Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Its raining for the past 10 days; and I am busy exploring food stalls in Hyderabad!! Must say everything is at its best.. so ideas are in full flow!!
Yesterday I met some professional bloggers at one place and my next meeting was after 2 hours and it was raining heavily!! I just sat at a sidewalk and kept watching people crossing the road for two hours.. that was an awesome experience.. its one of the ways I know to empty everything in mind and just sit there and enjoy the rain.. remembered the days when I used sit in a small bench opposite main building in ISM and watch everyone walking in the road!! That’s Awesome aint it!! Just to sit there and ponder on new ideas which you wanna explore…
Getting back to the topic … this blog is all about ideas.. I was recently taking to a friend of mine!! I was telling him that I am working on a Chak-de kind of movie!! Dea is to explore 2 generations as the story flips present generation story writer and a previous generation badminton player!! He replied me “ everyone has ideas and the are good; but exploring the total idea and finishing it is the tough part”.. well sad bro.. I completely agree with you; even I too feel the same; I too have loads of ideas but I put very few on the paper; may be I started writing this blog just to put those unfinished ideas too on the paper;
Now that the movie is done!! I am totally working on its promotion. Technically speaking this is not my cup of tea; I wish I could stick to the creative aspects of the movie making; but working on promotion is also cool; I am travelling places and screening at different places!! And I am exploring new ways and ideas to promote the movie to get back my returns. One of my friend told me “ you were talkin to your self in your sleep yesterday. You were saying” that’s a very good idea!! We must try it””..lol I am totally involved in promotion. After all it gives me a chance to meet some business people and to understand there thoughts!!
Life is all about learning..
One freaky idea; if you are really in need for money ; try writing the following books ; “ 10 effective ways to mange your parents” .. this will be a block buster hit among students!!
I did hear a complaint on my movie; that my movie has no plot!! Don’t expect any plots in my movie; I just try to depict life; they will be slow and will be realistic.. that’s the only way I make movies
But then I did make many mistakes and there were some constraints too.. will definitely try to improve for my next movie.. cheers
Keep rockin
3 cheers


Anonymous said...

This blog post is very relevant to my current state, brother. I myself am so full of ideas, and I'm writing them down, but somehow just can't complete them :(

Nipura said...

Ideas that are never implemented, hmm, hits me. I think i am of that kind only.

Inspired Souls said...

@ sadho, nipura: yeah.. i have company here ; after all we cant materialize every idea.. but lets try maximize the output!! cheers..

Sreedhar said...
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