Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am writing this after a long long time.. and guys this is going to be lengthy like hell and worst still this is the darkest blog I ever wrote.. It contains my thoughts and ramblings .. And I may not be correct.. If you still want to read.. its all yours!!

I just completed reading 'The kite runner' and so many questions ran through my head!!.. I  didnt exactly understand the

characters at all... and I began to think about religions and and the sub-religions!!

What ever I write here is what I understood from what I read and observed!!!

1)  I am a hindu, and Krishna, Bheeshma and Budhdha are the people I really love. So I mean no offence to the religion, but I

want to question people few beliefs in hinduism!!

Worst thing I saw is the caste system, I really dont understand how people are still stuck up with that.. few months back a

junior of mine told me this story.. I am writing that here, as it is..

I girl fell in love with a guy (From another caste) in an engineering college, after graduation she told the same in her

house ( I cant call that a home). Her father said 'No' because he is from another caste and arranged another marriage. The

sad thing is, the girl was too straight and told everything to her fiancee. The guy didnt say anything then but after

marriage he gave her hell. And she finally committed suicide..

Now her friends were thinking to register a police complaint about the guy!! Agreed the guy is an absolute ass..he should have said a 'No' then, but still I cant blame the guy completely. The human brain is complicated , and may be the thought of his wife in love with another guy was pricking him all the time.

But honestly,  complaint should be registered about the girl's father. I really dont understand how people can love these damn castes than their own children and is sadistic enough to kill their own kids!! And worst still the old man is a professor!!

Its not just this, I see this attitude even in the present generation.. and people openly and shamelessly talk about this!!..

I really wonder why these people believe in God and follow hinduism!!

I really want to discuss about Ayodhya and Babri masjid case here!!

Acccepted , May be, some stupid, who is on mission to convert hindus to muslims destroyed the Ram temple. Accepted it is our

history. But Isnt it dumb just to go and destroy a Mosque at night!!..Didnt you guys understand this will never end and you

are actually starting a war among people who live cringing to their beliefs not on their own brains.(Both hindus and muslims)

 Why not discuss this with the muslims in ayodhya, may be construct temple and masjid, very close and let everyone live a

peaceful life!!

I know one thing for sure, Rama (The king in ramayana) wouldnt have agreed for demolishing a masjid, for he treats people in

his kingdom as his children!!

2) Christ is a real inspiration to the world, A man who says he will carry a cross for the sins of others .. you need not say

anything about him.. He is indeed a god!!

But then I saw people who say, Christ is the only god and there is no other god!! I wonder where people get these ideas, they

are the people who are always right in their beliefs and others wrong .. I wonder what really christ would answer to these


Charity is great, Charity in the name of god is amazing.. but using it as a bait!! to convert people into your faith!!

But still,I agree to this, if you are rich and you want people to convert into your religion just to satisfy your ego.. I am

fine.. feed the poor well.. but I wonder if you ever will understand what christ is trying to say!!

3) Now Its about few muslims I know, Actually I began writing this reading a book of Khalid hosseini..

I have some excellent muslim friends, who stick to their religion and also respect everything around them. But then I also

know suckers who support pakistan and believe Indians betrayed them.

Honeslty, Can someone tell why India and Pakistan separated and why this hatred!! And there are people who support terrorism. There are people who sit and discuss the atrocities US is doing in afghanisthan, because they are about fellow muslims not fellow humans. I see enough around me who need help, I know I cant help them so I keep doing my work. If you have time to discuss people in other countries then you can as well use it for your own people in your city/ village that is more religious!!

If you were scared that you will be met with biased, plz watch this, our politicians are open to increase the reservations to

 lower castes, even though they know it  actually never reach the real needy, and it is just a game of votes. And the separated nation pakistan is no great either!!.. All I here is terrorist attacks, and there is no stability for the people

there but they ready to support freedom moment in Kashmir!!

I saw someone blaming Malala saying that Malala is a disgrace to Islam and to pakistan.. I was sure of onething, the guy is

more of a disgrace to Islam. He quoted about a journalist who visited pakistan and understood Islam and converted to islam.

 The guy is negative enough to comment on a 18 year girl who took a bullet and is fighting to promote woman education as a

disgrace.. while this asshole who might be doing namaz 5 times a day but is working in an MNC earning 2 - 3 lakhs a month and

is posting his valuable views in facebook. Now you are quoting a single woman who converted to Islam. What about those women

who received Fatwah's for questioning the rituals. There are people who believe educating a girl is waste of money.

