Sunday, October 3, 2010

To Life With Love!!

1) I think I must start thanking each and everyone who were present at the screening of ‘song of life’. Thanks a lot guys; cheers !! Mitruka ; alwar and siddarth!! 3 cheers to three of you..
and ofcourse thanks to a junior of mine who particularly gave me this point “Sir ; how come you start your blogs saying that this blog is going to be particularly lengthy and expect us to read it ”.. lol.. one more big blog for u buddy ; dedicated to you...
okay getting back to the topic; I always said “ Life is an Odyssey of beautiful anecdotes” its a collection of those memories!! Last 5 days in ISM gave me enough anecdotes!! I got back those lonely walks in the main back road!! And I did caught hold of a bicycle one night; and roamed around the total campus and especially riding it on the upper ground on the green grass full of dew... man; i can never forget that! ( for all those who didn’t visit ISM recently; they arranged permanent flood lights n upper ground and now students are happily playing at mid night!!)
And thanks to every singer whom I tortured for songs especially shailendar for the awesome songs he sang on sapphire terrace every night!! You seriously rock and I wish you will have bright career in singing bro.. and the list also includes Pele;Praveen; kumar ; saurabh and santosh and swarna.. thanks for all the songs. And thanks to sagi and vidyadhar for all the jokes ..You guys filled me with loads of energies.
Screening the first full length movie itself was an unforgettable experience ; and many guys really loved it!! But some did complain that it pathetic and some said average!! All the same I need to learn a lot and experiment a lot!! Good or bad I need to move on!!
I just wonder sometimes are both audience and film makers brain washed!! If so who brain washed whom? If you see the interview of any director ; he says “ we have all the ingredients in the movie which audience expect” and most of the audience say “ i expect some fun in the movie and some time pass nothing else from the movie”. Both are sitting in a box and refusing to come out? What the heck!! If you just fix up I need this only you can enjoy a better feeling or a better emotion and if you fix i need this before you start writing you can never make a better product either!! Can India give a better professional work? Page 3; Swades; Sankarabharanam;... and the list has very few independent works!! Wish i could add some among the list!!

2) My father and me travel a lot together actually I must say I learnt many things from him!! Ofcourse we have our differences; he is orthodox when its about studies and discusses a lot with kids about their studies ( not to mention that he gave up on me) and I am absolutely opposite to that!!All the same if are free all we do is to plan a new trip and hurry there.. ha ha. One fine day we visited ‘Antharvedi’ .The place is a confluence of a river and sea and the boat ride was awesome!! On our return journey I met an assistant of my father (my father wasn’t sitting with us) and he started praising my father. Ha said “ I never met a person like your father sir; there are some where 200 tte’s (ticket collector’s) in vijayawada division and your father is one who never accepts a single rupee from anyone. I personally saw him helping many people ; He helped a semi blind man to get a better seat and he offered him a five hundred bucks!! And your father said it is his duty and didn’t take anything from him. He is a very good person sir; you are very lucky”. Indeed I am very lucky; I felt so proud ; Somewhere I know he set me some moral standards and that helped me in being a better person!! When my principal asked me to use PH so that I can easily get a seat in good IIT( for all those who don’t know; I suffer from nerve hearing loss) I just laughed and told him that I am going to write in general quota!! I know my father wouldn’t have liked it if I had opted for a short cut. And he all the way came to my screening in ISM just to watch my movie. Cant ask anything more..

3) I met this fellow Siddharth. He composed a yaadein song for us; guys used to wake me up at midnight and used to play me the improved song; it was real fun; He asked me a question some days back “ Sir; I want to enter music field after working for 2 years like you!! But sir i am afraid that there are so many people already there what is the guarantee that I can establish myself?” .. I did encourage him that he got some good talent .. but the only problem with that question is its ‘unanswerable’!! People will say you are superb if you make it big and the same fellows will say you are an ‘ass’ if you loose.. anyways other people never matter.. what matters is what we need!! You can carry on with your job and keep extra efforts in weekends till you get a break; or just say “to hell with everything’ and jump into it what ever!! Everything is upto you; no one can say anything on your behalf and it is you who need to choose because it is you who will face the consequence..
Ha .. ha.. loads of heavy stuff.. just thought of writing something serious...
PS: So called hindus and muslims; if you are fucking foolish enough to fight in the name of god neither you can understand god nor you can enjoy your life!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers


Nipura said...

I liked the second part, of your dad coming over to ISM to watch the movie.

Wish you have more moments of this sort. Wish you luck.

Inspired Souls said...

Ha Ha.. thanks a lot!! we will rock

BONDbandar said...

Awesome Sir. I enjoyed reading the whole thing. You have so much to tell, I'm amazed. I really got inspired by the advice you gave to Mr. Siddharth. And I was really moved when I found that you have mentioned my name too. Thank you :)

You write straight from the heart, which is very impressive. Length to me is not at all an issue. I like reading soulful things and yours is definitely one. I'll from now on follow your blog.

Inspired Souls said...

Thanks bro.. cheers!!

lets hope we write better .. n improve.. lets rock

BONDbandar said...

Yes. We will. Yo! :)