Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time table and some meanderings!!

I used to write timetables when I was a kid and continued till +2.. funny though I write easy

things first and then feel happy I completed it on that day.. and ignore that from the next


After that when I was in college.. I do kept some time tables.. but when every one are thinking

about GPA's.. my marks were the number films I can watch and the number of books I can read in a


I am always a restless kid competing with myself..

this turned out to be my present time table.. whether I will really follow this!!

morning 8.00 to evening 12.00 (8 hours sleep!!) 16 hours-- 4 hours --books ( other than films) ; 4 hours writinthe stuff on the present project; 2 hours -- V( my future script ) ; 2 hours-- reading on films!!

A friend was chatting with me recently and asked me was I upto now a days.. I told him I am listening Bhagavatham.. and the stories are incredible.

He told me I am not asking that.. what are you live.. I do some part times.. But I think this is the time I need read more; acquire knowledge and grow my strengths in film making!!

I m more than happy with this.

Speaking of being happy.. I feel happy when ever I think of Rahul dravid.. and every shot he plays and every word he speaks is something I always cherish!! just read a beautiful article .. he told some beautiful words " ‎"Not everything of value comes at a price.".. Rahul Dravid"..

Life is beautiful .. huh

keep rockin
3 cheers

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