Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To all movie freaks!!

Thanks to Vishlesh for sending a beautiful poem!!
Fortune! take back these cultured lands,
Take back this name of splendid sound!
I hate the touch of servile hands,
I hate the slaves that cringe around.
Place me among the rocks I love,
Which sound to Ocean's wildest roar;
I ask but this - again to rove
Through scenes my youth hath known before.—lord Byron!!
I thought of writing something serious after a long time!! If its too boring you better skip it and let me know!!
Getting back to the topic!! This blog is dedicated to all movie freaks!! personally I know many people who keep watching movies like freaks and who are better critics than me and who understand movies in a better way. There were days I wondered how come all these guys didn’t enter movies. But as I work more and more I basically understand the difference between watching movies and making movies. If you commit to a movie you are going to literally live with that character for absolutely one or two years. You must be aware of every shot and scene and the right emotion at every scene. Damn you have to remember it even in your sleep which is movie making where as you will spend a 3 three hour time watching movie if you are a movie lover!! Everyone wants their friends to remember them as friendly and easy going guys. But a movie maker wants to be remembered as a guy who is absolutely dedicated to movies!! And I think his pleasure lies in it!!
I met an aspiring movie director yesterday and in his words “ movie maker is a kind of parent to the movie!!” cheers buddy ; ur awesome.
Actually this blog is about him only. Name is sasidhar!! Actually i know him from my 9th standard .we were in the same hostel!! He was kind of an icon to me at that time!! If you think its for good reasons ; no; its for all bad reasons!! I still him; he woke up 8.30 when he has his board exam at 9.00. and he did clear it. Now you can understand why he became an Icon.
Then we met up again in IBM; pity i resigned very soon; came to know very less about him!!
But when we met yesterday and talked for sometime ; it was like we know each other for a long time!!
His story itself was awesome!! After his inter he went to Hyderabad for movie chances; that itself was amazing; i wouldn’t even go to next town without my parents permission by that time!! But then intermediate was too early; he couldn’t just make it and he understood the reality only after an year!! He is back again; took his long term and completed his BE in sullurpet
But his love for movies didn’t fade, he used to go by bike to Chennai and watch movies every weekend!! All the four years!! The guy even pulled in a chance two become a writer for some serial!!
And he started working on it in Chennai and was trying for contacts?
I couldn’t stop asking him how come he managed his attendance when he was staying in Chennai?
“ profs helped me a lot. I never left a subject so they know i will manage the subjects and i am trying something different too !! so they helped me “
Pity nothing runs smooth!! The serial suddenly stopped and director ate away his money!! Life is back to Basics!!
After engineering he was back to Hyderabad again. He says” Every one in my relatives were laughing at my back and they were treating me low!! When my grand mother died i couldn’t even go there. I am an emotional guy and in an impulse i entered IBM; i don’t know if its a mistake or not; but i learnt some realities and now i know the realities; I will be very careful and i will make it this time”
Awesome bro; you seriously rock!! All the very best. You will make it big.
Best part of it is; he is a perfect opposite to me; i am a kind of guy who takes up easy going and positive stuff and he takes problems and thoughts of lower middle class and a bit tougher aspects!! I can never write a story about a prostitute and a bartender i would limit myself to students; writers and artists but he can easily write on that stuff!!
Ha says “ I love to live in other peoples lives!! Why they do it; what do they think!!”
We sat in afternoon and we kept talking till night; time just flew away!! It was an excellent treat. And the feeling was mutual.
Its always a treat to catch up with new people and discuss new ideas with them.
He told me some very interesting inside stories too!! “ they play many tactics; when some unit is about to start a project ; I know a girl who celebrated her birthday and called everyone of them!! Heaven knows when is her birthday; its just a tactic; and when they are trying to cast; she easily got the role!!They spend some money and they will get their chances ; its all about making them remember you. Even if you need to meet a famous actor you need to bribe their manager”
Oh my goodness; i just wish i wont end up with these fellows; its just horrible!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers

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