Thursday, June 9, 2011

Women!! Domination and Dowry!!

First things first!! I am not a feminist ; I am an equalist!! If someone is very very sensitive I request them not to read this!!

Well I had the chance to view some women's point of views on marriage. Funnily almost all the people complained about and funnily on the same issues!!( they are all well read!!)

1) If I marry someone he would dominate me!
2) Why would a boy ask for a dowry aren't we equals??

I wonder do they really think on the complaints before complaining.

I mean you need a guy who is well read than you , who is earning more than you and who is taller than you!! what the heck!! if he is better than you in every sense ofcourse he will dominate you ..why would he take you in for free.. aint it?? ( If you say "I am beaituful".. just run away !!)

If you are so particular about not giving dowry!! why dont you fight against it; make a decision that you wouldnt marry anyone till you find someone or stay alone!! you fight with your family and society.. I saw many people who gave long lectures and finally gave dowry and happily got married!! ...So if you cant fight.. then happily marry someone and serve him good and make him happy!!

Just dont go blaming men.. now.. now... why should we fight against dowry?? If government offers reservation we exploit it; same is the case here!!

ha ha ha.. ROFL

PS:-) Any chick with 2 crores property.. Man I am desperate to make my second feature.. ha ha ha


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