Monday, May 9, 2011


This is the funniest word I ever heard in my life!!

last october i was screening my film in banglore and requested everyone to spread the word!!
One of my friend wrote the below word

" here is the guy; who has a dream like everyone of us. but he had the courage to leave his well pad job and follow his heart. Many of us dream of making a film but he made it!! please come to the screening on sunday... (blah blah....)"

Believe me ; thats bullshit; Honestly speaking I loved my job; I was very happy with the easy money I get at the end of every month and I just used to sit there used gtalk , orkut and had fun with everyone. I evev found a chick.. but had to leave everything.. thats another issue.

next part of the line says " he has a dream to make a film ". My dream is not about finishing of a film; my dream is to pursue my love; sometimes I might just write a story; sometimes I might make a film and sometimes I might just explore the lands hearing some local folk and make some beautiful albums. My dream is art and folk.. I just wanna explore them .. to seek is my purpose ..nothing else.

So when a person says I wanna work with a particular star and make a high budget movie; or when someone says I need to start an international businees; or get a job in US. I smile. For I have no ambitions; I am an ass lol.. and I know it.

i just took a week off and came to hometown; spent some good time with my brothers n sisters; and It was awesome!! may be life isnt about successes; failures n achievements.. its about moments.. moments of love and joy.

I look back; there were many people in my life; i loved; hated; enjoyed ; ridiculed;lusted; felt jealous; was over active; sometimes dumb; and sometimes perfect...
I wish i could leave all these and just live every moment... cheers

PS:- Dont think; I will stop harassing the people who work in my project!! I will be after you 24/7 .. till work is

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stories -2!!

Woke up very early; everyone is asleep around me ; happily started writing this blog; mood is pretty poetic!!
I think I need not tell you.. that this is going to be one damn lengthy will keep on writing this like a book; read till you can read!! Cheers
Lets start with a small dialogue of Mr. Samwise!!
Sam: Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo? It'll be spring soon. And the orchards will be in blossom. And the birds will be nesting in the hazel thicket. And they'll be sowing the summer barley in the lower fields... and eating the first of the strawberries with cream. Do you remember the taste of strawberries?
There are many many things happening around me ; I just wish I have enough time to write down everything!!
Lets start with a joke; My tenth class crush got married when I was in Inter; and my inter girl got married in my Btech!! And my btech crush got married when I started song of life; and I think my latest babe would marry soon too.. the point is; if any girl is worried about not getting married; you can mail me your photo and if at all I like it; you will definitely get married soon!!.. ( a very very bad joke
So to compensate this I will tell one more joke!! And friend and me were sitting together and we were watching “ Good will hunting” and as I was getting excited every moment this guy is getting restless. He got so frustrated and asked me “ god damn you ; do you really understand anything in it or you just pretend to understand this stuff; why don’t you watch Indian films like us!!” . This anger was in him for a long time I think and it finally came out …lol!! Joke ends here. Anyways I have absolutely have no issues with Indian films; as long as they are good I can happily watch them and may be I might even feel proud. And Its not that I watch other films for show off. I can tell you hundreds of bullshit Hollywood films!! Its just my love for films; you show me Italian ; french; Korean or even Taiwanese and Romanian also with proper subtitles I can watch them!! I repeat anything for movies.. I just love them.
And even my film reviews were mixed; some said it aint a film at all and some said they liked it very much; as I said I know people who just loved ‘ into the wild’ and some who just couldn’t watch it for more than 10 minutes. People are different in their back grounds and their tastes are different!! I absolutely agree with everyone’s reviews; for they watch films for their purpose. My target is to make my own kind of audience and to move on. One of my friend said “ it’s a heart touching innocent and refreshing film”.. I just loved those words.. I will keep making my kind of films what ever!!
1) I just started making a gang of small kids to play cricket in evenings nearby office; and indeed we are making a Lagaan team!! 3 cheers.. and by the way these guys ask for Ice everyday in our office . our director happily obliges them.. I do remember when I was a kid there was no fridge in our house and I used to cycle to my uncle’s house to get some ice to mix in ‘Rasna’… lol
Speaking of kids I visited a book release recently; and they intellects wee discussing about the importance of reading books; some good points were 1) reading books improve your analytical power; and decision making skills and will improve the communication skills!!

