Tuesday, July 6, 2010


As I said ; I am going to keep some good works of my friends in my blog.
This particular blog; is written by Vishlesh.. 3 cheers to him!!
In the past few months, I have been bombarded by series of illogical questions that are unending and boringly repetitive. I have answers for all these questions, but I wanted to keep them for myself, it makes no point for me to propagate my ideology or to convince the speaker that I am right in my choice. They wanted me to go for my further education, to add value to myself, frankly at age of 23 you are pretty well molded into an organization, that any education that comes in the future has to be felt with the soul and heart, you cant go on pursuing something just for a future or for career or for money. I never had any kind of attachment or planning for future, whatever you plan, things are going to happen as they are bound to happen, life is just like flowing river and the banks on the either sides are experiences you gain from the past. Just as the river passes through a fertile soil carries this soil to other bank and makes it fertile. They always put two options before me, going for management education or going for technical education. I always found them unworthy. What is the need of pursuing management? What were you doing before that?, For me my life is my business and I have been managing it properly, we talk to people and manage getting our work done, we manage our time, we manage our relationships, we manage to understand psychologies of people and try to deal with them in their way, what more can management teach me, if its just finance or just other things just give me good books I will learn for myself, why do run after degrees?? If u get a degree from a prestigious institute, you become product of that brand and lose the brand value which you have had for yourself.
And for getting into technology there is a much better option than your college way, get you lot of books, this technology is just unpredictable and ever changing, so the things you learn today are just going to be obsolete in a few days, and the knowledge you have gained wouldn’t help you in anyway. Don’t pursue a degree rather pursue knowledge. I want to experience knowledge, I want my experiences to drift like feathers in the wind, let my eyes see the beauty and my heart feel the sensation of beauty, for me this is what life is meant for pursuing experiences rather than degrees. Experiencing is a phenomenon that happens before an invention, a scientist creates his model in his mind and then replicates that in a mathematical model and supports his view, so the first step to this comes from experiencing. When I was reading about aromatic nature of benzene, the scientist had a dream of serpents moving in a circle with each of its head attached to its tail. Experiencing is predecessor of understanding a subject, every subject has a frequency to which a student has to adapt to. When it comes to art, experiencing is knowledge, and experiencing is everything, In case of arts and philosophy, what is true today holds life long, there are no rules and regulation; a man can follow his free will.
After the blog conversation!!
bandla: check this one out
challa: yup
on my way
bandla: after a long time i wrote something
challa: good man
keep writing
if i like it
i gotta keep it in my blog
bandla: ok fine
Sent at 10:33 AM on Wednesday
challa: superb one man
bandla: thanks sir..
i felt like words gushing out like water from hot springs.......so i just started writing something.....
after a long time i felt good
by writing
challa: good
bandla: too serious stuff to be put on a blog
challa: its our blog man
we write whatever we like
bandla: yeah thats true.


Vijay said...

Good one Challa

Inspired Souls said...

Thanks maama.. but then credit goes to vishlesh!! cheers