Sunday, September 27, 2015

A glimpse of 'Love' in Hampi!!

I didnt write much for sometime, technically producing and directing a film is no joke! but efforts are in the right direction and things are shaping up well.

After 4 months I took a 2 day break and rushed to hampi!! the guy I am, my breaks are all about my travels!!

There is this hill top where you can watch the sunset near virupaksha temple!! I went there to sit and watch the sunset, but sadly clouds covered it up! but I saw something more beautiful than that! 

A couple carried their one year old kid all the way up the small hill and are patiently waiting there to watch sunset!! I really loved to see them there..(especially, I felt sick after I saw a couple who bought their kid to a horror film few days ago).. the kid is really blessed!!.. Teach the kid to love Nature.. he will naturally become a good guy and lives a happy life .. I met them and told them the same!!

I generally dont covet but I really wondered if I will ever find a girl who is as adventurous as me!!

keep rockin
3 cheers