Friday, September 30, 2011

With Love... to my dearest friend!!

Let me start with my favourite quote from dead poets " whatever this world says.. believe me.. Ideas and words can change this world!!".. beautiful words indeed!!

I try to remember my childhood days when I was a kid!! I remember the walk from my house to school.. all the way I occasionally cry that I dont wanna go to school!!;

I remember the cricket ground where we used to play cricket all the time!! I remember my old house.. made of red tiles.. not the concrete new one!! I remember the

goose berries we collected we collected from the tree in our back yard.. and incidentally sucking honey out of the wild flowers that used to grow behing our house (

my mom taught me that!!).. ha ha ha..

I remember this particular incident particularly ; it rained well.. Me and my sister were walking back from tuition to home.. the kid i was.. the water was came till my knees.. and then this man appeared with some weird raincoats for both of us; weird plastic coats with pink roses printed on it.. with an umbrella in his hand(I was scared that dogs might when i go wearing that.. ) Speaking of the man who came with those coats.. he was always there for me!!

He came to me whenever its possible with eatable packets and chicken when I was in hostel.. he came to visit even when i was in college in north.. he turned up when I was screening my first film!! the man who pushed me along with him to himalayas.. and i fell in love with them.. may be the best moments I ever had were my adventure days..of all the things the human values I learnt from you..were something no one can ever teach me!! this bond is something I cherish.

My friend ; guide ; my hero.. and my father.. you are simply the best!!

Ofcourse we had our differences!! he is typical in education and forced me to study a lot!! I am a rebel.. I believe in an education that comes out of free thinking..

Just some days ago he was telling me ; I should have pushed you to US.. I told him.. I would have been just one more kid..who sends greeting cards to his parents than to be with them!!.. we argued.. all the same.. we forgot it after some time!!

On the retirement day.. I wish a beautiful after life.. may be some social service and may be in exploring new places!! I wish you good luck!!

I must say my core adventure spirit came from you!! thanks a lot for everything father.. You are one the guys I would call a

I understand what it is to work for 30- 40 years in a place.. that almost becomes your place.. I understand what it is to miss it.. all the same.. time comes we need to leave something.. we just leave..

I am glad I was there when people were praising about your sincerity!! ( A railway employee that too a ticket collector who doesnt take a bribe is no joke!!); of your knowledge ( reading books is the legacy I took ).. of all the things the spirit of adeventure.. even his friends were speaking of his love to travel.. gangothri; yamunothri; kedarnath; badrinath.. amarnath!! rajasthan.. awaiting for manas sarovar!!.. good luck with everything!!

I wish I could become a good chap like you!!

keep rockin
3 cheers

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chit chat , Passion n Love!!

I am in a very very good mood; thanks to the rains in Mumbai.. they are making my days!! I just love the sound of rain and the smell of earth when it rains!! Few things are just Immortal.. and thanks to the swimming pool near by..I am having fun 24/7 and ofcourse I am working on a story!!

Lets discuss some jokes!! something very funny happened right now!! the maid pressed the button in the bathroom and locked it from outside!! and we started using one rupee coins and scissors to open the door; finally Rana sir came up with the ingenious idea of open the glass bars from backside.. and jumped in to the bathroom!! well I kept laughing all the time!! lol..

Speaking of him; I was blown away to come to know the fact that he still kept the cap I forgot in his room in my 3rd year engineering!! it was a weird feeling!! to see something like that.. i think I need to learn something about being organized from him!!.

And the best joke is .. I happened to read some words of director in a forum!! he said " I dont believe in experimental cinema.. I just make commercial films!! for many families while making and after release depend on it".. believe it or not.. this the darkest joke I ever read.. Is he fuckin kiddin; if he is thinking of all these families; why the hell should he make film at all!! he should have become another budhdha and should have started social service!! Anyways you tend become a film maker i f you just love films or you just love the glamour around it!! if you just love the glamour.. you would write a typical story.. with revenge and love and stud the story with star cast!! actually you pretty well know you are not making a film; but you are looking for attention.. but what you say is " i remember the families who depend on this.." my ass families.. you are going take a crore as your remuneration.. dont forget that!!

coming to the topic!! passion and love!!

A junior told me somedays back " Sir; passion to achieve something is great; but being being too involved isnt good; because ultimately its you family (say father and mother as of now ) and ( may be wife and kids later ) .. that worries about you if something happens to you!!

Great words indeed!! absolutely true!! I had the pleasure of being in a very good argument today..

Talking of passion; is there really anything called passion; goal or achievement in Life.. nothing; the truth is you gotta live and you gotta die .. all you do in between is to have some fun and may be learn something and to move on.. if you ask me why the heck I need to learn..all I need is fun!! I say you you rock!!

So I have nothing to prove either.. its a game with its own rules.. so I have no passion.. on the contrary its just my love for and movies!!

Speaking of love!! I wonder; The greatest that can ever happen to me is to find a chick whom I can live with happily all my life!! but honestly thats not possible; they exist in fairy tales..but the beauty of life it offers much better than that; the beauty of diversity; to enjoy the differences in people!! I wish I could enjoy it to the maximum!!

keep Rockin
3 cheers