Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'Ramblings' and 'A film is forever'!!... and what next!!

Wonderful evening!! Moon and the breeze , both are perfect!! , actually got some free time  unexpectedly today after a long long time..

Took some time off, washed my clothes, ( washing gives the best ideas!)... and then started writing this .. life is a bliss indeed!!

Yes there were some very bad days in life and very good ones too.. but to cherish the normal day is the best !!..

A good day's work, a good book and good sleep, what more can I ask for!!

Something is going on far the past few days..  I generally dont comment about religions and people.. religion is a way to find god.. so follow it well in your homes.. and when outside just finish your work.. we need peace more than religion.. Amen

So coming back to the point of the blog, "A film is forever!!..".. it has been almost two years since I started on a film ( no I am not going to write about the project here.. dont worry).. the journey was amazing and the things I learnt are something that will stay with me for a long time!!

I was talking with Shiva, film's co-director and I was telling him, we are crossing the budget in dubbing and he was worried!! I told him one thing, let it be, if needed i will take a loan and complete it.. but I cant compromise.. If I can add a small betterment, I will do it, after the product will stay with me forever.. if everything goes wrong, I can always work and pay back everything.. but it will hurt to see that I rushed and messed up a scene.. many a times all my life!!

'Song of life', I watch it occasionally, I curse myself for not making it better.. but I also know I gave my best and did what I can .. and I really love few scenes!!

Definitely I did a much much better job this time , but ofcourse with a better budget it could have been much better.. but I managed to do something .. I made something better than I actually expected!!

This is something that will stay with me for a life time!

Most of the guys hesitate to keep  static shots.. especially in small films, but I managed to get a super awesome static silhouette shot!! and biggest challenge is to adjust to location you could find!!.. We planned a scene on the spot and it came out very good!!

Happy to say that product will be ready by February,, the task of selling it is ahead!!  Looking for few awesome ideas.. to sell.. hope I can clear my Song of Life investors bucks as well

And then again.. back to square zero.. A new project.. story.. camera roll.. action.. again and again

Keep rocking
3 cheers