Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kolkata Tales!!

Every city offered me something!! Chennai offered me such an exotic beach!! I still remember the days when I watched that beautiful sunrise over the sea!!
Hyderabad offers you the best food in south India.. just put up 5 kgs in 20 days!! Damn it!!
If its Kolkata its all about art; Just visited Nanda theatre yesterday where a film festival is running.
So much crowd out there; you can never find audience like Kolkata people.. after all greatest literary and movies came from Bengalis only.. Kolkata rocks!!
1) I met an awesome person today!! He is my senior 1980 pass out; he worked for 16 years in TCS and finally quit his job and started creating some work shops...
He gave me some excellent points..
“ I realised a bit late that I am wasting my time a lot; so I resigned my job in TCS. I was making almost 2 lakhs per month by that time.. and people thought I am a mad man to leave everything.. then he confined himself in a room; and designed some workshop.. though I make only 20k now; I am really enjoying my work a lot now!! And I am enjoying every second of it and I have enough free time too..I can meet young people like you and can discuss new ideas!!”

I generally prefer to avoid people over 35 !! all they speak of is their past was great but life is very boring as of now!! But he is very different!! He speaks with endless positive energies!!
He also added “ i never think of past.. its gone!! And I try to concentrate on the many things in this world i need to learn”
I know this looks a bit like funda.. but I didn’t expect such a talk from him!! Pretty of the few who talked like this !!
I know one more person; his name is uma maheswar rao;; met him recently.. I seems he read in a polytechnic college and joined railways!! Then he studied while working and became an engineer there; before crossing 40 he wrote some exam and left to London. Got a chance to meet him recently!! I heard he is a man of precision...
he told me “ i learnt one thing in life; earn like hell; save some of it and spend other equally fast.. and now I saved enough; I just wanna see new places now; I am going to quit soon and I made sure I get constant money through my investments!!
My daughter is also follow my footsteps; she wanna work for 6 months and travel for 6 months”
( no doubt he inspired her)
And may be I too liked him a lot!!
Wish I could meet guys like them..

2) I was chatting with a junior of mine
Junior: Sir; i could sleep much now a days.. I always used to love my sleep..
Me: yeah ; even i was wondering the same; i thought u were an early to bes stuff
Junior: usd to be; but no more!!
Me: oh; either ur a stressed up or totally stress free.. lol
Junior: definitely ; no the second one; I don’t know about the first one
Me: not very optimistic; do you have any troubles!!
Juniors: ofcourse yes sir;I am just at the start of my career; I need get a job; then family kids..

( lol.. believe me guys this is the most hilarious excuse I ever heard; according to this theory.. the kid just born.. has the biggest difficulty; he needs to mug for 20 years.. lol;
I just wonder; we have so many things; he have everything provided for and we are well read.. what the heck; cant we make our living; i can definitely find a 5k job any day; then whats there to worry about.. lets just rock guys!!
Definitely ponder on this for sometime ..
PS:- working on a story seriously.. gotta take a big break from my blog..

Keep rockin
3 cheers

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