Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life is beautiful!!

Life with all its ups and downs is a sheer beauty!! sometimes you wake up early morning.. and you feel its a bliss!! and an occasional rain!! late night work!! spirit of adventure of all the things meeting new people and discussing new things!! What more can I ask for..!!

Anyways lets start with tough things first.. As i always said; I am an ass. I was thinking yesterday; how the hell a very calculated fellow like me can fell in love with a girl whom I never saw.. and ran after her blindly for 2 years ( ofcourse some factors like talking daily and good rapport added it).. but then what is love.. why would anyone love people of opposite sex at all!! these are the questions I am left with, after the end of 2 years..lol!! Well I dont have answers for these questions as of now.. I dont think anyone could convince me unless I find it myself.. God I love her even now.. weird.. yet true!!

As of now.. I decided not to spend more than 2 months on each girl.. if nothing happens.. I better move on..lol.. If some one is angry at me.. please forgive me..lol.

Let me jump to a conversation.. three of us were sitting out at a place chit chatting.. And one of the guy started targetting me that he didnt like my works a lot.. I kept laughing. the third guy asked me "how come you keep laughing.. when he is critisizing your works?".. the answer was simple... I dont work to satisfy you.. I work to satisfy myself.. I obviously try to improve myself constantly.. and I will definitely take good feed back!! That doesnt mean.. So I have nothing to get irked when some one tries to pull some loop holes!! anyways I saw few people praising the samethings which some despise...

the third guy looked at me and added some beautiful words "Challa; none can hurt you".. they are deep but I really understood his point.

The greatest thing I leanrt is to think for myself.. If you fail.. its nothing its a process of learning.. if you win.. again its nothing.. you just got it right this time!! there are many things left out to explore.. and the pleasure to seek and pursue new things thats the thing that drives me forward!! nothing else.

Getting back to the topic!! I have the pleasure of working few blind kids in recent times.. I am working as an asst director in a film which portrays real blind kids.

I personally tell them dialogues.. and prepare them for shoot to be started soon!! The beauty of it was; I initially used to pity them.. but slowly I started to admire their energies.. Imagine once !! you cant see anything before you.. you need to travel on a road; you need to catch a bus.. and these kids really do it with no help.. There is this small girl who prefers to sit alone when free and she sings beautiful good old romantics.. and there is this fellow who will keep on moving here and there.. and one guy should after him to make sure that he sits at the right place!! It was fun.. they even started imitating me and the director after some days.. we found one hell of a mimic.. lol!! they were almost in tears to leave us.. god you play great.

Here I am fully stirred to write new things.. Woke up early morning; and we left to a eye research centre to discuss with a doctor for research on our film!! and it was a patient game of getting the points we require from them. And we got so many good points that we began to wonder.. This isnt an easy task as we thought .. we need keep more efforts!!
and finally they blind folded us and taught us the basics of how to find directions without seeing and how to use the cane!!

Man.. As I say..life is Beautiful..

PS:-) These are my thoughts when I sat for three hours in bus .. which got stuck in traffic.. Thanks to telangana movement

keep rockin..
3 cheers


epidus said...

gendered segregation? yes, life is beautiful, good grief! I guess there should only be one sex, like worms or a change sex like grouper or buildings all have sexuality and so do clouds.
They don't need therapy

Inspired Souls said...

@epidus!! interesting!!

epidus said...

I'm not anxious to stay awake with myself nor'm I anxious to keep thinking of all this shit
some shit is good
some bad
when you look in the sky you see sun light clouds contrails from jets
and where I live musical formations of 21 pelicans having formation fun and fish catching practice

epidus said...

where would you be
in bee land

Inspired Souls said...

@edipus beautiful lines..!! can I know who is this please.. cheers!!