Monday, May 9, 2011


This is the funniest word I ever heard in my life!!

last october i was screening my film in banglore and requested everyone to spread the word!!
One of my friend wrote the below word

" here is the guy; who has a dream like everyone of us. but he had the courage to leave his well pad job and follow his heart. Many of us dream of making a film but he made it!! please come to the screening on sunday... (blah blah....)"

Believe me ; thats bullshit; Honestly speaking I loved my job; I was very happy with the easy money I get at the end of every month and I just used to sit there used gtalk , orkut and had fun with everyone. I evev found a chick.. but had to leave everything.. thats another issue.

next part of the line says " he has a dream to make a film ". My dream is not about finishing of a film; my dream is to pursue my love; sometimes I might just write a story; sometimes I might make a film and sometimes I might just explore the lands hearing some local folk and make some beautiful albums. My dream is art and folk.. I just wanna explore them .. to seek is my purpose ..nothing else.

So when a person says I wanna work with a particular star and make a high budget movie; or when someone says I need to start an international businees; or get a job in US. I smile. For I have no ambitions; I am an ass lol.. and I know it.

i just took a week off and came to hometown; spent some good time with my brothers n sisters; and It was awesome!! may be life isnt about successes; failures n achievements.. its about moments.. moments of love and joy.

I look back; there were many people in my life; i loved; hated; enjoyed ; ridiculed;lusted; felt jealous; was over active; sometimes dumb; and sometimes perfect...
I wish i could leave all these and just live every moment... cheers

PS:- Dont think; I will stop harassing the people who work in my project!! I will be after you 24/7 .. till work is


Sadhogopal Ram said...

Indeed true, my friend. Loved the post, because I understand how true you are. Feels good to know a person like you, Challa. :)

Inspired Souls said...

cheers bro.. lets rock!!