Thursday, October 27, 2011


Inspired souls!! People who loved and really lived in this world, people who learnt all the way through out their lives, questioning the stuff... !! I wish I could meet more guys like this!!

Time doesnt matter; all the same there were some time lines set; and on this oct 31st start second .. I would have spent 27 years on this earth!! I would say 27 beautiful years.. I am not saying easy.. I am just saying beautiful.

I questioned myself what was I upto all these years... the answer was " I did nothing".. i feel proud of nothing nor I am worried about anything. all I am planning to is to keep with me whatever I learnt and to start afresh.

The best thing in these would be the time I travelled !! so it aint about anything material.. So its just about the love for nature and the lessons I learnt along. I remember the perfect blue sky after the rain once I was driving in an evening after rain!!

I dont remember much till my tenth standard.. I happily accept that I was an asshole.. but started to have some fun after that... went along to college.. may be the very turning point of life.. 2 years of IBM.. and one year of song of life.. and one more year, tried different things but got out nothing.. and yeah.. thats 27..

easy days were always easy.. laugh around, tell jokes.. i did have some fun; but i didnt love them much, tough days were damn frustrating but looking back they made me tough and taught me more.

But the best moments were my travelling days,the time I spent I worked on my stories thinking of characters, and ofcourse the directing the stories!!

Wish I could get more moments like this!!

This year ofcourse had been the worst, last october 30th I screened Song of life in Prasad's.. and then the year just flew away ,some awful things happened.. and looking back it was a complete black out.. i worked on a project and dropped out in between for various reasons, spent all my earning color and then the fellow ran of with my money, girl factor.. enough of crap that I seriously wanna leave behind me.. must say the toughest so far.. all the same it taught me great lessons.. or shall I say I learnt what not to do!!

I repeat , funny though, life sometimes teaches in the toughest away!!

Thanks to one and all whom I met !!

keep rockin
3 cheers

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