Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sea..Art and business!!

Disclaimer:- like this title , this is a very random blog!! Patience required.

Sea is mystic and beautiful. It looks different at different times all the same its magnetic!! I had the pleasure visiting the sea.. recently.. and god it made me nostalgic. It was almost three years since I left chennai!! how time flies!!!.. remembered my first rented ( I paid my own money!!) and then our beach apartment..( one of the best times I had).. and ofcourse not to mention the friends I made there.. people used to pamper me .. offering me food..( yeah yeah... chocolates, ice creams).. may be thats what that matter.. you look back after every phase .. you remember the good times you shared and the friends you made..!! ofcourse improvization matters!! speaking of which.. I know every relationship ends.. but at the end if we just feel.. yup I will miss this chap..may be we can meet again.. you made a friend!!

Lets jump to Art. Art is something I really love!! and yeah.. films are a part of Art.. the best part of art is .. it humbles you.. when you see great works you wonder will I ever make such a beauty.. and the best part is, it makes you to forget youself.. if you see a kid who can perform better than you.. you dont get jealous.. you just tell yourself .. bless this kid.. and assist him if you can!! thats the beauty of art.. it breaks the barriers.

Business.. we had some very interesting discussion on this. One of my friend started this discussion.. maama I am ready to invest money in business on anything that gives guaranteed returns and ofcourse more than the bank interest. I told him.. if there are guaranteed returns, every one will invest on the same thing.. why only you. after all business itself is risk, but we choose what we are good!! obviously there is risk in it.. and many factors should be taken into consideration.

so my point is.. invest in my films.. you wont get a hard working fellow like me.. lol..

Speaking of which, someone asked me.. sir, what is it to take a different path.. and struggle?.. well who said I am struggling.. i am more than happy with what I am earning and I never saw multiple paths before me.. it was always a single path.

keep rockin
3 cheers

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jet.. Set.. Go!!

Happy to write something after a long long time!! No I am not busy, its just something that makes you unable to write for sometime.. things happen around you, you wish could write that all,but then you never actually write.. what ever .. its over .. here I am with a new one!!

The beauty of life is.. it’s a sine curve.. you reach your peak.. you tell yourself you know everything .. and then new questions arise.. you fall down.. you slowly learn and you reach you peak again..and this continues.. It’s a patient game .. all the same its worth every second of it. Some one was telling me that my ideas are messed up!!.. ‘no’ .. I have a big ‘no’ for this. Ideas are always floating.. and I learn n move on.. yes I know in a way I might be at mistake.. but I am willing to risk and try new things than to sit with fixed ideas.. I prefer to be a loser trying new things.. than to sit and follow anything that’s orthodox.

Past three months had been excellent learning days.. I am trying finding myself again.. both in terms of my work and thoughts. Best part is I am reading oraciously the most beautiful stories ever written.. it’s a like a dream world!! And the words make take you new ecstasy! I was telling myself “I want to write words.. that would stay with me for a life time!! words.. are pure as 'white'.. as cool as breeze.. and as true as love!!.

Excellent things are happening in life. We rented a pent house.. we bought a cricket kit and we are playing daily.. completed ‘bhagavatham’ and working on a treasure hunt story!! And icing to the cake is I am planning to travel now.. delhi.. sikkim, kerala and finally Himalayas!! What more can ask for!!

I would like to end talking about an incident that really happened. I came to know of it when I went to my college to take a workshop. Two students in an engineering college went to a dam nearby and died. Now the college administration became so strict that they are absolutely blocking the fun. No liquor in the rooms ( I wont drink).. no smoking, and you need to take permissions to go to any place nearby and you have to come back by 10.00 everyday to hostel!!

If I need to speak on this.. I will say that’s bullshit.. The best thing I got in my engineering is the freedom, It made me think for myself, it gave the strength to face the things. Take this away.. you are more of a vegetable than a man. And the counter argument is, what about the parents who lost their kids, what will administration tell to them. With due respect, I am sorry for their loss.. but then do you call this a life, if you just sit in room and tell yourself I am alive. I want those mid night strolls, I want those treks else I doesn’t even exist.. I am willing to risk that!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers