Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jokes and serious jokes!!

I dont know why; weird things happen around me; I am pron to it I think.. anyways..

1) I entered this almost empty bus.. and sat leisurely in a seat and kept my back in my next seat..!!A guy entered the bus and came to my place; lifted my bag and sat next to me!!.. I was so scared .. Is this fellow a gay?? when all the seats are empty why the hell he should sit next to me?? I told him , Sir .. can you sit in the front seat!! .. he looked at me seriously and told me.. thats a Ladies seat!!.. WTF!! I wanted to shout .. I dont mean the seat alone there are many seats available!!.. but with due respect I requested him to guy me space and went back and sat at the last seat.. praying no one would disturb me!!!!

But then as they say ..Fate can hurt you in many ways; being an AC bus; RTC arranged a TV in it.. to make things worse they are advertising about RTC in it.. I saw the worst ad of my life.. but heights of torture reached .. when the ad got stuck.. and few dialogues started to repeat!!

Guy: What if there is no internet at home to book that ticket?
GIrl: you can book in the nearby internet center!!

repeat 1;

repeat 2; lauughing..

repeat 3; wtf

repeat 4 ; frustration

repeat 5 ; i gave up!!

god bless!!

2) I met 2 friends. one of them told this joke ( about the other guy ). Before marriage this fellow took a room near his office , I asked him, why are you wasting money.. instead of spending 15 k.. you can take a room at some place.. you can save money!!.. he told me, for a 8k room add the fuel cost, it would be same..

after marriage; she changed his room to a distant place; I asked him; if you save rent, petrol cost will add up.. he told me .. 15K is too much.. ha ha

A perfect vice versa.. ha ha ha

3) just saw a testimonial I got in Orkut few years back.. loved those words.." Yuhin Challa chal rahi....Yuhin Challa chal rahi...... Okay this is abt Challa.. explaining him who is always very fast to speak i dont know his problem is , so only few of his words i can able to understand. He is always ready to copy my practical notebook, dont want to miss any time. At last, he is very talented person for videography & wanna become a Director. Okay! My best wishes with u.

4) A friend told me a story today; its about a guy who aspires to become a guitarist; his father is against it; and his mother likes his son a lot but couldnt convince his father.. and finally a girl who supports him; but her father is planning her to marry her to a rich.. Now will our hero follows his passion and will he win his love!! this is the conflict..

My ass.. how many times will you write the same crap again n again n again.. believe me.. I believe in this.. if parents dont support its not your problem.. anything that obstructs isnt love .. its an obstacle!! I would also say; parents shouldnt anything from their kids either.. they are supposed to what they wanna do.. they have things to worry about.. you dont become one more cause for their worries.

No offence though to parents and kids..!!

keep rockin
3 cheers

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