Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life is beautiful!!!

I am in the best of my moods.. so another lengthy chit – chat.. God Bless!!
Last year at the same time.. I was actually a bit down!! Things I planned didn’t go well at all.. and everything I tried went wrong!! Here I am back to my basics .. and starting again!!.. Thanks to 2k12.. which was amazing!!  I had the pleasure of travelling  for 2-3 months.. and the spirits high and raring to go!! Three cheers to nature , life and love!! Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, jammu, Haryana, delhi rajasthan and then Uttarkhand again!! It was memorable!! Now the only states left untouched are Gujarat, Orissa, HP, and J&K is very much left untouched !! Need to cover it soon!! With the way its getting Hot.. I better rush to cover the remaining places!!
My first love in life is to listen to stories!! Thanks to my mom and others.. who told me the small stories of Ramayan and mahabharat!!  Especially to my Mom’s sister.. who told me some awesome stories.. I don’t exactly remember the story.. but it’s about a King who went to war.. and won against all odd’s. But I remember the feel of it.. I wouldn’t eat until she started the story!! That was my love for stories!! May slowly I didn’t have the access for stories.. I was busy with my studies.. But then that too helped me.. the physics I read helped me to think in a different way, a scientific approach to life!! Now I am able to enjoy my stories and life better!!
But then I am not that good everytime!! I remembered a small incident recently, there used to be a Kid who had some stammering trouble and I used to make fun of him. A girl came to me and told me why I am acting so rude! I still remember the girl who told me this.. I took the suggestion from her.. and I tried not to be rude from then ( Bless her she had a good heart when she was a kid!!).. funnily she fell in love with a guy from our class and I heard he is literally torturing her!! Life is weird.. If I meet him I am going to kick the hell out of him!! And another very bad thing I did was in my college days, I laughed at a guy who is suffering..( I had my reasons..) all the same the damage is done.. it almost took 3 years.. for us to get back to usual.. I wonder if we still are not at ease!! I wish I wouldn’t have done such silly mistakes.. and  did waste few unnecessary moments on wrong people which was of no use!! I should have concentrated of myself.
But still I tried my best to be good , I had the chance to manipulate people to get my work done, I know I can do it.. But I didn’t do it!! I tried to deal things fair and square giving an option!! ( I know a chap who is going laugh like hell after reading this..) but yeah.. I stick to my principles!! A girl was telling me ..’Srikanth’.. you are one of the decent chaps I ever talked to!! My pleasure!! I try my best to be good!!
Lets speak of beauty!!.. What are the most beautiful things I ever saw!! Actually most of my beautiful anecdotes were when I travelled with my father.. (With Mom.. its always food).. I saw few parrots which suddenly flew around me in a dense forest valley.. I saw few doves flying in the evening suns.. not to mention the few  excellent terrains I explored!! Grassy.. bushy.. rock.. and full desert and watery areas~!!
Apart from that.. Lonely walks.. especially those nostalgic mid night walks in ISM, Cyclying in rainy nights, rain itself is a pleasure, writings of Dickens, Wodehouse, narayanan ( They take you to another world!!) gully cricket, just to travel through forests.. and watch those green trees.. esp in spring time!! You would see some light red leaves which you can never forget!! Waterfalls, rivers.. and the mighty sea itself!!
Writing, reading and of the things watching things around you and noticing the changes around!!
I was sitting at a window in the train and kept thinking of all these beautiful things!!
I just thought Life is beautiful.. if something goes wrong… its just that we deserve something better!!
Keep Rockin
Three Cheers