Thursday, October 27, 2011


Inspired souls!! People who loved and really lived in this world, people who learnt all the way through out their lives, questioning the stuff... !! I wish I could meet more guys like this!!

Time doesnt matter; all the same there were some time lines set; and on this oct 31st start second .. I would have spent 27 years on this earth!! I would say 27 beautiful years.. I am not saying easy.. I am just saying beautiful.

I questioned myself what was I upto all these years... the answer was " I did nothing".. i feel proud of nothing nor I am worried about anything. all I am planning to is to keep with me whatever I learnt and to start afresh.

The best thing in these would be the time I travelled !! so it aint about anything material.. So its just about the love for nature and the lessons I learnt along. I remember the perfect blue sky after the rain once I was driving in an evening after rain!!

I dont remember much till my tenth standard.. I happily accept that I was an asshole.. but started to have some fun after that... went along to college.. may be the very turning point of life.. 2 years of IBM.. and one year of song of life.. and one more year, tried different things but got out nothing.. and yeah.. thats 27..

easy days were always easy.. laugh around, tell jokes.. i did have some fun; but i didnt love them much, tough days were damn frustrating but looking back they made me tough and taught me more.

But the best moments were my travelling days,the time I spent I worked on my stories thinking of characters, and ofcourse the directing the stories!!

Wish I could get more moments like this!!

This year ofcourse had been the worst, last october 30th I screened Song of life in Prasad's.. and then the year just flew away ,some awful things happened.. and looking back it was a complete black out.. i worked on a project and dropped out in between for various reasons, spent all my earning color and then the fellow ran of with my money, girl factor.. enough of crap that I seriously wanna leave behind me.. must say the toughest so far.. all the same it taught me great lessons.. or shall I say I learnt what not to do!!

I repeat , funny though, life sometimes teaches in the toughest away!!

Thanks to one and all whom I met !!

keep rockin
3 cheers

Monday, October 3, 2011

Three sad stories!!

I am back!! So expect one very long blog, nothing else!!

First things first; I hate sad stories; yup I loved schindler's list.. but I try to stay from them

as much as possible.

All the same ; if you have a story with you; you have to tell it .. so lets start !!

But I had to warn this isnt for people who believe in right or wrong!! its for people who believe in Life

1) I studied in my village till 5th standard; there is this girl who is a muslim; we used to be in same section and same tuition and we know each other well; so even after that when ever we meet each other in my village we say a 'Hi'. My father and her father were also classmates!!

Some months back some one told me; she eloped with a hindu.. against the wishes of the family!! its fine with me till this point. Now the real trouble started, It seems the guy was a real ass hole and I also heard that she did her Msc maths and is teaching in a college to run the family and this fellow is sitting idle. I felt bad.

and yesterday my father came to me and asked me " do you know that girl , she is the daughter of the librarian ".. I told "yes dad I know her!!"

"you know about her marriage?"

"yes dad"

" well it seems your batch mates arranged a get together recently and this girl went to the party.. this fellow didnt like it seems.. and he beat her like hell.. and she is the mother of a 3 month old baby!! her mother tried to stop him; it seems he bet her too and finally he bet his father in law too. I just saw him ( her father in law).. there are bruises all over his place!!

For once I felt like breaking his legs.. I just wish she will kick him on his balls and throw him out and start a new life!! darn it , a psychopath behaviour!!

2) This story is a about a friend of mine Kalyan; we worked with the same director some 6 months; and the best part is we are absolutely different in our views!! If I say A he would say its B. But funnily we travelled so much together we became best friends and ofcourse views continue to be different. We have something in common too, non smoking and drinking, willing to travel and being ready to work anytime. May be that set the friendship!! after sometimes its like we were brothers!!!

one thing about him is he is a playboy!! he managed ten blind kids when rehearsing in an apartment and it seems he started a romance with MBBS student in the nearby place!! so he keeps telling what he did with all girls.. one fine day I told him tell me all about your girlfriends, .. he asked me

"which one?".. I said "lets start with the first"

he started " Well its a telephone love story; she used to study in vijayawada in a hostel .. and she is a christian, somehow I got her number and I used to call from hyderabad.. soon we were talking for hours, its not just her.. her friends used to talk me too for hours they used to call me brother.. it was like we cant live without each other .. atleast for me.

Once on christmas eve I went to her home town and I called her , she said she was in the church.. so I waited near the church!! they started moving out and I saw this girl.. believe me she was beautiful like hell.. i didnt even see her .. but I know it was her.. funny after she crossed me.. she called me.. arent you standing there at the pole!! she too didnt see me but she expected that It was me!! I was so happy that day".

Believe me if I saw this in a theatre I would have laughed like hell and would have said that its the worst meladrama.. ever made. But he is right before me and he really did it.. and my heart went for him.

I asked " what happened to her".. he continued " this continued for many months and we were even talking sex on phone!! and suddenly she stopped calling ; and changed her sim!!

So i had no idea for some days what happened to her!! and then I got the number of her friend.. I called her.. she broke down and told me that the girl got married!!"

Believe me.. they was so much of pain in his voice!!

" and now I dont believe in girls.. I play with everyone when possible"..

funny that his voice was so strained.. I could see his pain struggling to get over his first love.. he is bluffing to himself.. deep inside he is a kid trying to forget his first love!! god bless..

this story is absolute crap.. yet it touched me.. something wrong with my basics!!

3) A friend of mine told me this story.. let me introduce him; he left for films
after intermediate and ran after producers for an year !! then he understood the situation and came back and joined engineering . All the same he continued writing for serials in chennai bunking his classes in sullurpet. Then he joined in a mainframe course in hyderabad and simultaneously started searching for film oppurtunities.and finally found a job in IBM .. and is still aspiring to make
good films!! no doubt we glew together!!

anyways we were chitchatting and finally started talking on production managers ( they control the dates of artists and budget). But in the industry are they are known as people who eat away money showing false accounts.

he started his story " When I used to write dialogues for serials ; I used to stay in chennai.. and at that time you know parents send us only two thousand rupees.. and I always wanted more money; My salary was five thousand for each month. I was waiting for 2 months salary. then this production manager came to me and told me "Sasi, I needed to pay some money so I paid your 10 thousand to someone , so you wont get 2 months salary!!".. " I got so pissed that I wanted to shout "Fuck you". all the people exploit these starters like hell. He used to come to sets and demanded cigerrettes from us. We cant fight with him.. because he may speak bad about us to the producer.. and we cant complain everything to the director.. so we used to keep silent."

"After joining IBM I went again to meet him in the studio.. some one told me he escaped with a lot of money. Then I found a kid waiting outside waiting for him. I asked him why is he waiting for the prod manager. He told me that the manger had promised a role and took thirty thousand rupees from him!! do you understand the importance of thirty thousand.. he can survive for thirty months adjusting with meagre things!! and he might have as well run off from home with that thirty
thousand.. so he cant even go back!!"

"When I moved to banglore; the manager called me up once; dont know how he got it and told me " Sasi I am busy in a shooting now.. can you recharge my cell.. for 555 .. when I come to banglore I will give you some two thousand"

this is man is absolute crap!!

Guys I have one more love story.. one damned lengthy one that will be equal in length to everything I wrote here.. I will blog it for sure next time!!

till then
Keep rockin
3 cheers