Thursday, July 10, 2014

Falling in Love.. all over... again!!!!...

First things first, I love movies!

At one point of time , i was interested in two things like any other kid, movies and business. But slowly I understood that business is not something I really wanna be a part of. I am shy from the start, and the world created by dickens, Wodehouse and after few years by Marquez took me away further from ambition to peace. And ofcourse, Al pacino, Tom hanks and mainly Clint Eastwood were a part of life! So when most of my friends are worrying about GPA's, I am counting the books and films I can watch in every semester!Even when working in IBM, it was always about books and movies, I pretty well know I will be soon and it happened after two years.

And hence the Song of life. Many guys asked who among the four guys are you! believe me all four characters, are inspired by few friends. I never write about myself in scripts, I just write what the story needs. And after 4 years I look back, though I lost the total investment , I never regret making SOL. That was a story I completely believed in.. yes I will change the screenplay, I will change the way I shot the film, but the core of the characters will be the same! they are the innocent characters that you really  see in a college!

But then I also learnt that to continue what you wanna do, you also ought be succesful, make a good film but also make sure and plan how to sell it.. else you will be workless in the coming days.. after all I spent four years working here and there..but I am also glad I worked for few films in this time... I had the pleasure of working with few blind kids, a kid taught me how to use Braille!, and I traveled a lot in between!!.... something good happened.. but all the same I was out of work.

I was reading the interview of Suhasini maniratnam recently, she was saying, Film making is mentally and physically a strenuous job, I left it to my husband. I really agree with her.. in way!!...

But then the thrill of film making is something that cant be expressed in your words, yes, you will be drained by the end of the venture (or say war).. but imagine this..  every minute, every second, you will be thinking about the film, either about the picturization, or the music, sets , props.. or even when you are discussing the budget.. you are always thinking about the film... And that is why I love Song of life ..

In these four years I worked on few scripts, which I will definitely shoot in near future, and a rough outline based on the Satyajit Ray's struggle in making Pather Panchali!! But I really wanted to get away from everything I did, I really wanted to go out of my comfort zone and take up  a new genre... I never even thought of doing... And I read Rohit Mishra's story long back and it suddenly struck me, this might be the one I can try!

Hence #TheBook!!! and  the feel is back again, the kind of house for a guy like Prof Vibhuti Nag, where can I find such a place, what exactly are my characters thinking at a particular instant in a particular scene... what kind of dress particular actor is of course frustration if something goes wrong and pulling back yourself again and going ahead.. making friends!!

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,  
But I have promises to keep,  
And miles to go before I sleep,  
And miles to go before I sleep. "

Wish I could do this and make it big... atleast big enough to survive for few days in mountains where I can just read, watching a waterfall!!...greenery filling my eyes and water sound in my ears!! That is what I always wanted...

Three Cheers to  life..

Keep Rockin

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