Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am in a great mood today.. so its simple.. you guys are very dead..

I really wanna make a fresh start from today.. I keep my knowledge, out of my experience (not failures and successes) and wanna move ahead!!

the concept of failure and successes is a weird concept.. My grand father started a class some day back.. " I know a fellow who worked as a class IV employee and after I retired I canced to meet him yesterday!! we kept talking and he told me that his son is in London." I know where it is leading to.. so I told him " why dont you come to the point!.. he kept telling me " that It was 2 years I started the project .. and I dont see anything concrete from you.. why dont you shift to your old job?"..

I replied " who told you that I will do something in 2 years.. I never did"

and people measure things in terms of time.. if we dont get certain success in stipulated time.. we get scared we loose hopes!! Such a pity!!

Suppose you wrote a novel for an year and then It went bad, or you couldnt fix it right.. you have to drop it.. and the other guy wrote a novel and became a great success.. apart from money and name factor.. both had the same journey.. along with their characters.. I say both won!! Its the experience it matters.. many guys lived in this world.. many popular guys; many unknowns.. end of the day.. you call it a good life.. if you loved it.... and you know if you have the courage to drop something and move on than to worry about the past.. you rock!!

I will always love a guy who constantly learnt and improved.. and people who understood what life is all about!! I strongly believe its within us.. not with someone else!!

lets finish of with a weird joke!!

My Mom and her sister to meet a fortune teller.. they asked about my future it seems.. and he told about me.. " he will do good , and you wont find trouble in arranging his marriage.. but he is not a good boy.. He will do many things before marriage"..

God knows what he meant ..lol.. but My Mom's sis came to me and told me.. "Srikanth.. I thought you are good boy.. but I dont know you are like this.."..lol

She really believed all his words.. I mean she took a fortune teller's words for grant!!..lol

PS:-) I am a very bad boy.. beware of me

keep rockin

3 cheers


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