Sunday, December 25, 2011


Guys writing something with great energy!! be prepared to keep on reading .. till you can regard and rest.. lol

Sometimes you really feel lucky!! you just feel glad.. that you are here, you really lived and enjoyed some things!! pure art .. nothing else!! thats what beauty is all about!!

I had the pleasure of Chaganti sir's 'Gajendra moksha'.. Story is pretty simple .. An elephant enters a pond and is attacked by a crocodile.. elephant prays for Narayana .. he comes and kills the crocodile!!

but read in between the lines!! Elephant is our life and the crocodile is the time..!! and then follows the sequence of narayana rushing to help the elephant.. the way 'Pothana' translated 'Vyaasa's' Bhagavatham in telugu is just amazing .. my mind went blank. Narayana in a rush to save the elephant.. holds his wife saree.. and she has to run after him.. and the way she explains ' Meenakshi'.. ( lady with the eyes of a fish ) is just amazing!! not an ordinary man can explain such beauty with great reverence!! A must Read.. Legend Rama himself wrote those poems when Pothana was farming!! god bless!!

anyways the year is going to end; and technically nothing happened as most of the projects didnt end up the way I expected,but in a way.. this year taught me what not to do.. hope this experience in the near by future and hoping the very best In the new year!!

And the best part is the way I ended the year in a high note!! Visied ISM after 2 years for a bachelor party!! and it seems none of us ( good old idiots ) changed. We kept discussing about Capitalism and communism.. existence of god!! in the same way .. in between crude jokes!! what more can a man ask for.

Met a professor , who emotionally told us, he was really glad that we camre and asked him , how he was doing!! there is a tone of sadness in him!! Of all the things he was a great inspiration for us.. he used to cycle in the campus.. though he owns a posh car!! we just loved it for him.. and it was indeed a pity, he hurt his leg and couldnt cycle anymore!! pray for him guys!!

and this followed by a night out in the freaky cold night alone in ISM.. this is the time I really cherished!!

I repeat; not all things of value come a price!!

3 cheers to life

keep rockin

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