dream!!
Just keep rockin
3 cheers


prateek said...

not everyone has the guts to chase their dream(s). '3 cheers' for u regarding this!!! ;)

Inspired Souls said...

Thanks a lot dude...

Anonymous said...

Awesome, buddy. There's bliss in love and then there's BLISS is your writings. Honestly, man,... you take me back to those good old times.. when I read you.. I feel it happening to myself.

And about you dream.. well, you have got a hell of a healthy dream, just keep at it.. i am sure.. you will get the goal.

and you can always count me in :)

Inspired Souls said...

you are one of the best buddy; i always count on you.. cheers!!