Monday, November 14, 2011

Stories!!.. Movies...!!

The winter is back!! Lazy bones ache to move, but I drag myself to the lappy to write something..

may be the best thing I would love to do now. All the same lets continue!!

I love stories.. they fascinated me.. I remember my aunt who used to tell me stories at dinner

time.. I dont remember the story.. but I remember that i wouldnt eat unless someone told me that

story again and again and again!!

I love harry potter and lotr.. just read them at a stretch.. but of all these things.. I really

really love.. stories of mahabharata and ramayana.. they absolutely fascinate me.. my father being

a literature lover .. told me some very good stories.. especially Krishna's character fascinates

me!! forget he is god.. his insights are something everyone should really think off!!

So coming to the point; A team is planning to work on a short film on Tilak and i went to a meet to

discuss on the project. And I know most of them and I learnt a lot from them and suddenly we were

discussing on mahabharata!! we saw that Abhimanyu entering the Padmavyuha in peter brooks

mahabharata.. and we started discussing on it.

Mohan said " Instead of seeing mahabharata as an epic, I see at a happening; a fight between

brothers who were fierce warriors.. try to imagine how many young men died at that time!! it was

a great economic loss to the nation!!"

Speaking of mahabharata .. we discussed some good stories..

1) Arjuna once questioned Krishna.. why everyone praises Karna so much as a great donor.. even I

can donate and give alms as much as him. Krishna said.. " okay show me " Arjuna gathered to big

piles of gold and is donating hand full to everyone ; and gave it to many people and told krishna..

see how nmuch i donated!! krishna looked at the pile of gold left.. and then asked Karna to give

the money to people.. karna called 2 guys and just told them.. you take this pile and you take that


beautiful story; arjuna was always counting how much he needs to give to someone; but in the case

of karna he just gives .. he never counts!!

2) The mahabharata war was over.. finally pandavas and krishna went to bhishma and informed him

that it was over. Bhishma praised krishna that it was all done by him and the victory belongs to

him..and this really hurt Arjuna.. he wondered.. " I did all the work" and how come everyone are

praising krishna!! ,.. finally krishna got into the chariot and took arjuna home; arjuna requested

krishna to get down!! krishna said .. no no.. you get down first.. and so arjuna got down; hanuman

on the flag also got down and finally krishna got down!! and then the chariot broke down to

pieces!! Arjuna didnt understand what happened and asked krishna what happened!! Krishna told him "

This chariot didnt break down because I was sitting on it.. else it would smashed long back becuse

of the Karna's arrows!!.. Another beauty!!

and we discussed many more stories and I started to listen bhagavadgeetha now.. seriously amazing

stories.. and it follows a definite logic.. lets take ramanaya.. story follows logic... sita is

from bihar and rama is from UP.. they travel through Madhya pradesh and settles in south.. and it

perfectly match to the geography!! great people lived here.. and it was a pleasure for all of us!!
Gimme a hapy days work, good conversations , music and a good book to read!! I wouldnt complain!!

3) lets speak of movies!! I saw bull shit film recently called 7th sense.. what exactly happened was; the director came to know that a south indian taught chinese people martial arts.. so now he wanted to tell that india s great and tamilians are great and we forget our culture.. all is well..

but the point is does the director believe in this shit at all?? why do you want to show foreign cultured songs and fuckin say india is great.. come on guys.. we speak english in international cconference.. you just cant write a bull shit scene and say lets speak tamil in conferences!! and believe me .. no scholar looks down at another scholar just because the works are not in english.. after all we contributed a lot in maths and science to this world.. and everyone respects us.

keep rockin
3 cheers

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