Thursday, July 31, 2008


Inspired Souls..

An Old Lady inspired me to start this blog . My next post is dedicated for her story.

Let me start my introduction..

What is life? I know many guys tried to define this.

I would like to define it as an Odyssey of Beautiful Anecdotes.

For life is all about the moments we really Lived!! completely conscious of our presence. May be the small walk when it rained ; or the light moments we shared with our dear ones; and all the moments we were ourselves forgetting everything else but mainly the moments we 'THOUGHT', to contemplate this life.

This constant thinking and analyzing and improving ourselves is life;

If you agree with this we can get along together. We can continue.

I was sitting in a lecture ; my professor went off topic; He started speaking of ( rich bags ) Narayana Murthy ; then he started speaking some of his students and his friend’s sons who are earning 8 digit salaries and I saw my friends seriously listening his words ; awful thing is they got inspired by it.

I Love Narayana Murthy for his approach for life. He won the girl he loved; and took great risks to become what he is now. Funny though his communist ideals made him a capitalist.

We forget our basics sometimes; quantity of money can’t be loved; or fame or anything except the spirit of adventure in man and that quest to solve the puzzle of life.
At the end what really matters is whether we enjoyed living this life or not?

I am planning to get something positive out of me and may be out of you; friends.

For all those guys; who stopped reading Newspapers and watching TV’s for they its full of violence and gossip’s and who love watching stars and the flight of birds.

Send me something that really inspired you to lead your life and to love it . Real stories , your thoughts ; your adventures ; your jokes .
Don’t worry ; let them be raw; I am here to edit them.

Lets make this blog a media to spread passion ; enthusiasm and joy in everyone’s lives.

Let me start with the lady who inspired me to start this blog.