Saturday, January 2, 2010


Technically speaking I shouldnt be writing this blog; I must be working on my new script; ( life of three Ad- makers ; n i am glad its coming out beautifully).But things happen and they inspire u so much;so i am forced to take a break to write this blog.

I just heard the 'Luka Chuppi' song in Rang de Basanti;

for all thoe who didnt see the movie Rang de basanthi; lemme explain the scene;

A felloew dies and his mother keeps watching him at the funeral pyre.

song starts!!

Luka Chuppi bahut huyi saamne aa ja naa
Kahan kahan dhoondha tujhe
thak gayi hai ab teri maa

Aaja saanjh hui mujhe teri fikar
Dhundhla gayi dekh meri nazar aa ja na

( there has been a lot of hide n seek!! please come out now!!

where am i supposed to look for you!! your mother is tired!!

come out son i am worried about you!!
look i am lost in the game son ; please come back.)

Kudos to the lyricist; he campares death with a hide n seek game ; and his mother begs him to out of hiding!!

her son replies

Kya bataoon maa kahan hoon main
Yahan udney ko mere khula aasmaan hai
Tere kisson jaisa bhola salona
jahan hain yahan sapno vala
Meri patang ho befikar udd rahi hai maa
Dor koi loote nahin beech se kaate na

(what can i tell you about where i am mother!!
here there is a whole empty sky for me t fly in

there is an innocent beautiful world of dreams just like in our stories.

mother !!my kite is flying without any worries
no one loots my string and no one will cut it!!).

how come he got the idea of writing this!! i dont know; the words are so beautiful.
you absolutely rock man.

poetry is definitely the best invention of man.

I just wonder; there are so many beautiful works people created in this world; how many i can see by myself.

when i first watched "motor cycle diaries" ; i just came to know that its inspired from a real story; i didnt know who 'Che' was; but i can never forget the feeling when i reached the climax; i was absolutely dumb found!! i took the longest walk of my life; u see i walk a lot when i get excited.

yesterday i was watching a song in swati kiranam ( telugu movie); shared the song with rahulji. rahulji said " mama; did u see this movie; definitely the best movie ever made by man; i never saw such perfect depiction on Envy".

though i cant agree with him; for i rate ' sankarabaranam' better than this movie.

All the same ; the person who made this is a genius!!

Dead poets society; Kanyasulkam; Into the wild; Animal farm ; baarister paarvateesam;.. list goes on n on n on..
and add to this real natural beauties;
mountains; rivers ; waterfalls; dew; spring; bike drives

Oh God!! I want nothing in this world; absolutely nothing;

i dont want any one to praise; i dont want money more than i need; i dont ask u for anything that's material!!

all I want is ; at the end of my day; I need to create something which i can appreciate myself and i should say to myself "thank you god for giving me this life!! and i am glad i lived it , i loved it and did the best i can do " .. Amen

3 cheers