Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some new stuff!!

I am back with a big big big blog!!
Technically speaking I am at a great loss; but personally I am at my best!!... I was really great to watch Rahul Dravid batting a complete day!! And that too after long long time!!
And as a person.. he is the best!! Just read the words he spoke after such a beautiful innings.
“ Sometimes you get the results ; sometimes you don’t. But thats life, thats cricket and thats sports. I dont think about what people are saying as long long as i am doing whats needed to be done!!”.. who in this world can speak like this!!
Lets start with some beautiful words one of my junior sent me!!
"I would rather be ashes than dust!!
I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.
I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.
The function of man is to live, not to exist.
I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time."
1) One of my junior gifted me a book on Keats !! the only problem with that is; I try reading two stanzas and then I don’t get anything in it; so I kept that aside.
I constantly remind myself “ Son; ur IQ is very less; you are meant to read a harry potter if not some travel journals like motorcycle diaries ..!! But too much serious stuff just leaves you with a head ache..
yeah yeah i did try reading that ‘God of small things’ once and darn it...I can never explain that feeling!! I felt that this world is a horrible place ; full of domination and senselessness.. and I got scared.. I felt a different feeling after reading some part of ‘atlas shrugged’ too.. this world is full of hatred!!
So when someone suggested me “white tiger” I ran away from him!! I mean what’s the point in choosing a book thats depressing!!

But then we cant watch and read everything either!! Someone from college asked me
” mama; why don’t you watch the movies we watch; how will you get entertained?”

I do accept that !! entertainment is very important; but then the term entertainment is relative.. i just cant watch some movies; they just irk me upi mean how can you watch a movie if you u can easily see that the movie is a mix of some 5-6 previous ones!! But then I absolutely have no problem if you watch those movies unless you force to watch them with you.And i am reasonably fair!! I can sit and watch the movie as long as you stick to the character and try to show something honest and professional!!

2) After watching my ‘Song of Life’ ( some people left in between the movie too) some asked me “ why there is no plot in the movie?”..well because thats the way I wanted make this movie!! I just wanted to show what exactly happens in an engineering college ( with hostel facility).
I do accept there are many technical mistakes in continuity and some low budget adjustments; but i am pretty happy that i stuck to my script and i got the best out of what I could get!!
And it was indeed a pleasure when some bloggers approached me and said that they really loved the movie;and it was better than ‘happy days’for we feel ‘happy days’ is a fantasy where as yours is absolutely real; I could just place myself in all scenes; it made me nostalgic!!

I absolutely loved his words!! Thats the only thing I wanna do!! Instead of making typical commercials; make movies ; which I would love to make and to find people who love these kind of movies.. may be I can try to go glabal.. else work in some company earn some money and then make a movie and release it for free online!! No issues an no worries!!

I was explaining this excellent of idea of mine to one my friend ; he questioned me “ Son; are you really planning to settle in life or not?
The answer to this question is pretty tough? What the hell is settled life ; and there are no guarantees in life!! If I need to find to find a girl; I will run after a singer or some artist who wouldn’t care for anything expect art.. I was just reading the interview of a dancer!!
She said “ After marriage I understood some excellent feelings!! I improved in a lot in expressions ; especially ‘Gopika pining for Krishna’ you need great understanding to emote it”..
And the money to survive; yaar.. this is a damn big world full of opputunities!! What say?
Damn it its too serious stuff... anyways ; its going to take a long time!!

3) As I always said ; this is a funny world!!.. even if you suffering ; you can still laugh at it. There was this small kid; she went to wear her shoes before starting fireworks on Diwali. I laughed at her ; saying that these Kids are over cautious!! And in 5 mins I messed up my leg and had been limping till now... lol.. and I recently forgot a laptop while editing and reached with the charger!!

I went to banglore last month!! I met a junior of mine; he is well known for his stand-up comedies.. we were talking some chitchat in Dominos!!
Raghavan: These software jobs are not for me sir!! I am bored!! I am planning to become a professor or something; I started doing my BA in philosophy..

Me: excellent; very interesting bro!!
( They served us some pizzas)
Raghavan: Or else; I want to do something related to food!! May be become a server in a hotel or something like that..
Me: lol.. awesome man.. better become a chef then!!
Raghavan: thats a good idea; but being a vegetarian I cant cook non -veg Items because I cant taste them!! So becoming a waiter is a better option. I told my mom the same.. she told me ; don’t talk like this son;if you want to do something start a hotel; plz don’t become a waiter!!
Me: ( I couldn’t stop laughing) okay then start a hotel!!
Raghavan: no sir; organising is not my cup of tea; Some should tell me do this; then i will do it properly and perfectly..
( man; this guy will make u laugh like hell)

Raghavan: I recently visited a Chinese restaurant too; and I asked him if I need to do any courses to join as a server here.. But i did a mistake sir; I went in full formals with a dell bag; Owner asked me why I wanted to do this and rejected me. Its a big mistake sir!!

( This is the heights of comedy!! I just wish I could get a photo of that owner when he asked for the job as a server.. lol.. lol)

Keep rockin
3 cheers


venkata raghavan said...

i am still not joking about it. I went to pizza hut the other day. All the waiters there are students. Once of the them was discussing about practical exams. So see i tis quite possible.

Coming to the poetry thing. It is not that difficult. Like your movies that is also a means of expressing oneself. You must be patient with it.Don't keep it aside. Read at least one poem a day.
I myself tried my hand at poetry.
there are 2 poems in that. One titled "Namma Naadu Karnataka" and "The way home" .
They may not be poetic strictly speaking (in the classical sense) but as a rule i believe art has no rules.
Keep writing, it is a fabulous way for putting down ideas.

Inspired Souls said...

excellent buddy!! i will try to read some poems everyday.. cheers..

www.sambarboy.blogspot.com man u rock!!

Sreedhar said...

Hello bro, thats awesome!! What i liked the most is the thought on "Settle in Life" in the second part, simply superb and i too feel the same. And in the conversation with your junior, i am pretty much like him. I want to write something but i am not implementing it or may be i need some inspiration to do that!!

Inspired Souls said...

cool.. sree.. write it up.. and send me initial copies also.. i am here to help!! cheers bro..