Questioning that is not an offense to religion. Obviously neither the guy nor me visited pakistan, but I am more sure than

him because I see this attitude in India and pakistanis are definitely no different from us (Including the hated)

Now that I wrote this big essay, you might think , who is this fucker who writes as if he understood everything. All I say, I

know nothing , I may be wrong, but I believe everyone has a learning process, may be you follow religion to reach god, but I

believe everyone should have a fair chance to follow their beliefs..

Keep your religions to  yourself and when you come out be decent enough to respect others wishes and beliefs!!

I repeat I have great respect for gods!! After all their struggles showed us the way for peace!! But following a book blindly is something they wouldnt agree either!!


Keep rockin
3 cheers

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A love letter to life for these 30 years!!!

I generally dont count numbers.. I dont know why.. but this '30' sounds very special to me.. I think I am slowly getting 

better in the journey I took up... and especially I am at peace with myself.. till my 10th I was too serious and then .. for 

some years I was like.. what the hell am I doing.. after that I know I wanna be a film maker but Clearing exams was my first 

target.. Back in college  my goal was set.. but I was too restless.. and in my job days I was too easy going but the 

restlessness was always there.. and after that It was a struggle.. struggle for survival.. ofcourse it is still there.. but 

time taught me lessons and I am at my best mentally ( I hope I get better ).. I learnt what to forget and what it takes to 

move ahead..

As usual.. negatives first and positives next!

Many ask me, dude you are in neck tight debts, you didnt save a buck and you dont have a house and no chances of marriage.. 

but the point is they are not my troubles.. they are your POV of life troubles, I think mine were different.. I had my 

troubles and doubts.. but I also found that this things might go wrong , it took a long time to understand the concept about 

just concentrate on the work.  It isnt about win and loss.. its about moving earth and heaven to make things happpen.

but I do have few serious regrets!

1) I should have run after a girl back in school days..and something like, you know someone reporting about me at home .. but 

nothing like this ever happened.. damn it.. I was too serious then!.. no adventures at all! 

2) I should have played more cricket.. praying.. I wish I could  do atleast few years before I get too old!

3) Wasted time on people who really doesnt matter.. But then they teach you the real lessons..

Apart from that.. I am at peace with myself!

lets get to the best part..

1) I have an excellent family.. I am not saying they encourage me at everything.. but they finally end up supporting me what 

ever I do..lol

2) I had the pleasure of meeting few excellent people.. Friends (crazy guys.. crazy talks.. spent discussing nonsense stuff 

many nights).. my teachers,professors , colleagues.. strangers.. everyone gave me something and added something to my life!!

3) Books.. now without them I must say I would be incomplete.. harry  potter.. oliver twist,, david copperfield... always 

transport me to childhood!.. LOTR pumps adrenaline!.. 1984 , animal farm.. these ideas blew me away!!.. three musketeers 

stirred romance and adventure in me!!.. Aaah.. I can write pages here!!

4) Movies: When everyone are busy preparing for semesters.. I am busy counting the films I watched.. When I watched 

Sankarabharanam.. I went speechless.. Mani ratnam's 'Dalapati'.. was my oh my good stuff for years.. and finally when I 

watched 'Cast Away'.. I was like.. there is a world I never knew before!!

Motorcycle diaries.. 'pather panchali'... every film I saw .. I moved closer to films and visual medium!!...
 Love of my life!!

5) Music: You simply cant live without it.. I had the pleasure of watching few excellent works.. painting of ravi varma.. 

they still haunt me.. Spic macay in college.. I used to sit at the last in the auditorium.. all alone and let the music sink 

into me!.. few wonderful dance performances!!.. Aaw the beauties of life!!

6) Travel.. again I need to thank my father, he introduced me to travel and again he introduced me to Himalayas!!..  lush 

green mountains and waterfalls...I had the pleasure of visiting 20 states in India.. and yeah I visited a foreign country too 

(Nepal).. beautiful place..

7) Food : I experiment everything.. and strictly veggie stuff after I converted into a veggie!

8) Trees, forests, lonely walks, moon , sun rise .. sunset!

I cant say it was great all the time.. but It was really great..

Thanking everyone who were a part of it in making it beautiful!!

keep rockin
3 cheers

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Telugu new wave cinemas???

I hear few comments like, that was a good attempt , but audience didnt receive it well... They quote 'Orange' or 1 'nenkkadine'.. n co!!

But Lets talk about the problem of setting up a story and weird characterizations in movies!!

( I am ofcourse not speaking about those 40 crore budget films, ( Yevadu, rabhasa, power stuff)..I cant even think of anything about those films.. they are outright loud and things go as they like.. lets say Amen right away..)

