Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good times!! and an Observation!!

1) Lets start with some chit chat; A friend me called recently and when me when I will reach

my room, I need to talk to you. Luckily I was in the room and told him to come over..

He rushed to the room and very happily informed me that he found a producer for his short

film; he also told me that if he can impress him with his work; he might produce a film as

he added " I wanted to share it with someone; so I ran here; I think this is the turning

point of my life!!"
Indeed I was very happy; to impress a guy and make him to invest on your film isnt easy!!

pray for him guys!!

2) I was damn frustrated somed days ago when my friend called me for this marriage!! I

worried why cant these people marry after 4-5 years when I would be fairly free; to take 2

days time out now is very tough.. I had to start at early morning; reach the place at night

and need to travel further in another vehicla and attend the marriage and had to get back

in another vehicle early morning after spending 2-3 years. It sounded hopeless!

But the 2 day break turned out to be an awesome experience.. I almost completed a book

before I reached Vizag.. I never knew I was missing reading this much.. It was an

inexplicable feeling.. may be its like telling.. darling! I didnt know that I missed you so

much!! and then a good old college mate came there and we had a very nice dinner and finally

went to marriage. I even enjoyed the time I spent in the marriage; the energies and drums

did the magic!! and a bike ride early morning to the station was the best of all!!
may be its all about attitude!! May be we can enjoy anything if we are in the right mood!!

3)I remember my first trek; Obviously it was with my father! we went to hour mother's

sister's house near bellampally!! and we thought of going for a walk and we reached the foot

of the mountain and then we thought till we get bored; and climbing half the mountain I

asked my father " What if some snake turns up?".. my father told me .. well even some wild

animals might turn up; as we climbed half; we can test the other half as well; pretty simple

logic; so we did reach the Top!! and from then onwards it became my hobby!! Life is


4) When I was returning; two middle aged women got into the train; ( they are sisters) and

they are just trying to show off that their kids can read better than the other one's kids!!

they are asking the kids to read the words written in english to prove that they can read

better!! when you reach 35!! you should develop minimum brains.. comparing 2 kids is

absolutely logicless; as a fact you are killing and manipulating their spirits!! and one guy

was behaving very bad with his own sister; he ate almost everything in the biscuit packet

and gave the left over stuff to her!!

God bless the kids!! Never and ever compare and force them

keep rockin
3 cheers

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