Saturday, March 28, 2009


Its been a long time ; Most of the guys are out of work due to recession; but its opposite here. My honeymoon with IBM is over from this February .Finally I did start working with dead lines. And I am working on a complicated plot for my new story. So I must say I am pretty busy with myself.
But then some things forcibly drag you out of hibernation and make you write something. I avoid group discussions as much as possible. Accept it or not they are really monotonous. I am okay with some student discussions; they will have something to cheer about; they have some optimism in them. But if you follow the discussions of newly employed guys; they discuss mainly about how much they miss their college life; and how tough their working is especially in their respective fields .If they are a bit rich they will making it a point they have bought a new Ipod or some other new crap.
Discussions, especially with elder people; they suck big time!! My grand father who is already retired asked me once - what is the salary of your project manager?? To hell if I care ! I didn’t even think of it. I didn’t understand why he is thinking about my manager at all. Apart from grand mother no one told me about their childhood. All people ask me is my salary!! If not they ask me if my office is has centralized AC and whether I get free coffee or not?? If I say yes; they will start talking how many facilities youngsters are getting now a days. But they don’t know that most them do donkey’s work; and say to themselves ; if we work hard now ; we can enjoy later!!
and most of the family functions act as forums for this general discussion. And so I avoid parties as much as possible. But sometimes there is no escape route. My father fell sick and as I was spending that weekend at home; its decided that I need to my mom to a very important marriage ( I mean they are close relatives of ours).
The first person I met was an old uncle of mine.
Me: Hello uncle; how are you?
Uncle: Helloooo !! I couldn’t even identify you srikanth!! Long time we met!! Your father told me that you are working in IBM Chennai?
Me: Yes Uncle.
( he slowly placed on my shoulder and moved close to me)
Uncle: how much are they giving? ( he whispered in my ear)
Me: pardon
Uncle: how much they are paying you? ( he repeated )
Me: 20K ( I am really embarrassed with that question )
Uncle: oh; very less !! why so
(personally I think I am being over paid buddy!!)
One more guy joined us. I never knew him .
Uncle: this is srikanth; working in IBM ; Chennai. His sister works in America!!
Me: Hi
New Guy: Where does your sister stay in America ( haha; he didn’t tell his name;)
Me: She stays in Ohio ; Columbus.
New Guy: Oh good; I went to england once ; I work for BHEL!!
( now whats the connection between His visit to England and my sister studying in US;
But still I tried to remain humane with him!!)
Me: England; that’s a pretty cool place?? Did you watch any county matches there; I heard it would be real great .And I heard the places are real good to visit. Did you visit Scotland by any chance?
New Guy: I dont watch cricket; and I don’t like visiting places.
( then why the heck are you updating your resume here ; you ass!! Dude; no need impress everyone !! You will get enough dowry ( rate!!) don’t worry.
( I had enough by then ; )
Me: I need to find my Mom; bye yaar..
This is the latest generation of India.
Well .. well one more incident;
I went for a walk with my grandfather once. We met his friend there ; this man makes it a point to tell me that his son went to England 6 times till now. That’s a record in my village; this time that legendary kid also came in ( bad time; he is not in England)
They started purchasing something. My grand was bargaining with the lady ; my legend with all his impatience; “ come on uncle; you don’t bargain for one rupee ; two rupees with these people.. they should live!!
I saw his father’s face; its so happy and proud; and then I saw the woman’s hurt face ; you guys think that I am a beggar!! And is this Kid showing mercy on me;
And worse the legend is still talking; we are earning 40 – 50 K per month and you are bargaining for 1 rupee and 2 rupees.
Thank god; the lady left without speaking her heart;
And YES!! This is the latest generation of India; counting salaries and dreaming for bigger salaries;
Worse; neither they are are happy; nor they are making anyone happy..
Give us some brains and happiness!!
One of my friend asked me ; Your sister is in America right? Then when are you planning to go.
Is this some kind of game or something!!
For a typical guy Education is something that you mug and get a degree to acquire a white collar job!! And I must say I was as an idiot myself till my 10th ; and I wanted the same white collar job.
Some of my relatives stopped talking with me; because I didn’t advice their kids regarding IIT preparation. I seriously told him “ Give some time to play games; and start thinking for yourself; and you can decide what You need to do” . I am trying to stop the make one more idiot!!
All the people I met talked about careers nothing else. I met some excellent teachers; they taught me all kinds of subjects and they taught me how to compete; but none taught me how to lead life.
And this is the reason why I hear crap; and most of us are taught the same crap.
I sat in my meditation class; and my teacher was saying; “meditation is always being aware of yourself at the present moment and not to think about the future or the past.”
I looked at her face; I can easily understand she is teaching us what she learnt from her smile. Her smile told me what really peace is. I thanked God; atleast now you gave me a teacher who can teach me about life.
Well I am not being religious here I am being Spiritual.
I prefer an Atheist or some one who hates all religions than some one who hates all religions except his religion( because they are more dangerous) . And I can one more thing ! I know nothing about God; But spirituality definitely improves your life.
This is the time to discover ourselves ; not fill ourselves with more fears!!
Keep Rockin