The thing is I am all open for a good cinema, so when I got few good references, I tried to watch this movie 'Orange' yesterday!!

The basic problem with the movie is.. He tried to take a subtle emotion and tried to shout it aloud.. Love is a personal emotion you dont shout.

anyways.. I spared ten minutes.. and believe me that is the time you set a tone to your story.. and I stopped atching it further..

The opening scene .. where ' Hero keeps drawing paint on Heroine to forget her, and Heroines father comes and tells the goons if the guy doesn't love he must be kicked and a fight starts.. ofcourse hero hits everyone and then Police come and a policeman tries to understands the hero and tries to talk it out with him!!'..

This is itself is loud, and so atleast handling it in a subtle way will atleast make .. Take thattathin marayathu.. we open with a guy in a police station.. and police ask him about the story..and you tell yourself this character is really true!!

But in this movie, he placed in a foreign country.. and hero will be speaking in telugu.. Heroines father comes and begins to speak in telugu.. finally a  police officer comes and speaks in telugu... and he outright finds this interesting  and tries to find the truth..Thats so weird.. If you dont love someone, you wont shout like that around the world.. with unknown policemen..

The story doesnt need a foreign country there, as a fact it is a hindrance to the story.. Imagine few telugu guys walking around and speaking in telugu among foreigners.. this is more distracting than a typical set up.. so you spent more money just to show off!!

When you are taking a story.. if  you dont want to make an experiment.. take something usual and work in usual way no problem.

if you are taking up something that is new, stick to it, adding commercial stuff to it neither satisfies a guy who  loves movies nor guys who want masala.. only few people end up watching it.. and then you keep saying I tried something new but audience didnt accept.. my question did you stay loyal to the story at all first??

The bad thing is , now producers who are ready to spend 40 crores knowing that it is not neccesary then will think twice to invest on a project that is honest!!..

These kind of attempts in a way kill new genre cinema!!

One more film I quote is '1' nenokkadine..I hear few guys saying that it is a master piece and we didnt appeaciate it.. This film really starts well actually.. but then repeated dialogues, and weird acting from the doctor, policemen take us away from the story.. An item song is the final nail in the coffin.. and again a weird character of Posani in UK kills the flow!!

WHy do you create weird chracters that jump away from the flow.. when you are attemting a psychological thriller??..

Bramhanandam's , posani 's wont work if you are trying new stuff!!

Take soodhu kavvum.. you just stick to the characters from the start and you laugh and cry with them..

The thing is .. we dont have proper films with proper research ... nor we have have sensible films either.. Watching Banglore days.. made me wonder.. what a beauty malayalam industry is..

The logic is simple, you need a proper script first.. only then  star power will add value.. if you want a star power.. plz dont try something new.. this will kill the oppurtunities for the coming years.. and producers will blame audience that they are not ready to watch new movies!!

 Dulquer Salman, Nazriya nazim, Nivin Pauly... these guys are amazing in all the movies I have seen... This is what stardom is!! High time TFI learn from them!!..

Keep rockin
3 cheers
Challa Srikanth

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Falling in Love.. all over... again!!!!...

First things first, I love movies!

At one point of time , i was interested in two things like any other kid, movies and business. But slowly I understood that business is not something I really wanna be a part of. I am shy from the start, and the world created by dickens, Wodehouse and after few years by Marquez took me away further from ambition to peace. And ofcourse, Al pacino, Tom hanks and mainly Clint Eastwood were a part of life! So when most of my friends are worrying about GPA's, I am counting the books and films I can watch in every semester!Even when working in IBM, it was always about books and movies, I pretty well know I will be soon and it happened after two years.

And hence the Song of life. Many guys asked who among the four guys are you!..lol.. believe me all four characters, are inspired by few friends. I never write about myself in scripts, I just write what the story needs. And after 4 years I look back, though I lost the total investment , I never regret making SOL. That was a story I completely believed in.. yes I will change the screenplay, I will change the way I shot the film, but the core of the characters will be the same! they are the innocent characters that you really  see in a college!

But then I also learnt that to continue what you wanna do, you also ought be succesful, make a good film but also make sure and plan how to sell it.. else you will be workless in the coming days.. after all I spent four years working here and there..but I am also glad I worked for few films in this time... I had the pleasure of working with few blind kids, a kid taught me how to use Braille!, and I traveled a lot in between!!.... something good happened.. but all the same I was out of work.

I was reading the interview of Suhasini maniratnam recently, she was saying, Film making is mentally and physically a strenuous job, I left it to my husband. I really agree with her.. in way!!...