I don’t know all that; but instead playing all those computer games and watching TV; I prefer to take a book and would love to read it peacefully. There is great pleasure in it.
And when these hot discussions were going on Kids left the place and were busy playing in the grass nearby!! Kids rock..

2) Music!! Its divine; it makes you rock; cry; laugh and especially it makes you feel the beauty of life. One of the best arts I must say. I am absolutely fine with all kinds of music but my heart lies in Indian classic and folk!! I feel at peace. Personally I feel if western is about materialism and sex and ours is about spirituality and romance ( now please don’t argue about this; If you feel it isn’t so; I have no issues. But I just love folk!! It gives me the perfect resonance; they can be so unpredictable and so innocent; some of the songs were about the baby Krishna and his adventures; how they used to take there sheep for grazing and what sheep were games they used to play in afternoon and how they used to take they food in the forests in a group their fights !! oh my god ; its shear beauty… they are so innocent and the songs were never written down and they just spread as the groups sing these songs again n again… I just wish I could travel all these rural places and spend time with the folk singers and make some excellent personal collection of beautiful songs for myself.. I just love the idea!!

I had the pleasure of attending a carnatic concert recently; that was supposed to be a youth festival and funnily I only 20% were youth there; everyone were above 50 an we are so damn busy and we will fight to attend a Bryan Adams concert spending 10k for each ticket and we have no time to attend easterns even when they are near by and easily accessible. Pity.
But the concert was so beautiful; The lady had great patience and she almost sang for three hours; I started slowly and they reaches peaks;; she will sing continuously sing for 15 mins takes us to a high pitch and the violinist takes it from there to another level. Its as if they were in another world they are competing and their smiles and faces show that they are in love with their work. What more can I ask or.. It went beautifully!!

3) Let me try some tragic story .. well I met a school friend of mine some days ago; and we were discussing about friends and suddenly I remembered raj and I asked him “ how is raj?”.. “ why, does he owe you some money?” replied my friend. “ No dude ; was a good friend of mine; by the way why did you ask that?”. “ oh; he is searching for a job for four years and he couldn’t make it; so I thought he might asked your help”!!!
I was amazed to hear this. I just thought of those school days; I would say he isn’t the cleverest but he was good and I know people who were less intelligent than him who made it big; I never thought he would become like this.

Me: By any chance did he continue to run after that girl he tried in school
( well actually he was a good friend of mine; I used to help him in his studies and he used to buy me lots of junk stuff.. and like every good friend. I pretty well know that he is after a girl for a long time and funnily she tied him Rakhi but still he ran after blindly. And like every other Good friend (sarcasm) I told him to prepare for exams well and not to run after that girl.
I didn’t meet him after that till now as we stay in a different place.
Friend: Yes ; ho continued to run after that babe in inter and then again in B.Tech; I told him many a times; don’t do it; even her home is next to you; there will be lots of troubles. But he still continued it. Finally in Btech the girls parents came to know about this and there was a big fight and this fellow started to drink a lot from that time; he used to say : “my life is over”

Honestly I thought these sort things happen only in movies; but indeed his life was over; his btech was over and he just passed in every exam with a very low percentage!! And he couldn’t get a job till now!!Indeed a sad story!!

4) Life my friends is beautiful; new challenges and wesome work .. what more can I sk for!!
We recently travelled from Hyd to vizag in search of locations and artists; and indeed that was an awesome adventure; drive through twin godavari districts was awesome. We indeed breakfasted once on the bank of river Godavari once; that’s just amazing;
The room we stayed was a 9th floor penthouse with a beach view!! It was like we can sleep once we place ; better stay awake every moment we stay here and watch the beauty of the sea!! Indeed I remembered by beach view apartment stay in chennai. Thanks to Rahulji for his scooty drives ( we call it bull

But the best experience was when a blind taught me the basics of Braille script; learning from was great; he was so excited in teaching me!! And I was amazed to know that they write from left to read and then reverse the paper and read right to left.. I couldn’t comprehend it; I tried to google it to find the answer… An hour went in vain but still know answer; but suddenly my colleague solved it; When we punch holes in Braille paper; and read it in the same order; it will be tough to sense the holes; But once we turn the paper upside down we can easily feel the bumps caused because of the holes punched!!

Indeed it’s a genius answer !!

Keep rockin
3 cheers