Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monsoon Chit Chat...

When I started from Howrah to Hyderabad I decided to take a break atleast for 4 -5 months before working on anything except marketing ‘song of life’!! But I think writing is something I really got addicted to and here I am back again working on my new blog!!
Of course all credit goes to the weather in Hyderabad!! Its raining here for the past ten days!! And its real fun. I am absolutely replenished. And work is also going great!! So no complaints on anything.. All I do in my free time is to sit on the cement bench next to the road and watch people walking on the road near banjara hills.
As I am in a perfect happy mood ..let me write some jokes ( request : if u think they r PJ’s; plz don’t blame me)
1) Mom: - Son, go downstairs and pay the rent to owner
Geek: Lemme call him and take his account number; i will transfer it online!!

( Copyrights belong to me.. lol)

2) I watched a movie named ‘Darling’. As the name says this a love story; hero is playing tantrums to impress heroine ( girl is from Switzerland) So this fellow starts talking some crap about Switzerland to impress her. This girl turns furious; she reaches him and seriously teaches him how great india is ; when compared to Switzerland .. that therez lot of effection and love in india which you don’t find any where in the world n all that stuff. And hero seriously starts liking her more.. ( no personal statements here ; i am giving a third person narration)..
And guess what .. the scene fades to a beautiful location in Switzerland.. and a song starts between hero n heroine... lol.. lol..
Come on guys!! I know film making is all about money for many people; but still you must atleast respect ur characters.. you must atleast know what exactly you wanna show on the screen..!!
3) This joke is about myself; I am a very absent minded fellow and most of my friends know it.. well well.. some people still remember me as an ass you couldn’t expand CPU in a job interview.
So I started from howrah to hyd with a bag and a big cover stuffed with my clothes. I happily forgot everything about the cover got down in secunderabad station and directly went to swati tiffins nearby to have some breakfast!! And only after half an hour I understood that something was wrong!! And after five more minutes I understood that I left my all my clothes in the train !! I literally ran back to the station.. and the train left long back!!

So here I am ( with a single dress) and my mom told this to all our relatives and every one called me to know how I lost my dresses!! Cheers to life..

I am staying in Hyderabad in a hostel with my friend!! And all these fellows are preparing for civils!! And its real fun ... we can see those posters with writings like
“ Guidelines for next month: 1) No time waste 2) No unnecessary discussions 3) Complete seriousness!!.. needless to say what really happens is completely opposite !!
I see typical student gang here; playing cards all night and some dancing happily at night 11.30 dressed up in bunions and towels!! Not to mention those gossips on girls all night. If you are unlucky enough to receive a message from a girl saying “ good night and sweet dreams!!”.. consider yourself dead!! Not to mention those small biryani and thumps up parties they arrange at much of energies.. man I love this place!!

And let me end the blog with some of the discussions I had with a junior of mine regarding music!! A bit lengthy.. follow if ur really interested..

swathi: veena is going good; im all excited about it these days
me: excellent;i think i too must learn some instrument
swathi: welcome to the club
me: sure sure
so; tell me more about veena
all technical stuff if ur free
swathi: oh yeah
veena has seven strings
four for notes, and three for rhythm indication
rhythm in music is called talam
and ragam is a unique selection of notes, which will be used all over the composition
each string plays two octaves
and a total of eight octaves can be played on the veena
me: slow slow; what are notes?
i mean lay in terms
swathi: note is a select frequency
me: okay
swathi: every note is separated by a frequency of 16th root of 2
me: awesome; resonance stuff right?
swathi: yes\
see, sa and ri are separated by a frequency of 16th root of 2
if sa is played on x, ri is played on x into 16th root of two
me: oh god; this is superb
swathi: so, there are sixteen notes, between the lower sa and higher sa
but we play eight
it seems to rain here also
me: excellent
swathi: so, when you play from sa, as ri, ga, ma pa da ni sa,
you double the frequency
me: we will up the frequency
swathi: ya up the frequency
me: and the beauty lies in giving the right frequency change?
and then get down?
swathi: yes
the frequencies you choose
see, in music
esp instrumental
me: oh god; its great even to listen this
swathi: there are two kinds of instruments
one is discreet, like the piano
the diff between indian classical music and western classical music is that in indian, we emphasise on continuity;western ppl emphasise on discreteness
string instruments and vocal instruments are the continuous treads
indian music is very elaborate, btu so poorly documented
me: what r vocal instruments?
swathi: flute
me: okay
swathi: drums, piano are discrete
you cant generate continuous music in them
me: okay
yup...i see more continuation in veena;but in piano
we go part by part
swathi: yeah;veena is said to be a divine istrument used in ancient time for tapasu ;it has been given a lot of significance in the vedas
if you knew, sama veda is about music.. it is said to have that concentration increasing and stress relieving ability in its music
me: okay
swathi: it is a combination of math and physics to play the instrument;you remember the string problems we used to do in 12th
me: yup
swathi: we basically change the effective length of the string to change the frequency of the note
by pressing it onto a wedge
me: okay; same is the case with guitar
swathi: yeah;all string instruments mostly
i dont know all that, but it is really good after you play
me: cool.. stress relief aah
swathi: like something reverberating in your mind... about three four hours, you can feel the reverberations around you
i play for an hour, and feel that for three four hours
me: excellent
i am going to learn one after some years
swathi: im sure you will love it
but be careful about the instrument you choose
me: oh; why?
swathi: you must like the music of it;then the experience is best
you will like to play all the more and you get to be all the more
me: okay;how i will know what will be good for me?
swathi: listen to various instruments and see
me: oh okay; the most mystifying for me was flute
swathi: :)
my committment to veena has been serendipity..but im loving it
classical music is a whole discipline in itself;no wonder ppl pursued it academically
me: absolutelly correcti feel; we will learn right manners in this
swathi: yeah
but it is good to see the physics behind things also
me: yup
swathi: it is so intellectually engaging, trust me
me: yup got it
swathi: hmm..
im eating off ppls brain with this infactuation these days
me: We will be waiting for your concert then!!
swathi: :) nt really learning for a concert
but yes, i can play for ppl, not for fame
me: thats the best reason to give a concert
swathi: but the art is great you know..i am getting realy engrossed into it
me: awesome ;glad to here this;to tell the truth; i dont know about music much;
swathi: my teacher is awesome
me: great...but classic music ; i always sit n listen
there is that peace in it

Keep rockin
3 cheers


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post again, Challa.. love the calmness you bring in your writes..

P.S. Couldn't go through the entire 'chit chat conversation.. but enjoyed the rest!

Inspired Souls said...

yeah yeah.. that was a bit technical dude.. cheers