But then the thrill of film making is something that cant be expressed in your words, yes, you will be drained by the end of the venture (or say war).. but imagine this..  every minute, every second, you will be thinking about the film, either about the picturization, or the music, sets , props.. or even when you are discussing the budget.. you are always thinking about the film... And that is why I love Song of life ..

In these four years I worked on few scripts, which I will definitely shoot in near future, and a rough outline based on the Satyajit Ray's struggle in making Pather Panchali!! But I really wanted to get away from everything I did, I really wanted to go out of my comfort zone and take up  a new genre... I never even thought of doing... And I read Rohit Mishra's story long back and it suddenly struck me, this might be the one I can try!

Hence #TheBook!!! and  the feel is back again, the kind of house for a guy like Prof Vibhuti Nag, where can I find such a place, what exactly are my characters thinking at a particular instant in a particular scene... what kind of dress particular actor is wearing..an of course frustration if something goes wrong and pulling back yourself again and going ahead.. making friends!!

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,  
But I have promises to keep,  
And miles to go before I sleep,  
And miles to go before I sleep. "

Wish I could do this and make it big... atleast big enough to survive for few days in mountains where I can just read, watching a waterfall!!...greenery filling my eyes and water sound in my ears!! That is what I always wanted...

Three Cheers to  life..

Keep Rockin

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Romantic fool... poli'tricks' and Failure!!!

Summer evenings are special.. especially in my pent house.. the view , breeze makes it perfect.. So here I am writing my blog.. after a long long time...!!

Easy things first and rough stuff for later!!

I was watching highway.. there is this scene .. where the heroine says.. "lets run away from this place, we will settle down on a mountain.. I will cook food.. you do some work!".. I fell in love with the character then and there!. Awesome writing.. but I think it was more personal..

I told the same thing to a girl some years ago.. an the girl told me.. its good to read this stuuf (Practically not possible!!)..

lol..Looking back .. i feel silly..  I am a romantic fool.. indeed!!..but they are the moments which you really cherish!!.. few awesome places I saw and few situations will be with me a for a longtime..

One moment .. that will always remember, I was in my longterm coaching in Ratnam , nellore. Now a days, with internet, mobiles and everything you can hear to a song anytime you like. But  at that time.. to listen to a song is a privilege!!.. And one day; I got a chance to listen to songs in 'Walkman' at night.. I climbed the tank and slept there alone listening to Rehman.. I remember I heard that 'Vina  Vinara' (patriotic song) in roja.. It is still in my memory and will be in my memory..

Many many wonderful moments.. that is what life is all about.. yeah.. Thanks to Highway.. it almost sent me into a trance with a single dialogue!!.. May be that is the reason I love movies!!

Now lets jump to something serious!!

My father is an inspiration.. In a way he a typical middle class man.. but what sets him apart is his principles.. I know most of the people around thinks.. being a ticket collector in trains.. is a jackpot.. and especially easy money is something we cant miss. But he never took a single rupee from anyone.. and I know he even wrote tickets for few and adjusted money from his pocket who cant afford. This was something I always cherished in him.. and he is a staunch Communist party admirer..

Now that he is retired.. party members asked him to compete in the elections.. And he accepted..to participate for ZTPC..

To tell an honest truth .. I was never excited by politics.. apart from my work.. I like to read.. and follow test cricket.. and many times people asked me, srikanth do you live this world at all.. do u atleast read newspaper everyday.. so i know nothing about politics!

But I felt happy that is contesting because we need people like him out there.. So it was also my work to support him!!

But funnily people around him started to oppose this move.. they are saying politics isnt for you.. people in this village wont vote unless you give them money!!

I cant help answering them...I said " Dad stood in the elections because he wants to do some service.. if people doesnt wont for them.. and they vote for someone taking money .. it is their problem.. I am glad someone who dooesnt expect anything except to do some service is participating.. more people like him should enter politics that is the only way we can expect change!!

I got an interesting reply.. "Srikanth , you are not talking like a guy in 20's but like a guy in 60's..this kind of talk will do in films... no one will vote here without money!!.. and by the way.. What if he lose!!?.. this will be a disgrace for us!!

I wonder what the hell my age has to do with Ideology and worse still what is this "What if I lose syndrome is?".

If you sit and worry .. what if I fail..  you will never.. I  prefer to try  and end up a loser than a guy who never tried!!

Many it is all about trying .. and learning .. and improving!!!

We need people who can give hope and who can fight for the right stuff!!


Keep rockin
3 cheers